Product Update - Valve
ANNO 2070 - Patch-Notes 1.06

Most important changes:
- Some formulas require less prototypes to be researched.
- Appearance probability of tornado reduced even more.
- Recyclable materials can now be mined endlessly at Underwater Recycling Stations.
- Overall game stability was improved.
- Saved games with more than 600 hours of play time are reacting normally again.
- Potential campaign dead ends have been fixed.
- An exploit was fixed which allowed building material being credited whilst demolishing building in pause mode.
- The impact of rare global ark items was increased.

Further changes and bug fixes:

- A bug in the achievement with “The Entire Tech Tree”.
- A bug when inviting players into a multiplayer coop game was fixed.
- The missing ornamental “Small cross-hedge” was added to the construction menu.
- A bug concerning express delivery in coop mode was fixed
- When a host has set a game session to „public“ during a running invitation and confirmed this by clicking „OK“, he was excluded (from the session) and the session was closed. An error message appeared telling the player he was already part of this session. This bug has been fixed.
- By accepting an invitation to a multiplayer session during an intro video, the mouse pointer disappeared. This bug has been fixed.
- The effect of some items concerning ornamental buildings has been adapted.
- Guardian 1.0 and Sentinel 1.0 are no longer neutral buildings. Faction bonuses are having an effect on these buildings now.
- A bug concerning vehicle holograms has been fixed.
- The ship limit points for the “Erebos” submarine were lowered.
- The single player mission “Free Market Economy” was missing two diplomacy actions by Rufus Thorne. This has been fixed.
- In some scenarios several underwater islands incorrectly had coal as a resource. This has been fixed.”
- After unlocking Researchers the resource tab for the fourth civilization level was shown. This has been fixed.
- Several text bugs have been fixed.
- Several icon bugs have been fixed.
- Several smaller issues have been fixed.
- Smaller balancing adjustments in diplomacy action, construction and research costs as well as expansion speed of third parties.

Domination Mode:
- New maps added with additional bonus points for very hard missions.
- Team chat implemented.
- Replay function was added.
- Several interface improvements implemented.
- Usability was improved.
- Balancing adjustments on existing missions.
PC Gamer
Anno Online

Ubisoft are making a big push into free-to-play browser based games, and they're using some classic franchises to do it. They're publishing THREE new games, and we've taken a look at all of them. Check out our previews of Silent Hunter Online, Anno Online and Heroes of Might and Magic Online for the first details.

We sent Dan out to have a chat with Benedikt Grindel, director of live operations at the developer behind all three games, Blue Byte. Grindel suggests that the move is about using the power of a familiar brand to find fresh fans, and argues that the move online doesn't necessarily spell the end for these series' much loved offline iterations.

"We're really targeting new audiences," he says. "I happen to know that, in Germany, the Settlers has 80% brand recognition – but, another browser game may have none and still do well. A brand brings us an audience and the history – but you need a good game. If you deliver the quality that the gamer expects, they'll like it. That's our strategy."

Grindel singles out South America, and Brazil in particular as untapped regions with great potential. "We have a business model that works in those markets. Russia; you can go there, but we have a huge piracy rate. Now, with this business model, we're talking a new market. Then think about Asia. There's lots of room to explore – we just have to be better."

The success of Settlers Online has had a clear influence on Ubi's current thinking, but that doesn't necessarily mean that we'll be seeing browser based versions of all their major series, though Grindel reckons that's down to the business model rather than the limitations of browser browser technology.

"There have to be some changes when we adapt games to the business model – but the browser itself is just a platform," he explains. "Soon there will be no boundaries on the platform – but there may be some boundaries on the business model. I'm sure that people in the future will still go to a virtual store and play €50 for Assassins Creed V because 'Wow, I just want to have it'. Maybe we'll see microtransactions in every game."

The big question is whether these much loved series will find a new home online, and migrate permanently away from the big, expensive single releases we've been used to until now. Ubisoft's experimentation with always-online DRM has stung Anno and Settlers fans over the past year or so and a move to browsers seems like a natural migration. Grindel doesn't think that's the case, as long as those offline titles stay successful.

"Settlers 7 and Settlers Online don't have a big crossover – people play both at the same time and pay money for them. Settlers 7 had a good retention – a low piracy rate – and people play it intensely for one, two hours."

"And Anno 2070 was immensely successful," he says. "As long as that's the case, we'll keep doing them."

What do you think of Ubisoft's move towards free to play, browser based games?
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Alec Meer)

Biff! Right in the servers

The good thing about always online DRM is, well, nothing. The problem with always online DRM is, well, everything. Perhaps the silver lining to the cloud that is Ubisoft’s UPlay system – the infrastructure for its DRM, DLC and other faintly sinister words which begin with D – being offline for a large chunk of the weekend is that it might> cause important people to worry, no matter what their paranoid personal philosophy of IP protection might be, that singleplayer games having a total dependency on remote servers is inescapably flawed in a practical sense. (more…)

Announcement - Valve
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Ubisoft Steam Sale
Ubisoft are having a sale on Steam this weekend, with 33% off the vast majority of games in their catalogue. There are also daily deals - until 6pm GMT tonight you can get the Ghost Recon Complete Pack, including every game up to GRAW 2, for £6.24/$7.49.

See below for other highlights and links to our reviews.
Excellent platformer Rayman Origins for £13.39/$20.09.
Futuristic city-building sim Anno 2070 for £23.44/$33.49
Driver: San Francisco for £13.39/$20.09.
Assassin's Creed: Revelations for £20.09/$26.79
Might & Magic Heroes VI for £23.44/$33.49
Check out the Ubisoft publisher page for the full list. Anything catch your eye?
Product Release - Valve
The Silent Running Package, E.V.E. Package and Nordamark Line Package are Now Available on Steam and include new ornamentals, a submarine and skins for Anno 2070™!

Save when you pick up all 3 new DLCs in the Anno 2070™ - The Nordamark Complete Package!

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Craig Pearson)

It's ocean madness all right, the sailors call it 'Aqua Dementia'. The deep down crazies, the wet willies, the Great Moist... Research at the RPS news desk means someone asks a question in chat and the others ignorantly speculate. Google is right there, but you don’t get good responses to keen, incisive questioning, in this case about the newly announced Anno 2070 Deep Ocean expansion pack: “Anno 2070: I’m trying to find out if the main game has water, or if the additions bring watery goodness to it? I mean to live under?”

John: I’m fairly sure old screenshots had wet bits.Adam: I think the new expansion just has a new even deeper watery bit

Adam is correct, and it allows Ubisoft to legitimately claim that it makes it “A deeper game experience”, which makes marketing copywriters froth like a windy sea. The main game is a rather watery real-time management game, where you raise a happy empire in a world ravaged by global warming. What will the expansion bring? Does it have hidden depths? (more…)

Product Release - Valve
The Central Statistical Package, Crisis Response Package and Distrust Series Package are Now Available on Steam and include new buildings, missions and skins for Anno 2070™!

Save when you pick up all 3 new DLCs in the Anno 2070™ - The Financial Crisis Package!

Product Update - Valve
Updates to Anno 2070 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

The most important changes in overview:
- Notepad function implemented
- Rival Third Parties will got to war against one another
- DLC-related awards will only be included in the overall count if the corresponding DLC has been activated
- The "Dock" building is now much cheaper to both build and operate
- The sawmill produces more slowly
- Goods depots' Surface-to-air missiles do more damage
- Tornadoes occur more rarely
- Skylar Bane's World Council actions have been rearranged and significantly increased
- Seamus Green's World Council actions have been rearranged, with some weakened and some strengthened
- Underwater Oil fields have been significantly increased at all levels of difficulty
- A bug was fixed which led to own games being flagged as „Other game” and therefore certain achievements not being unlocked.

Further changes and bug fixes:
- NPC Ark Trading ships destroyed by tornadoes now respawn after some time, ensuring that the player still has a partner for passive trade
- Fixed an exploit occurring during trading with third parties per Drag&Drop
- The lumberjack now being correctly processes the "Summer Tree" decorative element
- A bug which led to interface elements being shown in the main menu whenever the game was paused has been fixed
- Ships on trading routes no longer automatically take on quest-related items such as the boarding crew
- Sound effect for placing a Summer Tree was corrected
- In the description of the ornamental building "Reflection", the statue is now properly referred to as an "ornamental building"
- Collision detection has been optimized for ornamental buildings
- The Keeper and Guardian buildings are now correctly referred to as "Ecobalance buildings" in the building interface
- Quests in the "Friendly turn" category designed to support the player when at war with any other third party now count as failed as soon as the player makes peace with that third party (Applies to - "Fleet expansion," "Reinforcements", "Cannon fodder" and "Asymmetrical warfare")
- After a multi-player game had been lost, the button "Start new scenario" was mistakenly displayed, which led to subsequent errors. This has been fixed
- An error in the loading screen which occurred when players joined a multiplayer game directly from another multi-player game has been resolved
- A rare error was fixed where the mouse pointer was not displayed while loading certain scenarios and world events
- Ark contents were sometimes lost when switching between online and offline mode, and when loading a saved game from the other mode. This bug has been corrected.
- Contents unlocked using Tech Career points no longer bear the Eco Symbol in the "Bonus Content" menu
- An error in the visualization of sequenced movement and attack commands has been fixed
- A bug was fixed which could lead to the game looking as if it were accelerated when a player had enabled time acceleration while simultaneously inviting a co-op partner to their game
- The volume of the Related Designs Jingles at the start of the game has been reduced
- It is no longer possible to move the camera during the introductory sequence of the Bonus Mission "Return to C.O.R.E."
- Animation of the damage to the pirate base when bombarded by a long-range missile has been improved
- Diplomacy menu improved in co-op games
- A rare error has been fixed which led to the population not consuming any more tea after a savegame loaded
- Audio feedback revised for certain quests
- Several small quest bugs were fixed
- Several text errors have been corrected
- Several improvements in chat and when adding contacts
- And much more.
Announcement - Valve
This weekend only, save 40% on Anno 2070!

Build your society of the future, colonize islands, and create sprawling megacities with multitudes of buildings, vehicles, and resources to manage. Engineer production chains such as Robot Factories, Oil Refineries, and Diamond Mines, and trade with a variety of goods and commodities.


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