Nov 16, 2017
Stable Orbit - Codalyn
Version 1.11 - Released November
  • New build to resolve missing tutorial issue (no code was changed)
Stable Orbit - Codalyn
Happy Halloween everyone!

A new update for Stable Orbit, dubbed Vernier, just went live. This update adds a few new unlockable modules for you to play with: a larger node and hydroponics modules, for that added touch of independence. Additionally, this update fixes a bug that caused problems with existing save games whenever a contract (type) was added or changed. A migration path has been implemented for stations created with previous versions of Stable Orbit.

Patch Notes
  • Fixed bug in contract generation that caused save games to break when contracts were added or changed
  • Added migration path for save games created with previous versions
Oct 20, 2017
Stable Orbit - Codalyn
Version 1.06 - Released October 20
  • Fixed incorrect processing of changes in storage capacity due to ejected or exploded modules during load

Thanks to stripe7 for reporting the issue!
Oct 19, 2017
Stable Orbit - Codalyn
Version 1.05 - Released October 19
  • Fixed treading issue that made it possible for a save to occur while the station was still being loaded.
Oct 12, 2017
Stable Orbit - Codalyn
Version 1.04 - Release October 13th
  • Fixed loading hangs accidentally introduced with 1.03
  • Loading now displays a quick timelapse of everything that happened to your station(s)
Oct 6, 2017
Stable Orbit - Codalyn
Version 1.03 - Released October 6th.

  • Fixed lab specializations being available before they were unlocked through research
  • Fixed multiple labs working on the same contract in parallel
  • Added voice volume control
  • Reduced frequency of "research complete", "contract expired" and "new research available" voice call outs

Some saved stations may be affected by these fixes.
Sep 29, 2017
Stable Orbit - Codalyn
Version 1.02 - Released September 29th.

- Fixed incorrect information in the shuttle dock description
- Fixed camera sometimes getting stuck after pressing on a "look at" button
- Fixed scroll wheel not working when cursor was over content of a scrolling area
- Removed the UI scale option
- Adjusted font and icon sizes to improve readability
- Improved screen fitting of UI for 4:3 and 5:4 resolutions
- Added a basic tutorial
Sep 28, 2017
Stable Orbit - Codalyn
Version 1.01 - Released September 28th.

  • Fixed issue that caused the status bar to partially or fully disappear for some players
  • Fixed inverted CBMs on large truss
  • Fixed synchronization issue between running display clock and simulation clock.

This release is a hotfix for the most common issues that were reported on launch day.
Stable Orbit - (Brendan Caldwell)

This space station agreed to be interview under condition of anonymity, so we have obscured its front side

You can be a judicious and talented overseer of a realistic space station in Stable Orbit [official site]. Or you can accidentally jettison the food module into space and watch helplessly as the astronauts starve to death hundreds of kilometres from everything they have ever known and loved. I took the latter option when I played the orbital management sim earlier this year, but you might be a more intelligent station manager. I m telling you all this because it s out today, free from the terrible gravity of early access. (more…)

Stable Orbit - Codalyn
Hi everyone,

Even though I've worked really hard to squash all the bugs out of Stable Orbit 1.0 before yesterday's launch, some issues still have crept up.

Primarily, there have been a number of users who've experienced some issues with the UI in Stable Orbit 1.0. The main problem being that the bottom status bar (which holds all the information and controls major functions) is not or only partially visible. After some investigation, I am on to the cause of the bug and am currently testing a new build that will fix the problem.

In the meantime, Vicodin88 has posted a workaround that fixes the problem on the current version. Full details are here:

I will put out an update on Steam as soon as I am convinced that the bug is truly fixed and the fix doesn't introduce new problems.

Thanks for playing!


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