Human: Fall Flat - Ice Koobs
Hello Humans,

Some of you may have found that you've been unable to unlock some achievements associated with the new level 'Steam'.
There has now been a patch update to fix this issue.

Let us know in the comments what's your favourite part of 'Steam' has been so far.

-Curve Digital
Human: Fall Flat - Ice Koobs
Howdy, Humans!

We have some exciting news to share today...

There's a brand new FREE Human: level available right now on PC. Hooray!

This brand-new core level is set in a steam-powered industrial environment, where new puzzles and mechanics revolve around making the abundant amounts of water vapour work for you.

Start an industrial revolution, manipulate barrels, pipes, furnaces and more to make your way to the exit, and have your friends join you to play in two-player local co-op or up to eight-player online multiplayer.

Download 'Steam' today and let us know what you think!

Watch the full trailer now:

And on top of the new level, we've worked in some fixes as well.
Check out the patch notes below:
Minor Feature Additions
Prefabs – With the update to v1045609 we've also included an updated Human Unity package (Version 1.2) that adds the “Steam” level Prefab set and the “Steam” level Prefab Testbed.
Bug Fixes
Multiplayer – Players will no longer have their game crash upon loading into a multiplayer game if the last workshop lobby that user used was unstable.
Human: Fall Flat - Jaybop
Greetings, fellow humans!

We've had some wonderful entries to our Workshop level competition, where players can win a huge $10,000 and a well-deserved place in Human: Fall Flat history.

Think your level has what it takes? Email the below details to
  • Full name
  • Steam username
  • A URL to your newly-created level on Steam

Not only will the creator of our favourite level win $10K, their level will also make its way into the full game on both PC and consoles.

You've got just two weeks left to enter, so don't delay!

By entering our competition, you agree to our terms and conditions, which you can check out here.
Human: Fall Flat - Ice Koobs
Hi there fellow Humans,

Since official Steam Workshop support for Human: Fall Flat launched back in April, we’ve been blown away by the incredible new levels you’ve been creating via Unity. In fact, some of them are so darn good; we think they’re worthy of a little recognition.

To say thank-you for all your hard work so far, today we’re launching…

The Human: Fall Flat Workshop Competition

Created a level that deserves its own place in Human: Fall Flat history? Email the below details to before 30th August:
  • Full name
  • Steam username
  • A URL to your newly-created level on Steam
Once chosen by Curve Digital, the creator of the winning level will see their design make its way into Human: Fall Flat and will be published alongside our OFFICIAL levels – as well as receive $10,000 for their trouble.

If you’re yet to enter the world of Workshop, check out our handy guide to get you started on the path to glory.

We can’t wait to play through your fantastic Workshop creations. Good luck!

By entering our competition, you agree to our terms and conditions, which you can check out here.

Workshop Improvements now live

Since the release of Workshop, we’ve been busy working with Sumo Digital and No Brakes Games to enhance your level/lobby building experience:
  • Finishing a Workshop level will now return all players to the host's lobby
  • A more natural way to rate Workshop levels so more Humans can enjoy the level you love
  • MULTIPLE checkpoints saves for multiple levels. Play as many levels as you want without worrying about overwriting the progress of any others
  • Additional prefabs
  • A massive bunch of bug fixes
No, seriously: there was so much added that Mildred Bumble made this Steam Guide that lists it all:
Have any questions about our competition or the patch? Jump onto our Discord channel and join the thousands of Human: Fall Flat fans already there:
Keep falling flat, Humans
-The Human: Fall Flat Team
Grand Theft Auto V - (John Walker)

WARNING: If you’re reading this, there is a very strong chance you’re looking at news on your favourite game. Please, it’s imperative you click on to discover crucial information.


Human: Fall Flat - Jaybop

Did you miss out on THE 97 HUMAN EXPERIMENT last time?

Then good news: we're running another experiment later this month!

If you have a YouTube account with 100+ subs, we'd like to give some of you access to EXCLUSIVE Human: Fall Flat content - before anyone else!

Sign up here and we'll be in touch!

-The Human: Fall Flat Team
Human: Fall Flat - (John Walker)

OK, two things on the agenda. Firstly, I’m heading off on my expedition to attempt to break the Curse Of Steam Charts for the next couple of weeks. I’m returning to Ursidae, Caniformia, to find that ancient temple once more and attempt to appease the enraged spirit of Horace. Hopefully we’ll never speak again!

Secondly, Toby’s back! This week’s Steam Charts are brought to you through the filter of a four year old who was really excited about doing this again, but then got into a right grump about it as soon as we started. But his naming skills remain as excellent as ever.


Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat, the game about throwing alarmingly physics prone little people around puzzle-oriented maps, now has Steam Workshop support. That means players can now create their own maps, their own skins, their own lobbies, and probably much more besides. 

These lobbies can support up to eight players online thanks to a 2017 update. The game has sold over five million copies at this point, which is quite astonishing for what many would regard a niche game. You can even have a nice nap in it, if you like. 

There's a heap of documentation for how to use the Workshop tools here, including example maps, templates and "prefab testbeds". Best of all, if you're not keen on doing the heavy-lifting of creation, the game's growing community will no doubt create a wealth of new content over the coming months.

If you're new to the game, here are some handy tips on how to solve the game's comedic physics puzzles. 

Human: Fall Flat - Curve Digital
Great news, Humans! The public Steam Workshop support is now officially available! Jump in right now with these example levels:
  • Beginner - A minimalist level with some basic game logic
  • Intermediate – A larger level made in Unity using ProBuilder and the new Human: Fall Flat Workshop prefabs

Workshop is a fantastic tool which, used in conjunction with Unity, allows you to build your own Human: Fall Flat content and share it with others around the world. Also all the content is fully online multiplayer compatible.

Head over to the Human: Fall Flat Workshop Hub to get started!

Unity users now have access to the full suite of Workshop tools:
  • Build new levels and lobbies for up to eight players
  • Create new skins to share
  • Download endless new creations from fellow Human: Fall Flat fans - without using Unity!
New to Unity and Workshop? Here are our helpful guides to get your started:
Not interested in building levels, lobbies or skins yourself? You can also download and explore other people's creations directly from Steam!

Need more help? Head on over to our brand new Discord server, and get some support from staff and fans alike:

We hope you have a great time building and playing new content from the community - we can't wait to see what dreams you come up with!

- The Human: Fall Flat Team
Human: Fall Flat - Curve Digital
Greetings Humans! Guess what? We now have our very own OFFICIAL channel on Discord:

✅ Stay up-to-date with all our news
✅ Find friends for online games
✅ Chat all things Human: Fall Flat and lots more

Drop on by now 👉

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