Human: Fall Flat - Jaybop
Let Gotcha, the creator of new Human: Fall Flat level 'Factory' and winner of our latest Workshop Competition, take you through the world of level creation in his new series of weekly tutorials!

This week, Gotcha takes a look at Unity's level mechanics. Missed part one and part two of his tutorials? Don't forget to catch up!

Don't forget to check our YouTube Playlist for a new tutorial every Workshop Weds!
Human: Fall Flat - Jaybop
Let Gotcha, the creator of new Human: Fall Flat level 'Factory' and winner of our latest Workshop Competition, take you through the world of level creation in his new series of weekly tutorials!

The feedback to Tutorial #1 was amazing, and we hope part 2 is just as handy. This week, Gotcha takes a look at the basics of using Unity software.

Don't forget to check our YouTube Playlist for a new tutorial every Workshop Weds!
Human: Fall Flat - Jaybop
It's hard to believe nearly four years have passed since our beloved Human wobbled his way on Steam. Since its humble beginnings, our quirky platformer has grown from successful cult hit to true blockbuster smash, taking the world by storm and quickly becoming one of Steam's most successful indie titles. We're celebrating with a 60% discount and a new look for our Steam artwork!

A blast from the past | Human: Fall Flat's first ever trailer

When Human: Fall Flat launch on Steam back in 2016, it didn't take long for its warming blend of creative puzzles and laugh-out-loud physic to build up a passionate and vocal fanbase - and with the surprise inclusion of online multiplayer in late-2017, there was no looking back. Human: Fall Flat had officially been upgraded from indie hit to million-selling success story.

8 player mayhem | Human: Fall Flat's multiplayer update trailer

Since then we've launched a host of free levels to thank our incredible Human community. From the spooky moonlit dreamscape of 'Dark' to the mechanical mayhem of 'Steam', there are countless new adventures available to enjoy right now.

Heeere's Human | Human: Fall Flat's Dark level trailer

And if all that wasn't enough, there's also the launch of Workshop support, which has allowed our Humans to build their very own levels to share with fellow fans. The levels were so good, in fact, that we've been picking our favourites to re-create as official levels in our Workshop competition series!

Workshop Wonders | Human: Fall Flat's Comp-winning levels

Thank you so much for all your amazing support and feedback - not to mention the wonderful levels you create on a daily basis!

If you're yet to try out Human: Fall Flat, the game is currently 60% off during the Steam Summer Sale. Stay tuned for lots more updates soon!
Human: Fall Flat - Jaybop
It's hard to believe it's been more than a year since Workshop support arrived on Steam, and since then we've seen a host of incredible creations from our awesome Human community. We can't thank you enough for all the levels, skins and wonderful updates you've made to our game.

Although we love all our Humans equally, our Workshop competitions have helped us spot some incredible talent from within the community. Gotcha, the creator of new level 'Factory' and winner of our last Workshop competition, has quickly become a helpful guide for Unity Workshop users around the world, offering valuable advice in our Discord server.

In fact, he's been so helpful, we've asked him to create his own series of Workshop Tutorials - and he said yes! Thanks a lot, Gotcha!

His first tutorial is a guide to setting up Unity itself, which will put you on the road to conjuring up your own brilliant levels in no time.

Be sure to check our Workshop Playlist for future tutorials every Workshop Wednesday!

And don't forget: there's still time to enter our latest Workshop competition, The Great Outdoors! Get your entries to us by 30th June.
Human: Fall Flat - Jaybop
Our competition is now closed! Stay tuned for news on winners soon!

Human: Fall Flat’s latest Workshop competition, titled 'The Great Outdoors', is well under way, and we continue to be impressed by the talent and skill our Human community has to offer.

Due to popular demand, we've decided to extend our deadline for entries to 30th June, giving you some extra time to tweak your levels to perfection.

As with our previous competitions, there’s a massive $10,000 up for grabs for our winning dreamscape.

The rules are simple:

As well as a huge cash prize, our winning dreamscape will be added to the game as an official core level!

Check out our full terms and conditions here, and good luck, fellow Humans!

Looking for a little advice? Check out previous winner Święty Krab's four tips for success!

Human: Fall Flat - Jaybop
We're delighted to announce that a brand new level is now available on Steam. It’s our collective pleasure to re-introduce Factory from Tyler ‘Gotcha’ Ehninger!

Please note that we have noticed a potentially progress blocking scenario that you will want to avoid and which will be addressed in our next patch. We are providing the following guidance to ensure you can enjoy this great new level without delay.

Once you have created your lever in the main control room and placed the lever in the slot, please avoid pausing your game or restarting a checkpoint. Doing so may result in the lever no longer functioning.

Factory was the joint-winner of 2019’s Human: Fall Flat Worldwide Workshop competition, which challenged our fans to a new level for a chance to win $10,000 USD and get their creation featured in the main game’s campaign. Tyler’s level Factory won joint 1st place in the contest, along with Thermal, created by Manuel Nowak aka. Święty Krab, and sees players exploring a working factory dominated by giant clunking gears, perilous pitfalls and crane puzzles.

Factory sees players traversing moving conveyor belts, enormous cogs and shooting flames in search of the exit. You can take on Factory solo or join with up to seven friends online to see who will be the first to drop into the pit of flames.

Fancy winning your own prize? There’s still time to take part in the 3rd Worldwide Workshop Competition themed around the Great Outdoors. To learn more about your chance to earn yourself a $10,000 USD prize and get your level into Human Fall Flat’s main campaign, check out the official Steam blog.

Those yet to experience the wonders of Human: Fall Flat now purchase the game for 60% off during The World of Curve Sale on Steam.

Fans can also save up to 90% off a host of classic Curve titles, including fantasy romp For The King, GTA-inspired throwback American Fugitive and frantic co-op firefighting sim Embr, which launches into Early Access today. As a special bonus, Steam players can pick up hardcore side-scroller '10 Second Ninja X' for free throughout the sale, which runs from 21st to 28th May.

Human: Fall Flat - Jaybop
Update: the results are in!

Back in May our Human: Fall Flat community helped raise money to fight Covid-19 across the world. We are delighted to announce that more than $95K was raised in just 24 hours.

Thank you so much, humans. You're all amazing 💕


For 24 HOURS only, save 60% off Human: Fall Flat on Steam and help us raise money for four key charities helping to fight Covid-9 across the world.

100% of all revenue raised from Human: Fall Flat sales on Steam (minus store platform fees) will be donated to all four charities equally.

No Brakes Games and Curve Digital have seen truly devastating stories of Covid-19's impact in the Human: Fall Flat community related to social isolation, financial insecurity, illness and loss of life. It is hoped that this fundraising drive will help spread awareness of these issues and raise money for four thoroughly deserving charities to help limit Covid-19's impact worldwide.

During these troubling times, Human: Fall Flat has been a means of helping people of all ages stay social and connected all over the world through play.

For more info, and to donate directly to our chosen charities, visit:
Human: Fall Flat - Jaybop
Our competition is now closed! Stay tuned for news on winners soon!

We're excited to announce the winner of our latest Human: Fall Flat Worldwide Workshop Competition - and kick off an all-new contest which seeks to challenge talented creators across the world!

After sifting through many high quality entries from the community themed around the contest’s premise Sports Day theme, we're delighted to declare the winner of the latest Human: Fall Flat Worldwide Workshop competition...

‘Golf’ by Simon Isacsson Andersen aka. ‘PrinceS’!

PrinceS will receive $10,000 USD as the creator of the level and Golf will be added to the main Human: Fall Flat campaign across PC and console versions of the game over the coming months.

As you’d expect, PrinceS’ level sees players tackling a golf course, but this isn’t your average 18 holes. This absurdist creation features giant clubs which can launch players from one side of the level to the other, multiple traps and contraptions which require players to hit tiny balls into seemingly smaller holes at just the right moment. ‘Golf’ has been downloaded over 37,000 times since it was uploaded to Steam Workshop - and you can play it yourself right now!

All those who like to flex their creative muscle won’t have long to wait until the next Human: Fall Flat Worldwide Workshop Competition as it begins today!

The next theme is...

‘The Great Outdoors’
Creators have until 7th June to upload their creations to Steam Workshop, all based on the outside world we're all eager to get back to. The creator of our favourite level will receive $10,000 USD and see their level added to all versions of the game.

Check out the full terms and conditions here. Once you're ready to enter, just fill in our handy form!

Congratulations again to PrinceS, and we can't wait to see more of your creations!
Human: Fall Flat - Jaybop
We're so excited to finally unveil our next free Human: Fall Flat level and the first of our Workshop competition winners!

Our first winning level, appropriately named 'Thermal', was made by Manuel Nowak (AKA Święty Krab) and bagged its creator $10,000 USD in prize money last year.

In 'Thermal', players venture from snowy peaks to underground caverns in search of gold. You and up to seven online friends can interact with massive mining machines and manipulate rising air thermals to traverse giant caves. Or you may find the soft glow of the camp fire too comforting to leave behind...

'Thermal' has already been downloaded by over 222K Human: Fall Flat players since its debut on Steamworks last year and with today’s free update the level will be part of the game’s official level roster making the content readily available to all players from the main menu.

This update is the latest in a long line of free post-release content which ensures Human: Fall Flat players continue to receive meaningful additions to the game they love long after its launch.

To see this new level in action, check out our brand new trailer.

We can't wait to see all the mischief our fellow humans get up to in 'Thermal'!
Crayon Physics Deluxe - (Brendan Caldwell)

An obscenely rich teenager throws his VR controller across the room in a fit of blind panic while playing Half-Life: Alyx. It leaves the window of his bedroom at 5m/s. It falls 10m vertically and hits his neighbour s greenhouse, smashing the glass. How many metres did the controller travel horizontally before coming to a stop in the tomatoes? Use a kinematic formula to determine your answer and show your wor–

UGH, physics. Here are 10 games where physics is not boring, but good.



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