Bombslinger - andreadst

Howdy! We pushed a new update that should solve the issues some of you might have had with some achievements!

Let us know in the discussion board if you find any further issues with them and THANK YOU to those who reported these issues!
Bombslinger - andreadst

Howdy Bombslingers!
We're super happy to announce that Bombslinger is finally out of Early Access!
This has been a long road for us at Mode4 and we hope those who followed the game for a while are enjoying the improvements and new content!

And new players, are you enjoying Bombslinger?

Of course we're all-in to continue supporting the game based on your feedback! So let us know what you think in the forum!

Bombslinger - andreadst

Howdy Bombslingers!
As you may have seen on the news page, Bombslinger will leave Early Access on April 11th and be available on Xbox, Switch and here on Steam of course.
We're super excited not only for the release but also because we're adding the last slice of content to the game.
You'll need to get to end of the adventure to see it though!

This also means this will most likely be the last major update before the proper release.

This update is particularly PC-focused and aims to improve the controls' configuration and display.
  • Improved and fixed the keyboard controls configuration process.
  • Keyboard keys are now properly displayed in-game.
  • Improved UI readability on special items / detonator swapping icons.
  • Fixed bug where an item in the shop would be bought if unpausing the game in front of it.
  • Fixed bug where the detonator bomb would be spawned by golden chests when it was already equipped.
  • Fixed the fire patches rarely appearing on the entry point of room.
  • Fixed the chests sometimes spawning items on top of the chest itself.
  • Fixed the "swap items" option in the shops sometimes not working.
  • Fixed a bug where going in and out of a boss room after defeating a boss would not spawn the level end horse.
  • Fixed enemies rarely spawning on water in some rooms.
  • Fixed the Gold Bonus item price being set to 0.
  • Fixed the Horseshoe item not giving any luck when found in-game.
  • Fixed the size of the hearts in Last Man Standing being bigger for player 3.
  • Improvements to UI and game performance.

As always, let us know if you encounter bugs or have any comments!

Bombslinger is a Spaghetti Western "action-maze" game unabashedly inspired by Bomberman. It can be played solo or in local co-op with up to three friends (or bots), and it's launching out of Steam Early Access on April 11. It's currently $12, and developer Mode4 says they're planning to increase the price once it officially releases.

You are the titular Bombslinger, a former bandit on a quest to avenge his wife's murder by taking down the gang he once led. To do so, you'll have to explode your way through procedurally generated levels in order to reach the gang's new boss, then make him explode too. 

There's more than a bit of roguelike to Bombslinger. Judging from the images on its Steam page, you can increase your health and bomb count as you progress, and loot dozens of items which add and alter abilities. The core loop is true-blue Bomberman, though: place and avoid bombs that blow up entire lanes. 

But again, it's not just singleplayer. There are currently two multiplayer modes: deathmatch, your classic kill count contest; and Last Man Standing, which Mode4 describes as that "classic Bomberman formula," so presumably also blowing each other up but doing it more decisively

Bombslinger - andreadst

Howdy Bombslingers!
It’s been a while, but we finally have a build of Bombslinger we’re happy with in terms of content.

On the updates menu this time
  • Improvements and fixes, waaaaay too many to list!
  • Multiplayer bots
  • Support for Simplified Chinese, Spanish, German, Dutch
  • Steam achievements and cloud saves

We’re keeping the last chunk of the game for the final release which will happen in the next couple of months.

Since it’s been a while since the last update, let us know if you spot something weird!

Bombslinger - andreadst

We're hoping summer is treating you well!

Apologies for going dark for a while but we needed to dig in the game, rehaul everything we deemend "unworthy"and integrate all the "meta" progression in the adventure mode.

As a result the list of changes is just too long to post. Also, we...ehr.... did a poor job at writing it down as we went ^^.

Long story short, this update is all about
  • polishing the game (of course!)
  • adding all the loadout content: 32 items...
  • all linked to 29 achievements (not integrated with Steam yet)
  • polishing the rooms
  • improving the UI in the whole game
  • adding more items (Bomb kick!)
  • adding spanish and german language support

We still have a few months to go before the game is properly released and we'll use the time to:
  • Add multiplayer bots
  • Finish the final level boss set piece, bringing the game to content-full state
  • Integrate Steam achievements
  • Polish more
  • Fix the last pesky bugs (like those enemies-on-fire-patches, yup!)


Bombslinger - andreadst


This update took a bit longer to get there but for good reason! It's the single biggest update we did to BOMBSLINGER!

The change list is pretty huge and covers things like procedural enemy generation, a new environment with new enemies, player stats, rehauled loaoud screen, better UI, more music tracks, and much more!
Things like item drops, leveing upgrades and snake oil potions have been greatly improved upon!
Plus, fixes-fixes-fixes and rooms-rooms-rooms!

Full change list below!


  • Enemies are now procedurally generated in rooms
  • A new Mountain level with new enemies (no new boss, that's a surprise for later)
  • Rehauled how the items on the level up screen are picked
  • Many new rooms and new level presets
  • New chest types
  • New music tracks by Ashton Morris (Menu & Black Woods & Game Over)
  • Player stats are now visible on the loadout screen, with a preview of each item's effect
  • Player stats are now visible on the pause menu
  • Stats are now unit-based (0->5)
  • Meat now restores 3 hearts
  • When near a indestructible chest with no key at hand, bombs can still be placed
  • Restored the sad music loop in the burnt ranch room
  • Enemies can now drop items
  • Snake Oil potions have been rehauled
  • Localized some missing text (probably some is still missing?)
  • Some UI juiciness improvements
  • The spirit bar shrinks/increases according to its max value
  • Refactored how the whole item rarity is handled ingame
  • Made the luck stat affect item rarity
  • New sounds and improvements to existing ones
  • Player stats can now be viewed on the Pause screen
  • Improved the Level Up notification popup
  • Fixed some annoying sound mixing issues
  • Fixed a bug with the profile clearing now working properly
  • Fixed a 0-heart situation bug that blocked the controls
  • Fixed a bug where the abilities and the consumables would use the same button
Bombslinger - andreadst


We’re demoing Bombslinger at EGX Rezzed in London this week! We’re super happy to be there and we figured an update and a short sale would be a good way to celebrate!
If you're in London, come and say hi!

This updated improves the controls based on the feedback you guys have been providing us with. There's still a little bit of work there but we think we're close!

Enjoy the update and let us know what you think!


  • Improved the controls to make the Bombslinger less likely to stick to a wall
  • Greatly improved the Golddigger boss
  • Bosses have health bars now
  • Added a "spirit low" feedback when trying to use an item and...spirit is low
  • Fixed visual sorting issues on El Skullo boss
  • Further fixes to enemies behaviors
  • Fixed the Speed bonus item not being pickable more than one time
  • Removed a room that would cause random crashes
  • Bug fixes!
Bombslinger - andreadst


Update number 10! It's a chunky one! We've been polishing and optimizing the game lately, improving the handling of the items and giving the audio some love. We also added a consumable item slot to allow the Bombslinger to carry more stuff around.

We feel this update marks a good increase in the overall level of polish. Two more weeks of polish ahead before moving on to finishing the production of the last big chunk of content, achievements and so on.

Enjoy the update and let us know what you think!
And if you're in London at the end of the month, come and meet us at
EGX Rezzed.


  • We gave the music some love
  • Optimized the memory footprint and made everything smoother
  • Improved some enemies' behavior
  • Added a consumable item slot and turned some items into consumables
  • Improved and cleaned the in-game UI
  • When picking up an item, an item description is displayed
  • The level-up screen must now be triggered manually (ESC it you play with the keyboard)
  • Enemies have a chance of dropping an item
  • Fixed/improved some items drop rates and distribution
  • Those corns are shakin' baby!
  • Fixed a few typos
  • Tweaked the camera shake to make it less wobbly
  • Menu screen transition are now cleaner (better fading, etc.)
  • Multiplayer battles now have flame down and bomb down items
  • Fixes, fixes, fixes (and probably a few new bugs ^^)
Bombslinger - andreadst


We took these last few weeks to rehaul the multiplayer component of the game and make it a much more enjoyable experience!
Hopefully you'll find way more polished, stable and feature-rich. We're voluntarily keeping it simple in terms of games modes with an Quake-inspired deathmatch mode and a classic Last man standing one.

We also heavily reduced the memory usage of the game. Let us know if you encounter performance issues!

We're moving back to working on the single player adventure in the upcoming weeks and we'll be showcasing the game at EGX Rezzed in London in April.


  • Multiplayer battles have been overhauled for a better all-round experience, including sudden death, soft blocks repopulation, support for draw cases and timer.
  • Massive memory usage reduction.
  • Removed the watermelon icon as it could be misinterpreted as a racial stereotype we were not aware of (thanks Sam Kaplan!). We still do love Watermelons though.
  • Improved and debugged the controls configuration window.
  • (in a previous mini-update) Fixed a bug where some work in progress translation would go active based on the OS language (thanks Patschge!).
  • Fixed two bugs (!) that lead to a 0-heart and invulnerability situation.
  • Plenty of other fixes and improvements.

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