Product Release - Valve
This time it’s no Mishap — it’s Intentional!

Mishap 2: An Intentional Haunting - Collector's Edition is now available on Steam with SteamPlay! As with all SteamPlay titles, buy once and play on either PC or Mac OSX!

A direct sequel to the mystery-solving puzzle adventure, Mishap: An Accidental Haunting, Mishap 2 brings more haunting goodness by challenging you with mysteries and riddles to solve along with a number of fun and engaging mini-games, playing cards, tower defense and other unique puzzles.

Trapped between worlds and unable to transcend to the afterlife, Milton Hobblepop and his wife Emily once again need to team up with their earthly friends, Brock and Kelly Burton! Realizing Hobblepop’s paranormal research has been stolen, the Mishap gang needs your help infiltrating the compound of his greatest rival, Avery Nailliv, to uncover why the renegade scientist is imprisoning spirits against their will.


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