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Previously there was only one global high score table that everyone of all difficulties competed in.

This made it impossible for casual gamers playing simple mode or easy mode to really ever compete.

Now, there is a high score table as well for the mode you're playing in.

You still get to compete in the overall high scores (where the achievements can be obtained) but you can also take part in being number one in the difficulty you're playing in.

So if you only like playing Simple Mode, then you can still be number 1 of the Simple Mode High Scores!

Alternatively, if you want to show people what you're really made of, you can get to the top of the Hard Mode high score table!
Holodaze - Sysdia Games
After a couple of reviews weren't happy with the announcer voice, it's now been made an option to turn it off (along with another option to turn off the music if you want)

To accommodate the new options, a new menu structure has been created to make it easier to view and access all the options without needing to turn around.
Holodaze - Sysdia Games
A new game mode has been added called "Simple Mode"

You'll find the menu option on the floor by the "Easy Mode" option on the game menu.

Simple Mode is for the super casual gamer who doesn't want to throw balls (or just suck at the ball throwing aspect of the game).

You get an infinite power shot, so pressing the trigger just fires a ball in a straight line making it much easier (and less hassle) to hit the baddies.

It comes at a price though...You get no powerups and you hardly score anything for destroying the baddies.
Holodaze - Sysdia Games
Play Holodaze

Win a prize by being no.1 on the leaderboard!

If you’re first place on the Holodaze Leaderboard on 29th May 2016 (at 9pm GMT) then you are the Holodaze High Score Competition Winner.


A STEAM VR GAME WORTH $40 (or less)

The winner can choose any VR game from Steam at a value of $40 or less. The winner will have their chosen game gifted to them after the winner is announced on twitter @holodaze. The competition ends at 9pm GMT 29th May 2016 and the name at first place on the Steam Global Leaderboard for Holodaze will be the winner and then no more entries will be eligable to win the prize on offer. The Holodaze Steam Global Leaderboard can be viewed at:
Holodaze - Sysdia Games
So the game has been live for a very short time and I'm already getting some great feedback on how to improve things.

It seems one of the biggest problems is people just get killed straight away on easy and don't figure out what's going wrong!

So I'm proposing the following changes:

* Easy mode: The first robot never shoots at you, so you can get your bearings and at least get a kill
* Easy mode: You can never destroy the cube your standing on by dropping your own ball on it
* Better instructions on the cube face colours (green is top, blue are sides, red is bottom)
* Better instructions on what the powerups do

If you have any other suggestions on how to make it more accessible for first time players, then let me know!

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