Sombrero: Spaghetti Western Mayhem - PixelMetal
The following fixes and improvements have been added to Sombrero:

  • Updated particle effects for most objects
  • Steamworks SDK updated to the most recent (1.39)
  • Fixed a glitch that could sometimes occur on Windows 10 where the screen could flash solid black for a single frame. This was an issue with the rendering framework used in the game, which has now been updated
  • To smooth out gameplay on unreliable connections, if a Player is out of sync on peers in Online play, the game will attempt to animate the Player to the correct location instead of just teleporting them there
  • Fixed letter spacing on some sprite fonts when at certain sizes
  • Small bug fixes and other minor tweaks
Sombrero: Spaghetti Western Mayhem - PixelMetal
This update brings more performance improvements to make your Sombrero experience better as well as something special!

A new weapon power-up: The Thunderbuss

Launch multiple projectiles at your opponents that explode on contact.
Slow loading, slow moving, and not all that accurate, but who needs accuracy when you can make lots of things explode?


  • Collision optimization (again)
  • Tweaked platforms on Monasterio de los Muertos & Jones Hill Boneyard
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes projectiles could go through solid platforms
  • Added ability to change resolution in full screen & windowed mode
  • Improved performance when the Depth of Field shader is enabled
  • Re-added Film Grain shader
  • Added messaging during a Match so spectators can more easily follow what's going on

Further updates are in the works, including additional characters, weapon power-ups and stages. If there are features you’d like to see added to Sombrero, please feel free to note them below in the comments and we’ll look into adding them.

Happy trails!
Sombrero: Spaghetti Western Mayhem - PixelMetal
The STEAM Winter Sale is here and to celebrate SOMBRERO's reduced price (until January 2nd) we are rolling out a new update that is GOOD, not at all BAD and definitely not UGLY. Check out the details below!

NEW ARENA: Monasterio de los Muertos!
Battle it out with other Players on this spooky, skull-shaped monastery. The bells cause all projectiles to ricochet, so be careful! If you have Neutral Ricochet turned on in the Match Customization screen, you can take yourself out!

  • More optimization of collision code.
  • Applied lossless compression to all tile images to load them into memory faster. This slightly reduces arena load time on most PCs. Those running the game from an SSD will see the most improvement (obviously).
  • Changed the spawn location of some Bases in Capture the Flag based on community feedback.
  • Respawn circle indicator now starts a little smaller.
  • Invincibility on respawn is slightly shorter.
  • Removed a platform from the Southern Ruins stage to open up the center more.
  • Fixed an issue with the Neutral Ricochet modifier not resetting to “Off” when resetting Match customization options.
  • Applied lossless compression to all tile images to load them into memory faster. This slightly reduces match join time on most PCs. Those running the game from an SSD will see the most improvement.
Sombrero: Spaghetti Western Mayhem - PixelMetal
A new update? That was quick!

Check out the improvements:
  • Fixed an issue with the aiming reticle sometimes disappearing when going outside the window on non-16:9 monitors
  • Changed the way images are loaded to remove seams that could appear between tiles with low texture resolution settings
  • Reduced memory requirements in a match

If you are having issues connecting online you should let your anti-virus or firewall software know that the game is safe...because it is safe! We promise!

Be sure to check out SOMBRERO during the FREE PLAY weekend and if you like it pick it up for only $3.99 (73% off the original price)!

Sombrero: Spaghetti Western Mayhem - PixelMetal
Hey Everyone! We just wanted to thank you all ahead of time for getting the latest update and checking out SOMBRERO for FREE all weekend if you are new to the game!

A note about the latest update - currently the server will default to US EAST. If this isn't a server close to your current location please go into the options menu to select a server that is. This will help you achieve a faster connection to the game servers.

Have fun!

Rob from Alliance Digital Media
Sombrero: Spaghetti Western Mayhem - AllianceRob
Now is the time to check out SOMBRERO! You can shoot cowboys, aliens, and wedges of cheese (you read that right!) to your heart's content all weekend long for the whopping price of FREE! is the time to give SOMBRERO a spin, and if you like the multiplayer mayhem you experience, pick it up for only $3.99. That's 73% off the original price!

Gather your friends, dust off your digital six shooter, and get dueling!

Still want a copy of SOMBRERO?
Follow us on Twitter / @WeMakeGames / and retweet any of our posts about the FREE weekend for a chance to win Steam codes! We'll be posting codes at random all weekend long!
Sombrero: Spaghetti Western Mayhem - Valve
Play Sombrero: Spaghetti Western Mayhem for FREE starting now through Sunday at 1PM Pacific Time. You can also pickup Sombrero: Spaghetti Western Mayhem at 73% off the regular price!

Sombrero is a Spaghetti Western-inspired multiplayer shootout for 2-4 players. Saddle up in four unique game modes, with a cast of rough-and-ready characters ready to battle it out across a variety of treacherous locales in both local and online play. Whether you’re on the side of the law or a no-good cattle rustler, Sombrero offers a unique multiplayer experience.

If you already have Steam installed, click here to install or play Sombrero: Spaghetti Western Mayhem. If you don't have Steam, you can download it here.

Sombrero: Spaghetti Western Mayhem - PixelMetal
This update include a long list of changes, both large and small. Below is a list of some of the more obvious changes that PixelMetal has completed, along with some that affect behind-the-scenes functionality to ensure a quality gameplay experience.

  • New Weapon Power-Up: The Thunderbuss.
  • Added Steam Achievements.
  • Added default controls for Steam Controller when in Big Picture Mode.
  • Steam names are now displayed in Online play when connected to Steam instead of character names. These names should appear on the Lobby screen and the in-game HUD during Online gameplay.
  • Added “Armed Respawn” Match customization option. Players won’t be able to fire their weapon until their invincibility has ended upon respawning.
  • “Unarmed” messaging will display if a Player tries to fire while invincible so they know why they’re, ahem, shooting blanks.
  • Added pulsing visual effect to Power-ups to help them stand out more.
  • Messaging on Player Join screen changed. Title bar now shows match type & stage, with secondary messaging moved to bottom in both Local & Online play.
  • Voting to start a Match from the Match Lobby screen added.
  • Added Tint parameter to background tile layers to provide more contrast with platform tile layer.
  • Added dust cloud particle effect when debris bounces.
  • Camera takes a little bit longer before it starts zooming into/away from the Players.
  • Renderer now supports non-power of 2 sprites & textures. This should decrease VRAM usage.
  • Customize Gameplay menu reworked to organize and more clearly label customization options.
  • Optimized explosion & debris effects.
  • Online play Region names on the Options screen are now more descriptive.
  • Rearranged Online play Regions to alphabetical order.
  • Message when disconnecting from the Room List changed to “Disconnecting…” from “Leaving Room…”.
  • “Grandpa’s TV” option changed to “Vignette” on the Options screen, and film grain shader has been removed (for now).
  • Online play Region is now set when connecting to the Name Server instead of waiting for a connection to a regional Master Server. This should speed up the connection process.
  • Players cannot back out of a Match from the Match Lobby if there is less than 5 seconds before a Match starts.
    Players can no longer back out of Quickplay while it’s searching for/creating a Match.
  • Match Countdown in Match Lobby increased to 15 seconds.
  • When in windowed mode, the window will attempt to lock to the correct aspect ratio (16:9)
  • Platform collisions changed from tile-based to object-based, decreasing necessary collision checks dramatically, which should improve performance across the board.
  • New animation for Pulse projectile to make it more visible.
  • New animation for Pistol projectile to make it more visible.
  • Online Players are now segmented based on their app version number to avoid compatibility errors.
  • Game no longer pauses/mutes when clicking outside of the game window when in Windowed mode.
  • Steam Link streaming should now work properly and not display a black screen in some areas of the GUI.
  • Updated Southern Ruins tileset to eliminate a few 1-pixel seams between some tiles.
  • Messaging for Weapons switching back to their default at the end of a round/match should no longer display.
  • One of the sprites related to explosions wasn’t appearing. Now it is.
  • Drop shadow on text will adjust to the correct size when switching between full screen and windowed.
  • “Continue” option no longer available on the Server Lobby screen if no Rooms are available.
  • Changed location of fall killbox in Clampett’s Hideaway to eliminate invisible platform issue.
Coming Next Week:
  • New Arena: Monasterio de los Muertos.
Give SOMBRERO a try over our free play weekend, and pick it up during our ongoing sale!

All planned updates, including new stages, weapon power-ups and characters, will be available to you as soon as they’re released, at no additional cost.

Sombrero: Spaghetti Western Mayhem - AllianceRob
It's time for a good old fashioned Spaghetti Western shootout! For the cost of FREE you can take part in epic 2-4 player couch and online multiplayer matches all weekend long!

Play SOMBRERO for FREE on Steam starting tomorrow (12/15) at 10AM PST / 1PM EST and ending Sunday (12/18).

Follow us on Twitter / @WeMakeGames / for a chance to win Steam codes for Pixelmetal Games' SOMBRERO all weekend long!
Sombrero: Spaghetti Western Mayhem - AllianceRob
PixelMetal has been hard at work on Sombrero, making changes & improvements thanks to community feedback on Steam and elsewhere. While some of these changes are small, others – such as an updated rendering engine – should provide performance gains for those on older PCs. In addition to these tweaks, Steam Achievements have been added, as well as a new Arena and a new Weapon Power-Up!

In case you missed it, Trading Cards, Badges & Emoticons were also added recently and are currently live, so get to collecting!

New Steam Achievements for both Local & Online play

20 new Steam Achievements to challenge the mettle of you and your friends. Can you get them all, city slicker?

New Arena: Monasterio de los Muertos

Battle it out in a cliffside monastery. Beware, for when the bells toll, it may be for you!

New Weapon Power-up: The Thunderbuss

Launch multiple projectiles at your opponents that explode on contact.
Slow loading, slow moving, and not all that accurate, but who needs accuracy when you can make lots of things explode?

Improvements & Enhancements

  • Updated rendering engine for better performance - VRAM is used more efficiently.
  • Online Play region switching has been reworked for getting your shootouts on faster
  • Various interface tweaks & other performance improvements for Local & Online play

All of the new content and improvements are expected to hit before the holidays, so if you haven’t picked up Sombrero yet, add it to your wish list to be notified of when the updates are released.

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