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90MF Managers, ahoy!

Our adventure into ‘reopening’ the new Match Engine is well underway now. We’re planning to try and do a quick update every few weeks but we are some way away yet from being able to meaningfully update on things such as what the matches will look like, what the UI will look like, exactly what stats will be shown, exactly what tactical options there will be, exactly how long matches will take, etc. These are all things that we won’t be in a position to be able to start confirming until later on in the development process.

Now that we’ve reopened this piece of work it has become clear that it’s in the project’s best long term interests to rewrite the entirety of the existing codebase for the new match engine from scratch. We always knew this was a possibility, even though we had initially been optimistic a full rewrite may not be necessary, and was one of the key variables in why the original time estimate was given as 3-6 months. This aside, things have been about as smooth as we possibly could have hoped for, we’ve not had much disruption and we’ve yet to encounter any major unexpected problems (hopefully we didn’t just jinx ourselves!).

We’re currently in the middle of rewriting the Physics Engine and work previously done towards the AI from scratch to ensure that it will scale and allow you guys to play a good amount of matches without the associated server costs bankrupting us! This involves doing things like optimising the collision detection, being more selective about the physics we simulate and limiting the calculations for gravity, drag, etc to only impact the things they need to (such as the ball) and use more simplified physics for other objects (such as the referee), and limiting the use of CPU expensive operations (like Sin, Cos, Tan, Asin, Acos, Atan, Sqrt, Pow, Exp, etc) as much as possible - which has been challenging - as the AI is heavily dependent on geometric calculations.

We’ve also recently started the process of rewriting from scratch all of the code associated with infrastructure including being able to run multiple physical instances of match servers, load balancing, client <> match server communications, main game server <> match server communications, security, error handling, etc. We want to not only ensure that the game has the scalability that it needs but also put ourselves in a position to be able to effectively resolve many of the types of nagging bugs and nuances currently associated with the match experience.

Something we’re continuously keeping in mind is ensuring that the underpinning code structure is done in such a way that adding new features and making future improvements to the new match engine will not result in needing to do further complete overhauls of the codebase, thus allowing us to do future updates to it quite fluidly and frequently after the initial release comes.

Whilst there is a truly monumental amount of work involved to get the new match engine into the game - we’re also exceptionally motivated and are revelling in the challenges it brings. We’re making excellent progress and as things stand we believe we’re currently on track to implement the initial version of new match engine within the next 4 months as planned.

That's it for now! Thanks as always for sticking with us!
90 Minute Fever - Football (Soccer) Manager MMO - Isokron

Replay of the live 90 Minute Fever World Cup coverage with Steve and Kon as your hosts.
90 Minute Fever - Football (Soccer) Manager MMO - Isokron
Update v0.8.2 [2019-02-26]
  • Added Italian language option
  • Added Simplified Chinese language option *
  • Minor updates to Bosnian translations
  • Minor updates to Spanish translations
  • 18 year old players who were in U18 squads but not U21 squads are automatically added to U21 squads when they turn 19 and are removed from U18 squads
  • Fixed some competition colours not appearing correctly on the bottom right competition tag during matches

* note: Please be aware that the quality of the Simplified Chinese translations are quite poor at present. Anyone wanting to help us improve these or help translate the game to any other languages please drop us an email to admin@90minutefever.com

At present some parts of the game client do not have localisation support. Most notably the match experience (which will be localised alongside or soon after the new match engine is implemented).

Update v0.8.2a [2019-03-07]
  • Fixed a bug that could cause some Youth Academy Graduate players to not start on minimum possible wages in their first season at their club

Update v0.8.2b [2019-03-13]
  • Cup history information on Profile layout now displays performance lables Quarter Final, Round of 16 and Round of 32 finishes
  • Increased the threshold for number of matches required to be played online in order to qualify for the Legends Cup from 19 matches to 25 matches in order to help with group balancing
90 Minute Fever - Football (Soccer) Manager MMO - Isokron
Update v0.8.1 [2019-01-31]
  • Added Bosnian language option*
  • Added Spanish language option*
  • Additions and improvements to the player and staff names library for the following nations: British Virgin Islands, Greece, Iceland, India, North Korea, South Korea, Sri Lanka
  • Interest payments (both credit and debit) remove from the game as a concept
  • Fixed a bug where Projected Points in Qualifying Leagues would not be correct for Qualifying Leagues that had less than 20 teams in them
  • Fixed a bug whereby a user would get a pop-up prompt asking them if they wanted to get a Pro membership if they did not currently have a Pro Membership and ignored (did not respond to) a friendly match request from a user who does have a Pro Membership

* note that at present some parts of the game client do not have localisation support. Most notably the match experience (which will be localised alongside or soon after the new match engine is implemented).

Update v0.8.1a [2019-02-01]
  • Updated default user layout

Update v0.8.1b [2019-02-04]
- Minor updates to Bosnian translations
- Minor updates to Spanish translations
90 Minute Fever - Football (Soccer) Manager MMO - Isokron

Replay of the live 90 Minute Fever World Cup coverage with Steve and Kon as your hosts.
90 Minute Fever - Football (Soccer) Manager MMO - Isokron

This podcast discusses the current match engine as well as the new match engine that is currently in development.

If you're only interested to know an update on the new match engine that can be found here:

90 Minute Fever - Football (Soccer) Manager MMO - Isokron

Update v0.8.0 [2019-01-08]
  • Added localisation support (note: not all of the client is localised as of yet, most notably the match experience and mail message notifications)
  • Added Greek language option (anyone wanting to help out with translating other languages to have them included in the game: there is a forum announcement with more information)
  • Added Club Level and Dividend Threshold values to the Financial Summary widget
  • Accrued Disciplinary Points during the current season no longer carry over when a player moves between clubs (i.e. Disciplinary Points for the current season for a player always start at 0 when you buy a player)
  • National Squad players now always show at 100% condition even if they have less condition for their clubs
  • National Squad players now never show suspended or injured plates even if they are suspended or injured for their clubs
  • Manager Briefing widget messages now link user to relevant in-game layout or external hyperlink
  • New User Manager Briefing widget messages added to help them be aware of the most important information when they start playing 90MF
  • Added Manager Briefing widget message to advise if a user has a Youth Squad FA membership currently selected for next season but do not have an active Pro Membership
  • Pro Memberships are no longer discounted
  • New Users now receive 1 Free Month's Pro Membership when they start playing the game with a new account
  • Only Pro Members are now able to request Friendly Matches
  • Only Pro Members are now able to request Super Friendly League Matches
  • Only Pro Members are now able to join Youth FA's
  • Academy Trial graduates are now automatically assigned to U21 and U18 squads for a user (if they have them)
  • Fixed highest Transfer Fee Received in Club Records not working correctly in some cases
  • Fixed issue with current season player stats not updating/recording correctly when a player is sold and purchased back by the same club multiple times in the same season
  • Fixed issue with the Academy Trial summary widget not immediately updating when starting an Academy Trial
  • Fixed issue with some mail message notifications having an incorrect subject line
  • The Nation Swaziland is now renamed to instead be Eswatini

Update v0.8.0a [2019-01-10]
  • Improved blacklist user functionality so it is also able to block users from using match chat with you
  • National Squad players are no longer showing red coloured selection text on plates if they are injured or suspended for their club sides
  • Fixed an issue where a user might not be able to sell a player if they have already previously sold that player during the same season
  • Streamlined new user signup process
  • New users now choose their username at signup rather than using their Steam username by default
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a new user to need to restart the client during the new user signup process
  • Greek Translations updated

Update v0.8.0b [2019-01-13]
  • Refined Reputation Star rating system for National Teams
  • Refined Selection Depth Star rating system for National Teams
  • Fixed a bug that could cause some players who were added to the game in users starting squads, to not be able to increase in value

Update v0.8.0c [2019-01-16]
  • Added Club Record - Results: Most Goals Scored in a Match
  • Added Club Record - Sequences: Most Games With Scoring
  • Negative club records (such as heaviest defeat and most consecutive matches lost in a row) removed
  • Gameworld top 20 player leaderboards now only include active players (likely to add in option in the future to optionally include retired players and/or only view retired players)
  • Now able to search for national teams using the headerbar search
  • Corrected order of Positioning attribute on Goal Keeper profile and player search
  • Fixed incorrect whistle sound being played at end of 1st half of Extra Time
  • Pro Membership upgrade/purchase acknowledge/close prompt option text changed to be 'No Thanks' instead of 'OK'

Update v0.8.0d [2019-01-23]
  • Server side performance optimisations
  • When a user resets their team to start again, the formation and team selection for their previous team is reset to be the default formation
90 Minute Fever - Football (Soccer) Manager MMO - Isokron

Replay of the live 90 Minute Fever World Cup coverage with Steve and Kon as your hosts.
90 Minute Fever - Football (Soccer) Manager MMO - Isokron
Youth Academies Trials Q&A

Youth Academies Trials Podcast

Update v0.7.0 [2018-11-30]
  • Youth Academies menu items, layout and widgets added (Feature becomes available early December, listen to latest podcast for more information)
  • Player Generation balanced (covered in latest podcast in detail, but in summary: less crazy good players, less useless players, more useful players, more good players)
  • 15 Year Old Youth players are now drip fed into the game over the course of the month rather than all being added on the first day of each month (podcast has more details)
  • Update TIR plate (Tired: displaying when a player has <90% condition) on squad list to instead be REC plate (Recovering: displaying when a playerh as <100% condition)
  • Youth Fixtures now run until one day later in the season (they now finish up on the same day as senior fixtures do)
  • Legends Cup Fixtures now commence one day earlier in the season
  • Minor updates to profanity filter
  • Making actions on a player profile doesn't count as part of the browing history (so you only need to click the back arrow once to exit a player profile after taking an action on that player profile, such as adding the player to your shortlist)
  • Fixed an issue with current season player stats not counting towards club all time stats if the player was sold during the current season
  • Fixed National Team summary information not displaying correct when the minimum price has been reached

Update v0.7.0a [2018-12-01]
  • The Buy Price of Pool Players now falls at a faster rate

Update v0.7.1 [2018-12-05]
  • Youth Academies feature now live and available to use
  • Many widgets now have an 'i' icon in their headerbars hyperlinking to the relevant part of the Game Guide
  • Reputation Star ratings for players slightly inflated across the board, so more players with higher levels of Reputation Stars at all Reputation Star levels
  • Fixed bug with Preferred Foot value not appear in the search results column for Preferred Foot

Update v0.7.1a [2018-12-06]
  • Added button to export data for all current Trialists at the same time
  • Youth Academy Trial option to run trial in a single nation now appears for Pro users so they are aware that the option exists
  • Updated Pro Membership Features table to include Youth Academy Trials

Update v0.7.1b [2018-12-31]
  • Fixed issue with wages for signed Academy Players (from Pool) being too low in some instances
  • Fixed issue with Player Values 'dipping' too much on the first day of the season (before then recovering at midnight on the 1st day of the season)
  • Many thousands of extra first and last names added to names library across the following nations: Australia, Azerbaijan, Bhutan, Bonaire, Burkina Faso, Chad, Comoros, DR Congo, Faroe Islands, Gambia, Guadeloupe, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, Mali, New Zealand, North Korea, Pakistan, Qatar, Reunion, Saint Martin, Samoa, Singapore, Syria, Tahiti, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Tonga, Tuvalu, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, US Virgin Islands, Vanuatu, Vietnam, Zanzibar

Update v0.7.1c [2019-01-01]
  • Fixed issue with 35 year old retiring players having zero wages
  • Fixed issue with some 16 year old players who graduated from users academies not being assigned minimum wages
  • Fixed issue with some players historical average ratings for last season being incorrect
90 Minute Fever - Football (Soccer) Manager MMO - Isokron

Replay of the live 90 Minute Fever World Cup coverage with Steve and Kon as your hosts.

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