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Say the words ‘snowy survival game’ and you’ll probably conjure up chilly thoughts about 11 bit’s excellent Frostpunk or Hinterland’s ever-popular The Long Dark. But there’s another survival game out there that sees you donning a pair of old snow boots as you try to stick it out in its white, frostbitten wilderness: Mojo Bones’ Impact Winter. And I’d argue it does a pretty good job of blending the best bits of its cooler contemporaries into something a lot more approachable than your average wintry bone-chiller.


Apr 16, 2018
Impact Winter - [Izmar] Community Manager
Hello Survivors,

The patch version 1.3.1 is now available!

After focusing our efforts on the console versions, we are now bringing all the improvements we have made to the game to PC.

These improvements include:

  • Improved framerate and loading times

  • Text issues fixes

  • A bunch of collision issues are now fixed

  • Various bug fixing which would be too long to display here

We hope these latest improvements will enhance your experience of the game.

As always, we sincerely thank all of you who have kept supporting us throughout this adventure.

Mojo Bones & Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe
Impact Winter - shoupinou
Hello Survivors,

This latest update brings us to Impact Winter V.2.0.
There have been many bug fixes and adjustments made since the last update, mainly focusing on performance and tech…
• Performance: major improvements to the game’s FPS across all machine specs. Players should see noticeable differences to how the game runs.
• Further improvements to load times.
• Various control fixes and adjustments
• Various collision and navigation fixes
• Bug: Stranger icons (radar) now disappear if stranger is no longer active
• Bug: NPC flee event now behaves correctly
• Bug: Skidoo collision issues fixed

Aside from the notables above, there have also been many other miscellaneous bugs fixed since the previous version.

We are also pleased to announce a new addition to the game: ‘Expert Mode’. This is a new challenge for seasoned players (or the more hardcore amongst you) that introduces permadeath to the experience. Unlike the standard mode, Expert Mode will not allow you to continue your game if Jacob is killed, meaning you’ll have to survive a full 30 day playthrough without perishing. Note: this also comes with its own achievement.
We are also pleased to announce the addition of Steam trading cards to the game.

Finally, we’d like to take this opportunity to both thank players for their support and apologise for the issues at launch. We’ll continue to work on the game and listen to feedback as we continue to support the game.

For Japanese players: because of specific requirements, this patch will be added deployed with a slight delay in Japan.

Mojo Bones & Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe
Impact Winter - shoupinou
The patch version 1.0.23 is now available!

This patch includes a lot of bug fixes that cover a wide range of areas from UI to gameplay. Here are the most noticeable fixes:
• Audio/SFX bug which affected volume and looping sounds fixed
• Bait can now be set in traps
• Role list fixed to counter unlockable role bug
• Trapped animals are now persistent when you move out of range
• Ice surface graphical glitch fixed
• Rotated ice/shore bug fixed
• Can now only view trinket shelf when trinkets have been collected
• Ceiling collisions added to stop RC Ako-Light leaving some scenes
• New pathways added to allow players to easily reach highest mountain area.
• Stranger Locked Chest mission fixed (with better reward for completion)
• Scrolling text glitch fixed
• Various skidoo bugs fixed (collision issue when riding and Ako-Light facing wrong way)
• Various translation fixes

We’re continuing to adjust the game and fix any outstanding issues and appreciate your support.
Mojo Bones & Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe
Jul 17, 2017
Impact Winter - shoupinou
Hello survivors,

The patch v1.0.20 has been released last friday (July 15th). Here is a list including the main fixes:
• Fixed a bug that would cause the sound effects that play as text appears on screen to be heard for longer than necessary.
• Fixed a bug that was causing some features of the scenery in the area around the frozen river north of Elm Street
• Fixed a bug that would cause Ako-Light battery to recover when using the Sonar-Scan.
• Achievements are now unlocked during gameplay, not when quitting the game.
• Fixed a bug that allowed the event 'Stranger: Broken Arm' to be accepted multiple times.
• Game now pauses after minimizing the game.
• Fixed a priority issue with menus when interacting with a NPC.
• Fixed a bug that would make Christophe not follow the 'Sleep' and 'Work' instructions during the event 'DILEMMA'.
• Fixed various localization issues.

Thank you for your ongoing support!
Have a nice day,
Mojo Bones & Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe
Impact Winter - shoupinou
Hello Survivors,

The new patch will be available on Monday, July 10th at 6PM CEST / 9AM PDT / 1AM JST.
We have been working on fixes for resolution/aspect ratio issues. This includes new layouts for button prompts and menus, with assets scaling accordingly.
Alongside this there have been many tweaks and fixes applied to the game:
• Issue addressed where players could get stuck on the Safe menu.
• Various localization fixes (including clipping text issues for English)
• Maggie can now get injured whilst crafting
• Physics will no longer update when the game is paused
• Cough animation no longer makes the NPCs sit
• Searchable collision detection fixed to be more precise (now allowing overlapping searchables to be selected)
• Ordering updated to stop icons appearing in front of menus
• Strangers no longer ‘pop-in’ to player’s view
• Corrupted search outline graphic fixed for some searchables
• Fixed bug where Ako-Light would become stuck when digging in RC mode
• Bug to fix missing ‘Forgotten’ characters on the external map
• Rope entrance animation no longer plays in the wrong places
• Other smaller misc. issues

Have a good week-end!
Mojo Bones & Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe
Impact Winter - shoupinou
Hello Survivors,

The new patch is available now! (6PM CEST / 9AM PDT / 1AM JST)

Since last update, the team has been focusing on general fixes across the whole game, including translation bugs, event/behavior issues and general gameplay/UI problems.
The remaining controller issues from the previous build have also been addressed via the following fixes:
• Controller support for Logitec controllers (F710 & F310)
• Fixed bug where using DualShock controller(s) would disable Xbox left/right D-pad
• Right stick is now fixed for DualShock controllers
• Fixed Safe bug where items would become locked to mouse cursor

As always, thank you for your on-going support.
Mojo Bones & Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe
Jun 16, 2017
Impact Winter - Mojo Bones
Hello Survivors,

The new patch is available now.

Here is a list of the main fixes it includes:
• Regional Keyboard support: US/UK, French, German, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Spanish should be properly supported.
• Fixed an issue that would impact controller support if controllers were swapped during the game.
• Fixed a bug that would make NPCs not going back to the Church when they had a role that would make them explore the Void.
• NPC’s roles that make them explore the Void no longer drain energy and temperature as part of the role, but now drain naturally as part of their actions e.g. energy drains faster when running and temp will drop faster based on weather (Forager, Searcher, Explorer, Harvester, Hunter, Fueler)
• NPC can now return to the Church while Jacob is present in it.
• Increased NPCs’ speed when traveling in the Void, making them reach their destinations quicker.
• Slightly increased the energy drain speed of Jacob.
• Jacob can now sleep when below 90% of energy, allowing more frequent saves.

We hope to fix the remaining controller support issues by the end of next week. We have delayed key binding implementation due to more urgent issues, but we keep this feature in our sight.

Have a good week-end!
Mojo Bones & Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe
Jun 9, 2017
Impact Winter - Isshak Gravi
Patch 1.0.10

Hello Survivors,

The new patch is available now.
This patch includes major bug fixes that we chose to prioritize to significantly improve your experience.
Our top priority remains to make sure controls are properly supported for everyone. Yet we are still in the process of developing and testing the best solutions. Thus we are delaying a bit regional keyboard support and key binding. We are also currently looking at the controller issues some of you have reported. We aim to have these fixes released as soon as possible.
Here is a list of the main fixes included in today’s patch:
• Fixed a bug that would prevent Jacob from climbing down a ledge
• Fixed a batch of Snow Mobile related issues
• Fixed a batch of safe related issues
• Fixed an issue that would prevent NPC from healing negative status
• Fixed a bug that would prevent picking specific items from searchables with the mouse
• Fixed a bug that would prevent from repairing the roof of the Church
• Fixed a bug that would make some craftables highlighted even though the ingredients were not in the storage or inventory.
• Fixed a bug that would remove Ako-light deposit box items if the player would enter a building and return to the box.
• Fixed a bug that would make BirdTec vans “reusable”.
• Fixed a bug that would allow to pause the game during loadings
• Fixed a bug with campsite upgrades that would display the wrong provisional items
• Fixed a bug that would make Jacob spawn at Church when exiting the suspension bridge
• Fixed a bug that would prevent the player from redeeming seeds from storage.
• Fixed various controller bug issues
• Fixed various collision issues (including the collision issue in the Lighthouse)
• Tents and traps can now be placed using the mouse (and not just wasd keys)

Thank you again for playing. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

Have a good week-end!
Mojo Bones & Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe
Impact Winter - shoupinou
Hi, Survivors,

The new patch 1.0.8b will be available today at 18:00 CEST, 09:00 PDT, midnight JST.
As promised, we have focused our efforts on decreasing loading times when you go into the Void from any location. Our tests have given good results so far, as loading times have been reduced by more than a half.
We hope this will improve your overall experience of the game.

We have also fixed the following bugs:
  • Added Ako-light Remote Controls for going upward and downward on Mouse Wheel up and down
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent from picking an item from the storage with the A button
  • Menus controls have been further refined (especially for confirmation boxes)
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the inventory to be messed up and disabled
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Nelson Bridge to disappear
  • Fixed an issue that would affect the game when all roles were unlocked
  • Various visual and collision issues have been fixed

As mentioned previously, we will now work on supporting regional keyboards and key binding. We’ll be keeping an eye on the issues you report on the discussion threads (be assured that we are paying attention to your questions and comments so do not hesitate to reach out!).

Have a good week-end!
Mojo Bones & Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe

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