METAGAL - alberto7raven
Fix some text in Chinese version and small issues.
- Fix Collision issue in GAL.02 level.

- Fix Submarine (enemy) didn't shoot torpedo correctly.

- Fix Cannon Driver (enemy) shoot single bullet instead of two.

We apologize for the inconvenience

Happy Newyear 2019!

We're here to announce Metaloid: Origin store page (Steam) now available!
Metaloid: Origin is an fast-paced gun’n run 2D platformer. Take on the role of one out of three android warrior's known as “Predator” and dash through 9 different levels in order to save their planet from an robot army led by Lucian Corp, whom invade their planet and exploit the planetary resources to fuel their galactic war efforts.

[Patch Note]

- Fix Missing collision found in GAL-04 Level.

- Fix weapon cycle function incorrect, when player select Recovery power from pause menu.

- Fix character stuck inside collision in GAL01,GAL03 tutorial level when player try to enter boss gate while half of character body still outside gate check box.

We apologize for your inconvenience.

Thank you for support Metagal.
- New abilities "Gear Recovery" Allow player spend gear for recover 30% damage (8 HP) but use this albility also require maximum power guage the result is player lost 1 round of power use in process. This ability can be use by all characters.

- Gear still function for special check point like it away does.

- Gear number now cap at 30 and drop rate decreate for 10%

- Player can no longer select Gear respawn in boss room,this prevent new player from waste the item since boss room already provide free CP.

- Fix Gal03 (Boss) Charge attack deal no damage to player.
- Now Metagal also got OSX support!

- Fix GAL.02 Meteor stomp cause FATAL error when the flame contact with some enemy.
Apr 27, 2018
- Improve confirm/cancel button.

- Fix GAL02 boss room refuse to open when player got killed and respawn

- Fix Fatal Error when player get kill by GAL.00 while playing as GAL.04

We also found other glitch in the game but consider effect from both glitch is game breaking make us decide to update this early and will follow by extra patch in the near future along with coming of OSX support.

Dec 26, 2017
- Improve GAL04 pattern.

- GAL04 no longer stuck on the ground when certain pattern got interupt by player.

- Dialog after defeat GAL.0X now skipable.

- Dialog before encounter Creeper now skipable.
METAGAL - Holy_Terra
[Fix / Improvement]

- Improve checkpoint room in Gal.0x level where Gal.02 unable to reach ladder with her double jump.

- Improve powerup room in GAL.03 level allow Gal.01 to reach area with her booster jump.

- minor sound FX Improve

- Menu now display text follow choosen language.

- Result screen now display text follow choosen language.

- fix Chinese description when collect upgtade item.

- fix Thai description when collect upgtade item.

we're very sorry for your inconvenient and thank you for support the game report issue.

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