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Sol Ni Koro is an epic 3D RPG mixed with 2D pixel sprites. Inspired by the golden era of video games, designed for the modern era.
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Our Goal
From day one we set out to develop an exciting and compelling RPG with a vast story and interesting characters. The project that emerged became a modern RPG that evokes nostalgia, but also improves on many of the pitfalls of classic RPGs that we remember so fondly.

Modern technology has allowed us to design and develop a beautiful and vast 3D world, with stunning towns, dungeons, depth of field and verticality that adds to the game's atmosphere. The 360 degree camera allows the player to fully explore the 3D environment, rotating and zooming to find hidden paths or just to get a better look at the world.

The Story
'When men turn to an ancient darkness to enslave the world, the sun will bless the chosen four with the power of fallen gods'

Two hundred years ago a great war waged between man and magic. This conflict created giant fissures in the earth's surface, which began to spew a strange mist that conjured terrible monsters. Today, the people of Varos fear magic and those who possess the power to wield it.

Step into a world rich with history and lore
As you travel through Varos, you'll learn about the history of the world and its inhabitants. In particular, you'll hear about the ancient war, how it almost destroyed Varos, how it caused continents to be split into islands and how it left scar-like rifts along the planet's terrain.

The Characters
Varos is a world ample with diversity and well-developed races. It was important during the writing process to explore different kinds of beings, including the beings living in Varos. You'll discover an interesting mix of races as you play, each one with its own variety of lifestyles, beliefs, and outlooks on life.

Exploring Varos
We've designed the world of Varos to be both vast and beautiful. We really want the player to make the most of the camera design, rotating and zooming to get a better look at the world and environments as they travel and explore. We will also be using this opportunity to hide secret areas, loot and Easter eggs in Sol Ni Koro.
No forced backtracking!
We're avoiding filler, so there will be be no forced backtracking through areas the player has previously visited. Sure, you can backtrack if you want to search for secret areas, loot or just power level your party. But you absolutely shouldn't have to.

The Combat System
The combat system in Sol Ni Koro has been designed to be at its core fast paced and streamlined, but also fun and exciting!

Unique Character Skills
Each playable character in Sol Ni Koro has a completely unique skill set. Characters will gain new skills in two ways:
1. Levelling up
2. Equipping 'Scrolls'
Each character and his or her skill set will prove useful in different battle situations. For example, Nova's skill set 'Magic Arts' is focused around offensive magic, while Lalune's skill set 'Sword Arts' leans towards physical/elemental attacks and de-buffing the enemy.

'Ancient parchments left behind for those that have been blessed by the Sun'

When equipped to a character a scroll will grant a visible stat boost. But what's particularly interesting about scrolls is that they will grant an invisible bonus too. Some scrolls will grant the character a special ability, skill/spell or secret stat boost as well. Scrolls will also behave differently when equipped by different characters, it's all about experimenting!

Sol Ni Koro on Kickstarter!
Check out the Sol Ni Koro Kickstarter campaign, get exclusive rewards, goodies and more!

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Super Space Pug - [DDS] vektorDex
Hello Pugsters!

I have listened very carefully to your critique, your Ideas and a lot more, and whil I was actually working on my main Project, I now find time to make major changes to Super Space Pug.

Super Space Pug will get bumped up to version 2.0, and the following things are going to change:
- Complete Switch to Controls, from Mouse to a Controller
- Always runs like a classical Shmup in a window
- Engine Framework fixed to be a more 2D-Suitable Engine
- Switched the barely visible Poop Cannon to a Fart-Flamethrower

- New Unlockable Pug Characters
-- Standard Pug
-- Edgar
-- Aged Grey
-- PurplePuppy
-- Ethereal Dog
- Better Point Distribution
- All Items and Weapons now have got a refined animation
- New and better Collision Detection
- Highscore has been moved Offline and Local
- New Menu
- Less Weapon Upgrades
- Pug Shopkeeper now can sell you... things.
- Point Animations
- New SFX
- Less Asteroids, more Enemies
- Different Levels

A lot is going to change as the entire game gets an entire rewrite, scrapped nearly everything, to fix it with newly acquired knowledge while working on Sirius Online.

This Update is expected to release upcoming Saturday/Sunday.

If there is Demand, I might add a Custom Level Reader and open the Workshop for it.

Best Regards,

Super Space Pug - Sir Dan - Back To Basics Gaming
Hey everyone,

Turbo Pug DX is coming to Steam very soon.
We've worked so hard on DX and really hope that you love it.
Super Space Pug - Sir Dan

Turbo Pug DX is coming to Steam soon!
You'll be able to create and share your own biome skins!

Please let us know what you think.

You rock!

Super Space Pug - Sir Dan

Over the next couple of weeks, we'll be announcing some of the all new features in Turbo Pug DX

Please let us know what you think.

You rock!

Super Space Pug - [DDS] vektorDex
Hello Pugsters!

UI have partly recovered from being sich and demotivated and scoured the webs for opinions. General consensus is that mousecomtrol, while being unique, is bad.

I'm looking for alternatives. I'd like to reserve Gamepad for Co-op on Player 2, as I've been approached to get a steam controller sponsored (which will arrive in a few days.)

I'm now turning to you, for what is your favourite control method? Last Shmup I played was Warblade, and that with a retro joystick, so i haven't got any idea what you would like.

In the meantime: I'm completely rewriting the games core for ingame highscores. Submitting will still open the website, but the menu will be more modern, and easier to use.

Hoping for much input,

Super Space Pug - [DDS] vektorDex
Hello Pug-Fans!

Today is a fine daay (if you're staying inside, because #rain over here), so I'm playing with the thought of livestreaming some development for you, so you can watch me add the Shopkeeper, a first version of Pug Babies for Extra Lives, and, as I finally got my controller, Co-Op Pugging. A Pug Up Group, geddit? (*sigh* I should stop with these jokes)

This will, as usual, happen on my Twitch Channel, siriusonlineofficial.

Plan to stream is 8pm GMT+2, with open end.

What do you say? Wanna watch?

Turbo Pug - (Alec Meer)

“You live in Brighton, Alec, so you should write about this”, directed the tyrant Graham Smith when I inquired as to what my next task should be. I snootily informed him that ACTUALLY everyone in Brighton adopts retired greyhounds, and then grudgingly installed the very cheap The Pug Life Bundle, which comprises three faux-retro games starring the titular horribly mutated and suffering-prone dog breed that people who think decorative cuteness is more important than animal well-being are adopting in droves.

… [visit site to read more]

Jun 7, 2016
Super Space Pug - [DDS] vektorDex
The Highscore Script and Site has been updated.

All Scores have been reset, and the highscore now gets discarded if your previous highscore was higher than your current score. There also have been changes made to leaving the Player Name empty.

The Website now features a way to view all and the latest score submissions.

Enjoy Pugging along!
Super Space Pug - [DDS] vektorDex
Hello Pugsters!

In the upcoming days the Pug will be upgraded to get better than before.

New Things
- Updated Collision Model
After a few initial issues with it, I am replacing the collision models of the cats, dragonflies and gunshots with a new BBX method, not taking the Animation size into account. This will make navigating the maze of Asteroids and Fishes a bit easier
- Unlockable Characters (the first three)
Having more than One Pug available makes things interesting, I think. We will start with different shadings, and as the time progresses, we'll see which kind of Characters will join the Roster... did anyone say Corgi?
- A few Difficulty Tweaks
As it gets incredibly difficult to navigate the maze of Fish and asteroids, I will increase the time between shooting from enemies.
- New Enemy Spaning System
To stay in line with current Bullet Hells, I will implement a new system to spawn Enemies, allowing me to make swarms, invasions and everything.
- Resolution Selection and Fullscreen
As Requested, you get a little Box at launch, allowing you to select Fullscreen and Resolution or let it autodetect for you.

Community Update Vote
For the First Community Update, you'll have the following Choices:

- Boxes with Bonus Point Emeralds

- Shopkeeper, selling you Upgrades or Unlockables for Points

- Pug-Babies to Rescue (3 Puggies = 1 Extra Life!)

Leave your Vote as a comment!



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