Dec 26, 2010
Swarm Arena - Valve
Update Notes:
- New feature: Online Mode

News for Swarm Arena Demo:
- Score Challenge Trial is now 50% longer
- Additional A.I. unlocked
- Offline Multiplayer unlocked
Swarm Arena

UTV Ignition has announced that Hothead's upcoming action puzzle game thing, Swarm, is heading to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

Announced earlier this year, Swarm involves guiding 50 "Swarmites" to the end of a load of levels, dodging through all sorts of "gauntlets of destruction" in an "often suicidal battle for survival", collecting DNA along the way.

We hadn't previously been told which platforms to expect Swarm for, but now we have. Exciting times.

The game's still on for release in "early 2011" and you can get a sense of how it's shaping up in the trailer below.


Aug 24, 2010
Swarm Arena - Valve
Change list:

  • Fixed mouse problems on some systems
  • Improved performance
  • Improved graphics driver compatibility
  • Added "30 fps"e; option
Aug 19, 2010
Swarm Arena - Valve
Get ready for a brand new experience! Take control of a virtual organism, develop your moves and become one with the swarm – then the game has only just begun. Swarm Arena’s fresh and deep gameplay is a journey from relaxing aesthetics over mind-blowing action to pure tactics. Be fast. Be precise. Or simply enjoy the experience.

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