Surviving Mars

Paradox Interactive has launched Paradox Mods, a modding platform that works across both PC and Xbox One. The publisher partnered with Microsoft to launch it, and you can start downloading mods now. 

Paradox's games typically have great mod support and armies of diligent modders churning out everything for overhauls to minute tweaks right from the get-go, so this probably isn't going to change much on PC. I use Steam Workshop for all my Paradox games, and it's fine. 

The new platform will allow Xbox One users to enjoy some of those mods, however, or at least the 30 console-tested Surviving Mars mods it's launching with. For modders, getting their mods out to both PC and console players is as simple as uploading it, where it will become available for everyone. Presumably, however, some mods will be more suited to the PC version. There are considerably more mods available on PC, too, where the platform also supports Cities: Skylines and Stellaris.

“Modding has been, and remains an important part of the Paradox community. As we have diversified the way we distribute our games, we want to make sure all our players can take part in the creation process,” said Paradox Mods product owner Anders Törlind. “For Surviving Mars, we have worked with mod creators to support Paradox Mods with some of the best mods available, all in one place and downloadable in-game or simply using a web browser. We really look forward to unlocking the world of modding for all members of our community, regardless of what system they are using to play our games.”  

Paradox Mods is live now, with support for more games planned later this year. 

Surviving Mars - (Alice O'Connor)

The publishers of click-o-strategy games from Crusader Kings II to Cities: Skylines are bringing our precious PC mods to console, teaming up with Microsoft to launch cross-platform modding support. Paradox Interactive are starting with Surviving Mars, 2018’s pretty deece space colony game, and plan to bring mods to more of their Xbone versions later this year. While this change mostly benefits Xboners, isn’t it nice that they’ll get to join in all the fun we have on PC? Surviving Mars is even adding mouse and keyboard support on Xbone. Aw, bless, he thinks he’s a PC.


Surviving Mars - Azure

Last week we invited modders and asset creators to help us with a special project that is coming to Surviving Mars soon - and we have not been disappointed by our amazing community members! We have approximately 50 interested modders at this time (with 23 prizes to give out, that's good odds to win something!).

The deadline to participate in this project and contest is February 5th. So if you're interested in making any kind of mod/asset/UX/whatever please message us directly on Facebook or Twitter! The deadline for completion will be February 20th, when we announce the project to the world!

BUUUUUT that's not all!
Because we want to reward and encourage our modders (fancy way of saying "bribe") we've decided to up the stakes. Say HELLO to the new and improved contest rewards:
- Three RTX 2080's
- Three $300 Gift Cards to a Retailer of Your Choice
- Twenty $20 PDX Gift Cards

The grand and runner-up prizes will have three distribution categories:
- Chosen by Us
- Chosen by You
- Completely Random

Surviving Mars - Azure
Attention all modders and asset creators!
Paradox Interactive has a new mission preparing for launch on February 5th.

We need top-secret creators to join our soon-to-be-revealed project and create a mod or asset for Surviving Mars. This will require a simple NDA, so Direct Message us on Facebook, Twitter, or contact Azurespecter on our forums here

What's in it for you?

Modding Contest Rewards include:
1 GeForce RTX 2080
3 $300 Gift Cards to a retailer of your choice
20 $50 Gift Cards to the Paradox Store

The Grand Prize and 3 Runner-Ups will be chosen by a panel at Paradox Interactive. The 20 Paradox Store Gift cards will be People's Choice Awards, chosen by the players!

Players from all games are welcome to try their hand at winning these amazing prizes and helping Paradox with our upcoming project.

So remember to message us if you'd like to create a mod or asset for our secret project, and we'll fill you in on the rules and details!​
Surviving Mars - Azure
Haemimont Games and Paradox Interactive have been hard at work to bring you a fresh set of fixes, updates, and helpful additions!

One big thing you'll notice is a series of hint messages and helpful encyclopedia entries to assist you in Surviving Mars.

Kuiper Patch

- Added videos in Hint messages
- Added videos in Hints section of the Encyclopedia
- Changed text alignment in Hint messages
- Fix for Hint messages getting restarted when the selected object changes
- Fix for screen remaining blurred in some cases
- Fix for Black Cubes destroying passages
- Fix for Find Water Milestone not being completed in some cases when Water is found
- Fix for Amplify upgrade of Rare Metals Refinery to properly increase production per day
- Fix for Waste Rock Dumps becoming irresponsive after loading of old save games
- Fix for Triboelectric Scrubber no more cleaning stuff after change of its range

- Fix for RB/LB control of sliders in info panels
- Fix for unnecessary selection of "Basic Resources" and "Advanced Resources" rows in depots' info panel

Fixes in the following events
- Fix for event-related techs missing in the absence of Space Race
- Long Winter
- Dust Sickness
- Power Surge
- Broken Dome
- Frozen Batteries

- Changed naming convention for "New" in mod editor toolbar to avoid ambiguousness
- New Specialist msg now supplies the specialist
- Fix for garbled file formats in drop-down list of the "open file" dialog
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - (The Dealer)

Is… is it over yet? Are the Black Friday and Cyber Monday PC gaming deals finally finished? Just a couple more hours to go now, you can do it deals herald, you can get through this. You’ve got a week and a half holiday coming up soon, just get through the afternoon and then you can go and lie in a dark room and not dream about Cyber Monday graphics card deals you might have missed for the seventh night running.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - (Katharine Castle)

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HITMAN™ - (Katharine Castle)

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