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Hey everyone!

Great news! As promised, it's time for another biiiig update! ːKentWinningː

The update is called "The Latinum Shipyards" and it's all about expanding the game's lineup of ships and weapons, as well as adding a bunch of cool new features and stuff to do.

The first thing you'll notice is the overhauled new look of the shipyard screen, to make buying a new ship feel more sci-fi-authentic. The next thing you'll notice is that there are now lots and lots of new ships to choose between, ranging from small, bumbling space trucks, over lighting quick space-bikes, up to high-end Interceptors with elegant solar-sails. Because of all these new ships, we've now also added multiple pages to the shipyard screen, so you'll always have enough space cruisers and traders to choose between.

The second area that we focused on with this update is weapons and combat. You can now equip a range of new weapons, such as the slow but deadly Plasma Bomb, the close-combat Flak guns, or the beam-of-death Plasma Cutter (we really love that one :D). You can also add weapon mods to your front-mounted gun now, such as an alternating fire mod, or a focus-fire sharpshooter mod, for all you space-snipers out there. Enemies also have some new behaviour, with skilled enemy pilots being able to execute mini-split-jumps, adding a lot more action to dogfights and battles.

We've also been listening to the community about achievements, and have added a bunch of new ones to give new and long-time players some new goals to aim for. There are new ones for amassing huge amounts of cash, as well as for simple stuff like rescuing crew in space. We also didn't forget to add some for squashing those terribly annoying, but oh-so-crunchy, critters on the station screens! :)

Besides those focus areas there is lots more stuff, such as new player outfits (which you can unlock through the story), a new Nebula detector upgrade, further improvements for modding and much, much more. As always here's the full changelist for your perusal:

Features / Gameplay
  • Reworked Shipyard screen, with new graphics and info
  • Added multiple pages for Shipyard screen
  • Tons of new ships, especially at low and high-end
  • Special new ships: two Space Bikes, super fast but no protection
  • Added new player outfits
  • Added Nebula Radar upgrade, to detect nearby nebula
  • Added overlay warning message when player is taking lots of damage
  • Added new effects for traveling inside Nebula
  • Added random Distress Calls and rescue operation
  • Added Plasma Cutter beam-type weapon
  • Added two Flak-type weapons (they fire like a shotgun)
  • Added Plasma Mine
  • Added slow & powerful Plasma Bomb
  • Added really fast Birdstrike missiles
  • Added weapon mods, to change weapon firing behaviour
  • Added new AI combat behaviour - Skilled enemy pilots now do mini-jumps to evade/attack
  • Added better ship viewing options on Ship Purchase screen
  • Added new Adship billboard advertisements
  • Added lots of new achievements (including some for Bug Squashing :D)
  • Added new dialogue for characters that give you additional outfits
  • Added additional savegame data for story-content modding

Fixes / Improvements
  • New Loading Game/Launch image
  • Improved star name positioning on map
  • New Nebula Warning icon on map
  • Improved Look for Nebula map
  • Fix for Elesw showing up as target when other station is targeted
  • Added check and fix for mission-related ship multi-spawning
  • Fixed Grah telling you to head in wrong direction after first stab-drone station
  • Spelling fixes in various dialogues
  • Added some more dialogue for first meeting with Grah
  • Improved some visuals in tutorial derelict
  • Some new turnjet effects
  • Improved placement of turning jets on multiple ships
  • Fixed N/A buttons on trade screen letting you buy crew and bodies
  • Fixed tractor beam collection messages
  • Added additional feedback when upgrade options don't work
  • Added clear hint that there is a timer for the Morgan Yu story mission
  • Fixed dynamic zoom scaling for Adships and other objects
  • Moved one track out of Youtube safe-mode, as copyright strike came up
  • Fix for live crew not spawning after finding them in derelict
  • Added line highlighting when scrolling through weapons' list
  • Added info display for speed for all missile-type weapons
  • Added info display for beam and flak-type weapons
  • Made achievements trigger quicker
  • Fixed turret bullets not getting counted towards your total fired
  • Updated some shot colors to match weapon's look
  • Restricted Police and Pirates from having explosive shell type weapons

With this update, we're again pushing really hard to spread word about the game. Every Steam review, Retweet, post or mention of the game helps us out immensely, and we're very thankful for it!! We're currently trying to reach 500 reviews, which would push us into the "Overwhelmingly Positive" category. Once we've reached that point, hopefully sales will improve and we will see a lot more interest in the game, thus allowing us to continue work on it and to further expand the 3030 universe. To be clear, we really, really need your help to get there, and would really appreciate you taking the time to write a review of the game. It helps us more than you can imagine and will help make the game that much better!

As with every update, we'd like to thank all our players and supporters! A lot of the changes and additions in this update were only possible because of your amazing feedback, so please keep that coming!

As always, you're welcome to join us on our Discord channel, to chat and hangout:

And you can keep up to date what's going on with us and the game on our Twitter:
3030 Deathwar Redux - A Space Odyssey - Max | Crunchy Leaf Games

Hey there every...BOO!

Just wanted to wish you a Happy Halloween and let you know that the next update is coming very soon now... ːKentWinningː

In the meantime, we are running a 50% discount during Steam's Halloween Sale, to help the game get to the 500 review mark. If there's anyone you think would enjoy 3030 please do let them know, and help us spread the word about it! We also added a fun little bonus weapon for the event, which you can see in action above :D

If you're interested in hearing more or just want to hang out and chat, you're always welcome to join us on our Discord:

And you can keep up to date what's going on with us and the game on our Twitter:
3030 Deathwar Redux - A Space Odyssey - Max | Crunchy Leaf Games

Hey there Space Cowboys and -girls,

we just wanted to let you know what we're working on currently, and say thank you for all the great reviews coming in recently. It's really fantastic to see new and old players adding their voices and letting others know what's to like about 3030. These reviews are helping other players discover the game, and they also make it possible for us to keep working on the game, adding new content and new features to the 3030 universe.

So in terms of that, what are some of the things we're working on currently you ask? Well, let's see... There is going to be an updated ship buy screen, improved nebula effects, a much cooler nebula map, improved dynamic zoom effects, an improved intro, better turning jet look & placement, a cool new nebula radar (that you can see in the image above) aaand... some new outfits for Falcon! You'll be able to get a bunch of new outfits, and even can take that old hat off your noggin if you so choose.

Besides these, we'll also be further improving Mod support, this time focusing on making missions and custom quests more moddable. We've already seen some cool weapon and ship mods being made, and there are some custom quests in the making. We hope to improve the modding API for these, so it's easier for creators to set up new story lines of their own, thus adding even more depth to the 3030 world.

And finally, we also have a long running project of improving the game's combat, as some players have pointed out that you tend to resort to the same tactics each time. We'll be trying to spice things up a bit and add some variety, but these features are still very much Work In Progress, so we can't give any ETA on that yet.

Also, perhaps you've noticed already: There's a new trailer for the game, this time with a really cool Voice Over. If you want to check it out, it's the first video in the gallery above.

And our last announcement: For this year's Steam Summer Sale, we'll be discounting the game to 50%, our biggest discount yet! Our goal, as we've said before, is to get the game to 500 reviews, and we think offering such a big discount during the year's biggest sale is a good way to get there! So if there's anyone you know who would enjoy a good Space Odyssey, please spread the word!

Thanks again for all your feedback, it's what has motivated all these upcoming features, and an extra Thank You to everyone who has left a review, it's what is making these additional features and updates possible! <3

We'll be in touch again soon about the update! If you're interested in early testing and giving us direct feedback, please come join us on our Discord channel. We are always listening to what you have to say and are always happy to chat :)

Our Discord channel:

And you can keep up to date what's going on with us and the game on our Twitter:
3030 Deathwar Redux - A Space Odyssey - Max | Crunchy Leaf Games

Hey guys,

we have an announcement for you today, and although it's no update, we think it's still pretty cool.... But first, we'd like to express a special thank you to everyone who has taken the time to leave a review for 3030. These really mean a lot to us, and have kept us motivated all along our path from Early Access to our latest big update "The Nanotech Conspiracy".

Not only do these reviews push us onward, they also mean a lot to potential new players, who regularly check reviews and make their purchasing decision based off of them. Our big goal since the Modding update is to reach 500 reviews and keep the same rating we have now. This would push us into the "Overwhelmingly Positive" category. Other small Indie devs have said this can have a big impact on how Steam treats the game. It would mean more features, better store placements, more players, and would allow us to continue working on the game. So long story short, if you like the game and have a few minutes to spare, writing a review and helping us get to that magic 500 would really mean a lot to us!

With that out of the way, our announcement today is that we're finally adding Trading Cards to the game! A lot of players have requested these on the forums, and we always said we would get them eventually. Well today, they're finally here :) If you've been playing the game already, you should retroactively be awarded any cards you would have earned, so just check your Steam Inventory to see if you got a staunch and stalwart Kent, or a slinky, stinky Frank :)

On top of this, we are running our biggest Discount yet, at 40% off! So if you've been holding off on the game because of missing Trading Cards, or if you know a friend, colleague or subreddit that would appreciate a solid Space Adventure, go ahead and let them know :D

As always, you're welcome to join us on our Discord channel, to chat and hangout:

And you can keep up to date what's going on with us and the game on our Twitter:
3030 Deathwar Redux - A Space Odyssey - Max | Crunchy Leaf Games

Hey there everyone,

Guess what... That's right, it's time for another update! Now that the Modding Update has been out for a bit, we thought we'd build on that and improve the modding capabilities a bit further. For this update, we also focused on accessibility and on directly addressing your feedback with a bunch of requested features.

The update is made up of lots of smaller changes that improve the game in different areas. For one, we've added full Mouse-Only game controls, to make the game more accessible to more players. That means you can control the entire game, from beginning to end, using only the mouse. While adding those controls, we noticed how nice it is to move your character on stations using the mouse, so that is now also active in all control modes. Next up, we added a much-requested feature, that will also help players that have trouble with the colors in the upgrade menu: a sortable upgrades list! So you can now sort it by clicking any of the top options price, category, or fitted.

Besides those, we've added the combat scanner showing you your target's equipped weapon. You can use this to make sure you're picking the right fights when going on pirating or bounty hunting sprees ;) There's also a pretty major balancing change: It used to be you could get a turreted ship, equip both guns, and you had effectively twice the firepower of a non-turreted ship. Because this made non-turreted ships unattractive (and also made some fights unfairly short) we've made having both turret and front gun equipped halve the firepower of each. This means you can still play flexibly and have two guns with the disadvantage of less firepower on each, or you can equip just one gun and enjoy the gun's full firepower. In our own testing we've found this improves the feel and fairness of combat by a lot. Now we're very curious to hear your feedback!

There are tons of other changes, like lots of improvements to the modding tools, new markers on the map for mission related stations and planets, a better looking Nebula map, some rebalancing of weapon stats, some improvements to the modding tools and also flying Beetles on the station console screens! There are just too many changes to go into detail on each, so as always here is the full list for your viewing pleasure:

Features / Gameplay
  • Added full Mouse-Only controls
  • Added dynamic Mouse-Only tutorial
  • Added sorting of upgrade menu, by price, category and if fitted
  • Added combat ship scanners showing you other ship's equipped weapons
  • Made having both front and turret weapon equipped halve damage of each
  • Added moving player character on stations by right-clicking in all control modes
  • Added arrow on relevant stations when using a mission's "show on map" function
  • Added color markers on map for any mission related stations or planets
  • Made derelict holocubes always contain at least 2 active Nebula pieces
  • Increased number of Nebula pieces found in derelict holocubes
  • Some weapon rebalancing. Generally made guns' stats more distinct
  • Added dropoff system information for photography missions
  • Added right-clicking map icon in space to open map overlay
  • Added flying beetles to station consoles
  • Added display for guns that have explosive shells
  • Made dialogue options in space click-able with mouse

Fixes / Improvements
  • Fixed disappearing station bug
  • Added notification on Map button when picking up new Nebula pieces
  • Fixed Smuggler Rate arrow looking like Top Rate image
  • Moved Ion cannon stats into its data file
  • Made combat scanner upgrades incompatible with each other
  • Made Nebula overlay on map active by default
  • Fixed some spelling in captain's log
  • Fixed mention of police shooting you on sight
  • Fixed Largo crash screen shake being repeatable by loading old savegame
  • Changed canceling mission menu
  • Improved weapons' stats lines in upgrades menu
  • Added help screen info for toggling mouse aiming in mouse+keys mode
  • Fixed derelict entering and exit animations running too quickly on some systems
  • Fixed rest of cargo disappearing if collecting cargo without enough cargo space
  • Fixed line-game puzzle running too quickly
  • Added sound effect when leaving line-game
  • Changed nebula map overlay to a transparent orange color
  • Replaced in-code modifications of weapons' stats with direct values in stats
  • Spelling fixes in dialogue (Kelly Bebop and others)
  • Fixed mini-stations occasionally popping up in space
  • Made cruise liners' music and chatter fade when flying further away
  • Deactivated outside station lights placeholders
  • Spelling fix Tractor beam HUD
  • Fixed player also firing gun in derelicts when trying to click buttons
  • Fixed ship firing main gun when clicking buttons in space
  • Fixed player ship jittering back and forth in mouse control modes
  • Added display of currently active mods in top left of loading screen
  • Mouse-Only: Added specific loading screens
  • Mouse-Only: Added spark boost auto-acivating on low health
  • Mouse-Only: Added specific help screen information
  • Mod Manager: Added hint about logging in to Steam
  • Mod Manager: Added status message and progress bar when copying mods
  • Mod Manager: Added feedback when download button clicked but no mods found
  • Mod Uploader: Made mod_info default info more clear for new users
  • Mod Uploader: Made mod_info default info more clear for new users

For modders, we've also set up a modding Wiki, with some basics on how to set up mods and organize them, and a step by step tutorial to get you easily started with creating your very own mods:

As with every update, we'd like to thank all of you for your continued support and amazing feedback! None of this would be possible without you, so cheers and thanks to all of you guys! <3

As always, you're welcome to join us on our Discord channel, to chat and hangout:

And you can keep up to date what's going on with us and the game on our Twitter:
3030 Deathwar Redux - A Space Odyssey - Max | Crunchy Leaf Games

Hey guys,

ooohhh man... we can hardly believe it, but it's finally here! Our huge Modding Update "The Nanobot Conspiracy" has just launched!

With this Update you'll be able to mod aaaall the game's data files. That includes scripting, missions, dialogue, characters, game locations. It also means you can add new ships, weapons and upgrades, translate the text files to another language, or even write personal side-quests and storylines for other players to explore. We've also included Steam Workshop support, through the use of two new included tools.

For one, there's the Mod Manager, which you can easily launch directly from Steam when starting the game. It will help you get started downloading and activating mods safely, and will also make it possible to easily deactivate or delete any mods you don't want anymore. All your original game files are backed up safely and can be restored in the Manager, so you don't have to worry about breaking anything!

The other tool is the new Mod Uploader. For those of you who want to create their own mods, it will help you quickly and easily set up a mod directory and get it submitted to the workshop. Once you've done that, you can hop right into your new mod folder and start editing away! We've also prepared a short tutorial on how to get started with creating your own mods here:

Besides the modding, we've also added a bunch of new features, like new station traffic, billboards and more effects around stations, a new enemy type on derelicts, a weapons recharge indicator and displays for weapon stats on the upgrade screen. (Oh, and the Ion Cannon is pretty fun now. Go try it out! :] )

There's just too much stuff to name it all, so here is the full list for you:

Features / Gameplay
  • Made all game files easily read- and modifiable
  • Added Modding Manager to Main Menu to easily de/activate mods
  • Added Mod Uploader tool to upload mods to Steam Workshop
  • Added new billboard ships around stations
  • Added new parallax effects on stations
  • Added player casting shadow from stars and stations
  • Added new orbiting lanes for smaller ships around stations
  • Added traffic lanes for smaller ships between stations
  • Added display of weapon stats on upgrade screen
  • Added recharge indicator for weapon cooldown
  • Added new enemy type to derelicts
  • Added tractor beam being drawn during split
  • Added fuel display on HUD below hull strength
  • Lowered mid-tier missile cost and slightly adjusted damage
  • Made pirate ships aggro sooner based on your kill count
  • Added image for each missiles
  • Added background for circuit fixing mini-game
  • Removed pilot image for Cleaner ships
  • Made Gamepad options show name of connected controller
  • Added selection of active Gamepad if there is more than one
  • Made pressing A on Gamepad always also work as selector, even in space
  • Added better sound effect for refueling and negative sound if not possible
  • Added option for screenshake strength
  • Added new message for trying to talk to dead characters
  • Added slight forward motion when collecting fuel, and added sound effect
  • Added occasional special animation on Trade and Mission consoles
  • Added fitting music track during final battle
  • Added exploding shell from Ion Cannon

Fixes / Improvements
  • Fixed Proximity lights on stations when player aproaches
  • Improved spawn locations of small ships around stations
  • Tweaked some gun sounds, mostly quieter and added fade
  • Improved info from low fuel reminder upgrade
  • Lowered threshold for low fuel reminder to pop up
  • Fixed tech level for high-level afterburners
  • Reduced range of high-tech comms upgrade
  • Spelling fixes in dialogues and cutscenes
  • Fixed docking fee being deducted on planets
  • Fixed non-music files in music folder leading to rare game crash
  • Fixed Wingmen moving jerkily when player is outside system
  • In Act 8 renamed wrong equipment markers for clarity
  • Fixed player being able to engage split during conversation
  • Fixed docking or convos being canceled by clicking on targets
  • Fixed multiple shots sometimes causing multiple deaths of same ship
  • Made reloading savegame also load pirates waiting to attack you outside
  • Added an option for no speed particles

And before we forget, to celebrate the Modding Update, we're also going to have our biggest discount yet! The game is going to be discounted 34% for a full week from now on. So if you know anyone who would like to join Kent and his Crew for some Space Adventuring, now is the time to tell them!

As always, we really appreciate all of your support! You guys are the reason the game has gone this far and your feedback, bug reports and suggestions are what made this version of the game possible! <3

With this update, we're really trying to spread word about the game again. Every Steam review, Retweet, post or mention of the game helps us out immensely, and we're very thankful for it!! We're currently trying to reach 500 reviews, which would push us into the "Overwhelmingly Positive" category. Let's see if this update can help us get there! :)

As always, you're welcome to join us on our Discord channel, to chat and hangout:

And you can keep up to date what's going on with us and the game on our Twitter:
3030 Deathwar Redux - A Space Odyssey - Max | Crunchy Leaf Games

Hey there everybody,

it's been a while, how is everyone doing? We have two announcements for you today. One is concerning the game's name and the other is about our big upcoming update.

We've been discussing the game's name for some time now, and although we still like it we've noticed that it doesn't really tell you what sort of game to expect. Lots of players have mentioned that they were expecting something like a simple shooter, and were completely surprised by the massive Space Adventure they found. Because of this, we've decided to add a(nother) subtitle to the current name, which will give new players a little taste of what to expect going in. We went back and forth with lots of ideas, until we found one that we're now very happy with.

And that subtitle is... "A Space Odyssey". Some people might recognize this from somewhere, but it's a name that nicely describes the sort of adventure you're getting yourself into, don't you think? :)

The second announcement is that we're about to release the game's next update, and boy oh boy it's going to be a big one! Lots of players have asked for it, we've talked about it for some time on the forums, and now it's finally here: The Modding Update! With this update, all the game's files will be open to exchange, edit and add to. Instead of the current compiled format, the game is going to load all the data files directly in plain format, so instead of OVL you'll have TXT, PNG and LUA files to play with. After this update, you're going to be able to mod ships, weapons, characters and dialogue, just to name a few.

The update is coming next week, so get your digital pens and text editors prepped and ready. We're super excited about this update and are really looking forward to all the awesome stuff you guys are going to create!

There will be lots of other cool stuff, as well as the usual bug fixes and improvements. As always we'll have a nice juicy changelist for you.

Oh, and we also updated the game's description on the Steam page!
Catch you next week for the modding bonanza!

As always, everyone is welcome to join us on our Discord channel, to chat and hang out:

To be the first to know when the update is out, you can follow us on Twitter:
3030 Deathwar Redux - A Space Odyssey - Max | Crunchy Leaf Games
Hey y'all,

there are just two small fixes in this update, so this is going to be a quick one.

We got a report of an exploitable money bug, where you could retrieve crew you just dumped to double their amount in your cargo. Thanks to Mr. Kins for pointing this out!

We also fixed a rare crash, that could occur if you finished a story beat at a certain number of docks. Thanks to CorSec for reporting this one!

Fixes / Improvements
  • Fixed exploitable money bug, by making crew reduce correctly when dumped
  • Fixed rare crash connected to story progression and station tv news

You're welcome to join us on our Discord channel, to chat and hangout:

And you can keep up to date what's going on with us and the game on our Twitter:
3030 Deathwar Redux - A Space Odyssey - Max | Crunchy Leaf Games
Hey everyone,

it's been a while since launch now, so we thought it was about time for a little content patch to come your way! Today we're adding and fixing lots of smaller stuff, but the main focus of this update is going to be adding crew, pirates and bodies floating in space!

Once you've destroyed a ship, there used to not be much left of it after. We always wanted to add more debris and give you the feeling that you can gobble up some more reward once you've destroyed a target. So now, now when you blow up someone, there's a good chance you'll see them (or at least their remains) floating around in space after. You can even fly over and tractor them up! There is also a good chance some parts of the ship are salvageable as tradeable goods, usually Titanium, but occasionally also more valuable things!

When you go exploring derelicts and find survivors or deceased inside, you will now also find those bodies outside for optional tractor-beam rescue. Later, you can fly anyone you captured/collected in derelicts or in battle over to a station and unload them for some pricey rewards.

There's a whole lot more, like some pretty cool water effects on Jelnu station, Nebula Jellies now protecting you, and some sweet new warp effects. We've also fixed a bunch of things, mostly because of your great feedback on the forums! Here's the complete list:

Features / Gameplay
  • Added crews of ships floating in space after they're destroyed
  • Added bodies and crew floating outside derelicts after you found them
  • Added bodies, crew and pirates unloadable at stations, for a reward
  • Added more random debris drops from destroyed ships
  • Added paying for drinks at the bar (!!!)
  • Added cool water effects to Jelnu station pool
  • Made Nebula Jellies on your ship negate any possible Nebula damage
  • Added Warp Bubble Effect - can be toggled in options
  • Added Warp Distortion Effect - can be toggled in options
  • Added Tutorial pointer to Camera UI button

Fixes / Improvements
  • Fixed bounty hunting targets sometimes not spawning
  • Removed ships sometimes randomly dropping upgrades
  • Fixed Gang Attack Mode calculation
  • Increased penalties for destroying civilian ships and cops
  • Made Wingers only approach player if currently has less than 2 crimes
  • Fixed Smugglers sometimes making immediate double request for trade
  • Made recorded crimes more structured, now they add up sequentially
  • Made missile warning only appear if missile is close to you
  • Made Nebula Jellies not targetable anymore
  • Fixed spelling in random news articles
  • Fixed double reward for bounties
  • Fixed upgrade dialogue in conversation not showing right
  • Changed some upgrade descriptions to fit into dialogue
  • Fixed larger ships sometimes showing wrong shield effects when hit
  • Fixed Walker Base position on all resolutions
  • Improved some of the bar signs and Jelnu pool background
  • Various spelling fixes in Dialogue
  • Fixed escape velocity barrier for Tapley
  • Added more information on how to use buoys in the description
  • Added a message if you try to buy upgrade without enough cash

You're welcome to join us on our Discord channel, to chat and hangout:

And you can keep up to date what's going on with us and the game on our Twitter:

Time to get out there and save some space souls! :D
3030 Deathwar Redux - A Space Odyssey - CrunchyLeafGames
Hey guys,

Once again, we've got a bunch of minor improvements and then one major fix. The major fix is for the random music crash that happens to some players. It was very hard for us to reproduce, but we're reasonably certain this fix should kill it off once and for all.

The rest of the changes are Quality of Life related, and aim to make things better in general, like making cargo containers easier to see and smugglers offering you fairer prices when you're out of fuel, but also fixing some annoyances, like a map bug that could happen when you used the "show on map" button right after zooming on the map. Check out the full list:

Fixes / Improvements
  • Fixed random music crash "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION"
  • Made all cargo containers draw their name in-world, so they are easier to see
  • Fixed dates not rolling over after last day of month
  • Made docking helper not pop up right after undocking
  • Made tractor beam particles go other way, now coming from the asteroid
  • Fixed "show on map" bug, where you'd sometimes be stuck in the local map
  • Fixed Raal letting you keep your turret, even though switching to Fighter ship
  • Shortened station dialogue for paying fines
  • Made map reminder not show when getting attacked by JBO
  • Repositioned map overlay info to fix overlapping text in console mode
  • Made smuggler offering fuel much cheaper
  • Fixed unmuting sound not playing music as chosen
  • Fixes in various dialogue and cutscene scripts
  • Fixed being able to pay fines on Walker Base although you didn't have the money
  • Made any negative amount of player money resort to just 0
  • Made space battle police man not show up on Walker base or pirate stations
  • Fixed button prompt for winger formation
  • Fixed Vasquez appearing in contacts after you get call to Rub Ba 3
  • Small improvement to comms signal when hailing ships or stations
  • Fixed junk in BD-946 system not giving reward
  • Minor improvements to mission completion screen
  • Fixes Largo not changing position after every dock, when playing new game
  • Made bounty missions fail if you leave the system without killing target
  • Added system information to bounty missions

And we also want to say a big THANK YOU to all our awesome players! Thanks to hkfog, srcleaves, Insomniac, Hidden Boss, luckyluca001, Relthor, CinderAsh, Hillius, veryinky, kajidiablo, Apocalypse, Ordinary Time, JazzyJet, Niall, Limmin, ¿dlǝɥ, Yuki Kumagawa, ancalimon, ChaosRepeated, nobrien, Hazmatt, Terra Blade, DemonSemon, NormireX, Travis, snv, KillerKetchup, CheddarHead, BlackLabel, Typo91, omegacat, Hanekem, Percopius, Stilgar, Kung Fu Sandwich, gamerCez and Raatha for all your bug reports and your feedback! <3

As always, you're very welcome to join us on our Discord channel, to chat and hangout with us Devs and the other players:

And you can keep up to date what's going on with us and the game on our Twitter:

Happy Largo hunting everyone! :)

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