Initia: Elemental Arena - GentleGhouls
Hello All,

After working very hard for the last month, we have finally added bots to Initia. This has not been an easy task due to the nature of objectives in Initia and the different ways the bots are supposed to handle the elements. However this has been the most requested feature by far from the community and we had it as a priority since launch.

The bots are still a work in progress. AI bots can be tricky to debug and test. Sometimes they may seem to function exactly how we need them to, then suddenly they may show a bugged behavior. Initia is still in Early Access and the whole point of EA is to have the community help our small team make the game you want to play. So if you encounter pathing issues or the Bots behaved in an unexpected way, please try to explain the behavior as detailed as you can.

Currently the bots are on by default and they don't have difficulty settings. However that will change in the next few patches as we gather more information about how we want them to behave.

We have also made changes to the Match Making server. It now does not require 8 players to start a match. It will just start a match with bots and allow other players to join in the in-progress game. This is a crucial change that we believe will increase the chances of meeting players and having a proper match. We will continue enhancing the MM server in the next few patches as well.

We are also working on two new elements, Magma and Nature. They will expand the range of the higher elements you can buy from the shop an add different new roles. We are looking forward to have you play with them.

Stay Awesome!
May 1, 2016
Initia: Elemental Arena - GentleGhouls
Our ambitious game/baby/project has finally been unleashed into the world. There were no high fives or chest bumps when that glorious moment happened, being a small agile team (lazy individuals) we did this from the comfort our of couch. We made a huge fuss on slack though!

Naturally the high fives are to come later, once we know for sure we have catered and delivered a great game that people love to play! It's too early to call it a success but your feedback and comments have so far meant the world to us.

Some of you might have heard from us through our attempt at KickStarter a few months back - didn't go so well - but hey we made it anyway. That month was full of trials and if we haven't been green-lit at the time it might have been a huge hit for our morale but alas the steam community in all it' awesomeness pulled us through.

The game just launched and of course we are keeping our head down and burning through every feedback, comment, insult or bug anyone has thrown our way. We threw the bubble gum out though.

Preparing a multiplayer for launch isn't an easy task so we are doing a lot of work behind the curtains to make sure you can keep playing the game around the clock without having to wait for dinner to be ready first. And for that I ask you to bear with us as we get through our first week and the results for our work can be seen the next time you pop in.

From the entire team of Initia we are ready for this, we ask that you be ready as well.

Stay Awesome.

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