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Dear Puzzle Galaxies Gamers,

I have read some other reviews, and first let me say, my apologies for not having sufficient help guides/documentation, tutorials, etc. to let people know of certain features. I realize now that could have been a really big help.

I guess the next best thing is.....well.....to send out this announcement :)

So here it goes:


Some players may find the game to be much more enjoyable (and challenging) to have to play it so that there is no timer at all, and trying to 'minimize' the number of moves as much as possible. This feature does exist - if you go into the settings menu, you will see an "Unlimited Time" button. Enable this button (by clicking on the hexagon on the left of it), and the game will no longer have a time limit.

The two nice things about unlimited time mode is one, you don't have to worry about dying, and two, you can challenge yourself to see if you can win a level with as few moves as possible.

Note also that in Unlimited Time Mode, the Time bonus value will be zero for every level.

Hope this helps :) Again, apologies for not documenting this elsewhere, I will have to make sure any future games I develop will have better documentation!

Kind regards,

Jeff Moretti
Evermore Game Studios
Puzzle Galaxies - pinkerator
Dear Puzzle Galaxies Gamers,

I have been reading a few of the reviews I have been getting, and I think I should address 2 main issues that I have read about often, and that can be easily remedied with the current version of Puzzle Galaxies.

Please read below:


There is actually two ways you can set the game to windowed mode. One is to press Alt+Enter while playing the game, and from there you can go into the settings menu and set the resolution to whatever resolution you wish. The other is to manually edit the commonConfig.xml file and set resolution to desired resolution and fullscreen to 0 (ie zero) - you can read the discussion "Resolution?" by 'raixel" for more info on how to do that.


Hate waiting for the score to roll up? So do I to be honest :) I thought this would be an obvious one, but if you click the mouse it should tally up the scores instantly. If for some reason this is NOT the case, please let me know, I'll try and fix that one if it is not working.

NOTE: I did notice with the score roll up that it will NOT work if the mouse is off of the screen. But otherwise, it should work

Hope this helps, and happy gaming! :)


Jeff Moretti
Evermore Game Studios

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