Dec 21, 2018
Kingdom Rush Frontiers - Noelll
Holiday season is here! Enjoy it with this sale!

50% OFF until January 3rd!

Oct 29, 2018
Kingdom Rush Frontiers - Noelll
Halloween is here and you know what’s scarier than ghosts and zombies? Not having something to play!

This is the chance to fight off that feeling of emptiness with a brand new game, Kingdom Rush Frontiers comes to the rescue with 50% off for just a few days!

Kingdom Rush Frontiers - Noelll
The PC version of Kingdom Rush Origins is now available on Steam!

At the moment the game has only the main campaign available, we will add the remaining levels and heroes in the next few months. Don’t worry, this content is included in the original price so keep on battling and defending the Kingdom against the terrible Twilight Army!

Get it now:

Get ready and enter the mystical lands of Kingdom Rush Origins!

Kingdom Rush Frontiers - Noelll
The third entry of the epic saga will be back for PC in just a few days!

On this awesome journey you'll find!

- Mysterious elven forests, magical faery realms and even floating ruins of an ancient metropolis!
- Brand new towers and troops! Elf Archers, Mystic Mages, Stone Druids and - Elven Infantry make up the backbone of your army!
- New specialized tower upgrades with over 18 abilities!
- New enemies! Take up arms against epic bosses! Face gords of Gnolls, giant spiders and the terrible Twilight Army!
- Master and upgrade legendary heroes and their powers and spells!
- Rain lightning, summon reinforcements and use each hero’s unique power to obliterate scores of enemies!
- Over 70 achievements!
- Three difficulty modes for the newbs and veterans alike!
- Prove your mettle with different game modes: Classic, Iron and Heroic!
- Study your enemies and your towers with an in-game encyclopedia!

Get ready and add it to your wishlist:

Kingdom Rush Frontiers - Noelll
We're getting closer to the release of Kingdom Rush Origins so get your mechanics on point playing KRF!

This sale lasts only for a few days so grab it now!

Jun 22, 2018
Kingdom Rush Frontiers - Noelll
It's time to train for Kingdom Rush Origins with some nice discounts on Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush Frontiers!

Kingdom Rush Frontiers - Noelll
Add Kingdom Rush Origins to your wishlist right now!

We’re glad to say it’s finally almost done, it tooks us some time but good things come for those who wait.

Your time to defend the Kingdom is closer, get ready!

PS.: We would like to thank everyone who has stayed with us through the time and is back here to play and enjoy our third Kingdom Rush. We hope you love it and if you have any feedback or want to say something to us just write to

Kingdom Rush Frontiers - Vanzen

Check it out!
Kingdom Rush Frontiers is on sale!
50% OFF until April 3rd!

So hurry, get it now and put your tower defense skills to the test at the savage frontiers!

For the King!
Kingdom Rush Frontiers - Vanzen

The Saurians are back, seeking revenge! This time commanded by their King Xyzzy! Venture to the Darklight Depths and stop his reign of terror once and for all!

This update includes:
  • Darklight Depths expansion
  • Even More Heroes! (Bruxa, Khaz and Saitam join the fight!)
  • More Languages: Japanese, Chinese, Korean!

For the Kingdom!

# Changelog - Kingdom Rush Frontiers | PC/Mac/Linux
## 1.4.2 - Dwarves say regular barracks taunts when the level starts (fixes #903) - Saurian Deathcoils don't lock on to dwarves (fixes #903) - Chinese and Korean font adjustments - click area on continue button of victory screen (fixes #904) - CJK testing credits - Translation suggestions from Aix (JA), Soohyeon Wi (KR) and Junesung Oh (KR). Thanks! - Korean font replacement - typography credits (closes #906) - Added missing glyphs to japanese font (ZinPenPop) ## 1.4.1 - spawn barrack solidiers hidden to avoid saurian sniper hickup (fixes #880) - Saitam silence effect position (fixes #894) - Kutsao intro taunt (fixes #884) - Kustao is affected by Blazefang ranged attacks and self destruct while using Leopard Style (fixes #878) - Fix timing for melee loopable attack sound (#895) - Dwarf Hall rally range too short (fixes #899) - Crash in Saitam's Angry God when activated even if the skill had level 0. (#895) - One of Saitam standard attacks was not dealing any damage (#895) - fonts_db: do not preload any font - Fix Saitam taunts volume (#895) - fixes typo in bones golem description - Chinese, Japanese and Korean translations ## 1.4.0 - 2 new achievements - New enemies: Saurian Sniper and Xyzzy - New level: Darklight Depths - New heroes: Saitam, Bruxa and Kahz
Kingdom Rush Frontiers - TaTa
The spookiest time of the year is upon us!

Trick or treat?
Is that time of the year! Pumpkins have wicked smiles, spider webs are everywhere and countless bats are flying in the night sky… but wait...
Something is coming… Something to fear… Something dark....
It's time to face nightmares and horrors in the Shadowmoon campaign.

This Update includes:
- 3 super creepy Halloween stages! Bonesburg, Desecrated Grove and the Dusk Chateau.
- 9 new terrifying enemies! Face vicious Ghouls, Ghosts of lost souls, ferocious Werewolves and even powerful Vampires!
- The 2 spookiest Heroes in the land: Hire Dante the vampire slayer or summon Bonehart the legendary Dracolich.
- Beware of the full moon! Enemies are more dangerous under the moonlight!
- 5 specific achievements!
- Easter Eggs and Cameos! Look out for the Headless Horseman!


## 1.3.3
- Frankenstein tower charge sound missing
- Frankie missing pound attack animation
- Frankenstein tower could skip releasing Frankie if the upgrade was clicked twice while shooting
- Decrease wave intervals L19(w9,w11) L20(w13)(#844)
- Lucrezia's slayer attack damage range
- stage21: defense flag position
- Lucrezia's missing tombstone
- fixes moon skipping before it appears
- Fixes lycantrhopy and double lycans spawned on waves with the moon active

## 1.3.2
- Assassins: fixed sneak attack chance, finally! (#849)
- twister: clear forced enemy waypoint on drop, fixes Fallen "moonwalking" (fixes #865)
- hero_crab: invuln after respawn (fixes #867)
- Work around love2d audio seeking bug (fix #857)
- Lucrezia slayer attack was only used during melee (fixes #853)
- missing gray bleeding fx
- problems with soldiers missing moon change. big refactor, moon_enemy_aura added. (fixes #862)
- screen_map: unlock all updates at the same time when finishing the main campaign
- ghoul completely ignore like 4 reinforcement units and run through them. (fixes #858)
- Plague Carrier attacks deal damage to borrowed dune terrors. (fixes #869)
- Vasile's blood sucking attack doesn't deal any damage, only heals him. (fixes #864)
- Templars had holy grail enabled by default
- Unstable Disease explosion with Air units are bugged (fixes #850)
- sand warriors are turned into werewolves (fixes #855)

## 1.3.1
- improved tower frankenstein bolt tracking (#840)
- Hero Bonehart fireball not hitting tall enemies
- fixes scaled buttons hit box with offset (Pause button in-game)
- missing blood colors
- phantom warrior: not drilled, poisoned, skeleton or explodes
- Dante: improved Akimbo and Silver Bullet (#843)
- Dante: silver bullet missing (#843)
- Dante: beacon of light only works while he is dead. (#843)
- glitch that produces a swarm of lycan (fixes #847)
- Fix wrong enemy death sounds (closes #842)
- Frankie tower: rally point sounds
- Dante: update portrait when dead with beacon of light (#843)
- Dante Akimbo hit smoke. Ghoul marker offset.
- Dante: no death quote when beacon of light is active (#843)
- Dante becomes immediately Immune when he respawns (#843)
- Dante: stats are missing (#843)
- Dante: Relic of power works only for enemies with armor (#843)
- Lycans for some reason can turn Heroes into Werewolves (fixes #841)

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