Kingdom Rush Frontiers - Noelll
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Kingdom Rush Frontiers - Noelll
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Kingdom Rush Frontiers - Noelll
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Your time to defend the Kingdom is closer, get ready!

PS.: We would like to thank everyone who has stayed with us through the time and is back here to play and enjoy our third Kingdom Rush. We hope you love it and if you have any feedback or want to say something to us just write to

Kingdom Rush Frontiers - Vanzen

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For the King!
Community Announcements - Vanzen

The Saurians are back, seeking revenge! This time commanded by their King Xyzzy! Venture to the Darklight Depths and stop his reign of terror once and for all!

This update includes:
  • Darklight Depths expansion
  • Even More Heroes! (Bruxa, Khaz and Saitam join the fight!)
  • More Languages: Japanese, Chinese, Korean!

For the Kingdom!

# Changelog - Kingdom Rush Frontiers | PC/Mac/Linux
## 1.4.2 - Dwarves say regular barracks taunts when the level starts (fixes #903) - Saurian Deathcoils don't lock on to dwarves (fixes #903) - Chinese and Korean font adjustments - click area on continue button of victory screen (fixes #904) - CJK testing credits - Translation suggestions from Aix (JA), Soohyeon Wi (KR) and Junesung Oh (KR). Thanks! - Korean font replacement - typography credits (closes #906) - Added missing glyphs to japanese font (ZinPenPop) ## 1.4.1 - spawn barrack solidiers hidden to avoid saurian sniper hickup (fixes #880) - Saitam silence effect position (fixes #894) - Kutsao intro taunt (fixes #884) - Kustao is affected by Blazefang ranged attacks and self destruct while using Leopard Style (fixes #878) - Fix timing for melee loopable attack sound (#895) - Dwarf Hall rally range too short (fixes #899) - Crash in Saitam's Angry God when activated even if the skill had level 0. (#895) - One of Saitam standard attacks was not dealing any damage (#895) - fonts_db: do not preload any font - Fix Saitam taunts volume (#895) - fixes typo in bones golem description - Chinese, Japanese and Korean translations ## 1.4.0 - 2 new achievements - New enemies: Saurian Sniper and Xyzzy - New level: Darklight Depths - New heroes: Saitam, Bruxa and Kahz
Community Announcements - TaTa
The spookiest time of the year is upon us!

Trick or treat?
Is that time of the year! Pumpkins have wicked smiles, spider webs are everywhere and countless bats are flying in the night sky… but wait...
Something is coming… Something to fear… Something dark....
It's time to face nightmares and horrors in the Shadowmoon campaign.

This Update includes:
- 3 super creepy Halloween stages! Bonesburg, Desecrated Grove and the Dusk Chateau.
- 9 new terrifying enemies! Face vicious Ghouls, Ghosts of lost souls, ferocious Werewolves and even powerful Vampires!
- The 2 spookiest Heroes in the land: Hire Dante the vampire slayer or summon Bonehart the legendary Dracolich.
- Beware of the full moon! Enemies are more dangerous under the moonlight!
- 5 specific achievements!
- Easter Eggs and Cameos! Look out for the Headless Horseman!


## 1.3.3
- Frankenstein tower charge sound missing
- Frankie missing pound attack animation
- Frankenstein tower could skip releasing Frankie if the upgrade was clicked twice while shooting
- Decrease wave intervals L19(w9,w11) L20(w13)(#844)
- Lucrezia's slayer attack damage range
- stage21: defense flag position
- Lucrezia's missing tombstone
- fixes moon skipping before it appears
- Fixes lycantrhopy and double lycans spawned on waves with the moon active

## 1.3.2
- Assassins: fixed sneak attack chance, finally! (#849)
- twister: clear forced enemy waypoint on drop, fixes Fallen "moonwalking" (fixes #865)
- hero_crab: invuln after respawn (fixes #867)
- Work around love2d audio seeking bug (fix #857)
- Lucrezia slayer attack was only used during melee (fixes #853)
- missing gray bleeding fx
- problems with soldiers missing moon change. big refactor, moon_enemy_aura added. (fixes #862)
- screen_map: unlock all updates at the same time when finishing the main campaign
- ghoul completely ignore like 4 reinforcement units and run through them. (fixes #858)
- Plague Carrier attacks deal damage to borrowed dune terrors. (fixes #869)
- Vasile's blood sucking attack doesn't deal any damage, only heals him. (fixes #864)
- Templars had holy grail enabled by default
- Unstable Disease explosion with Air units are bugged (fixes #850)
- sand warriors are turned into werewolves (fixes #855)

## 1.3.1
- improved tower frankenstein bolt tracking (#840)
- Hero Bonehart fireball not hitting tall enemies
- fixes scaled buttons hit box with offset (Pause button in-game)
- missing blood colors
- phantom warrior: not drilled, poisoned, skeleton or explodes
- Dante: improved Akimbo and Silver Bullet (#843)
- Dante: silver bullet missing (#843)
- Dante: beacon of light only works while he is dead. (#843)
- glitch that produces a swarm of lycan (fixes #847)
- Fix wrong enemy death sounds (closes #842)
- Frankie tower: rally point sounds
- Dante: update portrait when dead with beacon of light (#843)
- Dante Akimbo hit smoke. Ghoul marker offset.
- Dante: no death quote when beacon of light is active (#843)
- Dante becomes immediately Immune when he respawns (#843)
- Dante: stats are missing (#843)
- Dante: Relic of power works only for enemies with armor (#843)
- Lycans for some reason can turn Heroes into Werewolves (fixes #841)
Community Announcements - TaTa
This is some deep ship... man!

A new challenge rises!
Leviathan de god of the deep seas has awaken and is laying waste to the coastal villages with an army of sea devils. It might be necessary to hire some of the unsavoury freelance sailors (pirates...) of these coasts.

So get your sea legs ready and prepare to set sail, because it’s time to face the Rising Tides!

This update includes:
  • 3 new stages with naval battles, pirates, parrots and sunken temples included!
  • 6 new enemies from the depths! Face hordes of Greenfin manhunters and the stormcalling Bluegales that command them!
  • Boss fight: Leviathan the god of the deep sea has awoken! Can you stop it?
  • 2 new heroes: Play as Kutsao the monk from a far away land or Karkinos the crabman general seeking revenge!
  • 5 new achievements!
  • Easter eggs, specials and mOAr!
  • Bug fixes and balance issues


## 1.2.4
- troops under Bluegale storm continue to lose hp after storm disappears (fixes #821)

## 1.2.3
- Restore Rising Tides music volume
- Fix broken mp3 for Rising Tides (fixes #796)

## 1.2.2
- Increase Battle_Rising_Tides music volume
- On Storm Atoll, you can't place heroes or reinforcements at the very end of the top exit
- credits (#762)
- heroes and boars do not move while fighting in cliff (fixes #810)
- Karkinos water cannon affects soldiers and heroes (#814)
- Karnikos crashes when Iron Pincer ability is set but Pincer Attack is at level 0 (#814)
- Karkinos Iron Pincer damage increase description (#814)
- hero monk snake style hit delay and leopard style interrupted by nets (fixes #815)
- Stage17 whale sound (#793)
- Stage17 whale sound and visual fixes for grid change and layer orders (#793)
- Sunken Citadel tentacles in first wave and boss enemies first wave (fixes #782)
- Blacksurge continues to cast his tower-disabling spell while he is stunned (#787)
- Blacksurges can walk while invulnerable all the way up the the blue flags (#787)
- Disabled by the blacksurge barracks still spawn soldiers. (#787)
- When a blacksurge hides into shell while standing on the coastline he will have weird blue trail (#787)
- Blacksurge is immune to drill and abduction (#787)
- Middle island on top path on Storm Atoll map has a glitched area (#787)
- Parrot bombers skip attack when target dies while carrying bomb (#797)
- Parrot bombers never stun enemies. (#797)
- not deducting gold in the first shrine upgrade (#783)
- Aiming shrine of Regnos then switching to reinforcement/hero/rain of fire leaves the purple charged orb on top of the trident (#783)
- The Shrine can be silenced by Blacksurges (#783)
- Shrine of Regnos has a bugged note below its upgrade notice (#783)
- Gunboat death animation sometimes does not show properly (fixes #792)
- Gunboat makes live lost noise when it shouldn't (fixes #784)
- waterworld achievement counting enemies in land (fixes #785)
- skeletons raised from enemy gunboat (fixes #789)
- redspine notification message typo (fixes #790)
- barrack/mecha in middle of the sea in Stages 17 and 18 (fixes #801)
- z-order of blacksurge tower mod (fixes #806)
- Stage 17 below flag overlaps powers UI (fixes #795)
- moved tower build preview to Z_OBJECTS (fixes #817)
- Stage 17 iron tower blocks (#807)
- Port Tortuga Iron was allowing mage towers (fixes #798)
- pirate mercenaries tower name missing (fixes #788)
- umbra started crashing in 1.2 due to a return value change in table.random() (fixes #809)
- Enemies in water face always right (fixes #811)
- Nivus textures were missing (fixes #808)

## 1.2.1
- gunboat bullet rotated
- tower_pirate_watchtower parrots should not attack while tower is blocked
- rising tides missing sounds
- bluegale clouds sounds and textures (fixes #779)
- blacksurge tower block attack fix
- Log missing notifications as warnings
- Fix deviltide_shark notification
- enemy_deviltide_shark notification data
- water sparks proper texture (fixes #772)
- health bar sizes for rising tides enemies (fixes #773)
- adds hit rect checking for tower_neptune and bosses (closes #775)
- pirate anchor missing textures

## 1.2.0
- Add whale waves for level17 heroic
- Fix W14 whale spawn order and qtys
- missing hero_crab texture
- stage17 whales path: extended valid region (fixes #77)
- stage08 iron mode max upgrade level (fixes #746)
- missing water idle animations (closes #96)
- power of 2 mouse cursors
- missing ES translations (closes #769)
- Add all Rising Tides levels and enemies
Community Announcements - TaTa
There are more updates coming!

The first of the 4 scheduled updates for Kingdom Rush Frontiers is out.
So get ready to play the game with language options, a Linux setup and a ton of fixes!

This version includes:
  • Linux version
  • More Languages! - (Russian, Portuguese, French, Spanish and German)
  • Bug fixes (See changelog below)

The mini-campaigns and remaining Heroes will be added on the upcoming updates scheduled for the final week of September, October and November.

Here's the fully detailed schedule for the rest of the year:

Changelog - Kingdom Rush Frontiers | PC/Mac/Linux

- updated credits with linux testers
- i18n: updated translations (many thanks to VirtualTT, BobSchrijber1, StiGMaT, Leo Carvallo, alterratz)
- font with StiGMaT tracking fixes (thanks StiGMaT!!)
- info bar title wrapping for long nams (closes #767)
- i18n: seconds abbreviation translation in encyclopedia and game
- replaced ß for ss (closes #764)
- comics skip sound (closes #369)
- adds hero taunt at the start of the level (closes #723)
- Sha'Tra uses self destruct when killed by snapvines (#736)
- Hero mirage: poision left behind when using lethal or dodge (#744)
- Hero and hero beasts fighting at border of unreachable area get stuck (fixes #759)
- Application error on launch workaround, win10, 32bit exe (#760)
- level select heroic badge missing
- iron rules in level selection were reversed
- additional production error messages (#720)
- notification title detail (closes #753)
- larger font for tower menu tooltip and i18n fixes
- map level select font size increased
- fixes victory comic text positions
- fixes launcher selection lists overlaps (closes #757)
- Comic Book wider 1 character size
- mouse pointer size option (closes #758)
- burning ground is displayed on top of climbing enemies. not a complete fix, but mitigating the issue. #738
- In Dark Descent map enemies disappear for a bit. fixes #739

## 1.1.0
- Linux build (Tested with SteamOS and Ubuntu)
- Localization: DE, FR, ES, EN, PT, RU.
- all texts converted to dynamic strings to allow translations
- fonts extended to cyrillic and latin, and improved kerning
- hide click on the road bubble in stage 5
- screen_map: refactored history dropcap wrapping
- enlarged achievements pages and notification
- Sound sources mode default to static unless explicitly stated (default is streamed music and static sfx))
- New -audio_mode arg forces static/streaming audio
- Add -nojit param
- Reinforcement unit with black hair shoots his arrows at the enemies, he turns from dual-bladed to one bladed.
- Twister saves enemies when they should die on the boss battle (#735)
- Boss death now properly kills spawners and portals. Refactored spawner entities removal (fixes #725)
- show star in iron/heroic victory screen (closes #721)
- info bar flower alignment (closes #724)
- sound fx for iron/heroic wins in map (closes #689)
- Changing rally point of barracks/death knight with soldiers dead plays taunt (fixes #662)
- prevent double click in map flags
- better tower hover halo (closes #236)
- two hand pointer sizes, according to resolution. The in game mouse cursor does not scale relative to resolution (fixes #677)
- upgrade stars at the bottom flash really big for a split second. fixes #711
- Carnivore plants don't have the green "SLUUURP" popup (fixes #702)
- Malgar ray and mirage dodge illusion (closes #705)
- updated v1.1 credits
- random seed
- Blackthorne's shooting earns xp now (fixes #713)
- Allow stop/play request order in refcounted sounds (Fixes #703)
- fix partitioning of level descriptions
- Buccaneer bomb radius was 30% smaller
Community Announcements - TaTa
We are finally here!

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is on Steam, ready to bring battles, towers, soldiers and tons of jokes to your PC.

But we are still not done. Check the list below to know when we'll add the remaining levels and Heroes by making free updates during the next months.

Last week of August - Update 1.1

This update includes:
  • Linux version
  • More Languages - Phase 1 (Russian, Portuguese, French, Spanish and German).
  • Bug fixes

Last week of September - Update 1.2

A new challenge! Leviathan, the dark god of the deep seas has awoken and is laying waste to the coastal villages with an army of sea devils!
Get ready for the Rising Tides campaign!

This update includes:
  • Rising Tides expansion
  • Heroes! (Kutsao and Karkinos join the fight!)

Last week of October - Update 1.3

An endless night is upon us! The dead rise from their graves and mindless horrors prowl the land! Something dark has awoken, something to fear... Prepare yourself for the Shadowmoon campaign!
Trick or Treat?

This update includes:
  • Shadowmoon expansion
  • More Heroes! (Dante and Boneheart come to slay all evil!)
  • More Languages! - (Chinese and Japanese)

Last week of November - Update 1.4

The Saurians are back, seeking revenge! This time commanded by their King Xyzzy!
Venture to the Darklight Depths and stop his reign of terror once and for all!

This update includes:
  • Darklight Depths expansion
  • Even More Heroes! (Bruxa, Khaz and Saitam finally arrive!)

For the Kingdom!
Product Release - Valve
Kingdom Rush Frontiers is Now Available on Steam!

Command your troops through an epic (mis)adventure as you defend exotic lands from dragons, man-eating plants, and ghastly denizens of the underworld -all with flashy new towers, levels, heroes, and more goodies to help you crush your foes in this Fantasy Action Tower Defense game!

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