Vilmonic - Bludgeonsoft

Changes include:
  • New beverage: Liquidium!
  • A camera is now required to export creatures
  • Creatures now must be exported from photos
  • New achievement: Zombiton Summoner
  • Override your movement keys
  • There's a new "frame skipping" setting
  • Some new animations, bug fixes and optimizations.
Vilmonic - Bludgeonsoft

(This pic is a hint at one of the changes coming.)

If anyone wants to try out the beta on Steam, here's the code:


To use this code (you must already own Vilmonic), restart your Steam client (just in case) and go to your Steam library and right-click on Vilmonic in the list of games, then select "Properties" from the popup menu. In the window that opens, click on the "BETAS" tab and paste the beta access code in the text area provided then click on the "CHECK CODE" button. Once the beta is unlocked, you can switch back and forth between beta and latest release using the drop-down menu at the top of the tab.
Vilmonic - Bludgeonsoft

Playing around with some new items for "vanilla" Vilmonic, plus experimenting with new life forms and craftables packs.

Join in the Vilmonic discord server for updates!
Vilmonic - Bludgeonsoft

Here's a mock-up for the in-game GENE EDITOR I'm working on. Trying to simplify the UI as much as possible to work with mouse/touch. Top: copy buffer, Bottom: genes and selection range.

If it seems like I'm bouncing around haphazardly between Vilmoniprojects, it's because I AM! Gene Editor... or New Life Form... or Mobile... or Humod Future... or More Craftables... Ugh, which one next??? :-)

- Mark
Vilmonic - Bludgeonsoft

Experience the strange sounds of the synthorganic post-vilmoniclysmic far future in the relative safety and comfort of your own home.

This collection of outstanding music includes 20 songs from the Vilmonic Soundtrack as well as 3 BONUS TRACKS never before heard outside of the Vilmonicomputer.

All 23 tracks brought to you by the world-class masterful virtuoso experimental band Wizardmaster​ in hi-fidelity MP3 and lossless FLAC formats.

Vilmonic Soundtrack
Vilmonic - Bludgeonsoft

Based on cellular automata, i.e. Conway's Game of Life, with some additions to make them fit into the Vilmoniverse. Will poison fungs? Can be eaten?? Antagonize zombs??? New crafting ingredient????

This will be a new DLC add-on. Here's an animation showing how jelly-like these are:

Another add-on in the works, L-system "trees":

Vilmonic - (Matt Cox)

“I’ve discovered that sexual reproduction in Vilmonic is extremely difficult.”

Victoria wasn’t happy with her fungaloids. She’d combined the genes from two mushrooms, but the results were disappointing: no matter what she tried, the results were mostly “non-viable life forms.” Little did Victoria know that the next day, not only would those fungi be flourishing – she’d have written her name in their D.N.A.


Vilmonic - Bludgeonsoft

Working on the mechanism for implementing DLC in Vilmonic. Here's my test, a new avatar add-on body part!
Vilmonic - Bludgeonsoft

Vilmonic Discord is Now Verified!

Here's the official link:

Join the Vilmonic Discord and help add to the research that's being done into Vilmonic's complex world and rules.

Set up experiments and report your findings. Ask questions. Share your creatures. Learn how to genetically modify life forms. Find ways to deal with the annoying zombs. Take part in community challenges, and suggest new ones.

I'm active on there too!

Give me suggestions. Give me tips! Let's chat about game development and science and biology and art and music! I'm responsible for all of these aspects of Vilmonic (Vilmonic is a one-person project)!!!

Hit the link and say hello.

- Mark
Vilmonic - (Matt Cox)

Life! Don’t talk to me about life. Unless you’re talking about breeding artificial lifeforms in something like Vilmonic, where you guide evolution to help increasingly sophisticated beasties flourish. Or just whack ’em next to some predatory zombitons and see what happens.



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