Mushroom Wars 2 - T_ormoz
Good Day, Fellow Coop Champion Warriors! 🍄

Yesterday the first ever Mushroom Wars 2: 2vs2 OPnoobs Tournament took place! It was one of the most Epics events ever held and truly something that will be remembered!

Thank you all that took part of and participated in the tournament in one way or another! If you played, helped on the bench or just watched the incredible live stream! These events would not be possible without you all! Everyone will be fairly rewarded!

🥉 Congratulations to our Third Place Winners! We have the very amazing Lomy 🇹🇷 and Fasse 🇸🇪 for battling their best and getting so far! Rewarded with:
🍄 250 Ranked points
🍄 Bronze trophie
🍄 Steam games
🍄 One in-game prize to choose from (mobile)

🥈 Even more congratulation to our Second Place Winners, the incredible Bo3essam 🇸🇦 and Alahmari.909 🇸🇦 for truly playing like one Unit! Rewarded with:
🍄 500 Ranked points
🍄 Silver trophie
🍄 Steam games
🍄 One in-game prize to choose from (mobile)

🥇 And finally the most congratulations to our First Place Winners, the unbeatable Tormoz 🇷🇺 and druid 🇷🇺 for showing us what true champions play like! Rewarded with
🍄 1000 Ranked points
🍄 Silver trophie
🍄 Steam games
🍄 One in-game prize to choose from (mobile)

Please enjoy the Beautiful Semi-Finals and Grand-Finals video below and tell us what you thought of yesterday’s exciting event! Hopefully we will see you in the next OPN tournament that will take place in August! Good luck, Generals! 😉

SemiFinal #1
Back.To.Life & Mikhail.Kirakos vs. Bo3essam & Alahmari.909
SemiFinal #2
T_ormoz & druid vs. Fasse & Lomy
3rd Place Match
Fasse & Lomy vs. Back.To.Life & Mikhail.Kirakos
Grand Final
T_ormoz & druid vs. Bo3essam & Alahmari.909
Mushroom Wars 2 - T_ormoz
The 2v2 Coop Tournament has finally gone live! 🍄

Join us in watching the Wars and have the chance to win great game giveaways!

Live bracket is here
Jul 12
Mushroom Wars 2 - T_ormoz
Guess who wins in the epically close battle.
Is it possible to draw against an opponent on #MushroomWars 2?
Mushroom Wars 2 - T_ormoz
Good Day, Fellow Tournament Warriors! 🍄

Have you signed up yet for the Amazing OPNoobs Mushroom Wars 2 2v2 Coop Tournament? It’s time to do so, registrations are about to close! The tournament will begin soon after the World Cup 3rd position game ends on the 14th July at 6pm CEST, so you will not miss any football!

Register here:

The entire tournament will be streamed with live casters and with the guest appearance of the player Fasse! 😎 It will be an entertaining with lots of Prizes and Giveaways! Sign up below and we will help you find a partner if needed! Good luck Generals, see you in the 2v2 Coop Mode until then!

Calculate your own local time here
Mushroom Wars 2 - T_ormoz
Good Day, Fellow Custom Warriors! 🍄

Have you ever wanted to Create and Host a Custom Private game for yourself and other fellow Generals? Do need to learn how?

Watch video or read the text below

Choose amount of players you want to battle against on the main screen: 1v1, 1v1v1, 1v1v1v1 or 2v2.

Now just Go ahead and customize the perfect War for your friends.
🍄 Pick the mode that you’d like to play on. If that’s Conquest, Domination or King of The Hill and then Pick the Map!
🍄 Finally press on “+ADD” button that will send you to your own “Friends in the Game”-list and choose who will be the one fortunate enough to battle against you!

On “Friends in the Game”- list, you also have the option of adding new Friends there. Under “Search Friends” you can search for Both their In-game nickname or ID. Once you find them, select the green Plus Sign next to their name. You can also delete friends by selecting the red cross that is also next to their name!

🍄 You also have the option to add up to 4 spectators to watch you play. They won’t be able to interact with the game in anyway at all, except only watching it!

Once everything is customized and correct, proceed with pressing “Ready”, pick your Hero and win the War!
Jul 7
Mushroom Wars 2 - T_ormoz
Classic 😄
Thanks to BtnR.G

Mushroom Wars 2 - T_ormoz
Good Day, Fellow Coop Tournament Warriors! 🍄🔥

It’s time for yet another Amazing OPNoobs E4i Mushroom Wars 2 Tournament. We have heard your requests and done as asked. It’s finally time for the incredible 2VS2 Coop Mode tournament!

All you have to do is Sign up in the form provided below and bring your absolute best Coop War Tactics! Pick a good Coop-based Hero and practice as much as you can in the Multiplayer Coop Mode Online!

The Tournament will be held on the 14th of July at 6pm CEST (Central European Standard Time, calculate your own local time here and will last for a few hours! We are aware that it is also the same day as the 3rd position World Cup game and have asked you to vote in our discord chat which option you suits you the best. The Tournament will start shortly after the World Cup Game ends!

The rest of the info is delivered by link and the entire event will be Streamed by the Casters of OPN!

If you’ve got any questions at all, or if you’re looking for a Teammate, please join our discord chat and you will be helped right away! 😉
Jul 5
Mushroom Wars 2 - T_ormoz

Congrats to TheManTan as a Replay of the Week #11 winner in coop match TheManTan & MattArnold vs. Alahmari.909 & Bo3essam!
Mushroom Wars 2 - T_ormoz
Good Day, Fellow Switch Warriors!

The day is finally here. Mushroom Wars 2 is finally out on the first console Ever! We are extremely happy and excited to announce that you can get the full games’ experience in your Nintendo Switch Store Right Now! The last time any Mushroom Wars game was available on any console was on the PS3 roughly 9 years ago. And today we are revisiting the console world to relive the epicness!

Get your Copy Today and battle against the entire rest of the world’s Generals, on all kinds of devices! You will also be able to enjoy the Story mode and the 100 missions it brings. Battle with all kinds of heroes, on all kinds of modes against all kinds of other Generals!
Mushroom Wars 2 - T_ormoz
Happy 4th of July to all our American Sparkling Generals! Wishing you a celebrated Holiday! 🍄

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