High Octane Drift - Apro
Hello, Driftheads!

For Today. Work is in progress, game is testing and improving.

About Interesting. We are making a game with championships with new score systems.

In the end of 2015, game was based on browser platform, there was an idea to make Global drift championship. In 2016 we start to test new score system, we called it Drift Scoring System (DSS).

All worked fine, but were faced the problems:
  • Bad game physics
  • Not enough drift tracks
  • etc.

Game Physics.
We went to the core and rebuilt it. We made physics more dynamic with more deeper interactions, more reliable and more realistic. "Fun to play, hard to master". We will hope that you will like it! It will be fun, but difficult enough.

Not enough tracks.
Our current tracks completely didn’t fit the new standards of the game (physics and championships).
We decided to look at Formula Drift. Dynamic track configurations, complex terrain, bankings, concrete blocks. It looks very cool, and I hope it will also look cool in the game, because now these tracks are in game.

It was a short prehistory. Now about DSS.

Glossary of terms:
  • DSS (Drift Scoring System) - The system for calculating scores on track in the Drift discipline.
  • Preinitiation - Zone before the first sector, in which the scores are not counted. At the end of this zone the car must be in drift.

  • Line (or Trajectory) - The line way determined by the judicial task.

  • Speed - Vector physical quantity, characterizing the speed of movement and the direction of movement of the car on track.
  • Angle - The value of degrees on which the car deviates relative to the velocity vector.
  • Correction - The deviation from any parameter, determined by the referee's assignment, is for the worse.
  • Clipping point (Clipper) - Landmark on the track, defined by the referee's task. They are divided into internal and external. To the internal you need to be close to the front bumper, to the external - the rear bumper.

  • Qualification - Qualifying single races, passing by the referee's task.
  • Twin arrival - Arrival of two pilots, passing by the judge's task. Lead pilot - Leader. Chasing pilot - Chaser.
  • Leader - The pilot who is driving the train. Goes ahead on the assignment of qualification.
  • Chaser - The pilot who adjusts for the arrival of the leader. Rides behind the leader, repeating his line.
  • Distance to leader - Distance between the chasing car and the leader.

DSS. How it works?

DSS takes several basic parameters, of which the drift consists - speed, angle, trajectory, preinitiation, car setting and distance to the leader. Everything adds up and produces the final result. It's simple!

Each track is divided into a sector. Each sector has its own maximum score. The value is given by a percentage based on 100 points. This will be separately stipulated in the judge's task.

In each sector there are clipping points, to which you need to be as close as possible, at the maximum possible angle and at the maximum possible speed. he main thing is not to overdo it, because for get off the track you automatically will get 0 points for the sector.

Also, remember the trajectory that you must follow. You need to go smoothly, without correction, otherwise DSS punishes you. Even if you are ideally past the clipping point.

There are some limitations on the track - cones that can not be knocked down. For the downed cone DSS prescribes 0 points for the whole race. (It is believed that you are trying to escape from the opponent, cutting the way.) And accordingly, the boundaries of the track - yellow markings, for which you can’t call in.

In the pair races for the Chaser, the Leader arrives for the landmark. That is, the task of the Chaser is to repeat the leader, not allowing his mistakes.

Perform a judicial task!

Thanks for your time.

Your Apro.

Many thanks to CFW for his help in translating!
High Octane Drift - Cruderocks_iliya
Heey, driftheads!

A little breakout forced us to make a series of patches in the last days. Nothing major except for gradual improvement of integrity. We advise you not to use any kind of third-party files to mod core gameplay, this could potentially corrupt player data.

Anyway, we're getting ready post on new scoring system with some fancy images and such.

Stay tuned, we're almost on the home straight now.

Apr 19, 2018
High Octane Drift - Cruderocks_iliya
Hey, whatsup?

We're putting our servers on maintenance for a couple of hours.

High Octane Drift - Apro
Hey, whatsup?
Nah, it's not a major update, just a patch to fix one nasty bug we had with scoring system.

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High Octane Drift - Apro
Hello, Driftheads!

It's been a while. Yup, we're working full-time to take High Octane Drift to a whole new standards. Written from a scratch more realistic physics, more details on tracks, better effects and more gameplay.
In the course of getting it all together, we will publish more news updates on new aspects. You probably heard it before, but we didn't have special guys to take this over. Now we do. Meet Apro and CFW. These will take care on community activities and russian propoganda.

We're moving towards more skilled and rewarding drifting within Drifting series. One of our official in-house series will be United Drift Championship (UDC). Drifting series will be covered in details in later posts.

In the meantime, we are finishing tracks for UDC. Accidentally, they are the same as Formula Drift 2018 Pro Championship tracks with the same layouts. Long Beach, Orlando, Atlanta, NJ, Monroe, St.Louis, Texas and Final Round track. Speaking of which. Previous finals were held in legendary Irwindale. This year's final will take place in Las Vegas, due to Irwindale management announcement about seizing its operations. Somewhere by the end of 2017, they've made another breaking news - money were found and they will be kicking for at least next five years. So, where should we take our players for final round of UDC 2018 seasons: Las Vegas or Irwindale? Write your opinion in comments!

Anyway, as we're getting where we wanted, we've planned some posts to cover new major things. Keep it up!

Current status
Internal testing intensifies.
We're actively testing, fixing and optimizing everything that we've found. Next phase will be closed testing and then open testing.

Community activity
  • First of all: Thanks to all those who believe in us, helps and makes this game better and more interesting. You are best! (haters too:D)
  • Community manager CFW was launched Discord-server, welcome: HOD Legacy!!!
  • On the Discord-server there are:
    • Rules
    • Moderators
    • Support
    • Game news
    • Many sorted chats
    • Good atmosphere
    • Good cars settings
  • Also subscribe to our Instagram @highoctanedrift.official
  • The news will be published more often. Now Apro is responsible for them.
May 2, 2017
High Octane Drift - Cruderocks_iliya
Hey, driftheads!

We're alive and rocking. Here is a short video we've put up together of a long beach drift course for our upcoming Drifting Series update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPNXShMLVrE

We've almost finished updating models of our current cars. Along with a pack of new ones. And some kickass bodykits. And we're gonna get new additional features to customize your look and car dynamics. It's pretty awesome.
Next thing for modeling will be a couple of new garages and car interiors.

We've spent some time with controllers lately. More love for gamepads and steering wheels, yeah! Totally reworked input system which allows us to get different input axis and buttons values from almost any kind of input device. Force feedback is also refactored and became universal for all steering wheels* (using microsoft xinput, so whatever supports it), but needs to be polished a bit to have different kinds of additional steering wheel effects.

Car settings and parts are being transferred to physics update which will be launched for open tests rather soon.

After that, we'll make some additional internal testings for champs and will open it for a public test. Teams are next.

Right now, going to try to add some mods and editors for steam announcements to keep you updated on a regular basis. And to shed some more light on what the heck is it taking so long.

As always we are really grateful for your support, we couldn't be here without you. Keep it up and let's roll!

High Octane Drift - Cruderocks_iliya
Hey, what's up, driftheads?

First of all, we need to do some techincal stuff on european server for next couple of hours. It will be down from 06:00 GMT till ~ 08:00 GMT, if I read it correctly.

Next thing. We're alive and working non-stop on a new update with new physics, improved graphics, better optimization and new content. It's almost a brand new game :D. Sorry for keeping low profile, just too many things to carry on. We're hoping to improve it with making new admins from player base, which will update you on current state of development. I will make a new post with details on stuff we're working on with some gifs and images and blackjack and stuff.

Did you know you can already check first public beta of new client? You need to switch to beta in game preferences via steam: RIght mouse button on High Octane Drift in Steam Game Library -> Preferences -> Betas -> choose "test". It's a bit rough on a controllers, but we've already fixed it in internal beta builds. Soon we will release a series of betas, where we will update car or pack of cars with new models and new set up for updated physics.

Thanks again for all your support and comments. It's gonna be huge! :D
- Iliya
High Octane Drift - Cruderocks_iliya
Hey, driftheads!

Late Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We've pushed a hotfix v0.3.4.5, fixing some blur rim bugs and other minor fixes. Also, there is a new free roam level. We decided to give it out for you to test the layout. Some bugs are expected.


We're working on fine tuning our physics update and porting some libraries to Unity engine. Probably, we'll give it out for testing next month or so (crossing fingers).

Also, actively modeling new tracks for our drifting series. There is a short dev video of early stages. Also, with our new e46 model in bodykit running new physics. Not the best video to showoff, but it's something. To make it more funny, here is the catch: track is being modeled after one famous real world drifting course. Name that course under youtube video to win 150Greens. Winner will be selected amongst youtube commenters using some random picker between 9th and 11th of Jan 2016. And, of course, you have to give right answer to win.



In an attempt to improve car engines sound quality, we've developed and implemented fancy granular synthesis method to sample engine sounds. I was pretty shocked how much car sound packs cost. Probably, because recording studios are focused on luxurious cars like Aston Martin and Gallardo. Anyway, we just went to a friendly STI owner to record his roaring Spec-C beauty.

Haven't yet recieved a recording because of holidays, so expect some update later. If things go well, we could record some of the cars ourselves. That would be totally awesome :D


Still heading towards original car bodies. Half the distance passed.


A quick update on things. Anyway, wishing everybody totally awesome new year. Keep calm and drift!
High Octane Drift - Cruderocks_iliya
Hey, driftheads!

European server is online now. To select a server, hit cross ( X ) next to N.America at the starting screen. We're testing server, some issues might happen, be patient please. There are no transfers available between us and eu servers.

New Scoring System is now available in free roam mode. We've added new speed multiplier. So if you are doing some slo-mo score grinding, you should gain less now. Tweaking is in the progress.

Some changelog since.. last changelog, yeah.
Anyway, major changes 0.3.1 - 0.3.4
  • Interface is now changing size if screen width is lower than 1200px.
  • Notification system is on now. Collect your prizes, money from marketplace, trade offers update and different notifications on the right side of the screen in the garage. Hot news!
  • Improved tuning kits interface, now it shows all the parts been used in the kit and those you already have;
  • Basic shop vinyl wraps are also fixed, some camo this season;
  • Custom suspension settings for bumps, rebounds and length are now constrained;
  • We now have server restart warning;
  • Notification window are now showed, when you don't have enough rupees to swap engine from warehouse (money-free swap is coming in the next updates);
  • No more trade offers till level 12;
  • You can request vinyl wrap templates directly from game client for your current car configuration;
  • Report button is added to the player's dropdown menu. We are a bit low on manpower, please use wisely;
  • Marcus challenges are rolling! Super easy greens and custom parts per car! They still in sort of testing mode, be advised;
  • Initial capacity for items is raised to 30 (2-3 days late, but probably someone didn't see it yet)
  • Fixed a couple of errors preventing to join free roam;
  • Free roam servers is now separated and available for selection;
  • Fixed different car visuals missing parts: x8, camaro;
  • Fixed uvs for e190, z432, x7;
  • Fixed local tandem skipping second round;
  • Fixed some bugs with car crashing into rival while changing rounds;
  • Fixed sky cockpit view;
  • Lots of other minor fixes

We've been promising workshop for cars since launch. This feature is delayed a bit, because of documentation and a new unit system we're moving with vehicle physics update. As to the latter, we need some more time for inner testing and tweaking, before we can give it our for a test. But it rocks already :D No miracles and expectation tho, we've moved to a new tire model, which now takes tire pressure into calculation, some tire relaxing functions and car now have more grip and control in extreme conditions. Add new body roll calculations, refactored suspension code, a bit of improvement for aerodynamics and a car is now more predictable. No ETA at the moment.

Again we would like to ask for your forgiveness for not responding in timely manner. We're daily browsing discussion board in a search of new bugs. And still trying to find a balance between fixing and improving.
Urgent cases can be sent directly to hello@cruderocks.com

Thanks for you support!
Nov 17, 2016
High Octane Drift - Cruderocks_iliya
Hey, driftheads!

v0.3.1 brings new sponsor for levels 1 to 45. Easy greens, check it out. Full changelog is in its thread.

We haven't heard of a crashing bug for some time already. People say it's working now. Nicely done! :D

As far as general issues seem to be fixed, moving further.
  • We heard you about pretty tight f2p system, with not so many opportunities to get cash. Starting to add new sponsors already with pretty generous prizes. Also, we're gonna introduce a new type of events, work name "Marcus challenges", where you will be awarded different custom stuff for your car, like suspension, gearbox and so on. Working to add more greens to the economy.
  • Car models are in the process of changing their bodies to look more like real-world prototypes. Also, we're thinking of ways how steam workshop will operate. At the moment, we have curated workshop and we can sell cars directly for real-world money, giving authors a share. Would like to hear your opinion on this.
  • Vehicle dynamics is going to be changed a lot. We've refactored almost every aspect, body rolls and accelerations, gearbox, aerodynamics, new tire model and much more. This should solve all current "physics issues". More updates on dynamics update later.
  • Engine sounds are going to be replaced. We're trying a different approach on sound engine, should be a relief for ears.
  • We've got some new tracks already which we need to polish a bit, check performance and publish it.
  • Teams and Drifting Series are on their way, more detailed update on each later.

Sorry for communication lag, lots of stuff to be done. Thank you for your support and keep drifting fun!

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