Oxygen Not Included - Klei-JoeW
Originally posted by Bigfoot on the official forums

Hey folks,

Just wanted to give you all a quick status update:

We are going to delay the launch of Oxygen Not Included for a bit. After working on the final major update for the game we felt that we weren’t quite where we anticipated that we would be.

We’re feeling good about the content of this final update and we really think you will like what we have cooking but if we launch as scheduled, the update would not have seen much testing and it’s just not as polished as we (or you) would like.

Rather than launch something we’re not feeling great about, we’re just going to hold off a bit. We are moving release to July and we expect to open for testing around the end of June.

Our apologies for making you all wait a bit longer and once again, thanks for all your support!
Oxygen Not Included - Valve
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Oxygen Not Included - Klei-JoeW

Hi friends!

Our final upgrade in the Quality of Life series has arrived… presenting: QoL Mk III! As always, we're extremely grateful for all the detailed feedback and intense support you’ve given us. We've got some big improvements for you this time:

First off, we've overhauled the Disease system. Overall, Duplicant sickness is simpler and more frequent, and can be successfully managed with adequate medicine infrastructure and doctoring time. Germs still work pretty much how you remember them, although Duplicants’ sickness has since been streamlined. Dupes no longer have an “immune system”, but instead simply have a chance to get sick each time they encounter germs of different types. Actually being sick is also a much simpler affair: Infected Duplicants will continue performing their duties in the colony, but the side effects from the disease will reduce their efficiency until cured.

Next, we've turned Jobs into Skills. Although we liked the "job" metaphor, it didn't really match the mechanics of the system, so we renamed it to "Skills" and tweaked many of the surrounding features to be more consistent with the idea of awarding new skills to your Duplicants. Morale Expectation is now accumulated per skill earned, so you’ll get to make a meaningful choice between how specialized or general a particular Dupe's skill set will be as your colony grows!

There have also been a bunch of fixes and additions to fill gaps and correct balance issues: The Steam Turbine has had an overhaul (it condenses the steam internally now!), there is a new Ice-E Fan which replaces the Hydro Fan (with an associated Ice Maker for producing ice!) and new structures for moving solid materials around both by Duplicant-power and with conveyor buildings. Additionally, we've added some new overlays, tweaked tool filters, and fixed a whole bunch of bugs and UI issues.

And with this Upgrade now in your hands, we're full steam ahead towards release! Further details can be found in our roadmap, but rest assured we're not done with this game yet, and will continue absorbing your feedback and making the best mad science experiment urine-powered rocket factory colony management game that we can!

What's New and Improved?

Major Disease rebalance
  • Sicknesses are more frequent but less deadly
  • Immune System removed, germs have direct chance to infect
  • New Medical skills and hats
  • New Sick Bay and Disease Clinic buildings
  • Medicine redesigned
  • Food Poisoning and Slime Lung tweaked
  • Allergies and Zombie Spore germs and sicknesses added
Jobs/Skills Overhaul
  • Jobs system is now the Skills system
  • Experience is now gained up front and then spent on Skills
  • Skills Screen (formerly Jobs Screen) displays acquired skills per-Dupe
  • Morale Expectation is cumulative per skill learned, rather than tiered
  • Freely assign a Duplicant's hat from all the hats they've earned
Major Building Changes
  • Steam Turbine total rebuild, it now condenses steam internally, and port and power behavior is much more consistent
  • New Sporechid flower appears in the Oil biome, and releases harmful germs
  • New Skill Scrubber building to reset skill points
  • New Ice Maker to create ice from water
  • Cooling Fan replaced with Ice-E Fan, the Dupe-powered method of cooling an area
  • New Conveyor Shutoff Valve
  • New Conveyor Chute
  • New Automatic Dispenser
  • New Material Overlay screen
New Integrated Mods System
  • Publish and download all mods from the Steam Workshop, or install locally in your Documents folder
  • Support DLL, worldgen, element, codex, and strings mods
  • Translations still supported, with no changes to existing mods necessary
  • In-game menu for enabling and reordering mods
For the full patch notes, please view the full update page!

HOTFIX - 326830
  • Swapped in the new artwork for the Early Access message screen
  • Mods can now overwrite all the remaining files in worldgen (biomes, features, subworlds, etc.)
  • Hooked up proper animations for the Automatic Dispenser
  • Fixed Duplicant scaling on the new game mode selection screen
  • Dupes printed from the portal (not starter dupes) come with 1 skill point
  • Tooltips on the skills screen should no longer go off the bottom of the screen
  • Deprecated buildings can no longer be copied
  • QOL2 saves which were upgraded to QOL3 will no longer show hearts on every skill
  • Door state is copied when copying settings between doors
  • Medical hat variants show correctly on the Skills screen
  • Logic timing should scale properly with game speed now
  • Skill Scrubber sounds added
  • Sneezing no longer interrupts errands, they will resume after the sneeze completes. (A few more emotes are underway to be fixed too!)
  • Duplicants who were in rockets in a QOL2 save will have their skill points properly upgraded. (If the colony has been loaded and saved in QOL3, the points can no longer be restored.)
  • Highly germ-susceptible Duplicants will no longer get other Duplicants sick when they are exposed to germs.
  • Selected hat displays correctly in the Skills screen
Oxygen Not Included - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Alice O'Connor)

After two years in early access, Oxygen Not Included will launch in full on May 28th, developers Klei Entertainment announced today. Oxygen is a cheerygrim space colony management sim from the mob being Don’t Starve, sending teams of workers into the depths of an asteroid to mine, build, repair, fall ill, starve, go mad, and suffocate to death. I mean, ideally those last few things won’t happen but… they will. Often. And in daft ways. One final early access update is coming, and Klei plan to keep tinkering with it after launch before launching into DLC and such.


Oxygen Not Included

UPDATE 17/4/19: Klei Entertainment has confirmed that its excellent space colony management sim, Oxygen Not Included, will be leaving early access and launching in its Version 1.0 guise on May 28th.

In preparation, Oxygen Not Included just received the third and final instalment in its Quality of Life series of updates, designed - as you can probably imagine - to polish the experience to a sheen, ahead of full release. One last update, arriving on launch day, will introduce three new biomes, new creatures, new buildings, and mod support - with DLC planned to follow.

And if you fancy taking the plunge right now, unbothered by the construction work as Klei tidies up Oxygen Not Included's remaining loose ends, the game is currently discounted by 25% on Steam and the Epic Store, where it's 14.24 instead of its usual 18.99.

Read more

Oxygen Not Included - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Dominic Tarason)

Klei’s popular space science, management and survival sandbox Oxygen Not Included will launch out of early access late this May, almost exactly two years from its original debut. In a recent announcement on their official forums, Klei stated that the game was in the final stretch now, and there’s only one update planned between now and launch. The final version of the game, while not having a specific date yet, will launch with three new biomes, new creatures, buildings and more, plus official mod support allowing players to take up the development gauntlet.


Oxygen Not Included

After two years in Early Access, Oxygen Not Included is getting ready to launch. Klei's survival management romp has two more updates on the docket, and then it will finally hit 1.0 in late May. 

On April 16, the third quality of life update will fine-tune, polish and scour the game for bugs, and a final update in late May will add three new biomes, along with new creatures, buildings and more. Mod support will also be added. 

"With that, we feel Oxygen Not Included is ready for a full launch," reads the announcement. "After we've officially launched, we will continue to make quality of life improvements and bug fixes, while the bulk of the team will be moving on to building DLC for the game, where we can explore further ideas and expansions to ONI's world."

It's managed to snare 1.5 million players during Early Access, says Klei, and rightly so, as it's been growing into another cracking survival game from the Don't Starve studio. It's still very different from its gothic open-world outing, though. For one, Don't Starve didn't feature nearly as much pee. 

Chris dug it when it he checked it out in 2017—read his Oxygen Not Included impressions—but it's grown considerably since. There are rockets now! And you can raise adorable alien critters. I'm already packing my bags. 

Oxygen Not Included - Klei-JoeW
Originally posted on the official forums

Hey everyone!

It's now been over two years since the first public Beta for Oxygen Not Included, and it's finally time to fully launch the game! The third Quality of Life Upgrade is coming to you on Tuesday April 16th, and then there will be one last update to complete Early Access.

In late May, we will be coming out of Early Access with new content (3 new biomes, new creatures, new buildings, and more), and official mod support, making it possible for players to create game content of their own.

With that, we feel Oxygen Not Included is ready for a full launch. After we've officially launched, we will continue to make quality of life improvements and bug fixes, while the bulk of the team will be moving on to building DLC for the game, where we can explore further ideas and expansions to ONI's world.

All in all, it's been a rather surreal journey for the team. The game is extremely intricate, with so many moving parts; when we first designed it, we weren't sure how many people would be interested in embracing their inner scientist, but 1.5 million players later, we're happy to say the experiment has worked out.

Thank you so much for playing our game. Thank you so much for all your bug reports, your feedback and all the wonderful support you have given us during this journey. We look forward to launching this game with you.
Oxygen Not Included - Klei-JoeW

Hello spacefriends!

We're keeping the improvements train rolling today with the release of our latest Quality of Life Upgrade, QoL MK II! Our team has continued to scour their bug lists and review all the feedback you've given us here in the forums, and we've been working hard to improve our game systems and overall game performance.

A high level of focus in QoL Mk II has been directed toward adding tools to communicate how Duplicants are choosing jobs or moving around your base, giving you better, more efficient control of your colony. We've also added a whole batch of unusual Space Artifacts for you to display on your Pedestals, and some exciting new upgrades to the Printing Pod's capabilities. And we've knocked out all kinds of bugs and crashes thanks to your reports!

Throughout the rest of the QoL Upgrades we will be continuing to monitor your feedback for more information on how we can improve the game. We've made some serious progress on bugs and polish this update, but there's still lots more to come! We've got even more systems to balance and optimization to perform.

As of the QoL MK II release, Oxygen Not Included is now also available on the Epic Game Store. The game is still in Early Access, and we plan to follow the same Testing/Release schedule on Epic that we currently do on Steam. We're supporting both platforms that the Epic Game Store supports, currently PC and Mac.

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our open testing branch, we hope you enjoy QoL MK II!

What's New and Improved?
  • Printing Pod can now print objects other than Duplicants, to give your colony that little extra boost
  • Added a new priority to the Priority tool, "!!". This will make a highest-priority errand and put the base into Red Alert mode until the errand is complete
  • Added a new side screen for Duplicants which shows all the chores they can perform, and what order they will perform them in
  • Added a new "Errands" tab for buildings (other objects coming soon!) which shows what chores are available there and which Duplicants can work on those chores
  • Reports Menu now shows a more accurate and better categorized breakdown of where Duplicants are spending their time
  • Reports Menu now shows how many errands have been created and completed each day
  • "Long Commute Times" notification if Duplicants have a high percentage of travel time in a day
  • New Artifacts can be returned from space missions, either by astronauts or space tourists -- display them on Pedestals for high decor!
  • Eggs can now also be placed on Pedestals
  • Rocket modules now have a "Launch Tower" background that shows where the rocket will land even after it has taken off
  • There have also been many bug fixes and minor improvements.
Check out the full changelist for all the details!
HOTFIX - 310952
  • Once again able to build Pitcher Pump in front of back wall buildings
  • Fix gas leaking if Airflow Tiles or Mesh Tiles are built as replacement tiles
  • Fix priority on Neural Vascillator so Dupes with raised priorities will actually use it
  • Fix crash when building wires and pipes
  • Fix crash when destroying a Geyser in sandbox mode
  • Fix crash when Dupes are Rummaging
  • Increase the priority of Rummage errands
  • Wrangle Tool now correctly sets priority
  • Fix crash when one of the Dupes in a conversation disappears for some reason
HOTFIX - 311032
  • Fix crash when changing Dupe names with Chinese input
  • Fix crash when building plumbing/vents on single-core computers
  • Fix Duplicants getting stuck in a delivery loop if a locker set set to !! priority
HOTFIX - 311694
  • Red alert no longer prevents Duplicants from catching their breath (They will however, hold it for longer than usual)
  • Dupes in Red Alert will get the correct "holding breath" face when holding their breath
  • Can now set emergency priority with the '0' key the same way the other number keys set normal priorities.
  • Fix Filtered Output Pipe icon on the plumbing overlay
  • Fix liquid/gas input incorrectly updating liquid flow if the entire mass was consumed
  • Fix crashed caused by Errand time reporting
  • Cleaned up which systems were responsible for Red Alert from Emergency
  • Priority errands. Now it's controlled directly from the building's priority, so setting the building priority will immediately toggle Red Alert on or off, regardless of whether there is an active chore. This makes it more consistent in all cases and improves the feedback of toggling the building's priority.
  • Buildings and other objects with emergency priority now have a "!!" status item visible in the main game view
  • If a building was only temporarily prioritizable (e.g. because of a Repair errand), it will stop causing Red Alert when that errand is finished.
  • Several temperature and mass related crashes were actually recoverable, so just put a warning in the output log and keep running the game.
  • Fix a crash then the Med Bed is set to emergency priority
  • Duplicants are allowed to remain in a med bed during Red Alert
  • Fix the priority numbers on the Minion Todo List being off by one.
HOTFIX - 312373
  • Fix for Sweeper Arm sometimes not being able to reach any storages even when they're in plain sight
  • Add some additional checks to try and track down invalid Errand crashes
  • Fix another crash with input with IMEs such as Chinese
  • Updated Korean and Chinese translations
  • Fix a crash when setting Dupe priority to "disabled"
Oxygen Not Included - Klei-JoeW
Originally posted on the official forums by Ipsquiggle

Hello astro-friends!

The Quality of Life Upgrades continue to roll out as our team scours their bug lists and reviews all the feedback you've given us here in the forums! We're also still working hard to improve game performance and systems.

A high level of focus in QoL Mk 2 has been directed toward adding tools to help you understand what work your Duplicants are doing around the base and how they're moving through it. We've also added in Space Artifacts for you to display on your Pedestals, and some exciting new upgrades to the Printing Pod's capabilities. And of course, we've knocked out all kinds of bugs and crashes thanks to your reports!

For those who missed it in the previous Upgrade: A public Testing Branch for this Upgrade will once again be available as they have been in the past, with the change that testing periods will now run for 3 weeks instead of the regular 2. Our intention is to provide additional time for your feedback to be heard before these changes go out to the world. (Please note that the Testing Branch will continue to have additional crash reporting enabled and will impact your game’s running performance. Finalized performance improvements won't be noticeable until the Upgrade releases to everyone.)

We look forward to reading your thoughts and opinions on the Suggestions Forum.


This update is absolutely massive - for more details and update notes, head on over to the official forums.

[Game Update] - 306581 - 2/1/2019
  • Deconstructing toilets and other assignables no longer crashes
  • Fix door access controls not being loaded correctly or modifying the pathfinding correctly.
  • Cleaned up tooltips for chores on the Duplicant ToDo list
  • "Sleeping" status is properly bolded and first in the status screen
  • Big change to the Duplicant Time reports on the reports screen: Shows as percentage of the day, time categories have been revised, a few new categories, and the whole screen has been better organized.
  • Fix several overlapping or badly wrapping text problems -- thanks for pointing these out!
  • Updated description for Smooth Hatch
  • Clicking a Dupe on the building Errands tab will jump to that dupe
  • Fix text styles being broken when game language is changed
  • Added in "not existing" dupe time reporting for more accurate daily totals when a dupe is printed or dies
  • Reduce the boldness of bolded text
  • Add missing compostable string
  • Correct Water Geyser typo
  • More accurate Telescope description
[Game Update] - 306670
Hey friends! Wanted to get out a fix for the med beds before the weekend. Have a good one! :)
  • Fixed med bed errand priority to Personal Needs so bedridden dupes will actually get out of bed to pee.
  • Some balance changes to the portal Care Packages
  • Some portal Care Packages are now gated by discovery, others have had their minimum cycle altered
[Game Update] - 306910
  • Duplicants should no longer get stuck in place if they have to hop down on to a horizontal door
  • Text alignment/spacing fixes to the Pedestal screen, Jobs Screen dropdowns,
  • Fix crash when spawning a new Care Package
  • Pedestals correctly set decor on load
  • Fix crash when Duplicants are thinking about their next errand
  • Fix crash when clicking a care package and then a Duplicant on the Printer Pod screen
  • Building errand list and Duplicant ToDo list now show available errands in realtime, along with better messages for why a dupe can't perform the errand at a building (instead of just being blank).
  • Current errand on the ToDo list is shown at the top
  • Fix cases where a Dupe would incorrectly pathfind or get stuck at a access controled door if they approached it from a diagonal.
  • Ladders can now directly replace other ladders
[Game Update] - 308684
  • Fixed issue where pre-printing and post-death time logs were inaccurate
  • Liquid Fuel Tank background now shows up
  • Report Screen headers are now translatable
  • Airflow Tiles and Mesh Tiles now block gasses and liquids from escaping into space
  • All doors now prevent gasses and liquids from escaping into space (art coming soon!)
  • Gasses render in front of background buildings like Drywall
  • All doors can be walked on top of, in either orientation, open or closed.
  • Hotkeys are explicitly inserted into many strings now instead of appended at the end (for Translators)
  • Puzzle Cube artifact displays properly
  • Conduits placed across multiple Hydroponic Farms should no longer block liquids from flowing down the pipe
  • Emergency priority creates notifications to make it easier to find those Errands
  • Games there were saved while a Care Package was in the process of being printed will no longer crash
  • Fix several cases of Duplicants repeatedly picking up micrograms of ore
  • Duplicants will prefer to run across the tops of ladders rather than climbing across them
  • Bunker Doors should no longer animate while the game is paused
  • Anti Entropy Thermal Nullifier no longer incorrectly gets "Too Cold"
  • Fix a crash when trying to save invalid temperatures
  • Updated artwork for many of the rocket module backgrounds
  • Improved some logging for Errand errors to help us track down bugs
[Game Update] - 309354
  • Added background art to all doors to indicate that they prevent gasses from leaking into space
  • Fixed layering on gas rendering. Now all pipes and other background objects are partially covered by gasses, drywall and world background are fully covered.
  • Fix for Dupes incorrectly binge-eating tiny amounts of food
  • Duplicant Errand list correctly hides errands the Dupe would be unable to perform
  • Clicking certain notifications no longer moves the camera to the top left of the world
  • Remove redundant hotkeys in some tooltips
  • Revised artwork for rocket towers
  • Made several previously-untranslatable strings translatable
  • Fetches for micro-amounts are forced to complete
  • "Errands" tab shows on more than just buildings, e.g. digs, critters. Let us know if it's missing from anything still!
  • Fixed more text layout/wrapping bugs
  • Fix a crash when deleting a Duplicant or Critter with sandbox tools
  • Adjust height of the Critter Lure so that it has room for the bait
  • Proper fuel meter shows on the Liquid Fuel Tank
  • Liquid Oxidizer tank meter no longer stays behind when the rocket launches
  • Liquid/Gas/Solid cargo bay meters are hooked up.
  • Adjusted wordings on Rocket checklist to make it more clear when there are problems
  • Red Alert no longer prevents Emergency chores from being completed
  • Fixed priority of Find Somewhere Safer chore
  • Added tooltip for Emergency priority
  • Added priority values into tooltips on the Priorities screen

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