Hand of Fate 2 - DanT
  • Fixed issue in companion deckbuilder which could cause loss of selection
  • Devourer now gives endless points for removing a single item.
  • Improved performance on some encounters that use a large quantity of cards
  • Added sorting to shops
  • Stop cards that come out of a token cutting into each other.
  • Fixed bottom left menu not appearing in deckbuilder on first load.
  • Magnetic Turtle properly returns your equipment now.
  • Fixed Female player tunic colours being incorrect
  • Added pendulum preview to modding editor.
  • Fix some unlocalised Hubie text
  • Ensure selection is correctly resumed after closing an Addon Feature Item on the Challenge Map

Please report issues in the bug forum here and we will endeavour to fix them asap. Thank you for all your help so far!
Hand of Fate 2 - DanT
  • Revealed Hubie dialog option in Burning Building encounter.
  • Improved some Korean localisation.
  • Fixed Dealer hat in Twitch.
  • Fixed 'dev dungeon' in the modding project.
  • Fixed ‘shard editor’ in the modding project.

Please report issues in the bug forum here and we will endeavour to fix them asap. Thank you for all your help so far!
Hand of Fate 2 - DanT
  • Fix for player becoming unresponsive when fighting armoured enemies.
  • Fix for replaying with same companion.
  • Fix some localisation problems reported on the google sheet.
  • Added traits to the Hali encounter.
  • Fixed Hubie's Slippery trait.
  • Fix for portal creature.
  • Outlanders and Outsiders

Please report issues in the bug forum here and we will endeavour to fix them asap. Thank you for all your help so far!
Hand of Fate 2 - Valve
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Hand of Fate 2 - Lee

The first piece of paid DLC for Hand of Fate 2, Outlands & Outsiders, is now available for purchase! It's time to answer the call of the Mournful Wastes!

Hand of Fate 2 - Lee

Our last spotlight focused on the devilish Crullford Fiend mod, but today's feature is a decidedly gentler experience - Ruben the Claw Troll. The original Ruben mod was an encounter chain focused on spending time with an adorably mischievous baby claw troll. A sweet and elegant exploration of the bonds that form between people and their pets, its designer, Cheeseness, has since adapted it into a separate challenge for ease of consumption. It was easy enough to grab Cheese and ask about the inspiration behind Ruben, as he handles our Linux port and can generally be found making himself useful in our forums or our QA processes.

Cheeseness: I've always found the claw troll cubs depicted in the Fallen Treasure card art to be adorable. I put together some custom emoticons for the Hand of Fate Discord server, which were well received and prompted me to make up a boisterous character to go with their joyous little faces, which drew a little inspiration from a yellow labrador that my Dad got after I moved out of home. He was a good boy with a big heart, who sometimes didn't quite know his own strength or understand how things like doors worked, but always wanted to help and be involved with whatever people were up to. Over the years, he became something of a celebrity, and at one point my Dad received an invite to a function addressed to "Frodo and Henry."

While testing the HoF2 mod tools, I started to put together a Ruben encounter based on one of Frodo's many shenanigans from when he was a puppy - mysteriously showing up with stuffed toys that nobody could work out the origin of.

Why did you decide to make an encounter chain?

Frodo passed away several years ago, and as the first Ruben encounter came together, I realised that there was some value in writing down these stories somewhere before they start to fade from my memory. It was my Dad's birthday in April, and I worked hard to get as many of the encounters playable as I could before then. He got to be the first playtester of the Ruben chain and that was a moving experience for both of us. I've written elsewhere that it's important to make sure that good times and positive memories aren't lost to grief, and making the Ruben chain was part of that for me.

My reasoning for releasing Ruben out as an encounter chain rather than a focused Challenge was a combination of emotional impact and pacing. Our small friends are with us as across significant portions of our lives, and getting to know Ruben one encounter at a time across many runs felt like a better fit for attempting to convey some of what it's like to have a pet in your life. I think this mirrors what we see with the companion chains in Hand of Fate 2, where we get to know Mal, Col, Estrella and Ari over time. With a chain, there's more opportunity for memories to be formed and for players to take a break and reflect on their experiences.

Did you find your design changed when you made the Challenge variant?

From the beginning, I'd always planned to created a companion mod for The Ruben the Claw Troll that allowed playing through the chain as a linear Challenge. Mostly this was to test the mod dependency functionality, but I also think that while it's not the intended experience, it could be a nice way to make the story accessible to reviewers, streamers, anybody who wants to get to know Ruben but doesn't want to play Hand of Fate 2, or players who've already completed the chain and would like to replay it.

From a design perspective, I didn't feel the need to make any deep reaching changes. Most of the changes I made were small things aimed at preventing the Challenge from interfering with chain progress and helping the chain flow more nicely when packed into a short experience. I added some interstitial encounters between each of the main Ruben cards to indicate that time is passing, I also removed the options to skip Ruben encounters, and prevented token unlocks so that the chain's final reward can't be acquired unless you play it properly. The Challenge also doesn't give you an opportunity to get the Eternal Hope blessing...

What were the biggest challenges you encountered while making Ruben?

The Ruben the Claw Troll chain is primarily text/story oriented, and I wanted to find ways to mechanically highlight moments and provide a sense of stakes/rewards without resorting to combat or adding required equipment. I tried to make good use of each of the different gambit types in ways that resonate with what's happening at the time. For a precision gambit that can occur at the beach, I tried to make the pendulum targets give a sense of waves with their movement style, or when trying to rub down a shedding Ruben so that he doesn't track carapace flakes all through the house, difficult chance cards reflect how wriggly and unpredictable that process is.
Writing Ruben was emotionally intense as well, and definitely more draining than most of the other writing I've done in the past couple of years. It was hard (but rewarding) work.

In hindsight, is there anything you'd do differently?

Not really! Aside from not having as much time as I'd have liked to devote to working on card art, I'm pretty happy with how it has all come together.

Is there anything you want to see added to the modding tools, or to Hand of Fate 2 itself?

We've been talking about maybe adding some shortcuts for pendulum target alignment/distribution, and I'd love for us to be able to allow for custom trait, challenge and info prompt icons. Beyond that, reverse centaurs?

What advice would you give to people wanting to get into modding HOF2?

The modding tools can be a bit confusing at first, but they can be a bunch of fun. If you find yourself stuck or want to bounce some ideas around, hop into Discord and have a chat with the modders and developers (including myself) who hang out there.

What's your favorite HoF2 Challenge?

That's a tough question to answer! All of HoF2's Challenges offer a different angle on how Hand of Fate 2's core mechanics can be expressed. As I sit here and look through them, I can't settle on one. I can't even settle on two. I've given up on trying to narrow it down to just three, so I'll let Ruben decide. I love the Sharptooth encounter and used that card's art as a placeholder for the Mayor card in the Ruben chain, so let's go with The Hermit, which constantly has players weighing up the risks and rewards of exploration, presents the Empire as a tangible threat for the first time, and offers some clues for the overarching plot and continuity of Hand of Fate 2.

Thanks, Cheeseness! To spend some time with this gentle creature, head over to the Steam Workshop page and subscribe to Ruben, available as either an encounter chain or a single challenge!
Hand of Fate 2 - Lee
We are excited to unveil our first premium DLC pack for Hand of Fate 2, Outlands & Outsiders! Venture into the hostile Mournful Wastes in the Mapmaker challenge, earning new equipment and utility encounters! Then enlist the aid of our goblin companion - Hubie the Orphan - and help him grapple with a world-ending prophecy to unlock his true potential.

Outlands & Outsiders launches next week! Check out the store page for regional pricing.
Hand of Fate 2 - Lee
If you've wrapped up Hand of Fate 2's campaign mode and want to try an adventure with a sting in its tail, Dargenom's full-length challenge, The Crullford Fiend, might be the mod you're looking for! A self-contained story of demonic possession, The Crullford Fiend tasks players with gathering the ingredients needed to perform an exorcism before a malevolent entity takes over their body. Featuring a plethora of well-written new encounters (as well as new branches for existing utility cards) the Crullford Fiend made quite an impression in the studio upon its release! I caught up with the designer, Dargenom, to find out what led to the creation of his mod.

Dargenom: I drew most of the inspiration from my favorite challenge in the game, the devil. I wanted to emulate all the things I loved about that challenge, while at the same time adding plenty of replayability and putting some unique twists on existing mechanics, such as the campfire encounter no longer being a safe haven.

How did you plan the design of the Crullford Fiend - especially the many card and companion synergies?

My modding philosophy has always been about making things that feel like they could have been in the base game, so from the start, I already had a good idea of how to design the mod. Things like companion-specific dialogue, new interactions for existing encounters and tying the challenge's blessing & curse theme into the rewards all felt very natural and made it onto the to-do list on day one. It wasn't until I was sure of how I wanted each new card in the mod to be that I actually started working in the editor.

What were the biggest challenges you encountered while making the Crullford Fiend?

The biggest challenge for me while working on the mod was figuring out all of the little intricacies and possibilities of the modding tools that aren't touched upon in the documentation. It can be fiddly to figure those things out, especially if you've never worked with unity before, but after some trial and error, I learned what worked and what didn't. Some of the things I found I ended up incorporating into the mod, and I'm looking forward to seeing what other people manage to put together.

In hindsight, is there anything you'd do differently?

One thing I'm kicking myself over is that I made the challenge uncompromisingly difficult for players who haven't completed much of the story mode, as you require a good selection of cards unlocked to stand a fighting chance. What I could have done was make the challenge easier, but include an equipment card that unlocks the harder version of the challenge, much like the empress challenge and encrusted mace.

Is there anything you want to see added to the modding tools, or to Hand of Fate 2 itself?

I'd love to see more options in the modding tools for editing or creating equipment cards. Currently, it doesn't seem possible to pick and match different equipment models and abilities, which is a shame and inhibits some cool ideas. As for Hand of Fate 2 itself, I would like to see a way to sort cards by rarity while deckbuilding, as it's a bit of a hassle to build a deck with brimstone or platinum synergy when you have to scroll through 80+ equipment cards to look at them all.

What advice would you give to people wanting to get into modding HOF2?

Don't be afraid to ask questions! The people at defiant have been super helpful when it comes to answering questions or fixing unity bugs or other problems. They did a great job in helping me get started with the modding tools and I wouldn't have gotten this mod finished if I hadn't asked for help when needed.

Who's your favorite HoF2 companion?

Colbjorn by far, he stuns hordes of enemies, helps you master the bones and has the most badass questline.

And finally, what you do when you're not making HoF2 mods that impress the entire design team at Defiant?

When I'm not modding, I dabble in writing fantasy fiction, amateur game development and playing D&D and boardgames with friends.

Thanks, Dargenom! Make sure you go to the Hand of Fate 2 Steam Workshop and subscribe to The Crullford Fiend!
Hand of Fate 2 - DanT
  • Fix a bug with endless card picking.

  • Fix a translation issue.

Please report issues in the bug forum here and we will endeavour to fix them asap. Thank you for all your help so far!
Hand of Fate 2 - DanT
Endless Balance Updates:
  • Reduced numbers of enemies throughout Endless Adventures to reduce combat duration
  • Rebalanced brimstone enemies and reduced their health bonus to reduce combat duration
  • Added combat difficulty modifiers after each adventures to offset lower difficulty of fewer enemies
  • Bug fixes and stability updates

  • Fixed enumeration of asset bundles in the modding project on linux.
  • Fixed more mod dependency issues in the modding editor.

Please report issues in the bug forum here and we will endeavour to fix them asap. Thank you for all your help so far!

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