Nov 20, 2017
Bannerman - Armitage Games

A big thanks to everyone for their compliments, reviews, criticism and feedback!

This update features a new tournament mode, practice mode, Steam leaderboard support, rebalancing and other updates/fixes.

The full details are below:
  • [NEW] New game mode: Gauntlet - compete against other players to fight your way through the tournament as fast and efficiently as possible
  • [NEW] New game mode: Practice - Hone your skills in one-on-one fights against enemies of your choice
  • [NEW] Steam leaderboard support
  • [TWEAK] Rebalanced spawns across all levels
  • [TWEAK] Rebalanced pickups across all levels
  • [TWEAK] Player hitboxes when using sword and shield are more consistent
  • [TWEAK] Player's longsword hitbox extended slightly to improve feel
  • [TWEAK] AI tweaks to spearman - is now more passive in certain combat situations
  • [TWEAK] Colossus animation tweaked - now slower to recover after a
    heavy attack
  • [TWEAK] Player combat animations tweaked - recovery times reduced, chaining attacks together feels more responsive
  • [TWEAK] Man-at-arms slower to recover after throwing out a combo
  • [FIX] Fixed twitchy controller inputs in main menu when using analogue sticks
  • [FIX] Quitting to desktop, reloading your game and quitting again no longer resets shortcut savestates
  • [FIX] Fullscreen mode now keeps focus with atypical multi-monitor setups
That's everything for now!

Sep 4, 2017
Bannerman - Armitage Games
Hello everyone, the 1.2 update to Bannerman is live!
Changes in this update:

  • Unlockable Shortcuts
    Unlockable shortcuts can now be found in each level. Once unlocked they allow the player to skip over previously cleared sections of the level in order to minimise backtracking and down-time in between attempts on an area's boss.
  • Player out-of-combat movement speed increased
  • Tweaks to player and enemy in-combat movement speed
  • Tweaks to player and enemy in-combat weapon speed
  • Misc. small dialogue changes
  • Resolved issue where game would lock when entering conversation whilst in combat (day4)

A big thanks to everyone who has given feedback via the Steam community forum!


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