Jul 4, 2016
Spell Fighter VR - Kubold

Finally I caught up with my regular job and found some time to work on Spell Fighter. What's new:

- permanent item-hand snapping - you can now just single-click the GRIP button, which snaps an object to your hand, until you clik GRIP button again. Just holding the GRIP button works as before.

- grabbing stuff from the ground - your real world floor level is now always a few inches below the VR ground. You are a little shorter in game, but this way big Vive controllers don't block your hands from grabbing things from the ground.

- turning with the right trackpad, when in teleportation mode, is now possible only after clicking and holding it for 2 seconds. This should prevent accidental pressing.

- teleportation system - you now point on the ground with an "arc", instead of directly. You still need to wait for your avatar to get to the spot you pointed.

- fixed a bug where you couldn't shoot the second bullet from a pistol with your other hand.

Spell Fighter VR - Kubold
I read in most reviews that all you want is simple teleporting system for movement. Point on the ground and you are instantly there. This would break the game. You would be able to just ignore all enemies and teleport away to the end of every level in 5 seconds with zero difficulty.

The current solution is to make the teleport target slowly move towards the pointed spot on the ground, but this idea seems to be universally disliked.

My other ideas:

1. Teleporting cooldown - you must wait 3 seconds after teleporting (bad idea I think, it would be annoying)

2. You can't teleport at all if there are enemies nearby (15 meters away, let's say - but that would block you totally in later sections, since there are enemies everywhere)

So far, even though it's disliked, the slow moving capsule idea at least works. I can make it pretty (the capsule could be an animated human avatar), but I'm out of other ideas. Ok... so any other ideas anyone?

I'm open to suggestions. Please leave a comment if you have ideas for this :)
Mar 26, 2016
Spell Fighter VR - Kubold
- added alternative "teleporting" walking mechanic that should reduce vr nausea. Hold the left trackpad and point on the ground. You will see a marker on the ground and a capsule following that marker. When you let go the trackpad, you will teleport to this capsule's position. This mechanic makes sure you will not teleport through walls and you don't get away from enemies that easly, simply by teleporting away. You can choose the method of movement any time, with right controller "menu" button.

- added an "extras" section, where I will be putting interesting prototypes and VR experiments, that might end up in the game. This time it's a small level where you can control a miniature dinosaur :)

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