Jun 13
Deuterium Wars - Ksandr Warfire
Hi, guys! Without a long introduction in this update:
  • We fixed the platoons and they no longer fall apart.
  • New Big Arena "Trade Quarter".
  • New cool weapons.


Finally, the squads stopped decaying after each battle in the Arena! A screen for preparation for battle has appeared, where all members of the squad get after the next battle in the Arena. On this screen you can:
  • chat with your squad
  • communicate with each member in person
  • expect readiness of other squad members
  • view equipment and squad PP
  • exclude squad members
  1. Added new Arena map: “Trade Quarter”.
  2. Now you will get not 200, but 300 points for the destruction of Heavy and Missile Turrets.
  3. Added new types of destructible objects (for example, destructible lamps).
  4. The bots' routes and the location of the explosives at the Iron Caves arena have improved - now bots will noticeably less encounter explosives there.
  5. The logic of choosing targets for weapons from bots has been improved - now they will significantly better fire at minefields and turrets.
New weapons
  1. An exclusive frame for the MK-1 (Bumblebee-15FE-C) with 2 slots for amplifiers and 1 slot for equipment has been added.
  2. Added 3 new exclusive weapons for the MK-1:
    • automatic machine gun "Wrecker", available from level 16
    • The Oppressor rocket launcher, available from level 16
    • Kaboom heavy rocket launcher, available from level 26.

Item Balance
  1. Improved balance of Hidden Target Detection modifications and fixed the number of PPs that they provide.
  2. Heat per shot for all non-assault shotguns, including the exclusive Brute shotgun, was increased to 30 units, so that they could not do a maximum of 5, but 4 shots in a row, and the opponent had more chances to hide or to repair.
  3. Now each Punisher's bullet can impose on the target with a 20% chance of a 2-second ignition effect, which inflicts up to 875 units. fire damage.
  4. Now Stable Armored Plates of unique rarity and higher provide not only the Acid Protection Bonus, but 3 small defense bonuses against 3 types of damage at once.
  5. Improved balance of combat modifications of Fire Protection, Protection against Acid and Energy Protection for the MK-1, taking into account the damage from the new weapons added to the game in the latest updates.
  6. The direct damage done by the Warfire flame-thrower has been increased by 11%.
  7. All modifications of the Corner Velocity of the weapon were reduced by 30%.
  8. Added another 1 slot for the armored plate in the exclusive "Scavenger Shield".
  9. The passive Repair Bonus on the E2E4 epic workbench has been increased and now this recall does not provide 73, but 75 OM.
  10. Cost of Expensive Fabric has been reduced by 50%.
  11. The cost of the headdress “Knot” was increased by 2 times.
  12. The cost of the “Fashionable Hat” headgear has been increased by 20%.

  1. Added new resource: Silk.
  2. 25 drawings of clothes and colorings of common and unique rarity are added:
    • 6 drawing colorings
    • 3 drawing shawls
    • 13 helmet designs
    • "Fashion Hat" drawing
    • "Bantik" drawing
    • Blue Flight Jacket Drawing
  1. Added 3 secret achievements.
  2. And this promo code will help you get another achievement - “Secret Codes”: ZTF4-GRLP-2N6D (1000 activations, valid until 06/27/19)
Other innovations
  1. Magazine tabs were transferred to the character profile window.
  2. Added button to collect awards from all completed daily events.
  3. The Punisher machine gun was renamed the English localization (Chastener -> Punisher).
  4. Improved description of achievements from the “Taste of Victory” chain.
  5. The maximum Absorption value of each of the damage types has been increased from 30 to 50% in the hovercraft characteristics information window.
  6. The balance of additional awards for the first places in the battle at the Arena has been improved.
  • The rate of fire of guns and precision guns has been fixed.
  • Fixed the time of applying and removing stripes, badges and tokens.
  • Fixed the loss of resources of exclusive rarities in the Arena MK-2.
  • Fixed the loss of resources of the MK-1 exclusive and higher rarity - now they can fall as a reward for the battle on the Arena of the MK-1 after level 40.
  • Fixed bonuses on the MK-2 armored plates with protection against fire and energy of a unique and higher rarity.
  • Fixed several critical errors when launching the application.
  • Fixed reward experience for daily events MK-2.

Do you like the update? Be sure to give us a review on Steam! Easy to you, so pleasant to us!
Deuterium Wars - Ksandr Warfire
Here is the hotfix! We have improved after battle rewards, fixed blinking minimap, taught the bots to be afraid of explosive objects, confiscated some of the oneshoting guns from them and made many more pleasant trifles you asked for.

In the meantime, we are working to improve the current Arenas and create new ones. Stay tuned.

Rewards for battle
  • Now, you will get at list 3 guaranteed rewards for every battle in the Arena, including those that can be dismantled (or used in the Craft), junk, damaged combat items, valuable resources of ordinary or unique rarity. The higher the level and the League, the more valuable these awards become.
  • In addition, now the number of awards for the battle depends on the place you occupied in the table of participants. The higher your position in the combat results table, the more rewards you will get:
    • for 1st place you will receive at least 5 awards.
    • for 2-3 places you will receive at least 4 awards.
    • for 4-5 places you will receive at least 3 awards.
  • Now, with a small chance as a reward for winning the Arena, you may get a Premium for 1 day or a Craft Booster.
  • Exclusive rarity awards for MK-1 now drop by 25% more often for MK-1 players who have reached the Heroes League.
  • The combat modifiers of the unique and exclusive rarity for the MK-2 now drop by 25% more often for the players of the MK-2, who have reached the Heroes League.
  • The probabilities of precipitating specific resources of a unique, exclusive, and epic rarity were recalculated depending on the frequency of their use in various schemes, taking into account the schemes for creating combat modifiers.
  • The frequency of getting exclusive items has been increased by 20%.
New weapons
  • We have added 32 repair amplifiers with modifications of Protection against acid and energy, as well as 30 unique and exclusive repair amplifiers with two combat modifications (16 and 15 for each MC, respectively). All of them could be obtained as a reward after battle, and most of them have been added to the assortment of the Daily Store.
  • The top armor MK-1 with combat modifications of Fire Protection and Energy Defense has been added: armor of the usual rarity with 1 modification, armor of the unique and exclusive rarity with 2 modifications. Total added 28 new armor items.
  • Added 5 MK-2 titanium aircframes with 2-3 combat modifications of Fire Protection, Acid Protection, Energy Protection and /or Critical Damage Protection.
  • A large turret with a cannon is now marked as “Heavy Turret”.
  • The Fire Protection Defence was reduced from 33% to 11% for medium and large turrets, however, their Defence was increased by an average of 25%.
  • The frequency of using high-precision guns by bots in the MK-2 arena at low OMs has been significantly reduced.
  • The routes of movement of bots on the Arena maps have been fixed: now they will be less likely to get stuck, collide with explosive objects and will not put minefields near such objects.
  • The bots' response algorithms to explosive interactive objects have been improved: they now react to them as to mines and try to destroy them at a distance before flying further, if they blocked their way.
  • Heat traps now have a brighter and more noticeable effect.
Other innovations
  • Minor performance improvements were made to the game client.
  • Added option "Display messages from enemy teams in battle" in the Settings menu.
  • Added hatred language filter to combat chat.
  • The chain of achievements Study Hard was simplified in accordance with the latest changes in the experience gained for craft actions.
  • The promo code you’ve been waiting for: PWP0-NWJX-5KUX (1000 activations, valid until 06/14/19 inclusive).
  • Fixed a reward for level 51.
  • Fixed several of errors that led to the crash of the game.
  • Fixed a problem place between the crystals in the Crystal Grotto arena, where you could get stuck on a hovercraft.
  • Fixed the top armor of the MK-2 of a unique rarity: now there is a slot for an armored plate, like other unique items of armor.
  • Fixed cooling of the legendary Armageddon grenade launcher.
  • The time for assembling and disassembling decorations was fixed, as well as the time for disassembling items of clothing: now it corresponds to the changes in the Craft made in update 0.5.5.
  • Fixed metals that uses in the combat modifier blueprints, as well as their displayed material.
  • Fixed the display value "Heat per shot" in the information window of the weapon.
  • The flash effect on heat traps has been fixed.
  • The bug of the “flashing minimap” has been fixed.
  • The bug with the "giant icon" of the game in the Windows volume mixer has been fixed.

Do you like the changes? Tell us about this in the comments. The team will be pleased. If you want to say something to us personally, contact us via Discord: https://discord.gg/deuteriumwars
Jun 4
Deuterium Wars - Ksandr Warfire
Hello, commanders! We continue to respond quickly to your feedback in social networks and Steam. Today we have:
  • New map + experimental mode with a battle for one Totem.
  • Reduction of crafting time (including modification, disassembly and opening of containers).
  • New training for beginners.
  • Many other improvements, innovations and balance edits.

A new Arena map has been added: Thicket! In the Command Dethmatch mode, there is the only one neutral totem on it. This is the first and so far the only map of the Arena with such a feature.
  1. The ability to customize the value of the auto aim weapon sector has been added: you can set a value from 5 to 60 degrees. By default, for gamepads the value is 50 degrees, and for a computer mouse - 30 degrees.
  2. Matchmaking is changed in such a way that now squads play only with squads, and singles - only with singles.
  3. If a player loose in a 1,5 minutes, this fight does not count for him as a loss.
  4. “Conquest” mode was renamed to “Conquest of Points”, and “Arena” - to “Team Deathmatch”.
  5. In the “Two Forts” arena, more repair pickups were added at its bottom.
  6. More pick-ups have been added to the Crystal Grotto arena.
  7. Fixed a problem place in the center of the Sand Arena, where bots were often stuck.
  8. When passing the Trial to increase the division, a draw is now equivalent to a victory.
  9. Added logic of bots response to stationary turrets:
    • they do not ignore them when they fly by;
    • switch to turrets and try to destroy them, while maintaining a distance;
    • in order not to die quickly under the fire of a turret, use a tomb and / or power board, if any.
  10. Fixed and improved the algorithm of avoiding Allied players by bots:
    • now they are much less likely to ram the Allied player, who blocks the passage of the bot and he will wait a few seconds for the passage to be cleared before he tries to fly there again.
    • if it is possible, the bot builds itself an alternative path of approximately the same length and flies around the player.
Rewards for battle
By popular demand, we are improving the “drop” to make you feel like a winner who got some loot after battle, and not the truck driver who successfully robbed the local landfill :)
  1. The drop of engineering resources of ordinary rarity (with the exception of coal, gunpowder, explosives and metal ingots) was disabled.
  2. However, resources of unique rarity can now be mined 33% more often.
  3. Now, on average, once in 3 battles in the Arena, you will receive a "damaged" combat item, which is inferior in terms of its prototype characteristics; it contains a reduced amount of resources and has a low price. By examining such items, you will receive more resources of ordinary rarity than you previously received as a reward for the battle. You may disassemble these items quickly: for 1 minute.
  4. The chances of combat modifiers, weapons, equipment, and enhancements of unique rarities, as well as unique blueprints, were increased by 17%.
  5. The chances of combat modifiers and blueprints of ordinary rarity were also increased by 17%.
  6. The chances of combat modifiers were redistributed in such a way that they now better correspond to the frequency of their use in hovercraft slots.
  7. MK-2 frameworks were added to the game with an energy and acid protection bonus, as well as MK-1 steel frameworks with an acid protection bonus - you can get them as a reward for the Arena battle.

Item Balance
Despite earlier changes, rocket launchers created a big problem for their opponents with rocket “spam”, which was unreasonably difficult to resist. The latest changes will simplify maneuvers between rockets without depriving the rocket launchers of their destructive power and the main feature - the range.
  1. The blast radius of rocket launchers was reduced by 33%.
  2. The auto aiming of missiles fired from rocket launchers to the target during the flight was turned off, and for heavy rocket launchers it was weakened for 4 times.
  3. The range of missiles of heavy rocket launchers is now 25% longer than that of rockets fired from rocket launchers.
  4. Direct damage from flame thrower and acid throwers has been increased by 20%, however, their periodic damage has been reduced by 20%.
  5. The required level of the exclusive Brut shotgun was raised from 16 to 26, as his firepower was unreasonably high for level 16.
REALY a lot of players scolded us for extremely long craft, which at high levels for very rare items could reach two days. Such a balance is considered the normal for mobile games, where acceleration is available through advertising, as well as the gameplay itself is a little different. So we made a strong-willed decision to reduce crafting time many times. So rejoice and leave us complimentary reviews on Steam (please), because:
  1. The opening time of containers has been reduced and is now:
    • 1-10 minutes for containers of the usual rarity;
    • 10-30 minutes for containers of unique rarity;
    • 30-60 minutes for containers of exclusive rarity;
    • 1-4 hours for containers of epic rarity.
  2. Thus, for most of the containers, the opening time has decreased by 10-20 times.
  3. The time for disassembling trash has been reduced and now can not be more than 2 minutes.
  4. The time for removing combat modifiers from an item has been reduced by 70% and now amounts to 30% of the time they were applied to an item.
  5. The time for using combat modifiers was reduced to values ​​similar to the opening times for containers of the corresponding rarities. The time of application of modifiers decreased by 6-12 times for most of them.
  6. The assembly time of items has been reduced to values ​​similar to the opening times of containers of corresponding rarities. The time of assembly and disassembly of items was reduced by 6-20 times for most items.
  7. Added the ability to disassemble items of junk of legendary rarity.
  8. The assembly time of weapons, equipment and boosts of the 1st tier has been reduced from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.
  9. Added the ability to quickly send items to disassemble using the Shift key.
  10. Added the ability to collect the results of crafting using the Shift key.
  11. The magnitude of the reduction in the time of craft processes with the help of Craft Accelerators was revised. Now you can purchase the following boosters in the game:
    • for 1 minute;
    • for 10 minutes;
    • for 30 minutes;
    • for 1 hour;
    • for 4 hours;
    • for 8 hours.
  12. At the same time, the cost of acceleration without the use of accelerators is now 1 Deuterium per 1 minute of acceleration.

Other innovations
  1. Reworked initial education system:
    • Now the beginner from the very beginning of the game has a choice: go immediately to the Arena or to Campania;
    • The first training mission was finalized and moved to the Campaign as the first mission called Prolog;
    • Frank Horrorgan no longer destroys the player’s hover at the end of the first mission;
    • In the first 3 battles in the Arena, a novice is taught to play in various Arena modes, explaining their features.
  2. Promo code for attentive: G7G4-2FKS-72HT (1000 activations, valid until 06.06.19)
  3. There is an option to automatically sell useless junk (included in the UI settings).
  4. Added 2 steel frames of exclusive rarity on the MK-1: one with an emphasis on survival, the other - in mobility and damage.
  5. Added an exclusive assault shotgun for the MK-1 - "The Nutcracker", which can be used from level 16.
  6. Improved assortment of Daily Store:
    • added blueprints of equipment, causing damage from acid;
    • added blueprints of portable turrets;
    • added blueprints to create sheets of bronze, iron and steel from the corresponding ingots;
    • increased the range of weapons at 66-80 levels (including steel weapons with combat modifications were added there);
    • increased the range of unique weapons at 36-40 levels.
    • Now every day at the 36-100 levels in the Daily Shop with a 10% chance, a random resource of exclusive rarity may appear (at 36-70 levels, an exclusive resource for the MK-1, and at 71-100 for the MK-2).
  7. The word "Skin" was added to the names of all the decorative sets for hovercraft.
  8. Updated sprite of the high-precision gun "Rhino".
  9. Improved text description of events.
  10. Added the ability to completely block your account. Criminals can now get banned in the game.
  11. Added one-time free Premium for 1 day.
  1. Fixed display of the progress of the division / league in the battle results window and in the Journal.
  2. Fixed direct damage caused by exclusive mines "Surprise" and bombs "Bum-Bum!".
  3. The free bronze top armor MK-2 with the modification of Critical Damage Protection has been removed from the battle rewards.
  4. Fixed the icon for armor plates of the usual rarity.
  5. Fixed reward for achieving level 54.
  6. Fixed a bug with "missing letters" in the texts.
  7. Fixed a bug with the first character creation, when he momentarily appeared in the garage only in underwear.
  8. Fixed Damage per second displayed in the information window characteristics hovercraft.
  9. Fixed a number of errors leading to the crash of the game.
  10. Added German localization of legendary resources.
  11. The German localization of the “Granite of Science” achievement series has been added.
  12. Fixed marking of the exclusive gain of the Iskatel-160EX radio in the English and Ukrainian localizations.
  13. Fixed a bug with simultaneous crafting on one machine.
  14. Fixed a long load at the entrance to the garage.
  15. Fixed display of the flamethrower in the bottom panel of the Hangar.
  16. With a bath in the chat, you can see the entire cause and term of the ban.
  17. Trophies in the “Junk” tab are now allocated a separate subsection “Trophy”.

This patchout is just huge. We hope that we managed to make a favorable impression on you. If you have read everything carefully, you will surely find a promotional code in the "Other innovations" section. Share your impressions with us in the comments and please write a review about the game here on Steam, if you have not done so already.
May 27
Deuterium Wars - Ksandr Warfire
Hello, commanders. In order not to wait until the big update we made a few fixes based on your reviews. Thank you very much.

  • The disassembly schemes for the Knife and the Broken Phone have been improved: the Knife is now guaranteed to contain at least 1 sheet of steel and a Broken Phone with at least 1 Composite Wire. The cost of these 2 trash items has been restated according to these changes.
  • The recovery time for pickups ammunition was increased by 2 times in the Arena - now they appear 50 seconds after the selection.
  • A text description has been added to most equipment, describing its principle of operation.
  • The color of the exclusive Flame-160EX-L missiles was changed so that they visually differed from their prototype (Flame-160EX).
  • The time between advertising items in the chat is increased to 10 seconds.
  • The remelting scheme has been fixed in “Scavenger I Notes”: now instead of tin cans, copper pipes are used there.
  • Fixed the contents of the Engineering Container Level 1-5.
  • Fixed additional rewards at MK-1.
  • Fixed a number of errors in localization.
  • Fixed a bug with the erroneous withdrawal of commission in the market.
  • Fixed display of the icon of the E2E4 epic workbot in battle.
The next major update is already in development. And this is a promotional code for you: LXUM-NR5U-5BEN
Deuterium Wars - Ksandr Warfire
Hello, commanders! We released a hotfix, which fixed some technical issues that occurred after the update 0.5.3, and also further improved the balance of the game at your request.

Item Balance
  • The maximum number of charges for the Flame-160EX-L rockets, that could be obtained by passing new campaign levels, has been reduced from 2 to 1, and their reloading time has been increased from 15 to 16 seconds.
  • The rate of rocket launchers was reduced from 260-280 to 200-220 shots per minute, because the reduction of the firing range did not eliminate the problem of "spamming" with a large number of missiles at one point.
  • The direct damage from the explosion of all acid equipment was increased by 2 times to equalize the total damage with counterparts.
Rewards for battle
  • Significantly reduced the amount of junk that a player received after a fight.
  • At the same time, junk that could be be disassembled or used as a component in a craft will fall out more often than useless one.
  • Instead of junk, regular (or occasionally unique) items will now fall with a certain periodicity for the hovercraft of the corresponding generation (mark) of ships .
Other innovations
  • Now when destroying the hovercraft opponents in the Arena, 1 pickup ammunition drops out of them.
  • The security chief Brutalus in the 3rd Mission of campaign was strengthened and now he is equipped with an iron frame and armor instead of bronze.
  • Improved tips on the battle loading screen in German, English and Russian localizations.
  • Added German event localization.
  • Fixed the amount of experience obtained when studying an exclusive blueprint, received as a reward for the 3d mission, as well as the duration of the assembly of the object in the scheme of this drawing.
  • Fixed a number of bugs in the German localization.
  • Fixed several critical errors leading to the crash of the game.
  • Fixed the contents of the “Hooligan” and “Dirty Hooligan” sets: now there is a correct decoration of type A.
  • Fixed the placement of text in the window of placing an item on the market.

In gratitude for your patient waiting, we give you this promotional code: 9N8P-1XJX-DNH0 (1500 activations)
May 23
Deuterium Wars - Ksandr Warfire
Hello, commanders! A week ago Deuterium Wars has released to Early Access. How time flies! We want to thank again everyone for your feedback. Positive reviews inspire us, negative ones make us get better to get your favor anyway!

Today we present an update that is fully based on your feedback about the game. We have improved the balance of weapons, drop and "friendliness of the hangar" to the player.

The most important
  • We have added acid bombs, mines and rockets. There are over 100 new items!
  • The weapon balance has been reworked: including rocket launchers, shotguns and machine guns (see Item Balance)
  • Added the 3rd and 4th missions of the Campaign: “In the mansion” and “Test of the Four”.
  • Reduced cost for many actions in the Hangar.
  • The value of the containers has been increased. Now, in addition to the main item and resources, there will be a drawing in them. At the same time the frequency of containers drop is reduced.
  • Added German localization of the game.

Item Balance
  • The initial flight speed of missiles launched by rocket launchers was reduced by 30%. The range of their flight was reduced by 66%. These changes also affected the missiles that are produced by large rocket turrets in the Arena.
  • The drop of the damage from a shotguns has been increased by 58%. Now the damage done by them at the maximum distance is 4 times lower than the initial damage.
  • The maximum distance of fire from machine guns and SMG was increased by 10%, and the loss of damage from their shells was reduced by 13% (that is, the damage at long range is now 80-85% of the original).
  • The repulsive force for machine-gun bullets was increased 4 times, and for SMG bullets 5 times. Now the owners of such weapons can effectively repel the enemy from a squall, preventing them from approaching.
  • Now on combat items of ordinary rarity there are all slots for combat modifiers, which are available on similar items of unique rarity.
  • Now the number of triggers of Heat Traps is unlimited, and the safety margin of each charge launched by them is also unlimited. This means that the charges of heat traps are no longer destroyed by missiles and can fully protect during the entire time of their life.
  • The direct and periodic damage of the Flame of War flamethrower is rebalanced in such a way that it destroys an enemy of equal strength in about 5 seconds of continuous fire. At the same time, the duration of the Fire Effect applied by it was increased to 10 seconds, and the frequency of ticks of damage was increased by 312%.
  • The duration of the Corrosion Effect applied by acid meters was increased to 10 seconds, and the frequency of damage ticks was increased by 151%. However, they now do not deal direct damage.
  • The recovery time of stealth generators has been increased from 2.5 to 3.5 seconds.
  • Added an additional fire effect for exclusive BomBum! Bombs and Surprise exclusive mines.
  • Now new players get 2 more rows of Warehouse cells for free.
  • The cost of expanding the Inventory sections now increases by 10% slower with each subsequent expansion.
  • The cost of expanding the Slots Market has been reduced by 50%.
  • The term for placing lots in the Market has been reduced to 3 days.
  • The cost of expanding the Book of Drawings has been reduced by 2 times.
  • The experience gained for assembling items has been doubled.
  • Now you can get a small amount of experience for disassembling items.
  • The scheme for assembling exclusive mines Surprise has been changed: now instead of tin cans, there are used bronze sheets as a resource.

  • Notification of the imminent start of technical work will now appear in advance right in the game.
  • The Hammer cannon received an updated sprite.
  • The ice shelters in the Ice Grotto have been removed to make navigation easier.
  • On the “Slum” map in TDM mode, the large Machine Gun Turret was replaced with a large Flame Turret.
  • The result of the battle "Draw" in the Trials is now counted in favor of the player.
  • Improved marking frameworks.
  • Added the display of the status of "you noticed" in the line of buffs, if the enemy team sees the hovercraft in stealth mode.
  • The icon of the Flame series rocket launchers on MK-1 has been improved
  • To reduce the load on the video card, the maximum limit of FPS was set to 240 frames per second.
  • Reworked the display of “Special effects” in the hints of gadgets of missiles, bombs and mines.
  • Added the ability to disable the effects of the combat interface (bullet holes, burning screen) in the Settings for additional optimization on weak graphics cards.
  • The system for awarding first battles has been improved.
  • All bombs, mines and rockets can now take periodic damage (Acid, Fire, Electricity).
  • The position of awards notifications in the Event window has been fixed.
  • Added a difference limit for divisions in the Platoon - now high-ranking players will not be able to play in low-ranking platoons.
  • The rarity of the “Old Tire” trash item has been changed to “useless”.
  • Fixed assembly schemes for reinforced frames MK-2.
  • Old gains not falling out of the containers were removed from the production table.
  • The bug of multiple overlapping of the same buff / debuff has been fixed - now in this case the time counter on the current buff is simply reset.
  • Fixed the bug with the disappearance of some players in battle
  • Fixed a critical error in the filter, which led to his absolutely chaotic work.
  • The icons for the achievements “Need more power” and “Overflowing power” have been fixed.
  • The bug of the infinite freezing of the flamethrower's sound at the death of a hovercraft was fixed.
  • Fixed a critical error due to which messages were duplicated in personal chats.
  • The popup was removed with a request to fill in the Questionnaire when leaving the game.
  • Fixed a bug with the “Invalid price” window when placing goods on the Market.
  • Fixed a bug with the “jumping” hint of an item in the Market.

Thank you for reading. We continue to work actively. The next update will not take long. If you like this update, please email us a positive review on Steam or change your negative feedback to positive if you are satisfied with the work we have done! And this is a promotional code as a gift: 8NJD-DQHP-XXA6 (1000 activations)

Deuterium Wars - Ksandr Warfire
Hello, commanders! To install update 0.5.3, game servers will be temporarily unavailable from 5:40 pm to 7:00 pm (UTC).

We have improved the balance of weapons, drop and "friendliness of the hangar" to the player. How exactly? Find out soon!

May 20
Deuterium Wars - Ksandr Warfire
Hello, commanders! Many thanks to everyone for the feedback and the warm welcome on Steam. But we are sure that we can become even better. And therefore we have prepared for you this update in order to correct what you asked the most about. If you gave us a negative review, read the patchnote carefully. You will probably change anger to mercy. Also, you will find a surprise at the end.

Major changes
  1. The second and third crafting slots could be purchased not only for deuterium, but also for gold.
  2. We have added 16 drones with a combat modification of the radius of the view, so that you can see everything clearly.
  3. Direct damage from "Warfire" flamethrower and "Cobra" acidthrower was reduced by 2 times. Now the main damage is caused by burning and corrosion, respectively.
  4. In order not to litter your inventory, all containers can now be stored in the amount of 5 pieces in 1 cell.
  5. Added a new rarity for items: "useless." Items of such rarity are not involved in the craft and can only be sold. However, trash items of such rarity can be useful for achieving achievements on a collection of trash.
  6. The cans, beverage cans, bottles and dolls are now useless rarities and cannot be disassembled. The value of resources derived from them was too low to occupy the craft machine.
  7. Added the ability to sell all useless junk, which is located in the Warehouse, at the touch of a button.
  8. Improved the obscene filter in the chat.
  9. Improved Battle Arenas rotation mechanism - the probability of repeating the same Arena two times in a row is significantly reduced.
  10. Added notification of disabled Steam Overlay.
  11. From now on, drones do not collide with Allied missiles, bombs, hovercraft and turrets.
  12. The column “Additional effects” was renamed to “Special effects” in the information windows of the weapon.
  1. Increased the display time of the dialogue replicas in the second mission.
  2. Now it is clearly written that the third and subsequent missions are still in development.
  1. Fixed a bug with the unexpcted loss after a victory or a draw.
  2. Fixed several bugs with graphic artifacts.
  3. Fixed several bugs in localizations.
  4. Fixed display of damage in the hint of "Armageddon".

Thank you for reading to the end. As a sign of our gratitude for your patient waiting for the completion of server maintainance, we are giving you this promotional code: 8LUA-H9CV-P4K8
Deuterium Wars - Ksandr Warfire
Commanders, game servers will be temporarily unavailable because we will install update 0.5.2. This is a good reason to get up, warm up, maybe a snack. Thanks to your feedback, we were able to improve a lot. Now we need to install it all on the server.

Stay tuned and thanks for understanding!

Deuterium Wars - Ksandr Warfire
Commanders, we have launched a new additional server in Europe so you can continue to play. Now we will have two servers for players from Europe and the CIS. In addition, we are happy to announce that in the near future several additional combat servers will be launched in South America and Asia so that players from all over the world can play comfortably.

As compensation for a temporary downtime, we give all our players 1 Premium day:


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