Gerty - OutoMaisteri

Greetings mercenaries! It's been far too long since our previous post, so it's high time we gave everyone an update.

Content: Complete!
For those who've been waiting, Gerty is finally fully playable from start to finish! World 2 and the Final Boss are ready to challenge you, but are you a bad enough dude to beat them? While you're at it, tell us what you think over at the Discussions or leave a review on the Store page.

10% Price cut (live soon)
We've permanently cut the price of Gerty from 14,99€ to 13,49€ (similar price cut across all currencies). If you still haven't bought the game, there's no better time than now.

Lost data

You might've come across some mysterious Artifacts during your playthroughs. They're now called Data Fragments and... well, let's say they're not useless anymore ;)

Full release?
While the game is now fully playable, there are still some additions and improvements we still wish to make before we call the game 100% done and there's bound to be some bugs left to hunt. We will remain in Early Access for some time longer, but you should expect a full release by the end of the year.

Lastly, our apologies for everyone. In our roadmap we had originally promised World 2 as fully playable by the end of June. Due to outside forces we couldn't work on Gerty for a period of time in the summer, hence the delay. We also didn't want to make new promises before things were 100% certain. Better late than never though!

More for less
In summary: There is now more Gerty for you to play for a lower price. Get your copy today and remember to comment over at the Discussions or leave a review.

Stay tuned
- Gerty Team
Gerty - OutoMaisteri
New content
  • Last half of World 2 is now playable
  • Final Boss-fight is now playable
  • Ending cinematic is now accessible
  • [classified] is now accessible

  • Arfifacts are now called Data Fragments
  • Data Fragments can be used to [classified]
  • Unlocking items now grant permanent stat bonuses for new games
  • Added setting to disable automatic cursor hiding
  • Updated Homing Missile visuals for the World 2 Mini-boss

Game balance
  • Lots of balance tweaks for Magnus & Unum
  • Minor balance tweaks for Preacher
  • Rebalanced enemy health progression through the game
  • Nerfed Mineral Cutters -item's ultimate effect

Bug fixes & other
  • Added two missing Achievements to Steam
  • Fixed several crashes with Unum
  • Minor audio tweaks
  • Minor performance tweaks
  • Lots, lots, lots, lots of bug fixes.
Gerty - OutoMaisteri
We've released a small update to address a few possibly gamebreaking issues, in addition to other small improvements.

Game balance
Based on feedback we've gotten from some players, we've made the following changes:
  • Very Easy -difficulty is now even easier
  • New Advanced Option: Threat spawns can now be disabled on all difficulties
These changes should make the game less punishing for those who want a more relaxed experience.

Bug fixes
  • Co-op: Fixed players respawning inside Obsidian blocks
  • Fixed enemy spawners appearing inside Obsidian in Survival stages
  • Fixed Blinker enemies dying during blink

Other changes
  • Recolored Plant Wormling graphics

- Gerty Team
Gerty - OutoMaisteri

Welcome to a new world, mercenaries! We have just released a major content update to Gerty along with a HUGE 45% SALE to boot.

For those craving for more Gerty content, we're happy to announce that World 2 is now playable up to the second Commander (aka Mini-boss) stage. In other words, the game now includes eleven playable stages, two Commanders and the first world boss, Grongo the Slayer.

The first half of World 2 contains a dozen new enemies, more opportunities to level up and try new perks, more Juice to buy items with and new tunes to inspire you to even greater heroics! Provided you can survive the dangers...

Now get out there and fight the alien menace! And be sure to let us know what you think over at the Discussion pages (and report any bugs or issues)

In addition to new content, this update features the following changes:

  • Combat Shield now takes 20% damage from Lava and Acid - previously immune (0%)
  • Changed enemy blood opacity
Bug fixes
  • Fixed Grongo dropping two Exp Orbs when skipping end cutscene
  • Fixed Mortar item dealing wrong amount of damage
  • Fixed Unum's Nano Poison bugging out enemy animations
  • Fixed Unum's Warp Portal revealing area while player was dead
  • Fixed Unum becoming visible during stage transition in co-op when using Warp Portal
Gerty - Spawn Point

Greetings mercenaries! While we're hard at work on World 2 (including some closed testing), we've kept a close eye on the discussion forums and the issues you've all been posting. Here's a list of the fixes and improvements we've pushed out recently:

  • Improved and fixed Steam Achievement unlocking
  • Mouse cursor is now hidden when using Gamepads
  • Improved 4:3 and 5:4 aspect ratio support

Other fixes
  • Fixed Monuments blocking off critical routes
  • Fixed Combat Shield being visible during stage transitions
  • Fixed Magnus Punch dealing less damage than intended to terrain
  • Fixed Shield Booster particle colors in co-op

Happy digging and shooting!
Gerty - (Sin Vega)

We’re back! Did you have a good Christmas break? Get into that backlog, did you?

Yeah, me neither. Not to worry! Due to the awkward way the games industry and linear time interact, this week’s selection is technically of 2018 vintage, so you’re allowed to try them all without any anxiety or apologies to the other 73 unplayed games you’ll totally get round to sometime soon, maybe next week. It’s time to read about the very best stragglers among the many, many indie games released on Steam over the holidays. It’s Unknown Pleasures.

Still writing the wrong year on forms this week: bureaucratic backstabbing, arcade throwbacks, and queer horror. Quorror. (more…)

Dec 21, 2018
Gerty - Spawn Point
Season's greetings to all! We've released a small update for both the demo and Early Access versions, mostly focusing on bug fixes.

  • Fixed players repawning outside the stages in co-op
  • Fixed Mega Bomber miniboss not being able to reach the player in certain cases
  • Fixed Panic Button & Pacemaker item related bugs

Other changes
  • Set default camera zoom to 3 (from 5) - you can change the zoom in the Options at any time
  • Made the Fog of War slightly brighter
  • Updated some particle effects
  • Grongo no longer rewards experience, but drops an Exp Orb instead

(Other minor fixes and improvements included as well)

We've also been hard at work on World 2, doing our best to get the first half of it playable, as listed in our roadmap.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all!
Gerty - Spawn Point

Whoop! Gerty early access is now publicly available for You to purchase!

Game includes:
  • 6 procedurally generated stages to explore
  • One boss fight stage to conquer
  • Fully destructible environments
  • Local co-op up to 4 players
  • 40 items to boost your character with
  • Over a dozen unique enemies to fight
  • 4 playable characters with different skill sets and Perks
  • Five difficulty levels
  • Achievements to unlock
  • Full controller support [Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller (Other controllers might work to variable degree)]

Spreading the word:
If you are a streamer, you can reach out to us on Keymailer. We try to focus on streamers that can get over 50 views per video and cover indie games.

If you are a gamer and like what Gerty offers, we would appreciate if you told your friends about the game.

Feedback, bugs, and ideas:
If you have any feedback you want to share with us or other Gerty players, please head to our Steam Discussons page. We actively read the feedback and try to participate in the discussions if we have time left over from developing new features to the game.

Nov 16, 2018
Gerty - Spawn Point

This is the public Roadmap for Gerty early access development. Please note that all dates are tentative and subject to change if (or when) we run into unforeseen issues or if we rearrange development priorities.

We really hope to receive feedback from you and hope to incorporate the best suggestions into Gerty, but we also need to avoid too much feature creep. Since we are a tiny indie team, every change or new feature pushes the release date farther away. In other words, an approved change has to be either very quick to implement or incredibly good for the game overall.

Below is a rough breakdown of the development focus, development tasks, and target deliverables for each quarter of 2019.

We will be first focusing on getting the second world playable, so that the intended 1 hour long runs would be possible. When the second world is complete we can move to balancing items, monsters, and perks to cover the whole game arc.

When we get the second world playable, we will first put it into beta branch to iron out the bugs and most glaring balance issues. So if you are eager to help development and give feedback about the second world, follow the update news when it becomes available in beta branch. After the first round of balancing, we will move it to default branch. Hopefully we are at this stage at the end of June 2019.

After the whole game arc is complete and released in the default branch, we have plans to support and further develop Gerty depending on feedback and popularity of the game.

To summarise:

Jan - Mar 2019
Focus: Making basic stages of World 2 playable.
Deliverables: World 2 playable up to the Commander stage (stage 4) in beta branch.

April - June 2019
Focus: World 2 fully playable in beta branch first. After balancing, move completely playable game to default branch.
Deliverables: Complete game playable in default branch.

July - Sep 2019
Focus: Polishing the game and making final adjustments to game balance.
Deliverables: Incredible Gerty awesomeness!

Gerty - DH
We have changed our default character aiming behaviour to be more in suit with other twin-stick shooting games.

Previously while walking, our characters were facing the walking direction and only rotated to aim direction while shooting (on the right). With the new system, the character always faces the aim direction while not digging terrain (on the left).

If you already got used to the previous system, we have added an option to gameplay options to use our previous system.

What do you guys think? Do you prefer the new system or the old system?


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