Atriage - Batu Games
Thanks all for the support over the couple of weeks after launch, and as promised, Atriage is now for Mac and Linux! You can battle against other Commanders across multiple platforms in the Online Mode, or if you choose to, command your fleet against an enemy that will provide quite a challenge.

The update also comes with a patch that will fix a couple of bugs, mainly directed at attacks from the Kaizer class ship and UI improvements.

Thanks to all of you for the amazing support and have fun in battle!
Atriage - Batu Games
Hey guys. Thank you for showing interest in our game and for supporting us. We can assure you that we've been working around the clock to get the game released.

Even so, we regret to inform you that we'll be moving the Release Date for the game to next week (Thursday, April 7). The decision was made due to a misunderstanding with the Steam certification process. Because of this, we would need to wait for Steam to review the game again, which will not happen by tomorrow. The extra week would give us, and Steam, enough time to complete the process without any further issues.

This turn of events took us by surprise, but we'll continue working hard to make sure the game is released next week. We hope you guys understand.

Thank you once again for your support and we'll keep you posted.

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