Mystic Melee - ben

Hello! First off, I need to apologize for the hiatus in updates. Life got in the way of development for some time, but be assured that progress is being made again.

Overall this update is mostly incremental with many small improvements. If you're an older player I invite you to check back in for the next update when the whole Volcanice world will be completed.

In the campaign, some challenging new levels have been added to the Volcanice world. Many old levels are also being refreshed.

Some of the gameplay mechanics have been tuned. Your dodge will interrupt the attacks of other players. Dodging after hitting the ground hard will give you a blast of speed and can knock out opponents.

Some multiplayer maps have been added.

As always, thanks for reading and bearing with some delays!
Mystic Melee - ben

Thanos joins the fight! An ancient Frost Spectre, Thanos wields cold magic to impale enemies with icicles and float above the battlefield. Unlocked at the current last level of Volcanice, or playable immediately in Arena mode.

Other changes:
  • Added World Maps for Academy, Arboria, and Summitar
  • Added Barstuk portrait
  • Low HP warning
  • Amaya passive changed from faster acceleration (less relevant with mechanics changes) to longer dodge
  • Various mechanics updates and bugfixes


Check back soon for the completion of the Volcanice world!
Mystic Melee - ben

New in update v0.80:

New Character: Barstuk, The Wild Hermit

  • Uses Leaf attacks and Nature magic.
  • Down attack launches projectiles.
  • Lower spell cooldowns (moved from Torr, Torr now has longer spell stuns).
  • Note: Barstuk portrait pending

Other Additions and Changes
  • First levels of new world: Volcanice. Unlocked after beating Arboria or Summitar.
  • Battle Levels added to all worlds. These challenges will test your combat skills in the campaign against the multiplayer AI. Meet special speed or stock requirements to earn Mystic Mana and unlock more levels.
  • Mechanics changes:
       - Dodging into an opponent casting a spell will break their attack and stun, allowing for a timely counter.
       - Hitstop added to attacks, enabling deadly combos and harder impacts.
  • Added more multiplayer maps.
  • Character selection and menu improvements.
  • Bot AI improvements.
  • Various bugfixes.

Happy New Year!

Mystic Melee - ben

Update v0.75 features lots of single player level changes and improvements, here are the big ones:
  • The final Summitar levels, plus the boss: APOSTOWL
  • All Arboria and Academy levels revised and upgraded with a new tiles, new features, and more speed!
  • Faster movement mechanics, with quick ground dash and speed conservation up slopes
  • Upgraded effects for dashing, speeding, and more
Next up, we'll be working on the first new character and more combat improvements!
Mystic Melee - ben

Version 0.72 released last week with many fixes and enhancements to online play. Grab a friend and give it a try!

We wanted to talk a little about new content in the next update, since 0.72 was mostly focused on early fixes. For version 0.75 we're working on:
  • More Summitar levels + boss
  • Revamped and expanded Arboria levels, with new elements and tilesets
  • Reworked character attacks, with more unique directional abilities
  • Faster movement mechanics, with quick ground dash and speed conservation

There's also a new character on the way! Berstuk, the satyr hermit, wants you to get off his lawn.


He may not make it into 0.75, but look for him later in November!
Mystic Melee - ben
Hello! First update is now live. Mostly, it contains improvements to gameplay mechanics and bugfixes that we've found from your feedback and from watching streams. Future updates will contain more new content, but we may be patching more frequently to begin with to make the base game just right.

Game changes and additions:
  • Base movement speed slightly faster
  • Dodge/dash move is faster
  • Easier to keep momentum even when not sliding
  • Almost all spells and abilities now allow cancelling animations into other
    attacks, some cooldowns lowered
  • Arboria Boss a bit slower, homing attacks break more easily
  • Level restarts now instant
  • Added ability to change joystick deadzone under Controller Settings->Joystick Settings

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed some incorrect AI behavior in the campaign levels (Gale fights)
  • Fixed leaderboard ghosts being overwritten when you didn't beat your previous score
  • Fixed occasional bug where dodge would not work correctly
  • Other minor fixes

There is still an issue where restarting a large number of times may cause a crash, that will be addressed in the next update coming ASAP.

A note on Leaderboards

It's awesome to see people already competing for top spots on the leaderboards and getting great times! Just want to note that the leaderboards will be cleared or invalidated a couple times during early access. We're aiming to only clear the leaderboards once or twice when level designs are updated, but gameplay changes could also allow for faster possible times.


Don't forget about Arena mode! I know a lot of people have been playing the Campaign, but remember to try out the Arena to battle your friends or try out the game modes with bots (who play pretty well on some levels!). Including the crazy Hypersphere game:

Thanks for reading!
Mystic Melee - ben
Hello! Mystic Melee is in the Indie Megabooth area at PAX West! Find it in the Serenity Forge booth, 755 :)

On the development side of things, there's a new feature that really ups the ante in FFA deathmatch: Powerups! These special powers spawn at Arcane Altars. The player who nabs them gains a great advantage, like flying, triple damage, megaheal, and more to come!

Here's an example. With Megaheal, don't even care about taking damage!

In addition, I've been working on a system to help people get into online matches in a more automated way. That and the timing of some events have pushed back the release, but we're on track right now for the release later this month!
Mystic Melee - ben
Check out and play the game today and tomorrow in between your matches! We're in the MIX indie game showcase area.

On the development side of things, I've added an often requested combat feature: Dodging!

You can now use the shoulder buttons to dodge left or right at any time. It gives you I-frames where you can pass through any attacks unharmed, and can be canceled into your own attacks. It's also useful just for moving around and controlling your momentum.

In addition to that, the online joiner and lobbies have been the main focus recently. Nothing visually exciting to show there yet!

Thanks for reading.
Mystic Melee - ben

We've had a great time showing off the game at Denver Comic Con! If you found this page after visiting us, we'd love for you to wishlist to keep up to date. We plan to post more updates here as the release approaches.

On the release date - if you've been following for some time you may have noticed it was pushed back. We did this to make sure some extra features (including online multiplayer) could be in the game on release. That said, we are now confident that we will be releasing in late August!

We also plan to release as Early Access, to stress that we'll be continuing to make updates with your feedback and adding more spells, levels, and characters!

Thanks for reading!

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