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“So, as we know, this will be a short a very boring AAR because Hitler is not about to attack the USSR. That is a myth foisted upon us by that arch imperialist Churchill who wants to embroil us in his capitalist war to pull his own chestnuts out of the fire. Members of the Politburo am I not correct? YES COMRADE STALIN!

Nevertheless, Zhukov wants me to pick an objective that we must hold. I pick Moscow since that's where I live. Members of the Politburo, is this a wise decision? YES COMRADE STALIN!

And now it's early in the morning and my phone is ringing. It's probably Zhukov calling to beg forgiveness. I'll shoot him next week.”

Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa - Muso;
Hello everyone!

Welcome back, today we want to highlight a Decisive Campaign: Barbarossa After Action Report! We see Erzac as the Axes, while mssm45 will face him as the Allies on the East Front.

The AAR is really interesting and updated pretty often, so hurry up and check it out!

Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa - Muso;
Today, we are going to highlight a cool Decisive Campaign: Barbarossa mod that was made by lion_of_judah, about the Iran-Iraq war!

This mod has been WIP for more than a year now, but it's making progresses at fast-pace and we are confident that it's going to be a lot of fun as soon as it's completed!

Great job lion_of_judah, keep up the good work!

Take a peek HERE!

Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa - SlithFox
Hi all!

Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa has been updated to 1.04!

Please, check out the changelog below

1.04 Patch notes

- Added the option to view combat results textual instead of graphical (E)

- Fixed the hex graphic swamp - woods transitions

- A bug with the Free SetUp option that allows the German Player a lot more latitude than was intended is fixed.

- Corrected German spelling for all SS Officer Titles

- A few minor spelling corrections for Hugo's War Diary.

- A tool tip added to the Soviet Intel report to avoid confusion as to what it's referring to.

- Tambov and Stalingrad are no longer possible FSB locations which should resolve a couple of issues with AGS and relocating FSB's.

- A bug in the big ball of code that determines Victory conditions where, under certain circumstances, a German Decisive Victory is downgraded to a Draw, Advantage Germany. I suspect that this has been the underlying issue of a few previous forum posts that I attributed to a combination of easy game settings. Fixed.

- Fatigue. It turns out that, while fatigue is only accumulated while slow Divisions are set to a Blitzkrieg posture (correct), it also only applies while in the Blitzkrieg posture (incorrect). If you switch to Sustained Offensive or Defensive postures your slouching, weary, soldaten suddenly spark up and look a lot more alert than they should. Fixed.
Panzer Corps - (Tim Stone)

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Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa - SlithFox
A new update is ready for this revolutionary wargame! Version 1.03r is now available and it brings a lot of important improvements!

Among all, the Hugo’s (War Diary) unit is given a darker shade to ID it in counter mode 1, a Soviet Instant Win Victory not triggering in unusual circumstances has been solved, and numerous text and typos are now fixed!

Be sure to check the entire list of changes below!

1.03r Changelog

• Fixed a unit, that was withdrawn during the previous turn and who was also involved in combat (and retreated), from inadvertently ending up on the Honor roll (they didn’t die, they just withdrew).

• Fixed Soviet Instant Win Victory not triggering in unusual circumstances

• Typo’s in ‘Propaganda Film’ decision fixed (OKW instead of OKH)

• Text in tool tips for Relationship tab (German) changed to highlight the difference between dynamic and static information

• Graphics speed improvements with mouse to edge of screen scrolling and option in prefs tab for faster drawing utilizing some optimized drawing code. This improves noticeably map scrolling on high resolution (4k) monitors by quite a large amount. (E)

• For all those people with special systems… Added a windows.txt file in which users can run the game in Windowed mode (at a specified width*height) or with DPI still run by Windows if they want. Not advised to use, but I thought I open it up. (E)

• Soviets Massed ART/Tanks & Air Defense card activations fixed (not showing previously when they should)

• Duplicate 56th Inf bug (German - withdraw, deploy, only one instance reported). Possible fix.

• Improved PDF victory texts for clarity in case of sudden death victories

• Numerous text and typo corrections

• Sevastopol now receives supply by sea (from Sukhumi - upgraded to major city/port in order to facilitate this)

• Hugo’s (War Diary) unit is given a darker shade to ID it in counter mode 1

• German language corrections throughout

• War Diary - fixed several issues that can occur with the death of poor Hugo.

• Tried to address some multi-monitor issues. Will need feedback to see if I made a difference. (E)

• Capping some rare to long text strings (E)

• Option to reread the diary entry once in-turn (small button next to oil) (E)

Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa - SlithFox
"This game is brilliant. Although it is incredibly indepth, it's an absolute blast!"
Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa - SlithFox
The titanic struggle between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union is here!

Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa, one of the most acclaimed wargames available for the Eastern Front, comes to Steam with its full array of innovative features and new elements!

"Winner of Grogheads "Digital Wargame of the Year” award, liked by Rock Paper Shotgun and with a 'you need to play this game' advice from the Three Moves Ahead podcast, Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa is not the usual turn-based wargame.

Along with a highly accurate, historically-realistic setting, this title employs a vibrant Chain of Command system where your decisions truly impact all three Theatres of Operations. Although still crucial, war is no longer merely dependent on military skills. As the Germans you'll actually be summoned to Berlin to report to the Führer, you’ll have to personally discuss operations with top generals like Guderian and von Rundstedt and you’ll even be contacted by shady politicians like Goebbels and Göring. Playing the Soviet side you will be Stalin himself: fighting your own paranoia and using commissar Krushev to execute traitorous commanders.

Today, the development studio VR Designs is proud to announce that this innovative masterpiece has been brought to Steam!

For this important milestone, the game has been optimized and updated with numerous balance improvements and additions, included a new map artwork and counters!
The divisions have been deployed, and orders have been sent. Now it’s up yo you, General!
Can you balance your forces in three different Theatres in order to achieve your objective?

Grab Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa now!

New to the game? Watch this series of amazing videos and tutorials!
Apr 28, 2016
Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa - SlithFox
It's available now :-)

Hi all,

We have encountered some unexpected technical issues, and unfortunately we are not able to release Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa today as originally planned.

We want to assure you that we are already on the way to solve these issues.

The game will be available very soon, but we cannot say precisely when.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thanks for your patience


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