TheWaveVR Beta - ♥Pearl Grey パールグレー♥

Hi y’all! We’ve released TheWaveVR versions 0.10.0 as well as hotfixes 0.10.1 and 0.10.2 over the past week! Here’s a list of changes from these releases, which were primarily focused on bug fixes, stability, server expansion, and optimizing performance! In addition to the updates to our software, we’re also announcing several new Resident DJs, and The Glitch Mob’s ‘See Without Eyes’ VR experience on our platform, which will be available to players world wide! Wait.. did we say “world wide”? Because TheWaveVR is internationally available now, too!

The Glitch Mob, Strangeloop Studios, and us, TheWaveVR, are very excited to announce our VR experience of The Glitch Mob's album, See Without Eyes, a 20 minute long custom mix of the album, taking users through vast surreal and interactable environments with animations and effects synchronized to the music. As always, the experience features many social elements, so make sure to jump into this one with other people!


New Features:

International Release!
Personal menu can now be opened using a wristwatch-style button.
Lasers in the home cave!
More effects and animated visuals in the Wave Builder.
Tutorial posters in the home cave starting area, specialized for each control scheme
Upcoming events poster in the Home Cave and Expanse, as well as during level loads
Search for Poly objects in the Effects tab
More compact VJ slider controls
Tracks can now be loaded on top of each other on the DJ deck
We have updated our privacy policy
Refreshed splash screen

Bug Fixes & Improvements:

Massive improvements to graphics performance
Identified and patched bugs that occasionally caused catastrophic framerate loss
Fixed bugs with saving scenes in the Wave Builder
Optimizations to the Party Board loading time
Wave Builder initial scale of objects bug fixing
Lighting fixes for Poly objects in Home Caves
Fixed the “Learn to DJ” text appearing in other home caves
Fixed the “Loading Songs n%” text appearing in Resident DJ parties
FX Cubes no longer affect notification sounds and voice chat
Countdown timers on show posters in the menu no longer freeze when out of view
Fixed issues occurring during home cave party loading
Smoother splash screen
Fixed disappearing avatar eyes
Graceful handling of low system memory
Party Poppers are now more easily triggered
Fixed a bug that caused some items to be missing from the inventory
Players entering the room no longer mysteriously appear on the floor while loading in
Higher frame rate after optimizing camera usage
Networked DJ information is better synchronized across all instances


The hand-holding feature is temporarily disabled until it is more polished. Accidental use and lack of clarity are the main reasons we’ve decided to pull this feature for now.


You can download TheWaveVR for free worldwide! ** We are designed for a room-scale experience using the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift (with Touch controllers), with experimental support for Windows MR!

We have an officially verified Discord server! Jump in and meet our very friendly community!

You can also follow us on our official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up to date on our app and new events. There is also an active community-run subreddit and a community-run Steam group!
TheWaveVR Beta - ♥Pearl Grey パールグレー♥
Hello Wavers!

We will be celebrating the wrap-up of the Ready Player One promotional event with a live 80s themed set by one of our evangelist DJs, Jen Lasher! She’ll be performing the last set in The Distracted Globe zero-gravity nightclub at 11 PM ET / 8PM PT this June 15th! Let’s throw the biggest party the Distracted Globe has ever seen before it goes into TheWaveVR vault! See you there!

Edit: We originally scheduled the party for 10PM ET | 7PM PT and have since moved it an hour later.
TheWaveVR Beta - Pearl Grey
Hey y’all! We have another major update of TheWaveVR out! This update is focused on UI improvements and User Generated Content upgrades! We’re adding a new Poly-effect in the Wave Builder, expanding DJing capabilities and Resident DJ capacity, and added some polish to the new Personal Menu we released last major update.

Inside the Wave Builder, you’ll find a new effect called Particles which lets you surround you and your visitors in hundreds of Poly objects. There are hundreds of objects to choose from and 9 parameters to tweak to your liking. We’ve also added some helpful improvements, such as the ability to search across all categories at once, and updated the look of the Wave Builder to match the Personal Menu.

The DJing tools have also received improvements. We’ve polished the layout of the sliders, including shortening the length of the crossfader for allowing fast cutting action, and moved the sample triggers lower and more towards the front. The entire DJ station is a bit lower and flatter which should help make it more accessible for smaller users.

We’ve also expanded the capacity of the Resident DJ program’s streams, and we will be adding more DJs to the lineup soon, in response to timeslot and genre requests from y’all. Resident DJs also now have access to a few new DJing features for testing, such as loop, nudge, beatjump, and re-centering knobs. Here’s the link to apply for the Resident DJ program:

We’re going to be rolling out even more features to help you throw the coolest parties in VR, and we have some shows to announce in the coming months! Remember to drink lots of water!


New Features:

Super Very Faster loading times!
Improved loading screens with tips and tricks

Wave Builder:
Particles Effect: Create a particle cloud out of Google Poly objects!
Search across all Poly categories

Personal Menu:
Show progress bar is now displayed under all currently playing scheduled shows in the menu
Show countdown is now displayed under all upcoming scheduled shows in the menu
Status indicator when someone is looking at their menu
Menu now renders above everything
Sound Effects slider: Mute sounds such as notifications and toys
Microphone Mute: You can now mute your own microphone inside the in-game menu
Snap Turn Option: You now have the option to turn off snap turning (Enabled by default)

DJ Station:
Ergonomic improvements: Lowered the console, moved the sample shots to the front
Improved microphone model
Loop, Beatjump, Nudge, and Loop Shift (For Resident DJ Beta Testers only)
Additional Stream Outputs (For Resident DJ Beta Testers only)
Introduction of a new streaming infrastructure, based on AzuraCast ( )
Toggleable Forcefield that prevents non-DJs from going inside the DJ’s booth.

Bug Fixes & Improvements:
Changes to backend server authentication and logging in, hopefully more secure and reliable
Improved cleanup of ‘empty’ Home Cave parties
Improved logic of UI highlight states
Flight speed stability in RPO
VJ sliders show up for the initial scene in your Home Cave now


You can download TheWaveVR for free on Steam in the US. ** We're currently working on expanding worldwide. ** We are designed for a room-scale experience using the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift (with Touch controllers), with experimental support for Windows MR!

We have an officially verified Discord server! Jump in and meet our very friendly community!

You can also follow us on our official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up to date on our app and new events. There is also an active community-run subreddit and a community-run steam group!
TheWaveVR Beta - Pearl Grey
Hello all! Here are the patch notes for Releases 0.8.1 (3.15.2018) through Release 0.8.5 (3.29.2018)
The past five minor releases have been focused on stability and bug-fixes. We hope these fixes will improve your experience inside TheWaveVR!

- Loading Time Optimizations
- Bug Fixes for Level Loading and Performance Joining
- Tempo-stretching Sound Quality Bugfix
- General Optimization
- Fixed the VJ pael location reset bug
- Player spawning optimization
- Improved Error Logging
- 'Ready Player One' experience cleanup and optimization
TheWaveVR Beta - ✿Bunny Pearl Grey™ パ ールグレ✿
Hello all! Excited to announce another major update to TheWaveVR! This is Version 0.8.0, and it is our biggest release yet! We have a load of updates to the Wave Builder, our tool that lets you create visuals using our prebuilt special effects and objects from the Google Poly database. We are introducing the Resident DJ Program, which is a beta-test for the custom music importing and streaming features we want to eventually release for all. We’ve redesigned much of our UI, especially our inventory, and added more features to help you socialize with friends and fellow wavers! And to top it all of, we’re announcing our Ready Player One experience, a collaboration with HTC!

This update is available on Steam NOW!

First off, let’s start with the Wave Builder: We introduced a basic version of this tool last major release, and we’ve gotten a load of feedback from y’all on how to make it better. So we did!
You can now search for specific Poly objects. This was such a highly requested feature from the community!
Undo/Redo - Also highly requested!
Better lighting/color matching with Blocks and Tiltbrush - We tweaked our lighting settings so your creations from Blocks and Tiltbrush look the same in-game as when you’ve made them
UI Improvements - You can move the panels around again!
Saving parameters - Found some cool settings you want to save? Now the slider positions you’ve set in the Wave Builder are saved to your profile!

On top of this, we’ve also added amazing tunnels and vortexes to the Wave Builder! You can toss in a Poly object and make a giant tunnel out of it. It’s hard to describe so I’ll just include a video of what I mean!

Next, we’ve made many improvements to the UI! Namely, we’ve redesigned our inventory menu, considering how many new items and settings and features we’ve added to TheWaveVR we want you to access instantly. You can now travel to different shows, friends’ parties, and locations through the menu. We’re creating a settings panel which we’ll be adding more settings to! You’ll be able to check your friends status and join them instantly as well. There’s so much new stuff, you should check it out! In addition to that, we’re introducing hand-holding mechanics! Two or more people can hold hands together and follow one avatar who is the “leader” as the leader teleports around. The “leader” can also move into different shows and places and any followers will follow them into the same place!

In the past few weeks, we’ve announced our Resident DJ Program! Our Resident DJ Program will present several shows a month on a regular schedule with fresh, new music each show, across various genres. As we expand to more regions very soon (We don’t want to be US-only!), we’ll be adding resident DJs for those regions and timezones. This program was started to address time slot availability issues for attendees, as well as to beta-test the custom music import feature with more users before we release it to everyone! We’ve already accepted our first four resident DJs, who have been long-time active community members:
Dj Reactivity
The Notorious R.B.G.
DJ Dett (Dettweiler)
As the tech gets better and current Resident DJs are trained and comfortable with our system, we will be adding more DJs to the Resident DJ Program. You can apply for the Resident DJ Program here The calendar of shows can be found here:

Finally, we are also announcing our Ready Player One collaboration with HTC VIVE! This Friday, March 9th, 2018, 9PM CST, TheWaveVR, HTC VIVE, and Warner Bros. will be presenting The Distracted Globe from “Ready Player One”, featuring Tye Sheridan (Wade Watts) mixing live from SXSW and at participating VR Arcades across the United States. We're also bringing this experience to the whole platform Thursday, March 15th, 2018, 9PM CST

We’re excited to bring the iconic nightclub scene from the upcoming Warner Bros. science fiction adventure movie, “Ready Player One”, at SXSW, participating VR arcades in the US, and to your headset. You’ll be able to virtually step into - and fly around - The Distracted Globe, featuring TheWaveVR’s signature special effects, iconic 80s music and visuals, and the ability to dance in zero gravity!



New Features:

Wave Builder aesthetic and comfort improvements
Wave Builder Search (highly user requested!)
You can save slider settings on the Wave Builder (user requested!)
Psychedelic tunnel effects in the Wave Builder
Ability to replay tutorials
Completely redesigned menu, allowing you to directly join online friends, parties, and shows from any location. Accommodations for the increasing number of party toys and trips we’re adding into TheWaveVR.
Redesigned popup messages to be more aesthetically pleasing
Experimental Vive Pro compatibility
Custom Music in Home Caves (for Resident DJ Beta Testers only)
Hand Holding: Hold a user’s hand to follow them around the scene. If they enter another scene, you will be brought with them!
Introduction of the Resident DJ Program, a limited-seat beta test for custom music import and playback. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
Artist attributions for Poly visuals used in Home Caves are now displayed
Playback progress bar for elapsed time on the DJ Decks (very very user requested!)

Bug Fixes & Improvements:
- Left/right hand fix, like, finally
Fixes to button and object intersecting interactions on the Wave Builder
Improvements to object selection in the Wave Builder
Fixing erroneous “Unsaved Changes” warnings in the Wave Builder
Fixing import of Poly objects created with both Tiltbrush and Blocks
Improvements to maximum capacity of Wave scenes
Lenovo Explorer fix
Skyworm went into hibernation
Temporarily disabled performance-unoptimized unessential objects such as the Selfie Stick
General all-around performance tweaks and fixes
Network stability, distribution, and security improvements
You can leave in-game


You can download TheWaveVR for free on Steam in the US. ** We're currently working on expanding worldwide. ** We are designed for a room-scale experience using the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift (with Touch controllers), with experimental support for Windows MR!

We have an officially verified Discord server! Jump in and meet our very friendly community!

You can also follow us on our official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up to date on our app and new events. There is also an active community-run subreddit and a community-run steam group!
TheWaveVR Beta - ✿Bunny Pearl Grey™ パ ールグレ✿
**We are happy to announce TheWaveVR's Resident DJ program as well as it's launch festival, GROUNDSWELL!**

GROUNDSWELL is four days of lit dance music and dope visuals, mixed by TheWaveVR's new Resident DJs from the community, featuring the resident DJ's custom music playlists and user-created visuals. GROUNDSWELL kicks off the start of TheWaveVR's Resident DJ Program, a series of parties thrown several times a week, featuring new music and visuals by active members of TheWaveVR community!

**The lineup and genres are as follows:**

3.5.2018 8PM PT - Dj Reactivity - Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Deep Bass, Miami Club

3.6.2018 5PM PT - The Notorious R.B.G. - Psytrance

3.7.2018 7PM PT - EVOL - Drum & Bass, Trap, Future Bass

3.8.2018 6PM PT - DJ Dett - Dubstep, Hard House

TheWaveVR's Resident DJ Program is a concept we're starting with GROUNDSWELL, where users apply to throw regularly scheduled parties, using their own music rather than the songs we ship with. This is so we can have frequent and unique events between our big shows and improve on our music tools and features before they become available to everyone, such as custom music import and streaming (two of the most user-requested features we have been making steps towards!). Due to current technical and logistical constraints, we can only accept a limited number of Resident DJs at a time, but we will be adding more DJs to regular show lineup as seats become available and we expand our tech. The application to apply for the resident DJ program is here, and we are accepting applicants on a rolling basis:

The calendar of regular shows will be available here:

We'll be pushing a new build of TheWaveVR in the coming week. Changelog will be posted at that time. **The next update to TheWaveVR will be a major update, with a lot of new features! We're excited to unveil them when the time comes!**
TheWaveVR Beta - ✿Bunny Pearl Grey™ パ ールグレ✿
TheWaveVR Update 0.7.8, Release Notes:

Added a 'Progress Bar' to the show posters. You can now know if you're jumping into the beginning, middle, or end of a show. This feature was added due to user feedback!

Adding a hardware revision of the Acer WindowsMR headset to the list of WindowsMR devices

TheWaveVR Beta - ✿Bunny Pearl Grey™ パ ールグレ✿
Hey y'all! We just delivered a small update to our app, raising the maximum scenes limit (to an unknown number - we haven't reached it!) and optimized loading of custom visuals! This was in response to overwhelming user feedback!

Thanks everyone for playing! Make sure your installation of TheWaveVR is updated!
TheWaveVR Beta - ✿Bunny Pearl Grey™ パ ールグレ✿
Hey y'all, I hope y'all've had a great start to the new year! We've just pushed Release 0.7.6 of TheWaveVR Early Access Beta.
This is a combined changelog since our last announced changelog (0.7.2).


**New Features:**

- Press 1, 2, and 3 for smoothened 1st person, and additional 3rd person cameras to display on your desktop view of TheWaveVR. Press 0 to reset your camera to what is displayed in your HMD. *This feature should be useful for streamers!*

- 200 new songs in 7 new song packs: Arms & Sleepers, Deadbeats, Funky Way, GameChops Vol. 2, Maverick's Playlist, Radiokid Records, and Wolf Beats Media. The original Wolf Beats song pack has been split into the Funky Way, Radiokid Records, and Wolf Beats Media song pack. These song packs were unlocked on Christmas, December 25, 2017 as part of our "Wavesmas" celebration.


- Tutorial polish

- Wave Builder slider hiding behavior fixes

- Scaling issues with adding new Wave Builder pieces fixed
TheWaveVR Beta - ✿Bunny Pearl Grey™ パ ールグレ✿

Happy Holidays! Tonight, we release a new update that includes several fixes and upgrades to our new Wave Builder tool in the home cave, as well as the re-release of Ash Koosha's AKTUAL, now a replayable experience on repeat in The Expanse! We got a lot of feedback from user feedback and we hope the improvements to the Wave Builder smoothen out the experience for y'all!

After the first replay of AKTUAL, our community will be throwing it's regular Monday party, hosted by Ryan! Hop into his party afterwards, we hear he has loads of visuals prepared!

Watch the trailer:


**New Features:**

- New Experience: Ash Koosha's AKTUAL, now on replay in The Expanse

- New Toy: Hot Tub

- Wave Builder panel is now attached to your hand

- Combined the VJ Panel with the Wave Builder

- Added a toggle allowing you to filter Google Poly assets by "TheWaveVR" as a keyword. This isn't the final form of looking up Poly assets, but hopefully it should make it a bit easier to find your TheWaveVR-specific creations, as requested by y'all!

- Windows Mixed Reality experimental compatibility, just in time for the holidays!

- Improved audio quality on the DJ things

- Displaying song artist, title, and album in the home caves for audiences

- Adding confirmation steps to saving and deleting scenes. This was highly requested by users!

**Major Bugfixes:**

- UI Cleanup on the Wave Builder

- Achievements for Wave Deities fixed

- Reduced hitching on initial song processing

- Enforce client updates. **Older clients will not be allowed to authenticate on our server now. You must update your clients to the latest version**

- Hardened security on our servers

- Hardened the Wave Builder's functionality


You can download TheWaveVR for free on Steam in the US. ** We're currently working on expanding worldwide. * We are designed for a room-scale experience using the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift (with Touch controllers). * As mentioned earlier, we have the first pass of experimental early-stage Windows Mixed Reality compatibility. If you are a WindowsMR user, we would love your feedback at on how to improve the experience! **

We have an officially verified Discord server! Jump in and meet our very friendly and comfy community!

You can also follow us on our official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up to date on our app and new events. There is also an active community-run subreddit and a community-run steam group!

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