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Hey guys,

we just released a new, experimental levitation locomotion! It is inspired by Colin Northways amazing recent work & enables you to navigate our wonderful locations more seamlessly, providing a better feeling of scale compared to teleporting while avoiding a lot of the hickups that sometimes occured for the previous walking locomotion when hitting rough terrain.
Here's how you use it across the different controls:

Go give it a shot & let us know what you think!


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Hoooray, the #Dom360 project, which the Cologne Cathedral destination was part of, won the most important German Online journalism award, the Grimme Online Award! To celebrate this we today released an additional location high above the cathedrals altar & with quite a view about the city of Cologne: the central tower!

So enjoy your premier vista point high up in the sky & have fun checking out what else is located around the Cathedral!

Get a sneak peak here

In the backend we also restructured the entire level loading system to work faster & more scalable! So if you are out there, keep an eye out for possible bugs and let us know if you end up in any weird places!

Happy exploring!
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Tired your 1080Ti running to cool when playing Realities? Still not a fan of the warp teleportation system? Fear no more, our new menu puts you in control!

To activate it just press the menu button (small button above the touchpad for the Vive or the B / Y buttons on the Touch controllers).

Here are some of your newly gained powers:
  • crank up the graphics! Increase screen percentage, MSAA and Texture Resolution to make Realities even more beautiful and your machine sweat
  • toggle the teleport mode between warp & instant - for the sensible stomachs
  • switch on walking for motion controls: once you set walking enabled you can press up down / left right on the touchpad on the Vive or use the little joystick on the Touch controls to walk around old school
Realities - DFin
We partnered up with German public-broadcasting institution WDR to bring one of Germany's most iconic landmarks into VR - the Cologne Cathedral.

Go on an exclusive tour through this marvel of Gothic architecture, uncover stories from it's eventful history and explore parts of this UNESCO World Heritage Site that are off limits for normal visitors!

Audio infos are available in English & German.

You will also find different content for other devices on the homepage of their cross-media project:

technical release notes:
- we switched back to uncompressed pak files - while compressed pak files saved a bit of disk space they massively increased download sizes for even small updates as they break Steams internal diff system
- small bugfixes for Death Valley (some mixed up audio files, better inserting of the cassettes into the recorder, ...)
- overall clean up & optimization to reduce disk space
- update to Unreal 4.15 with a bunch of small performance improvements

Happy exploring!
Mar 4, 2017
Realities - left_big_toe
Hey folks,

we just released a big update for Realities! Here are the highlights:

- new location! Explore 6 spots in Death Valley
- full Oculus Touch support & automatic resolution scaling for Rift users
- better visual quality & performance for all locations thanks to forward shading & MSAA
- overhaul of the menu interactions
- physics for the flyers and other interactable objects

While it's been a bit quiet on Realities for a while we've been busy on the internals, laying ground for not only Death Valley but more upcoming scans that will follow up soon!

For Death Valley we experimented not only on the technical but also on the experience side, focusing on not only the scan but bringing across the mood of the American desert. Enjoy the wonderful music composed by Konstantine Margaritis and find all of the hidden cassettes with excerpts from Reyner Benhams book America Deserta - there 3-4 in every location!

As we changed quite a few things in the engine and also some of the old locations this update will be exceptionally large - we are sorry about that but we think the increased visual fidelity will be absolutely worth it!

And now go exploring and let us know what you think, we are always keen to get your feedback to improve Realities!

The Realities team
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Hey explorers, after the feedback over the last days we updated the gamepad control scheme - and added a continous motion mode. You can now use the left thumbstick to walk without teleporting!
Sorry for the big download size, we changed some internal structure apparently screwing up the detection of the proper delta.
Community Announcements - left_big_toe
Felt lonely in Alcatraz? We just added a wonderful narration piece written by Celine Tricart and narrated by Brendan Patrick Connor - just step close to the bars and check it out. And let us know what you think of this kind of additional audio content!

Also some minor changes & bug fixes - you don't have to hold the flyers all the time anymore, just click once to grab them and once more to put them back.

Happy exploring & stay tuned!
Community Announcements - left_big_toe

Hey explorers,

exciting news: from today on Realities officially supports the Oculus Rift!
For all you Vive users, we also got some new things for you:
We replaced the polaroids that let you access the next rooms with portals and you can now select the locations on the earth with a mini teleporter. We also updated the tutorial and made it accessible via the punch of a button everytime you start Realities - so if you tired of explaining the controls whenever you show Realities to someone, here's your chance ;-)
Oh, and there's one more thing: there's a new pin on the globe - so fire up your headsets and dive right in!

Happy VRing,

the Realites team
Apr 22, 2016
Community Announcements - left_big_toe
Good news everybody - based on the feedback in the reviews we overhauled the locomotion system incorporating parabola aiming inspired by Budget Cuts & The Lab (shout out to those guys!). We also updated to the latest Unreal version, harvesting some performance improvements along the way (thanks EPIC!).
Besides that minor change for the locomotion menu: as we saw a lot of people pulling it out accidentally you now have to hold the trigger button to pull it out behind your head.
We have a bunch of cool new locations coming up, unfortunately they didn't quite make it in the update yet - but stay tuned, we'll add more pins to the globe soon!

Happy exploring!

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