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Hi folks,

Short message today as Anton is sick in bed.

To switch to the alpha branch:

Right Click H3VR in Steam and go to 'Properties'
Click on the 'Betas' tab
Click the dropdown and select 'Alpha 1'
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin
Howdy Folks!

Hope you're all having a pleasant beginning to your August. As my vacation is coming to a close, I figured it would be a good time to prepare you all for what's in store for H3 for the remainder of the Summer.

We're going to be starting a new Alpha cycle, similar to what was done for Update 52 (but hopefully much shorter). For those of your not familiar with the last cycle, in short, Updates over the coming weeks will ONLY be pushed to the Alpha Branch on steam.

In addition, during the Alpha cycle, several things will be different about the game that will result in a sub-par experience for folks used to 'things as normal' such as:

  • Some scenes will be intermittently disabled or broken without warning as core systems are replaced/modified.
  • Game balance will be WAY OFF in modes like Take and Hold, while things related to firearm damage, etc. are rebuilt.
  • Performance may be terrible in certain scenes, with certain objects, agents, etc.
  • Bugs, so many bugs

Now, you might be asking, why is this all happening? Well similar to with Update 52, there are systems in need of work, to support future modes, to improve performance, to fix long-broken issues, that need a level of rewrite that is... not frictionless. Some of this work is experimental/iterative where testing will need to be done in phases to determine if design decisions being implemented are the right ones. It will likely get messy. For the Update 59 Alpha Cycle, my focus points and goals are as follows:

System Set 1: Ballistics System Refactor

H3's current ballistics system is OLD. Much of its structure and thinking actually predate the game, and come from an earlier non-vr prototype I was working on, back when... I... um... was a far far worse coder. It's wasteful, tries to simulate far more than is needed, is almost impossible to control design-wise, makes bad assumptions, and doesn't actually produce terribly interesting ricochet and penetration behavior, despite performing a lot of expensive calculation. It was also designed at a time where the player was the only one firing projectiles, and so its computation overhead was acceptable. That is no longer the case so...

SO, instead of continuing to do what I've done for the past 2.5 years, which is just to throw more on the pile, and engineer around old terrible decisions, I'm ripping off the band-aid and completely rebuilding the projectile class itself, and the generic damage class system that everything uses for transmitting 'damage' and related things like force, references to things that do damage, etc.

The hope is that when this is all done, we should get the the following benefits:

  • MUCH cheaper projectile code in general.
  • More interesting, differentiatable behavior when projectiles of various types strike various materials. Wood, plastic, and thin metal, plaster and like will be more able to be penetrated.
  • Ricochets will be more common and occur at the types of angles they should.
  • Multiple penetration will actually happen when it should.
  • Transmission of damage, especially differentiating armor-penentrating rounds from expanding and frangible projectiles will be more interesting and accurate.
  • Projectiles and melee hits will be able to 'carry' other types of damage as well, from thermal, to emp, to just physics force. Instead of a nasty hacky set of additions i've made over the past year, this will all be unified.

In short, it will matter more what type of round you're firing out of a gun (AP, FMJ, JHP, Slugs, Buckshot, Flechettes, etc.). Certain round types will be far more situational, and there will be more reasons for me to to make combat environments contain more types of materials, as the penetrability of those materials will make the range of cover-to-concealment more tactically interesting based on weapon platform.

It will be a cleaner, faster, and roundly better simulation, and despite juuuuuuuust how many things I will have to break and rebuild to make this happen, it will be more than worth it in the end. The goal is to make this the last time I ever have to significantly change or expand this part of H3's systems.

System Set 2: Impact Sounds

This was originally planned for Update 52, but due to the changes that were needed both for core Physical Objects and Melee weapons, I opted to hold off on this upgrade rather than delay Update 52 another 2-3 weeks. So we're going to finally deal with this now. The focus will primarily be on cartridges, shells, guns, mags and melee weapons, but other generic holdable objects should also get a sonic upgrade from this. Everything will be migrated over to the sound pooling system, so in addition to sound better, impact sounds should get the consistency and performance improvements brought by those systems.

System Set 3: Sosig Agents

Anyone who has been watching the Twitch streams know about these. I've been planning these on paper since the New Year, and development on them is finally moving apace. Essentially a Wiener-bot Mk. 3, the Sosigs are the first truly new bot approach I've taken since the first multi-segment agents.

They will have a host of new features including:

  • Truly physics reactive movement and behavior rather than the current bots just pushing through things
  • Ability to 'crouch' and go 'prone' to more effectively use cover
  • More efficient and reactive pathing that will allow for the placement of obstacles without the bots freaking out
  • Complex damage system that includes leaking mustard, joints that can be broken, the ability to fall down and recover.
  • Jointed weapon holding such that held weapons can be deflected and disarmed
  • The ability to be grabbed, whacked, thrown, stabbed, lodged, and every other manner that you folks enjoy beating your meat.
  • Significantly more nuanced and complex perceptual system that will be able to be manipulated better with toys, sounds, as well as enabling stealthier game-play
  • More hilarious Voice Lines
  • HATS!

The order of development on these will proceed from the ground up in three rough phases:

Phase 1 (in progress): Sosigs will be implemented as incredibly reactive targets first, with damage balancing done against firearms, melee weapons, explosions and physical/collision trauma.

Phase 2: Following this, they will be 'taught' to 'fight locally', meaning to react to targets in their immediate area and attempt to dodge fire when engaged. Their only navigation in this mode will be immediate vicinity, and they won't yet 'know' anything about the map in general

Phase 3: A new, much more efficient pathing-and-cover grid will be built for them (available only in some modes), that will allow them to cross large distances to fight, pick cover and engagement direction based on what they're fighting, flank, and run away. This will be the _hard_ part. Truth be told, I'm not even sure this will work out how I envision, but I'm going to give it my best shot.

Important Note on these: Due to just how different these bots will be from the existing wiener-bots, these will NOT be replacing the bots in Wurstwurld and Take & Hold. They will behave far too differently such that those entire scenes would have to be rebuild/redesigned with them in mind, and that effort is better spent on new content and modes moving forward.

The Update 59 Alpha Cycle Will Begin On Friday

If you would like to participate in the Alpha: Right click on H3 in steam, go to properties, go to the betas tab, and switch to the branch called 'Alpha 1'. REMEMBER, things will be broken randomly during the Alpha cycle, and there may be multiple 2-3gb downloads a week during it. If bandwidth usage is important to you, do proooobably don't want to be on the alpha.

If you do NOT want to run the Alpha: Do the above, but make sure you have 'none' selected in the betas drop down.

So in conclusion, to those of you who stuck through reading all of this, thanks! and I hope you're excited to journey through another Alpha cycle with me. This one's tremendously exciting to me, as its emphasis is on truly refining the core game-play systems of H3, creating new opportunities both tactical and ridiculous, and establishing the ground work for some exciting seeeeecret things coming early in 2019 (taps fingers together maniacally).

Hope you all have a wonderful week, and I will see you all on stream this week, or on the devlog on Friday!


Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin

Howdy Folks!

Have got a jam packed update for you this week. As this is going to be the last update this month (vacaaaaaation time), I made sure to stuff as many things in as I was able.

There are two major systemic changes I'm experimenting with in this update that I'd like y'all to give a shot when you get a chance. The first one is the attempt to make the virtual stock still function usefully when a gun in held in only one hand. The blend-in of the function is suuuuper specific, so you need to get your firing hand pretty close to the HMD for it to kick in. Mostly it's there for folks who like to carbine up pistols with stocks, but omit a forward grip. Let me know what you think.

In addition to that, as shown in the vid we've got the ability to rack pistols against objects (including each other) now. PLEASE let me know if this system 'fires' in moments where you don't want it to. I tried to make it as smart as possible, but it might still act a little odd.

Anywho, I will leave you to the new toys. Hope you all have a wonderful next two weeks, and I will see you all again on August 10th!



Update 58 Changelog:

- Added New Firearm: M1Shorty16 (7.62x51mm) w. 10 rnd magazine
- Added New Firearm: AKM Tactical (7.62x39mm) w. 30 rnd magazine
- Added New Firearm: P762 Marksman’s Rifle (7.62x51mm) w. 20 rnd magazine
- Added New Firearm: SCR AR-15 Pistol (5.56x45mm)
- Added New Firearm: CZ Evo3 Carbine (9x19mm) w. 30 rnd magazine
- Added New Firearm: P22 Pistol (.22lr) w. 10 rnd magazine
- Added New Firearm: FiveSeven Pistol (5.7x28mm) w. 20 rnd magazine
- Added New Firearm: Deagle50 (.50 AE) w. 7 rnd magazine
- Added New Firearm: M14 (7.62x51mm) with 20 and 30 rnd magazines
- Added New Firearm: ACR Sport (5.56x45mm)

- Virtual Stock Experiment: Attempts to stabilize stocked objects with only one hand
- Handguns can now be slide-wracked against objects
- Rebuild stocked-pistol recoil system. Should behave correct relative to other smgs now.
- Powerups Now Have Labels On Them (Finally)
- Raised Slot Position For Backback In All Configurations
- QC9 Now has magazine grab trigger
- Flipzo can now be lit by flicking other hand by it

- Renamed Body Pillow to Soseji-chan Dakimakura
- Fixed MP-40 Magazine Interpolation Bug
- Fixed Quickbelt Pose for Bangsnaps Box
- Fixed Quickbelt Pose for Matches Box
- PP91 Fire selector positions fixed
- Minigun Quickbelt Pose fixed
- Fixed Mk211 50 bmg ammo explosion
- Objects in backpack can no longer be accidentally grabbed
- Fixed harnessed backpack not returning to correct position

- Old M14-Vietnam Model removed
- Old M14 DMR Model removed
- Old M14 20 and 30 round magazines removed

Known (Major Issues):
- Vault is still broken
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin

Howdy Folks!

Howdy Folks!

Hope you’re all having a pleasant beginning to your weekend and staying cool (we’re melting here in LA currently). Have a smaller update for you all this week, couple goof-ball toys I’ve been meaning to throw in, along with a really important system test.

The backpack shown in here is designed around the idea of making the loadout you run be able to be more ‘realistic’ in regards to modern infantry combat. Paires with either of the new tactical test loadouts, it should allow you to carry everything you might need for a primary engagement on your chest, while keeping spare ammo and alternate platforms on your back for situational use.

To try it out, I _highly_ recommend playing T&H with the constraint of only duplicating magazines when at the supply point. I’d LOVE feedback from you about how tenable this is, and at what difficulty levels (# of hold points) you find that you simply can’t carry enough ammo to deal with before the hold point ends. I’d eventually like to make this an actual mode/option, but am still trying to get a sense of how it impacts the difficulty curve/ceiling.

Update 57 Changelog:

- Added New Firearm: SCX Futuristic Machine Pistol (4.6x30mm)
- Added New Melee Weapon: Katana
- Added New Throwing Weapon: Shuriken
- Added New Grenade: Impact Smokebomb
- Added New Quickbelt Layout: Tactical Centered
- Added New System: Backback-only quickbelt slot
- Added New Backback: Standard Frame Backpack A

- Magazine pose interpolation system built. Inserting and ejecting magazines should now be much more visually smooth/physical looking/immersive
- Altered Melee Weapon Collision behavior to try to help prevent them ‘glitching’ into things
- Melee weapons now always use ‘floating’ mode to prevent them passing through targets while moving
- All Stripper Clips can now have rounds ejected from them onto the ground, into the hand, into a quickbelt slot
- G19 Magazine corrected from 19 to 15 round capacity
- Adjusted Quickbelt Layout #9 - TacticalTest Mk 3
- Tweaked PSO scope settings
- Item Spawner now has categories for: Foregrip, Stock, Bolt-action Pistol
- All relevant items to above categories moved where appropriate
- Suppressors Category renamed to Muzzle Devices
- Sako Obrez and Mosin Obrez moved to Bolt Action Pistols

- MT1 Sight orientation fixed
- Fixed incorrect lock points on several 1911s
- G3A3 Rotating Bolt Handle behavior fixed
- Fixed XM84 pin positions and optimized collision
- Fixed sound effect on XM84 explosion

Known (Major Issues):
- Vault is still broken
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin

Howdy Folks!
Hope you're all having a wonderful day! On this most thematically appropriate holiday of the year for H3, we've got some very special (and goofy as all get out) toys for you today.

We hope you enjoy them very much! Remember, it's not just the new gats in the indoor range, but the fireworks have been rebuilt as well, so hop on over to the Arizona at Night range, and fire off some roman candles, or load an AA-12 up with some Cannonball 12 gauge and enjoy the lightshow :-)

Have a Happy, Safe and Relaxing Holiday!


Anton & All Of Us Here @ RUST LTD.

Update 56 Changelog

- Added New Firearm: Quackenbush 1886 Boy’s Rifle (.22lr)
- Added New Firearm: Takedown 10/22 (.22lr) with 10 and 25 rnd Magazines
- Added New Firearm: 1894 Lever Action Rifle (.44 magnum)
- Added New Firearm: Hand Crank Frank Portable Gatling gun (45-70 Govt.)
- Added New Firearm: M2 Tombstone (.50 bmg)

- Rebuild Roman Candles & 12 gauge Cannonball Rounds to Make them prettier

Known (Major Issues):
- Vault is still broken

Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin
Howdy Folks!

Hope you're all doing well and have some fun things planned for the Holiday weekend. We've got a small update for you today, in part because there's going to be ANOTHER update on the 4th of July. That one will be going live approx. 9am PST on Wednesday so you folks who have the day off can have the whole day to play with it!

As for today's update, I hope you all enjoy the AA-12 as much as I do. It's easily the most powerful 12gauge platform, and has this bulky, almost sci-fi edge to it. It's almost too good with its incredibly controllable recoil, with it's size being it's only real downside. I imagine we'll have to move to fictional firearms if we ever want a shotgun that's even more ridiculous.

Anywho, I will leave you now with the links mentioned in the devlog, and this week's changelog. For those of you having your 4th of July weekend early, I wish you best, and I'll y'all here again on Wednesday.


- Anton


Anton's Twitch:

H3VR Unofficial Discord:

H3VR VR Gaming Discord:

Update 55 Changelog:

- Added New Firearm: AA12 (12 gauge) with 8 round and 20 round magazines
- Added New Firearm: AKS-74U Tactical (5.45x39mm)
- Added New Attachment: Classic Flagtachment
- Added New Attachment: Wiener Pride Flagtachment

- Fixed Incorrect G3A3 spawning in T&H
- Fixed incorrect reflection probe culling
- Fixed incorrect references in FirearmAudioClipset profiles
- Made PSO Reticle clearer

Known (Major Issues):
- Vault is still broken
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin

Hope you're all doing well! We've got another little update for ya this week comprising some new toys, and some systemic changes that I think will make a big impact for many you!

The Virtual stock has come out working better than I could have anticipated, and I honestly don't think I've turned it off since I started using it earlier this week. I'm just glad I got over my irrational dislike of the concept to give it an implementation shot myself. Would love to know what you folk think.

Anywho, I'm gonna jump back to my tinkering, so I'll leave you with a change-log for this update. Everything else important this week is more than well covered in the devlog!




- Added New Firearm: G3A3 Battle Rifle (7.62x51mm) w. 20 rnd Magazine
- Added New Firearm: Fal Battle Rifle (7.62x51mm) w. 10, 20 and 30 rnd Magazines
- Added New Firearm: SKS Classic (7.62x39mm)
- Added New Firearm: Micro Uzi Machine pistol (9x19mm)
- Added New System: Virtual Stock (enable in Input Options)
- Added New Quickbelt slot Type: Magazine
- Added New Quickbelt Option: Tactical Test Mk. 3

- Adjusted ‘size’ parameter used by many objects for determining what quickbelt slot things can go in
- All ‘over the shoulder’ quickbelt slots are now ‘Massive’ meaning they can carry 2h melee weapons, lmgs, the M107, and equivalently sized things.
- Powerup meats are now half the size

- Fixed Quickbelt pose for ammunition, magazines, clips, speedloaders

- Removed Option: Mag duplication uses default load (kept being turned on accidentally and noone uses it)

Known (Major Issues):
- Vault is still disabled due to being broken.
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin
Howdy Folks!

Weeeeeeeeee're BACK this week, with a another toy-packed update. It um... sorta got out of hand, as I had originally planned to only add a few of these attachments, but kept having "while I'm here, I might as well..." moments, and that somehow became 20 new attachments.. Took almost a whole work day just doing all the meta-data and item-spawner specific things for them all.

Out of everything, I think the MRS sight is probably my favorite. I tried to really punch up the visibility of it, as I know some of the reticles can be a bit hard to see in certain contexts.

Remember: while it's fun to kit a gun out, each added attachment does come with some performance overhead, so if you put a ton of things on a single gun, and use smooth locomotion, it can hit your CPU pretty hard. Fair warning.

Anywho, hope y'all enjoy all the new toys. See you next week!




- Added New Firearm: SG 550 Assault Rifle (5.56 x 45mm)
- Added New Firearm: Uzi Pro (9x19mm) Pistol
- Added New Firearm: G17 (9x19mm) Pistol
- Added New Firearm: G18 (9x19mm) Machine Pistol
- Added New Firearm: G17 Custom (9x19mm) Pistol
- Added New Firearm: G19 (9x19mm) Pistol with standard and Hi-Cap Magazines
- Added New Attachment: SG Foregrip
- Added New Attachment: Large Vertical Foregrip
- Added New Attachment: M145 Scope (3.4x)
- Added New Attachment: MRS Red Dot Sight
- Added New Attachment: MT1 Red Dot Sight
- Added New Attachment: SRS2 Red Dot Sight
- Added New Attachment: Uzi Pro Suppressor
- Added New Attachment: G19 Suppressor
- Added New Attachment: Sureglow Light
- Added New Attachment: Klash Light
- Added New Attachment: Canted Iron Sight Pair
- Added New Attachment: MP Iron Sight Pair
- Added New Attachment: Tactical Laser 3
- Added New Attachment: Tactical Laser 4
- Added New Attachment: Tactical Laser 5
- Added New Attachment Set: Rail Covers in Short, Medium, Long
- Added New Attachment: Vector-style Stock
- Added New Attachment: PP2000-style Stock
- Added Stock attachment support to all nearly Revolvers
- Added Attachable Foregrip support to railed revolvers
- Added Rear Stock attachment point to Cobray M11/9

- Tec9 Super Duper Illegal Version converted to Open Bolt
- Optimized texture data usage across large swaths of pre-loaded content for stability/perf/load times
- Vector45 Shroud is no longer a suppressor, but a Shrouded Barrel Extension
- Suppressor Generic 1 renamed to Hitman Suppressor
- Suppressor Generic 2 renamed to PBS1 Suppressor
- Suppressor Generic 3 renamed to Aim5 Suppressor
- Suppressor Generic 3 renamed to MUS-1 Suppressor
- Suppressor Generic 5 renamed to Triad Suppressor
- Suppressor Generic 6 renamed to Boxy Suppressor
- Suppressor Generic 7 renamed to HexBolter Suppressor
- Suppressor Generic 8 renamed to PBS4 Suppressor

- Mosin Obrez stock pos glitch, and muzzle pos glitch fixed
- Defender 45 Trigger Fixed
- M249 Bipod Height Offset Fixed
- M249 Belt State bugs fixed
- M249 non-moving attachments on top cover fixed
- Open Bolt guns trigger state now properly updated on drop
- Broken Chainsaw sub-material fixed
- Handgun Slide held + Slide release dropped sound spam bug fixed
- Fixed Quickbelt swap crash bug
- LAPD 2019 laser now properly ‘hit’ agent bodies again
- M107 A1’s Iron Sights now flip up

- Removed Shrouded Vector 45 Variant (redundant, shroud is available in suppressor category)
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin
Howdy Folks!

At long last, after a grueling 4 months, 13 Alphas, and far more work than I ever anticipated, Update 52 is live and off the Alpha Branch. We've got a positively gargantuan change-log for you.

The big scene addition is the Sampler Platter, which is H3's tutorial scene of sorts (with a dynamic help system that shows you the next step needed to ready an object/firearm for use, with custom illustrations showing controls for both Vive and Rift).

There are of course all the delightful toys from the past couple months, and a couple new, very special, long awaited additions that I know you folks will love (and will allow me to remove an oft asked question from the FAQ hehe).

Well, as I've covered things fairly completely in the video, I'll just let the changelog speak for itself. Happy to answer any and all questions you folks might have though!



Update 52 Changelog:

TLDR (the big stuff):

Audio System Rebuild (Still ongoing)
- All firearms have new mixed Audio (MASSIVE FREAKING SHOUT-OUTS TO PATRICK!!!)
- Local Reverb System, with gun shot+tail sample sets for 8 reverb archetypes and a bunch a parameterized mid-points
- Player location-sensitive dynamic reverb for all other sounds
- Rebuilt bot authored-reverb gunshot sounds for bots
- Efficient sound occlusion system
= Time-of-flight delay for distant sound effects

Recoil System Rebuild
- More detailed, mass-driven recoil profiles for all guns
- Recoil damping behavior now takes into account hand positions, grips and stock proximity to shoulder
- Two-handing pistols now makes significantly more difference in muzzle recovery time (simply have your other hand near the grip, either empty, or holding a magazine, knife or flashlight to brace the gun)

Automatic Handgun Rebuild
- Trigger Styles now simulated (SA, SA/DA, DAO, Strikerfire)
- Slide Movement now occurs across full range, including lock-point
New Audio Events
- Greater control and reliability in slide spring simulation
- Round now animates during chambering and extraction
- More nuance/options in Safety behavior
- More nuanced, accurate and varied safety/decercking behavior

Tubefed Shotgun Rebuild
- Pump shotguns can no longer ‘jam’ with slow movement of pump
- Manually chambered rounds are now placed on the carrier instead
- Switching between pump and automatic mode for Spas12 now _works_
- Intertial Racking no longer breaks all the time

Closed & Open Bolt Weapon Rebuild
- Bolts can now be pulled back further than lock point (as should be the case)
- More consistent behavior
- Cleaned up many state-combination related bugs
- More reliable fire rates
- Can no longer ‘jam’ during frame drops

Explosions System Rebuilt
- Actual Pressure/heat damage done now.
- Simulated Overpressure when explosions occur in small environments
- Explosion Damage is only partially occluded by cover (be careful!)
- Explosions and shrapnel system have gotten significant optimizations
- Smoke system added for smoke grenades

New Attachment Type: Fore-grips
- New attachable fore-grips allow for a new grab point for the gun fore
- Can be removed by grabbing via them, then clicking touchpad down
- Attempts to resolve a good base pose hybrid with gun’s original foregrip point. Will glitch if you place them stupidly though.

New Attachment Type: Stocks
- All automatic pistols can mount attachable stocks (revolvers coming soon)
- Allow for carbine-izing things, especially in cases where a foregrip can be mounted.
- 3 Historical and 2 modern stocks available

Take & Hold Game Mode Significantly Retuned
- Better Bot spawning progression
- Multiple loot tables
- More stable pathing
- Wandering Bot Groups
- More Varied Spawns
- New Health Options

Meat Grinder Re-tuned
- New Hydraulic bots
- Better Spawn Tables
- Plenty of bug fixes

Added Firearms - Pistols
- 1911 Operator (9x19mm) with integrated Red Dot Sight
- M9A3 (9x19mm) w. 17 rnd magazine
- Defender 45 (.45 ACP)
- Dillinger’s 1911 (.45 ACP) with integrated foregrip and compensator
- Luger Artillery LP08 (9x19mm) with 32-round Snail Drum
- Luger Carbine 1902 (9x19mm)
- Luger WTH Mod (9x19mm) (Fictional)
- M712 Machine Pistol (7.63x25mm Mauser)
- P38 & P38 Snub Pistols (9x19mm)
- Degel .50 (.50 Imaginary) (Imaginary)
- Oversize 1911 (.45 ACP Oversize) (Fictional)

Added Firearms - Shotguns
- Auto 5 Shotgun (12 gauge)
- M1897 Trench Gun (12 gauge)
- Wells 1864 Coach Gun (12 gauge)
- Double Barrel 1882 Shotgun (12 gauge)
- CQB 870 (12 gauge)
- Express 870 (12 gauge)

Added Firearms - SMGs & Carbines
- M1928 Thompson (.45 ACP) w. 50 and 100 rnd Drum Mags
- MX4 Carbine (9x19mm)
- Mauser Trench Carbine (7.63x25mm Mauser) with 10, 20, 30 and 40 rnd. Magazines
- Mauser Assault Carbine (7.63x25mm Mauser) (Fictional)
- Kalishniluger (9x19mm)
- Blyskawica (9x19mm)
- Model 38 (9x19mm)
- Thompson Carbine Prototype (.30 Carbine)
- Hyde Light Rifle Prototype (.30 Carbine)
- Model 81 (.35 Remington) with 15 round magazine

Added Firearms - Rifles
- Johnson 1941 (.30-06)
- Model 70 (.308 Winchester)
- M38 Mosin Nagant (7.62x54mmR)
- Springfield 1903 (.3006 Springfield)
- K98k (7.92x57mm)

Added Firearms - Light Machineguns
- M249 (5.56 x 45mm) w. 200rnd Belt Box
- MG 42 (7.92x57mm) w. 50 rnd Assault Drum
- Bren LMG (.303 British) w. Bipod
- BAR LMG (.30-06) w. Bipod
- DP28 Shorty (7.62x54mmR)
- DP28 (7.62x54mmR) w. Bipod

Added Firearms - Launchers
- MGL Grenade Launcher (40x46mm Grenade)
- M320 Grenade Launcher (40x46mm Grenade)
- SturmPistole (SturmGrenade)

Other Additions:
- Added New Grenade: XM84 Stun Grenade
- Added New Grenade: M18 Smoke Grenade in several colors
- Added Mk. 2 Frag Grenade
- Added No. 69 Impact Grenade
- Added Steilhandgranate
- Added New Magazine: 1911 Extended Mag
- Added New Stripper Clip: .30-06 Springfield
- Added New Stripper Clip: .303 British
- Added New Attachment: M1 Garand Prototype Optic
- Added New Attachment: Suppressor Mp9
- Added New Attachment: Suppressor Model 27
- Added New Attachment: Suppressor Shroud
- Added New Attachment: Luger Stock Artillery
- Added New Attachment: Luger Stock Carbine
- Added New Attachment: C96 Mauser Stock
- Added New Attachment: Foregrip Mini
- Added New Attachment: Foregrip MX4
- Added New Attachment: Foregrip QC9
- Added New Attachment: Foregrip Vector45
- Added New Attachment: Foregrip Angled Black
- Added New Attachment: Foregrip Angled Tan
- Added New Attachment: Handstop QC9
- Added New Attachment Set: Barrel Extensions (Short, Medium, Long)
- Added New Attachment: M84 for M1/M2 Carbine
- Added New Ammo Variations: 40x46mm (HE, Airburst, MPARMS, Practice, CSGas + 5 Fictional ones)
- Added New Bot Weapons (MP5SD, Scout, AKM, Uzi)
- Added New Bot Type: Combat Shield
- Added New Option: Hand-to-object Mode (Direct, Floating) allows performance/behavior tradeoff

- M79 Model rebuilt and improved to be less wobbly
- M79 Now uses break-action shotgun controls
- All explosions rebalanced using new system, some shrapnel removed
- 870 shotguns renamed to what they ACTUALLY are, namely MB500s
- Added functional safety to PPK
- Added functional safety to Desert Eagle 44
- Cyber Pistol now fire 10mm DSM cartridges
- Sako85 Now has visible hammer movement
- Sako85 and 8400s now have safeties
- Bolt Actions now have Hammers/Cocked Indicators
- Mac11 totally rebuilt using new Open-Bolt System
- Tactical 8400 & 8400 Shorty can now mount suppressors
- Stripper Clips now have sounds for affixing and removing
- Stripper Clips are now automatically detached from a firearm when grabbed if firearm magazine is full.
- Vz64 now has functional folding stock
- Vz64 now has Magazine Grab Trigger
- Mac11 now has Magazine Grab Trigger
- Altered G22 Full AutoMod’s rate of fire
- AK101 now has functional folding stock
- PPK, M9, PX4, 1911s all given new more accurate varied safety behavior
- Slides for handguns no longer ‘jump’ when grabbed, but actuate properly taking the local offset of initial z-axis grab point into account
- (Boomskee) Added several more height settings and switched buttons over to use laser-pointer
- Foregrips removed from Vector 45s, UMP, QC9, Mk18
- Under-rail and foregrip removed from CX4
- AKS-74U now has Russian-style rail mount on side
- Stripper Clips can now have rounds ejected from them
- Suppressor Mount Added to Model 8
- Attachment Rails Added to Famas F1
- Galil Picatinny top rail removed and replaced with Russian-style side mount
- Attachment Rails Added to L85A1
- SWAG 12 HE/FA rounds fixed/improved

- Safety can no longer be engaged on AK style weapons when bolt would block said movement
- SPAS12 mode switch now actually works
- Fixed Aug A3’s capacity (it should be 42 for the magazine I have, whoops)
- Bolt-action alt mode can no longer be cycled into when bolt is not forward (to prevent state glitches)
- Fixed suuuuuuuuper messed up irons on Rhino20DS
- 1873 variant magazine capacities corrected
- Cyber Grenade fuse setting now saved correctly when spawn-duplicating

- Rise of the Rotwieners removed until next Halloween (being re-imagined)
- Removed all old ‘gold mags’
- Removed Mp9 Suppressed (its suppressor is now available seperately)
- OG M4 has now been removed instead of migrated to new systems
- M4 Handlesight removed
- M1D Garand Removed (Scope is now an attachement option)
- M1 Carbine M84 version Removed (Scope is now an attachment option)
- M2 Carbine M84 version Removed (Scope is now an attachment option)
- L85 Susat version Removed (Scope is now an attachment option)
- Model 8 Shorty Removed (hur durr gun can’t work like that due to reciprocating barrel)
- 8 gauge shotgun removed for rebuilding
- RPK removed for rebuilding
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin
Howdy Folks!

Wanted to give you all a heads up; as this is the final week of development on Update 52, focusing on fixing bugs, there are going to be a whole bunch of pushes to the Alpha branch. If you're currently on the Alpha branch, and don't want to be frequently downloading several-gig updates as I do this final iteration, you have two options:

1. Switch back off of beta branches to mainline

2. Set your update option for the game to "only update this game when I launch it" in the Properties -> Updates section of the game.

As mentioned this past weekend, any and all help is useful in bug hunting for this final push for the update. If you run into functionality issues of any kind (lets hold the gun-inaccuracy/game balance stuff til later), please do create a bug report thread here in the BUG REPORTS section of the Steam Community forum.

The build being pushed today is meant to address a couple things, by altering the way that physics is calculated related to frame rate. These are fairly major changes under the hood, but SHOULD only result in user-side change that is somewhere between imperceptible to better.

- Major physics-related perf. spikes/sudden frame-rate implosion should be majorly improved

- Frame drops due to moving a complex gun over quick-belt holstered items while moving should be improved

- That Meatgrinder bug where a billion items would spawn out of a meatpile/box and then crash you SHOULD be fixed now

- The experience in game when having to run in reprojection should be less spiky and more stable (for our very low-hardware-spec users).

Hope you're all having a wonderful week!


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