Book of Demons - Wiedźma Danaien

They say that "Archdemon never sleeps"... and neither do we! It appears that recent storms over the Paperverse electrified some things. Today's update introduces new enemies you haven't the opportunity to meet before:

Electric bosses
They might seem quite harmless at distance, but don't give them a chance to come close. Every time an electric boss is hit the damage you deal them converts to ball lightning that flies your way.

Better have your Boots card polished and shiny as it might be a good idea to be well grounded in the near future!

In other news
As usual, the update also introduces a bunch of fixes. You will find the full changelog below. Those of you who enjoy hunting for achievements will be happy to hear that "I'm Invincible" achievement requirements were lowered from 10 deaths to 8 in Roguelike mode.

Another noteworthy change: Legendary Chaotic Ring effect got significantly buffed.

Besides that, we are busy planning future updates for Book of Demons and production of the next games. We are also expanding the team and switching offices (our lovely current spot is scheduled for demolition so it makes sense to plan ahead and not to be blindsided by a wrecking ball ːpaperdeathː). All this in hands of just seven people so it's busy as usual ːarchduckː

Changelog for version 1.00.18135 13th March 2019
  • Added bosses with a new tag Electric
  • Fixed a crash occurring when Twitch viewers type a dungeon command during a legendary card voting
  • Changed incorrect text on a death screen after death during quest mastering
  • Reduced number of resurrections needed to unlock the 3rd level of achievement "Tis' but a scratch"
  • Fixed Evil warrior, Evil rogue and Evil mage taunting with an empty text
  • Adjusted a change of light intensity during a Meteor fall in a dungeon
  • Changed Instigator's (legendary Chaotic Ring) effect's trigger chance from incorrect 0.1-2% to 3/5/7%
  • Removed the "Online Battle" button from Selection Screen - the feature may come back sometime in the future
  • Fixed game freezing when trying to load corrupted save file
  • Minor UI corrections
  • Added new supporters to credits

As always,
Stay safe in the dungeons ːarchduckː
Book of Demons - Konstanty

Online Battles timed event has ended on schedule and we would like to take a moment to sum it up.

First of all: it worked! This was not granted as it was a very experimental networking code, something we never did before. Besides some matchmaking issues, the mode ran smoothly, which we count as a success. We also gathered a lot of useful data on network loads and general multiplayer design. Both will come in handy when working on future games in the Return 2 Games series.

While the scoring, like the whole event, was experimental and should be taken with a pinch of salt the results are in!

Over 1000 players competed with three players getting ahead of the pack:
  • kenzos75 with 15 won matches and only one match lost,
  • Lokken with 10 matches won and
  • our teammate Wiedźma Danaien who, to our surprise, played the mode a lot and won 7 battles.
Congratulations everyone, it was fun! And in case you were wondering why so many hearts for the header animation for this news: Happy Valentine's Day everyone! ːpaperheartː ːpaperheartː ːpaperheartː

Stay safe in paper dungeons ːarchduckː
Book of Demons - Konstanty

One recurring request during Early Access was to add multiplayer to the game. We researched that and experimented but in the end, it became obvious we can't do it without rewriting the game from scratch. However, while experimenting we came up with a multiplayer competitive mode that works and we had a surprising amount of fun playing it.

We decided to share this experiment with you. So, without further ado, we present...

Online Battles

What are Online Battles? It's a timed event that will run for a week starting now. Two players are matched together. Both competing heroes share the same class, same random cards, and the same dungeon.

After initial 20 seconds for picking a hand out of random cards, the battle begins. Each time a player slays a monster, a shadow of this monster will spawn in opponent's dungeon. Shadows are tinted red and while they can deal damage and be killed they don't count against total monsters count. Whoever kills all the enemies (excluding shadows spawned by the opponent) wins! There is no way to interact with the other player besides throwing your defeated enemies at him. Watch your opponents moves, time your kills well to throw a wrench in his plans. Two men enter, one man leaves ːpaperdeathː

Why? For fun and science!

It's very important to stress that this is not a completely finished product. It's more of an experiment we put together and are sharing after hewing the roughest of edges. This is our first attempt at multiplayer so we hope it will work reasonably well and you will have fun with it.

We would love to include multiplayer in all future games and we are looking forward to learning a lot from this experiment.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback.

Changelog for version 1.00.18019
  • Experimental Online Battles mode
  • Fixed walking in the dungeon using WASD keys not working when mouse cursor was over the lower bar
  • Fixed issue when the player could walk in the dungeon with stats window open
  • Fixed card Relic of Rage showing incorrect initial trigger value
  • Disenchanting currently not equipped card variant won't switch the current variant to common while resetting charges to zero anymore
  • Fixed issue when crosscut was scrolling simultaneously with opened frame scrollbar
  • Fixed typos in multiple translations

As always,
Stay safe in the paper dungeons (and slay faster than the other guy) ːpaperheartː
Book of Demons - Krzysztof

Don't think the work on the game slowed down. A new pack of bugfixes and translation updates is here.

Among the changes we made in this version more notable are:
  • Roguelike enthusiasts don't have to die in order to see their results in Roguelike Deepest Death leaderboard (effective from next month's season)
  • The first usage of Golem card after leaving and reentering the dungeon with the other staircase will work correctly instead of just wasting your mana and putting the card on cooldown
  • Ghosts will no longer get stuck in walls when low on health and the player levels up. Ghosts currently stuck in walls will come out
  • Gargoyles in stone form are no longer selectable when you play with a controller

Full changelog

Version 1.00.18019 24th January 2019
  • Fixed an issue where upgrade card window showing the wrong cost just after downgrading card in slot
  • Fixed an issue where card lost on higher difficulty would become unavailable and variant change was not possible
  • Fixed typos in multiple translations
  • Fixed golem card not going on cooldown after leaving the dungeon with golem and reentering it
  • Fixed Quest Mastering tutorial displaying the wrong amount of keys
  • Fixed fear aura not resuming after the card is disabled
  • Fixed achievement "The first Riddle" not being granted after identifying all unidentified cards at once
  • Fixed heal spell timing issues
  • Fixed ghost sometimes getting stuck in walls if the hero leveled up on that level
  • Fountains no longer change the cursor to "use" when the hold key is held down
  • Fixed miscounting cards for Full Deck achievements (Full Armory, Full Stash, Full Library)
  • Deprecated card Helmet can no longer be found in the dungeon
  • Fixed particle effect on the lost card
  • Fixed an issue where disenchanting a card could prevent it from dropping ever again
  • Fixed a crash occurring during card disenchantment sequence
  • Allow alive character in roguelike final death leaderboard
  • Fixed Cold Nova not spawning icicle on the position of a killed monster
  • Gargoyles in stone form are no longer selectable when using the controller
  • Updated translations
  • Supporters added to credits

As always,
Stay safe in paper dungeon ːpaperheartː
Book of Demons - Konstanty

It’s been a whole month since Book of Demons went out of Early Access and the launch dust has settled a bit, so we feel it’s the right moment to talk about the future. Also, it’s the beginning of a new year, so what better time to make new and bold plans? But before we jump to the point, let’s take a step back and look at what we’ve accomplished so far (and why getting here took us so long).

The road so far

When we launched Book of Demons into Early Access in July 2016, we’ve been already developing the game for more than 3 years in a team oscillating between 3 and 6 members. Back then we felt the game was already pretty solid, and we were planning to stay in Early Access for about six months. After all, it shouldn’t take long to balance 2 more classes, add some cards and some sounds, right?

The ever-abundant feedback from the Early Access community steered our development into territories that we never anticipated. Book of Demons was supposed to be a midcore take on a hardcore genre, but soon it became apparent that catering to a diverse and enthusiastic Steam audience would mean much more than doing a few bug and balance fixes. It was something we weren’t really prepared for, but we were keen on fixing the biggest limitations coming from our original design.

This is the main culprit of why it took two and a half years. The game was already a huge undertaking for a small team, but rebuilding and adding major systems on a living game proved to be much more time consuming than we anticipated. Having known it back then, we’d probably try to be better prepared and we’d have scheduled things more cautiously.

A successful launch

Despite it took so long, our hard work seems to have paid off, as the launch of the full game was a success! We launched on December 13th and before 2018 was over, we sold two times more copies than we did during the entire two and a half years of Early Access. Even though most of the copies sold were discounted due to various promotions, it’s still a huge thing for our small team. As of today, Book of Demons development costs have paid off and we can start planning for the new shiny things to come.

The road ahead

Our internal goal is to grow our team and invest so that we can build things faster and do more things simultaneously. This is easier said than done, but we see no other choice – we see the successful launch as an obligation, especially to our R2G supporters. This is a scenario in which so many gamedev companies fail, so we need to be extra careful about the decisions we now make.

The next few months will be the most critical and probably chaotic, as every transition period is. Therefore, the plans outlined below must be treated as a rough sketch and they are subject to change. We’re also not giving any exact timeframes, as there are simply too many unknowns at this point and as usual, we don’t want to overpromise. We’d love to tick off all those things in 2019, but history teaches us this might be... well, challenging.

Book of Demons is coming to more platforms

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. We already announced Book of Demons would be coming to Xbox One, but it would be silly of us not to port it to other platforms as well. The Xbox port is almost complete, but we haven’t decided yet if we’ll be self-publishing it, or if we’ll go with an external publisher. There are pros and cons to both options.

Either way, we hope to have the Xbox port out in the first half of 2019. As for other platforms, we also have a working iPad version of the game, but we haven’t yet figured out a good way to do controls. Hopefully, we’ll figure it out soon and we’ll have the game out shortly as well. PS4 and Switch are two consoles that we’d love to add to the mix, but this is something we can’t produce internally. The good news is that we are already talking to a few publishers interested in publishing and porting to these platforms, so hopefully, we’ll have some good news to announce soon.

Book of Demons is getting new features

As promised, going out of Early Access does not mean the end of development for Book of Demons. We’ll keep serving the usual bugfix and balance updates, but we also envision a few bigger features that we’d like to squeeze in during 2019. Here they are, not necessarily in the order of development:
  • Online battles – a prototype timed event (more on that below)
  • Speedrun to cook – a new leaderboard measuring who can slay the Cook fastest
  • Challenge mode – a new mode where you can compete via leaderboards with other gamers and your friends in special short challenge scenarios. There will be both daily challenges and custom scenarios.
  • Music update – the game could use a bit more variation when it comes to ambient music in the dungeons, and this is exactly what we intend to fix.
We have a lot more ideas (quick-swap cards? roguelike quick restart?), but let’s start with the ones described above and see how it goes. We can’t promise everything listed above will be launched in 2019, but we’ll definitely try our best.

What about DLC’s?

We do have plans for a small DLC that will add a new mode centered around a more strategic way to play Book of Demons and we already have a prototype for that. Unfortunately, we still need to figure out a good way to mix that into the main game, without fragmenting the leaderboards and the overall experience too much. We’d love to launch it this year, but that’s a big maybe.

We know many of you have been asking for a content packed DLC, featuring new monsters, levels, quest, and even towns, but realistically speaking this is not possible for us at this point. What we might do instead in the future is add a DLC with a whole new playable character class with new cards, but this won’t happen in 2019.

Book of Demons experiments in multiplayer

If there is one thing we regret not being able to do, is adding multiplayer support to Book of Demons. This is something we didn’t plan for from the very beginning, and the number of things we would need to rebuild from scratch to support it was simply too big. But we did try. During early access we made a few attempts at adding multiplayer features. Sadly, it only proved that it wasn’t feasible for us.

But one of those attempts, while not a true multiplayer mode, showed some promise, and we’d like to show you how it worked. Treat this like an experimental indirect PvP mode, a prototype of sorts that we plan to enable as a timed event. We’re not sure if it’ll work as expected and things might yet go south. But if it works, and if there is enough interest among Book of Demons players, we might consider developing it further or making it a periodic event.

This feature is codenamed Book of Demons: Online Battles, and we plan to enable it as a timed event in February.

The first Book of Demons prototype

On a similar note, we’d like to give you more insight into our process of game development by showing the original Book of Demons prototype. This is one of the four Return 2 Games prototypes that we did back in 2013, and one that we picked as the best blueprint for the first game in the series.

We haven’t decided yet on the form of this demonstration – we can add it to the Collector’s Content DLC, launch as a free app on Steam, or any other setup. The priority of this depends on your interest, so if this something you would like to see please let us know in the comments below.

The next book in the series

As much as we’d like to, Book of Aliens (since some of you already found the name in Book of Demons data let’s make it official, the next game is in fact called Book of Aliens) will NOT be released in 2019. For the past three years, we’ve been totally invested in Book of Demons, so the second game in the series has been somewhat left out. But now, with the release of Book of Demons, this will need to change, and Book of Demons production has to ramp up.

First, we’ll need to revisit the designs and the prototypes we did in 2013. Five years is a lot in game development, and the bar keeps getting higher and higher. This is a good thing, but we’ll need to step up our game. Things that we thought were cool or good enough in 2013 now might not be anymore. Also, this time, we’ll want multiplayer to be part of the game right from the start (and we’re certainly not abandoning single player either).
If this sounds like going back to drawing board, that’s because it mostly is. If everything goes well, by the end of 2019 we’ll have closed the pre-production phase of the game. This means having a working proof of concept, finalized designs and full production plan that we’ll be able to announce.

Book of Demons might get a new flavor

There is one more crazy idea that we are actively debating inside the team, and we haven’t decided yet if we actually want to pursue it. You see, during the development of the Book of Demons, we made a lot of designs and prototypes that were scrapped. Some of them were really good on their own, but they just didn’t within the game. We’re thinking about taking one of the best of those designs and developing it into a separate game.
This might sound crazy at first, but when you think about it, there are some big pros to such an approach. Book of Aliens is still a few years away and we really don’t want to rush the pre-production phase risking sacrificing game quality. Being able to develop and publish another game in the meantime with existing assets and tested mechanics should go much more smoothly. Hopefully, it would allow us to grow our team even further and build a stable foundation for quicker production of Book of Aliens. We also hope it would make the wait for Book of Aliens a little less painful.

Although technically this wouldn’t be the second book in the series, this would still be part of Return 2 Games so it would come free for R2G supporters, and we’d have some major discounts for all other Book of Demons owners. You could think of it as a new game mode DLC that is so big, that has to be a separate game. And btw, we think it’s one hell of an idea that would be really fun to play.

In other pros, this might be a good test-bed before Book of Aliens, as we’d like to try out some things that we didn’t do before, and that we’re very excited about. And, if everything goes well, we actually might have a chance to have a new game out this year.

Anyway, we haven’t decided yet if we want to pursue this project or not, but we’ll have to decide soon. This will be influenced by our luck with expanding the team so it wouldn’t impact Book of Aliens development too much and if we can actually push off all our console ports onto an external publisher. There’s no way of telling how the indie game landscape will look in a year, let alone two, so in the end, we’ll have to go with our gut feeling and do our best.

Making all this happen

Looking at all those things described above, this will be a very, very busy year. Making of all of this happen will certainly be challenging as we’ll be breaking new grounds on multiple fields. We want to transition from a company working on a single project to one working on several, and at the same time, we need to keep supporting Book of Demons with updates and with marketing to keep those sales going. We’ll also want to bring Book of Demons to more online shops, and even publish in physical retail, and that all requires a lot of effort.

Work will have to go on all fronts - and frankly speaking - we’re a bit scared. But with your support, which we are so grateful for, we know we can push forward. Thanks, and stay tuned for more details about or our plans and progress!

As always,
Stay safe in paperverse ːpaperheartː
Thing Trunk team
Dec 31, 2018
Book of Demons - Konstanty

To set a good example for the upcoming 2019 we are rolling out an update with some quality of life improvements and various bug fixes that the community reported over the holidays.

Besides the minor stuff like missing strings and credits not being displayed most notable fixes are:

  • The Arachgod spiders that wouldn't come out of an ambush will now behave as expected. The ones already on maps won't be fixed but ones in newly generated dungeons will be bolder.

  • Added option to collect cauldron's prizes with a stick on a controller, now each prize will be highlightable.

  • We also changed the useless extra magical parameter on legendary Fan card to something much more useful (it will be swapped in already found cards).

  • Last but not least, we have disabled Razer Chroma support to do some testing. We are in touch with guys at Razer and it will be back as soon as we are sure it's stable.

Full changelog
Version 1.00.17927+ 31st December 2018
  • Fix problem with Arachgod not always getting out of hiding
  • Fixed incorrect number of stars in the equipped projectile tooltip
  • Legendary Fan Card now have more useful magical companion variant
  • Add prize collection under pad stick
  • Crows in Town are once again usable with a controller (Left Trigger + Thumbstick)
  • Fixed a possible crash in upgrade window when displaying a tooltip
  • Fixed card upgrade window not refreshing after a card was downgraded
  • Fix to language change restart doesn't save the game
  • Fix algorithm fixing scroll allocations in the roguelike mode
  • Fixed confusing avatar research related tooltip
  • Fixed missing string on Avatar research screen when using the controller
  • Fixed incorrect upgrade cost in the variant window (was calculated based on equipped variant)
  • Fixed Fortune Teller's gossip sometimes not unlocking properly
  • Fixed missing credits
  • Fixed Healer's missing VO
  • Supporters added to credits

Happy New Year
Have an awesome 2019 everyone, we wish you many ducks and a calm and satisfying year. And, most importantly, stay safe in paper dungeons ːarchduckː
Book of Demons - Konstanty

How awesome is that? Book of Demons was picked by IndieDB staff and named the best singleplayer game of 2018. This wouldn't be possible without our community voting for Book of Demons and bringing it to editor's attention. Not to mention directly supporting the game in the Early Access.

Thank you from the whole team ːpaperheartː

You can see and read more about all awards on IndieDB.

In other news
It has been over a week since the launch and we are still a bit shellshocked by everything that happened. The game is doing very well and the community grows every day.

Most of our time right now is occupied by supporting new players, working on the post-launch roadmap and preparing pierogi for the upcoming holidays. And since we are on this topic: Happy Holidays everyone! Great time to spend time with families and play games ːarchduckː

You probably noticed we rolled out an update on Friday. Here is the changelog:

Version 1.00.17912+ 21st December 2018
  • Healing and mana potions now will show tooltip when not chargeable due to Roguelike mode
  • The game will start in safe mode if the initialization fails in the graphics driver
  • Fix to HP and Mana scrolls sometimes not dropping properly
  • Fixed a crash after pressing ESC after disenchanting magical card
  • "Terrifying" achievement's number of scared monsters lowered to 75
  • Disgust character sound will now be less frequent
  • Fixed lob missiles not triggering some card effects (Viper Cloak in particular)
  • Fixed a crash when backslash was entered in character's name input box
  • Dungeons & Streamers: fixed duplicated tooltip in options
  • Added missing new card drop descriptions in translations
  • Multiple typos fixed in multiple languages
  • [Mac] Fixed possible small memory leak

With a great number of players comes a great opportunity for gathering feedback, fixing rare bugs and adding new "quality of life" features. The next update is already brewing regardless of the holiday season.

As always,
Stay safe in the paper dungeons
Konstanty ːarchduckː
Book of Demons

Book of Demons has attracted lots of praise for its mix of deck building and hack-and-slashing during two years in Early Access. A whopping 93% of its 2,400 user reviews are positive—and this week developer Thing Trunk released the full 1.0 version, complete with a new set of magic cards to play with.

It takes place in a pop-up book called the Paperverse, a world which is inspired by the first Diablo game. You battle more than 70 different types of monsters in procedurally-generated dungeons, and all your weapons, spells and skills are represented by cards. 

You're still clicking on baddies to attack but your deck, and how you adapt it to different situations, determines how successful you'll be. Movement is restricted to specific lanes so that you can concentrate on playing your cards right, and you can upgrade cards as you progress. 

The thing that interests me most is Flexiscope, a system that Thing Trunk says will "let you decide the length of quests". Basically, when you start a new game you can adjust a slider to tell Book of Demons how long you want individual play sessions to last, and it'll adjust its world and enemies accordingly. It'll learn as you play, too, fine-tuning itself for your next session. It's a cool idea, and players seem to love the way it's implemented. 

On average, it takes 10 hours to finish the campaign with one class, but there are plenty of extra quests to delve into and character stats to max out, as well as a roguelike mode that adds permadeath and restricts healing. 

The update that brings it out of Early Access adds 16 cards, all of which are detailed in this Steam post, and a full post-launch roadmap is coming soon.

It's $20/£16 on Steam and GOG or slightly more expensive on the Humble Store. You can try a free demo by clicking here.

Book of Demons - (Dominic Tarason)

Book Of Demons wears its inspirations on its book-sleeve. Leaving early access after two and a half years of testing and updates, developers Thing Trunk have wrapped a cute papercraft aesthetic around this clear Diablo tribute. It’s an unusual little dungeon crawler – feeling a bit like a real-time version of Card Hunter, it’s more about planning and careful use of abilities than other ARPGs. While single player only, it did recently add Twitch and Mixer integration support, allowing stream viewers to help or hinder a streaming player. Stay a while, and see the launch trailer below.


Book of Demons - Konstanty

There comes a time in the life of most of the games when they have to spread wings and leave the nest. Yes, I'm talking about exiting Early Access and this time is now.

For this occasion we have prepared a launch trailer narrated by the Archdemon himself:

Book of Demons launched in Early Access two years ago. Since then we worked on improving and completing the game with unyielding support from many of you. You were amazing and together you created the best community we have seen on Steam.

It was an amazing adventure that doesn't end here. We will need a few weeks to prepare the post-launch roadmap so meanwhile let me tell you about the stuff we are adding in today's launch update.

The good stuff

This update brings 16 new cards, each with magical and legendary variants of course.

Invisibility Potion - All classes
Ever stumbled upon a pack of monsters and thought "hey it would be neat to sneak up on them Thief style?". You might like this one. Just make sure to not touch monsters while the potion is active.

Disenchant - All classes
Sometimes it's good to take a step back and see the things for what they really are. Disenchant will convert all elemental monsters' hearts to their regular counterparts for a limited time.

Crystal of Speed - All classes
Need an extra boost to catch up with a gargoyle or pump more damage per second? Picking up loot after combat takes too long? This card might be of use, bumping your movement and attack speed by up to 30%!

Rabbit's Foot - All classes
This one is not exactly new - this card used to be Warrior's helmet but we changed it to a common card for all classes. Now everyone can get much-needed protection from stun effects! Your old Helmet Cards will change into this card automatically.

Poison Nova - The Mage
A new spell in Mage's arsenal brings to the table the one element he was lacking: poison. And in a form of a lethal blast, no less. Each projectile seeks the nearest target so positioning and timing are crucial!

Teleport Others - The Mage
Ever got frustrated with spellcasters teleporting monsters on you? Pay them with the same coin and teleport everyone away! A new powerful crowd control tool in Mage's arsenal.

Voodoo Doll - The Mage
Sometimes the best way to deal with the pain is to share it. Link monsters with this card and all damage with be propagated along the links.

Chaotic Tiara - The Mage
Bring some randomness to your adventure. Tiara defends you in most unpredictable ways!

Shocking Trap - The Rogue
Rogues love traps and other lethal contraptions. Control the area around you by setting up electrical mines that will shock your opponents!

Elemental Trap - The Rogue
The less shocking but very useful trap that will freeze and burn anyone who steps into it. Except for Rogue, of course, she is not clumsy enough to trip her own traps. That would be unprofessional.

Barrage - The Rogue
Launch a cloud of arrows that will make everything in a selected area look like a porcupine. Perfect for when you are feeling like fighting in a shade.

Fan - The Rogue
A magical gadget that summons a wind that blows away from the hero. Slows approaching monsters down and gives the Rogue time to punch a few holes in them.

Ice Blast - The Warrior
Freeze and blow away everything in a chosen direction. Simple, effective, and very satisfying to use.

Relic of Rage- The Warrior
An arcane artifact that focuses rage against a certain type of monster. The more you hit the same type of monster in a row the more often special attack triggers.

Whetstone - The Warrior
Whoever said that the pen is mightier than the sword obviously didn't have a good whetstone. Use before battle to boost damage output.

Claymore - The Warrior
The ultimate path cleaner, an enchanted blade that deals extra damage to monsters standing on the path.

Electric Helmet - The Warrior
Every Warrior should know how to protect against the static charge, but only professionalists know how to use it against their enemies.

Collectors Edition
We have also prepared a special edition of the game, including the artbook and soundtrack. It's already included in supporters bundle, of course, but can be bought separately to further support us if you are not up for Supporter's Pack.

Adam has been working for some time on a digital artbook containing unpublished art, sketches, and prototypes for locations and monsters in Book of Demons. If you would like an insight into how the game visual style came to be what it is now this might be a treat.

If you are into music and would like to enjoy Book of Demons' soundtrack Matt has prepared all our tracks in high quality (both flac and mp3).

Over the years we have created many game related wallpapers for our own use. We bundled them in Collector's Content. 18 wallpapers in 2160p (16:9) and 2400p (16:10) resolutions. All wallpapers are without any logos or overlay text.

Digital poster
High-resolution Book of Demons Key-art digital poster with source PSD file.

You can read more about the content here:

What now?
This is, of course, not the end of the road for the Book of Demons and the series but rather just a beginning. Right now we have to handle the launch but in a few weeks, we will be back with the post-launch roadmap for stuff we want to add to the game.

"Launch, nice! What can I do to help?"
With new games being announced and new storefronts opening (seems like a new thing every day!) keeping ahead of the game is difficult (pun intended). But you are legion and if each one of you, our handsome players, will help we can shoot for the moon!

  • Tell your friends about the game.
  • Write a review on Steam
  • Play the game, check out the new stuff we added over the course of Early Access - playing the game makes it more visible in Steam.
  • Stay awesome, you rock for even reading this paragraph and considering spreading the word, means a lot to us ːpaperheartː

Here I would usually post a changelog, but this time I should probably post all the changelogs from the Early Access and they are over 1500 lines long ːarchduckː

And if you want to ask us stuff consider checking out our "Ask Us Anything" thread we are doing on Reddit right now. There isn't much to do during the launch but sit and stress out so that's how we will keep ourselves distracted ːpaperdeathː

As always,
Stay safe in the paper dungeons ːarchduckː
Konstanty and the whole Thing Trunk team

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