Dino Eggs: Rebirth - DavidSchPT
Here's a "wildcard" version of my 1983 game "Dino Eggs" made available in a 1987 Hong Kong computing magazine.

Thanks to fan Johnson Lam for sharing this with me!

Dino Eggs: Rebirth - DavidSchPT
Thank you, Catherine Dallaire, for this post on your Tumblr page "C64 Screengrabs."

And thank you for saying that DINO EGGS: REBIRTH is "just as addictive and fun as its predecessor"

Dino Eggs: Rebirth - DavidSchPT
Indie Game Reviewer rates "Dino Eggs: Rebirth" 4.5 out of 5...

"DINO-MYTE... outstanding expansion... replay value considerably high"


Dino Eggs: Rebirth - DavidSchPT
Our latest "Dino Eggs" Newsletter is here:


Several people who have bought the new game "Dino Eggs: Rebirth" acknowledge that they are buying it -- at least in part -- because they have enjoyed playing "Dino Eggs" over the years without ever having actually purchased it!

(Shocking, isn't it?)

Well... if by making DINO EGGS:REBIRTH available, I can help alleviate any guilt such people might feel, and help bring them emotional closure... then I am very happy to provide that service! :-)
Dino Eggs: Rebirth - DavidSchPT
A delightful review of "Dino Eggs: Rebirth" on the game website Play Nice Play Now:

"A Glorious Return From Extinction... Incredibly satisfying..."

"At six to seven hours in, and with plenty more perfect ratings and achievements to unlock, I can say that for a fan, like myself, playing the classic game mode alone was worth the entry price. David Schroeder and Eric Ferrot have done a supreme job bringing this classic back from the dead for a new generation. It successfully recaptures the feeling of the old Dino Eggs, while adding more to the experience to keep it fresh."

Full Review at: playniceplaynow.com/2016/05/20/dino-eggs-rebirth/


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