Nanobots - Flight
Ever dreamed of designing a war boat? Ready to sail through rough seas and wreck your enemies into pieces? Check out our new game under development!

Rogue Waves is a game about designing and building modular ships, using a preset of available devices, and engaging in a set of missions.

Use a variety of devices, including floaters, energy generators, engines, shafts, propellers, rudders, guns, drills, torpedoes, navigation aids, ballast, shields, and many more. Try your design in real time and learn how to perfect your war machine.

We need your vote! Check out the Greenlight Campaing Page and help this game get released on Steam.
Mar 17, 2016
Community Announcements - Flight
It's been a lot of fun finally seeing so many people playing Nanobots! I have been receiving lots of feedback since release, and a few points seemed critical enough to warrant for a quick update.

It was a common opinion that most levels on Sector 1 felt too mechanic, and the fun of strategic decisions didn't came up until Sector 2. For that, I just tweaked the difficulty and made small changes on most of these levels. I hope they feel a little bit more fun and challenging now.

If the game feels too easy (i.e. you are just swiping the screen one level after another), I strongly encourage you to try the other available difficulty levels, as in Hard and Very Hard. It happens that different DPI and sensitivity settings can alter the gameplay significantly. If you have a professional gaming mouse, don't waste your time playing on Normal!

Please, keep telling me your opinion, it really matters! You are all great, thank you!

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