Terror Lab - genomgames
The game difficulty is now really perfect.

Next Update : 12 April
Terror Lab - genomgames
New AI Doctor
Meet a new character : The Doctor's Wife !

Trading cards are in review and coming soon !

The game was a little bit difficult so now it is little more easy.
Autosave come every 10 minutes.

The community improvment continue ! Ask , make wish , comment , ...

I'm listening and make the game with You!


NEXT UPDATE : 12 April
Terror Lab - genomgames
Next updates:

08 april
12 april
16 april

Suggest what you want .

Terror Lab - genomgames
What's next ?

- New Ai doctor

- Trading Cards

- Little Improvments

Terror Lab - genomgames
Thanks for all people have participate to make the game.
Now this is really a game build with community.
Report any things and suggests.
Terror Lab - genomgames
Flash bang need reload.
Flash light need reload.
Save and Continue system.
Ai Monkey and AI doctor improvments

It will be live in 24 hrs

Terror Lab - genomgames
Part 2.a is live.
Part2.b come tomorow
Terror Lab - genomgames
New trailer ( it is outdated )
Level details
Ai for monkey and the doctor.
more Generators who change to be the needed generators.
Flash bang limit and have to collect Reload Pack.
Saving system and continue system.

Thanks to Wait.

Part 3 final come in 1 week.

More game mod ( say what you want ) !
Multiplayer mod ( you are the monkey or the player )
Terror Lab - genomgames
The first part of a big update is now live !
Continue to report and make comment about it.
New Map, New enemy ( doctor ) , new music ....etc...
The Game development continue.
Part 2 come in 48 hrs
Terror Lab - genomgames
The next updates is in test phase.
It is coming in few hours ( 24 hrs max )

The Pack :

- New Map
- New Menu
- New Music
- an alternative or cumulative Enemy
- new game mod and Objectives
- Bugs Fix
- Sursprise

Thanks for Waiting ...
Continue to Say what you want in next updates.
I m listening ...

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