AsteroidsHD - Zack
March 11, Large Update

Includes a Spectator mode and a lot of background fixes, aswell as multiplayer stabability and a Whats new section on the main menu. Check In Game for more details!

Please keep the bugreports comming! there helping greatly! I hope to see some games online!

AsteroidsHD - NewWorldCoders
- We noticed the upgrades menu seems to be overlooked by people - added reminder in game (Press G in game to purchase ship and weapon upgrades to progress levels easier)
- We noticed secondary weapons were being ignored - You can now Cycle Through Weapons with 0 - 9 Keys as well as mouse scroll wheel
- Trying to connect to a server was crashing while timing out. This has been address
- Controls Have been added to the help menu to help new players
- CDKey info panel in help menu was drawing incorrectly.

Weapon Breakdown
Weapons Marked PvP are for Multiplayer Games
Weapons Marked Asteroids are for single player games and NPC's

1 - Nukes (PvP - Asteroids)
2 - Photon Torpedo ( PvP - Asteroids)
3 - EMP ( PvP )
4 - Energy Pulse ( PvP
5 - Kinetic Pulse ( PvP )
6 - Space Mine ( PvP )
7 - Hull Repair Beam ( PvP )
8 - Sheild Charge Beam ( PvP )
9 - Sheild Syphon Beam ( PvP )
* if the weapon is unavailable nukes are selected by default

- Upgrade Available Message
- ThirdPerson Center Hud Image Adjusted
- Minor Changes & Error Handling
AsteroidsHD - NewWorldCoders
Thank you for all your feedback, and showing your support!

Today brings a small update to facilitate our migration of our Master Game Server for multiplayer games, as well as some small in game fixes including:

- some explosions and other particle systems not drawing
- minor errors for cycling objects
- power up spawning occurrence
- minor house keeping

We have also started a dedicated server so people may start enjoying the multiplayer.

Please continue to let us know your thoughts!
AsteroidsHD - NewWorldCoders
The day has arrived! AsteroidsHD has been released! We are planning to do monthly updates with content including Ships, Weapons, and balance for the game! We are anxiously awaiting your feedback as we continue to develop the multiplayer and balance aspects of the game!

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