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Hēyi raṇaśūra!

Once again, I'm sorry I don't post here more. Work's been reeeeally busy lately, and what free time I have I generally spend in Unity/Inkscape.

I'm still working on the next update! It's coming! Current honest timetable is probably in July.

In the meantime, here are some tasty screens of what's in-progress!

I'm also trying to get BB2 onto Switch! But that whole process is taking a while. :/
Blast Brawl 2: Bloody Boogaloo - mindseyegames
Saighdearan fàilte!

It's been a fair bit, ya?

Well, work on Update 1.5 - the HORDE Update - is well underway. I currently think I'm ~halfway done!

This update will dramatically update Wave Mode, bringing it more in line with what I expect the "fully finished" experience to be like - more enemies, more stages, bosses, etc, and an overall revamped experience! Here's a trailer showing some of the current progress, and the general shape of what to expect!

This particular update primarily focuses on the "Metropolis" region (the one with the zombies) - I go into the reasoning for that at the end of this post. So don't expect any changes that are toooo crazy in the other stages - for now, the undead are getting all the love.

With that said, the main changes I'm working on are:

1 - New Enemies
One of the biggest things I want to do is flesh out a bunch more enemies! I've got a bunch of cool designs, it's time to actually get them in the game!

For example, this is the current set of zombie enemies players can fight:

Assuming I get them all done, this will be the zombie squad after the update:

They look pretty good, eh? All... pointy and shit. (View the full-res image if you want to see the details more easily)

Not all these zombies die in one hit. You may have noticed that two of the zombies in the current Wave Mode take 3 hits to kill - well, that number is going to expand. This is because I'm trying to establish rough enemy "tiers."

  • Grunts - If you land one hit, these guys die. These are the main "meat" of the enemies you face, and will be by far the most numerous.
  • Elites - Take a few (2-3) hits to kill. These guys are also generally much more dangerous than the Grunts, so if they're in a crowd
  • Mini-Bosses - The name kind of says it all, right? These will be a major challenge and generally take more than 5 hits to kill, and when combined with a pack of enemies can ruin your day.

All things considered, you're going to have a much more... interesting... time of things!

2 - Multiple Stages Per Region
With all these new enemies, it's a little overwhelming to fight ALL of them at once! Plus, they each have different strengths and strategies, so one map is hard-pressed to really suit them all.

So, there are now multiple different arenas per region! Each has a different environment, layout, and different palette of enemies to throw at you. They're arranged in increasing order of difficulty, and yes, you'll have to defeat one stage entirely to unlock the next one.

You can see some of the different new arenas in the linked trailer!

3 - Bosses To Finish Each Stage!
"Wait," I hear you say. "Defeat one stage entirely?"

Why, yes! I did.

These new stages now have a max round (generally 10.) In this final round, you'll face one of Blast Brawl's terrifying bosses, using the lives you've gained in the preceding waves. Defeating this boss is all that's required to complete that stage.

Good luck.

Oh, and for the truly hard-core out there, once all these "standard" stages are defeated, there will be an "endless" version for that region, with ALL enemies in the mix, and ANY of the bosses periodically appearing.

4 - Character Rebalancing
Additionally, with all these new challenges, it's become more and more apparent to me that certain characters aren't as good as others. I want to try and change that more comprehensively this update.

Planned Nerfs

The Gunslinger is a bit broken. Not because he's super elegant and flexible, but because his bullets can annihilate pretty much anything before it can touch him. So, I'm going to slightly nerf his bullets (for example, he'll have 3 shots before reloading rather than 4) and buff him in other ways (for example, his Pistol Whip move can use some work) to make him more nuanced and interesting to play.

Planned Buffs
Of non-broken characters, it's my opinion that the Ninja is the best/ideal character in terms of balance. He's simple but flexible, and it's relatively easy to do extremely well with him.

So, I gotta buff all the other chumps who are having a hard time keeping up!

This is going to vary on a character-by-character basis, but most of the changes aren't going to be simple flat buffs - I'm trying to increase character flexibility, not make them better at what they already do.

For example: The Warrior is a pretty strong character in my opinion! But certain scenarios can expect too much forward planning from the player. So, I'm making her Parry "priority-trump" her offensive moves (meaning she can deflect attacks/bullets while in the middle of a sword swing or bouncing off of the terrain) and making her Dash priority-trump even that. (This has pretty huge implications in play, I expect you'll see what I mean when the update comes out.) I'm also making her Parry take 0.6 seconds instead of 0.75, which makes it a bit less dangerous to whiff with (though it requires slightly more precise timing).

...The Future?
So, why only focus on the Metropolis? Don't the other stages need work too? Aren't there tons of non-zombie enemies and bosses you should be adding to the game?

They do! There are! I should! But all that will need to wait a bit.

As I've said many times, my end goal is a proper Adventure mode! And not the tiny little preview I have in the game right now, a full sprawling experience that you can get lost in. And though that's going to take a loooong time, I haven't given up yet.

And the next update is going to be part of that. After the Horde update is launched, why, next is Adventure Mode 0.1 - an update that launches the intro and first few areas that can be found.

My goal with this update is to get all the enemies and their AI and their mechanics figured out for the first region, so that the next update can focus exclusively on the level design, coding (open world exploration! woo! Save slots! woo!), character unlock mechanics, etc etc. Then, once this first update is in place, I can hopefully slap more and more content onto the game world until it's a big ol' sprawling bunch of awesomeness.

Then once the Metropolis is done it'll FINALLY be time to add in the demons... ːsteamhappyː
Blast Brawl 2: Bloody Boogaloo - mindseyegames
Heya, Face-Punchers!

For months, you all have looked to the skies and wondered when the next update would be out.

"Please!" you prayed. "Please give us more content! Anything will do!"

Well, ANYTHING is HERE! I'm pleased to announce that Update 1.4.3 is OUT NOW!

This mainly adds a new character - the CRUSADER, a mighty warrior who cleaves through foes with his deadly halberd while shrugging off blows like they were nothing!

His special ability is ZEAL, where he can absorb any one hit - while in the middle of other actions!

Tanking blows like this does NOT interrupt what he was doing previously, allowing him to charge up his slow spin attack and cleave groups of enemies!

This is extremely powerful, but requires precise timing - give it a try!
Blast Brawl 2: Bloody Boogaloo - mindseyegames
Geia sas polemistés!

It's been a loooong time coming, but Update 1.4 is out now for PC and Mac!

(XBox is having some issues on their end so the console update will be a bit late. :/)

What does this update feature?

Bots in Versus Mode

Lacking friends on your couch to fight against? You can now face off against CPU-controlled players in Versus Mode! Check out some gameplay here!

(To truly test your skills, try fighting against multiple bots at once!)

Wave Mode Improvements!
Many of the Wave Mode levels have had some tweaks, and the enemies across the board are a bit smarter!

You'll also find all characters spawning in Wave Mode now, and they'll be even more of a threat than before...

Improved AI and Performance!
AI (and some other stuff) in Blast Brawl 2 is now multi-threaded! The game should handle high enemy numbers much better, and performance should be smoother across the board!

A Spooktacular Surprise Boss!
Enter Adventure Mode once more and discover a new boss - The Vicar!

Good luck.

Blast Brawl 2: Bloody Boogaloo - mindseyegames
Kon'nichiwa, senshi!

Update 1.4 - The NEMESIS Update - is coming along pretty nicely! I decided to focus entirely on AI reworking for this update, so this update is all about AI bots! (And some goodies to go along with :D)

Check out the small trailer I put together!
Jun 19, 2018
Blast Brawl 2: Bloody Boogaloo - mindseyegames
Ymladdwyr cyfarch!

So the map optimization is working now! Which helps with the enemies not approaching thing. :D

So enemies go from seeing this:

To this:

#speedup #progress #bots #are #getting #there
Jun 16, 2018
Blast Brawl 2: Bloody Boogaloo - mindseyegames
Ahoj voják!

Just wanted to put out a quick update that NO, I and this game am not dead, just taking a while.

AI work is tough... ;_; Necessary, and exciting once finished, but uggggh

Move towards me god dammit

In other news, Bots should finally be possible after this work is done!

And yeah, that's a new Wave Mode arena. For some of the cool upcoming Wave mode content. Neat, huh? :D

Blast Brawl 2: Bloody Boogaloo - mindseyegames
Privet, bortsy!

SURPRISE! Sudden update time! As of right now, update 1.3 - The Grimoire Update - is out!


It's a bit small compared to the last one, but it adds a new character: The Occultist! Check out some gameplay here!

She's rather complex.

The Occultist has up to 9 different spells that she can quickly switch between. These can do a huge variety of things, from spawning effects on the battlefield, to buffing or protecting her for a short duration, to creating a wide variety of other effects.

Her spells are grouped into 3 "runes," each with a mechanical and elemental theme. For example, her 3 starting runes are Fire, Steel, and Shadow (with 1 unlockable rune in this update: Ice).

The Occultist can customize her spell list, selecting up to 3 runes from all of the ones she has available. This gives you a ton of control over which options you want to make use of - choose wisely!

The downside of all this is twofold: first, to really leverage the full potential of the character, you need to fully understand your spells and combine them in effective ways. Secondly, all of her spells have fairly noticeable cool-downs - which also pressures you to constantly switch between them.

However, if you put in the effort to truly master her, you'll find she is one of the most varied, flexible, and powerful characters in the game - especially when she can have a little breathing room.


Additionally, the other major feature in this update is a small quality-of-life feature for new players - something I'm calling "soft prompts." Now, when first playing characters, small tutorial prompts will give hints on how to perform "complicated" moves.

For example, when charging up the Viking's attack or Warrior's lightning blast, a small prompt will indicate that you can keep holding the button. Or, when aiming as the sniper, a prompt will let you know that "jump" will fire the gun. This feature is particularly necessary for the Occultist, as her spell selection is particularly unorthodox.

By default, these prompts no longer appear for any individual character when you achieve 50+ kills with them - they can be permanently turned off (or permanently turned on in the options menu).

PS: The Xbox version should FINALLY be updated. Yay!


The Next Update

So, the Occultist actually jumped ahead of the rest of the content I planned to put into the "Grimoire" update (mainly due to the xbox release schedule). So, unforunately, the next update will not have a new character.

Instead, it will focus on 3 things:

  • Some combat changes and improvements (primarily centered on making "weapon clashes" more solid and varied)
  • Finishing the basic AI (including putting this on a separate thread! Which should make the game handle hordes WAY better)
  • Revamping Wave Mode

That "Revamping Wave Mode" is going to be the real "meat" of the update, especially since that's like, you know, the main "thing" in the game right now. I'll do a post on my plans for this in the near future - stay tuned!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the update! Have fun, Brawlers!

Blast Brawl 2: Bloody Boogaloo - mindseyegames
Happy 2018! May all your resolutions be realized! :D

One (of my several) resolutions is to release a few updates this year!

I recently got back from the holidays back in Omaha, and am now back at the grind! 2018 awaits, and I need to make sure it's got a better release schedule than 2017!

Most immediately, I'm planning on getting out the Xbox version of the most recent update ASAP. Then, on to content:

1.3 - The GRIMOIRE Update (March?)
This will be a more conventional update. It will add a new character (the Occultist, a spell-slinging wizard with a TON of options, but who must juggle the cooldowns of her many spells).

I'm also going to do some more AI work in this update, hopefully finish pathfinding stuff for the foreseeable future. I think I'm going to experiment with offloading AI to a separate thread - it should help some of the load on console and if it's stable should be worth the extra hoops I'll need to jump through.

There's also going to be some new skins! I'm going to bang out the "shadow" versions of the playable characters. These are dark twisted reflections, and will be part of some pretty important adventure mode content (plus, I'm going to make these the versions you fight in the Wave Mode levels!)

The final part of this update will be some tweaks to Wave Mode - namely, there will be more arenas, and they will not be endless!

As an example, there will be 5 Wave Mode levels in the city region. The first will be a simple arena like the current one, but if you defeat Wave 10, you beat that arena and unlock the next! (You will also get bonus gold for clearing the stage, with extra for every life you have left!)

The next 3 arenas will be more complex and hazardous, and will end with one of the bosses as the final fight. These will be more challenging, and give greater rewards.

The final stage - unlocked only after defeating all the previous stages - will go to Wave 15, be the most deadly, and throw random bosses at you in addition to many enemies and stage hazards.

Long term, all regions will have this type of complexity with their Wave Mode arenas, but the City levels will get the initial treatment for now.

1.4 - The SEEDLING Update (July?)
After I get the Grimoire update out, I am planning to pump out the actual adventure mode update.

The design of adventure mode has undergone a LOT of revision as I've slowly put parts of it together and, ya know, actually played it. The ultimate conclusion I've come to is that it's going to be "open world lite."

Kind of like a souls game without the leveling or character builds. No static "levels" like in the preview, you just spawn at a checkpoint and try to find your way to another checkpoint somewhere.

The plus side of this is that, after adding the starting content, I can just keep adding on to the game content, like slapping more and more icing on a cake.

I'll talk more about this after I get the Grimoire update out, but the general goal of 1.4 will be to put all the adventure content in that leads up to one of the early bosses.

1.5 (and on) - The ??? Updates (Monthly?)
After getting the core of Adventure Mode, I want to try and get a rolling schedule of adding at least SOMETHING cool to the game on a monthly basis. Even if it's just a single room, or enemy, or character. Hopefully much more than that, but we'll see!

Anyway, that's the plan! I hope you have a good new year - I've certainly got my work cut out for me! :D
Blast Brawl 2: Bloody Boogaloo - mindseyegames
Alofa, Toa!

Alas, I've run into some cert issues (I've been having trouble creating an Xbox build due to some config stuff) and I was unable to fix the problem before the submission window for the year ended.

So, the Xbox build is going to be delayed until first thing 2018/ :/

However, rather than have you all miss out on the improvements I put together, I decided to release the update to Steam ASAP! So strap in for a small yet feisty update!

This is a fairly focused release, I basically just got a few things into the build that I had to delay due to the Thanksgiving target date:

  • Performance Improvements: Blood splatter code has had one final optimization, it now should be much more responsive on low-end devices!
  • Boss Rumble Enhancements: If you've tried the boss rumble mode, it might have seemed weirdly undeveloped - that's because it was! I have since added more context/structure around the mode, and it plays out as a dark ritual you won't understand yet! :D
  • Boss Art/Gameplay Improvements: I've made a few minor tweaks to the boss gameplay, but I've also beefed up the Corpse Queen and Tunnel Ghoul arenas. They're much closer to what long-term they'll look like!

You'll also see a bit of B҉̸̨͏̸L̵̢Ǫ̨́͘͞Ò̵͢͏͠D̸S̸̢̕͢P҉̢̢̨A͏̢͢C̸̷̷̕͠E̴͟͝.

Which may or may not be a significant thing once I (finally, like damn) get Adventure Mode actually out.


Well, that's pretty much it! I hope you all have a happy holidays! As for me, in addition to heading home for Christmas, I'm already working on the next character - she'll be a doozy, but should be QUITE awesome once done.

I'm excited. :D


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