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The Splashteam
Splasher - Clauclaudr
Apr 1, 2018
Splasher - Clauclaudr
The Splashteam is proud ta announce that a sequel is on the way \o/

We can't wait to tell you more ! :O

Splasher - Clauclaudr
Hi fellow Splashers!

It's been a while since we have announced an update, but today we are releasing our latest patch for Windows.

For so many reasons we had to delay it again and again, sorry for that, but there it is :)

This update mostly features performance improvements. If the game was already running well on your computer, you will probably barely notice the difference, but if you were facing framerate issues there is a good chance that it will run smoothly now...

This patch also features

  • An option to hide the splits in Time Attack / Speedrun modes.

  • Bugfix : The crossable platform bug that occurs sometimes, causing players to pass through an appearing plateform.

  • Bugfix : Ninja Runner success (deathless Speedrun). Some of you actually noticed that if you stopped a run to start a new one directly from the pause Menu (so not from the Hub vortex), the death counter wasn't properly reset. It's okay now.

  • A brand new UI for the level selection menu.

  • Several small things such as a loading screen between the levels and a slightly different button mapping to navigate in the menus.

Message from the Splashteam

We know that some of you are wishing more. It can be small things (but not so small to implement by the way) such as control tweaks or even a control remapper. Some are also wishing huge things such as a level editor. We understand these expectations and as players ourselves, we would have probably asked the same content updates to the developers. It also proves one thing : you love the game and you want it to be even better. It means a lot for us.

We truly want to apologize about our lack of communication and support, especially toward the speedrunners community (whose expectations were naturally quite high). We never wanted to fool anyone nor emitting false promises. We have a huge respect for you, the players, even if sometimes it doesn't look like it. We were just to busy, drown by our ambitions and the will to give this game the visibility it deserved.

That being said, it's important to dismiss any false expectations : The game unfortunately didn't sell as well as we expected. Yet we soldiered on for console versions, which ended up to be very time consuming. Sadly, the console sales are not that high either...

Considering all this we decided that it was time for us to move on. While the former Splashteam members are currently involved in different projects for different companies, team-founder Romain Claude just started to work on brand new prototypes for a new game. Even if it is too soon for confirming anything, Joffrey Babilotte (game designer, playtest master) and Aymeric Schwartz (sound master, musician) are already motivated to eventually join this new adventure in a near future !

Thanks a lot for supporting Splasher, please continue to do so. Keep on telling your family and friends why you like this game so much. You decided to give our game a chance, and that's not nothing :)

The Splashteam
Splasher - Adrien PID

Celebrating the Xbox One & PS4 release this week, Splasher is 35% off!

Additionally, we have uploaded a demo of the game for you to try it out for free! Don't hesitate to download it and splash some bad guys!

We're so excited to share the game with a bigger audience. Please share the word! ;)

Splasher - Neddow - The Sidekicks

We've got various submissions for the #SplasherFanArt contest! Here’s a glimpse at all artists that joined it!

Artists are credited with their twitter @mention :







Thanks to all the participants, we really appreciated the hard work you put on your fanarts & really laugh hard at WTF/funny submissions we received too! ;)

Winners will be announced tomorrow, stay tune!
Splasher - Neddow - The Sidekicks

Do you know Games Done Quick ?
It's the non-profit organization running two annual events to raise money which profits to Prevent Cancer Fondation and Doctors without Borders.

Their Summer event, SGDQ, just started this week-end and it's huge. It's definitively the most important event for worldwide speedrun fans. What's even more huge is that Splasher is part of the featured games!

One of our players, Gyoo, made his way through the selection process and will have a live selfish% run of Splasher on stage next friday at 10:27 AM UTC. Don't miss it!

Follow Gyoo on Twitter or Twitch

In order to celebrate the event, we will run some contests on our social networks with special t-shirts to win!
Follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Splasher - Neddow - The Sidekicks

During 13 days, we’re organizing a Fan Art Contest with a theme where you can win 2 keys of Splasher, the best splatformer of 2017!

If you’ve already got your hands on the game on Steam, we can offer you a XboxOne / PS4 / Switch version of Splasher (coming this fall), or another Steam key that you can give to a friend!

Dates : From Tuesday June 20th to Sunday July 2nd 23:59 GMT+1.

The contest is open to everyone
You shall submit a picture (all media accepted). You can use traditional or digital drawing, painting, collage, picture of a sculpture, 3D rendering or whatever works for you!
Your creation must be posted on Twitter with the hashtag #SplasherFanArt
You can also add other hashtags like #contest #art #drawing #sketch #artwork so that you can show your talents to the vastest amount of people.
You can also post it on Facebook, using @Splashergame to let us know.

Contest Theme: Apocalink Now !
This theme for the contest is referring to one level of Splasher (and a famous movie of course ;)). Be creative!

One prize will be awarded for each category. The winners will be chosen by the SplashTeam.

Artistic Prize : “Golden Patatroupe”
Choice based on your art skills.

Experimental Prize : “What’s up Doc?”
Surprise us ! The team will reward the weirdest / funniest submission.

Feel free to share your creations whenever you want during the contest period if you’ve finished before the deadline, set on Sunday July 2nd 23:59 GMT+1.

Get your splatter cannon ready!

Splasher - Neddow - The Sidekicks

If you haven't noticed yet, Splasher is on sales for a limited time, until monday 22nd.

Time to grab your paint cannon and save the Splashers !

And once you are skilled enough, remember to share your best runs:

Splasher - Clauclaudr
Hey !

Today we found out that the reason why some rare players experimented Steam issues with the game (such as achievements not working, no leaderboards ...) was that some redistributables needed by Steam were missing. These redistributables are mandatory or not depending on your system, but we can't filter so the download have to happen.

- If you encountered the Steam issues, it should be fixed now (and you might have to start a new game because now the game will be properly saved on Steam and properly backup on the Steam Cloud)

- If you did not encountered any issue with the game before, the update will change nothing for you. But don't be sad, it will certainly be useful for another game you'll buy in the future too ...

Cheers :)

The Splashteam

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