May 29, 2016
Tiny Knight - DemonLabOfficial
We've now completed implementing cutscenes in our quest to make the story more immersive. The first version of Tiny Knight was somewhat lacking in this aspect but we feel we have improved it greatly with this new update.

The cutscenes are not the only new thing to be introduced in this update, but now it's possible to collect weapon skins to be used in game. The crystal system which only determined the level score has now become a currency system with which to buy weapon skins with.

We hope you enjoy our tiny creation!
- The small dev team Convex :)
Mar 23, 2016
Tiny Knight - DemonLabOfficial
We've started adding cutscenes to Tiny Knight! The first scenes are ready and are now live, the rest will be added in upcoming patches.

New content:
Cutscenes: maps 1, 2, 4, 5

Bug Fixes:
Fixed gate not remaining open in "Slimy Way Down".
Crystal count now showing right amount in Lake City, Graveyard and Enemy Mines
Mar 20, 2016
Tiny Knight - DemonLabOfficial
Patch changes:
  • Added dagger as a starter weapon.
  • User interface updated
  • Added health indicator to dragon boss
Tiny Knight - DemonLabOfficial
Tiny Knight on Steam

Contact us at for any enquiries.
Tiny Knight - DemonLabOfficial
Are you a content creator or a streamer?

If so send us a mail at to request a free copy of Tiny Knight!

We fully support all content creation so we'll happily provide you with a free copy of the game.

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