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Expeditions: Viking - Jonas

Hello everyone. Today we have released update for Expeditions: Viking. This version contains some major new things, which is why it has been in open beta for almost a month. The most important new feature is the Iron Man mode, but we also have Steam Workshop integration now, as well as a bunch of quality-of-life improvements.

This is going to be the last major update for Expeditions: Viking. We still have a few things we're hoping Unity will get back to us on, so we may release another small patch or two down the line. Same goes if any new major bugs are discovered. The game appears to be in a pretty good shape now though, so we'll be turning our attention towards the next installment.

From the bottom of our hearts, thanks so much for sticking with us so far, and for giving the game another chance despite the rocky launch :)

Iron Man Mode
Now that the game is mostly stable, we've finally added Iron Man mode. If you start a game in this mode, you will be limited to a single savegame and the game will auto-save over it at regular points during play. We haven't quite gone full roguelike: the game will not delete your save if you die. However, Iron Man mode forces you to live with the consequences of your decisions. To activate Iron Man mode, you need to start a new game and check the Iron Man box in the new difficulty confirmation pop-up window.

Steam Workshop
This version of the game now supports the Steam Workshop. You can use the toolset that we released with 1.0.6 to create new random events, and we've added an uploader for you to submit your events, portrait packs, and fan translations. You can find the toolset in Steam under Library -> Tools -> Expeditions: Viking Editor.

Even if you have no interest in unofficial mods, you may be interested to know that we've published three new random events (in English) in the workshop to demonstrate how the system works. There may be more to follow shortly.

Camera Options
We've added several new settings requested by players since release. The most important one is probably the ability to control the tilt angle of the camera a little bit. It was previously locked to 60 degrees, but now you can adjust it between 45 degrees and 80 degrees by moving the mouse up and down while holding the right mouse button (similar to how vertical movement controls rotation). You can also choose a fixed angle in the options if you prefer that.

Furthermore, we've added a drop-down to adjust how automated camera control is during combat. This has three options: full automation, minimal automation, and enemy turn only. The latter will still focus on all actions during enemy turn but mostly leave the camera alone during your turn.

Combat Speed and Enemy Equipment
Another addition you may appreciate particularly on subsequent playthroughs is the Combat Speed slider. Use this to speed up the game during combat so you don't have to wait as long for characters to run to their positions or for animations to play out. And finally, we have added a new difficulty setting to upgrade enemy equipment throughout the game - just their armour on the lower setting, but also their weapons if you turn it all the way up. This has been built into the presets as well, so you will now encounter substantially more well-equipped enemies on Hard and Insane.

Change Log
As with patch 1.0.6, we're not going to include every fix and adjustment we've made for this update, but just the highlights.

Tweaks and improvements
  • Updated the engine to Unity 5.6.3.
  • Improved the smoke particles with new trails and tweaked some water particles in certain scenes.
  • Enabled detail normals and static batching.
  • Added Iron Man mode.
  • Added Enemy Equipment difficulty option which makes the game way harder on Hard and Insane.
  • Added Combat Speed slider to the miscellaneous options.
  • Added camera tilt control and made the game save and load the camera angle/rotation.
  • Also made the exploration camera framerate independent, faster, and a bit smoother.
  • Updated the non-lethal toggle button to make it a lot more clear what mode you're in.
  • Changed the Highlight All button into a toggle.
  • Integrated Steam Workshop support.
  • Improved the lighting in some of the Viking longhouses so it changes with the time of day.
  • Added the weapon type to the item tooltips.
  • Changed the Unstoppable special property description to be more clear that allies will take damage too.
  • Optimized the tree setup in Skjern Forest.
  • Made the player go first in the wolf fight in Skjern Forest.
  • Made the palisades walkable during Hrodgærda's attack on Skjern.
  • Added allies to the gate fight in Jelling and tweaked the equipment on Skule's personal guards.
  • Made it so the kings' halls in York and Perth are emptied of characters after the betrayal or invasion, and made a few vikings show up there instead if you take the cities for yourself.
  • Removed SSAA option from the game due to compatibility issues with the latest version of the engine.
  • Changed Unbreakable items so they can now be dismantled like other items.
  • The Ranged Shot animation is now 1 second shorter.

Major fixes
  • Fixed some floating items if you looted the camp on the beach.
  • Tweaked the lighting in skerninge, making the hill a bit brighter. Fixed being able to walk on things you shouldn't be able to walk on in Skerninge.
  • Added missing names for the Wolves in the Danish forest campsite.
  • Added wetness to the earth in York.
  • Fixed some floating objects across various scenes.
  • Fixed the camera going down through the ground if you pressed it forward against the cliff face in the Mountain Cave Entrance scene.
  • Fixed missing materials on the male version of the Ancient Helmet and a bug that was resetting its model on load.
  • Fixed an issue that was breaking the nighttime penalty to ranged accuracy as well as the illumination to counter it.
  • Made the marsh campsite nearest to Skjern not show up until after the prologue so you can't wander off until you're meant to.
  • Fixed issue when changing weapon while an ability is selected.
  • Added character blockers around the walls of every interior scene in the game that contains an encounter, to fix an issue where ragdolls could fall through the world.
  • Made sure Torfinn gets removed as a follower if you lose any of the fights in Skjern Forest.
  • Fixed some save/load inconsistencies with the treasure on the little table in the abandoned camp in Yngilwood.
  • Fixed an issue where Area Map icons would be offset due to the UI Scaling setting.
  • Fixed the player character's death not triggering the game over if it happens during camping.
  • Fixed deteriorated injuries not showing the original severity correctly in the camping results screen.
  • Fixed an issue where scouting would create no loot spots even if scouting has been successful.
  • Fixed an errant one-liner for Magnus mac Certain and Wulfsige if you take the town for either of them without ever getting the quest to side with Aiblinn.
  • Fixed the conversation after you fight Osred in his hall checking whether Æthelred was dead instead of Osred.
  • Fixed issue with unique spear not deselecting Extend ability.
  • Fixed an issue where the Spotted status effect would sometimes not be applied.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies in the Cure ability that was letting you use it on characters who would not benefit, and the AI would sometimes do the same.
  • Fixed characters playing the Bow Idle act holding the bow in the wrong hand.
  • Reduced the problems with characters sinking into the ground in the mountain cave entrance fight.
  • Tweaked some hex grids (primarily in York and Hadrian's Wall) so the hexes are better aligned.
  • Fixed some skill tooltip error messages that weren't quite specific enough, and in some cases outright wrong.
  • Fixed the skill description for Throwing not being parsed correctly.
  • Fixed the wreckers in Scarborough showing up after killing everyone in the village, and disabled loot ownership in Maucolyn's house in the same event.
  • Fixed the fight at the sacrificial glade in Skerninge triggering after Skerninge turns hostile even if there's nobody there.
  • Fixed an autosave bug that was creating broken autosaves when attacking an occupied campsite.
Expeditions: Viking - Jonas

Hello everyone. You may have noticed Steam updating Expeditions: Viking last week and wondered what we just pushed on you. Hopefully your confusion wasn't too great when you found it updating yet again today. After a summer break and a long test period, we've finally released version 1.0.6 of Expeditions: Viking - and then version, which is a hotfix to solve an issue with one of the new features. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Let's talk about the new things we've added in this version!

Custom portraits
In version 1.0.6, all portraits are now loaded from your Documents directory in the folder \My Games\Expeditions Viking\Custom Portraits. If you want to add your own portraits to the game, you must create 5 different versions of each portrait in specific sizes and place them in that directory. The first time you launch the game in 1.0.6, it will write all our portraits into that folder, and you can use those portraits to see how it needs to be set up.

New portraits must meet the following requirements:
  • The files can be either .png or .jpg.
  • Each portrait's filename must end with a keyword that reflects its size: Large, Medium, Small, Tiny, or Camping.
  • Female portraits must contain the word "Female" anywhere in the filename. Otherwise the portrait will be treated as male (because patriarchy).
  • Note that the Camping portraits contain a frame. You can just cut that out of an existing portrait with your image editing software of choice.
  • You can overwrite an existing portrait by simply replacing its files with a set of identically named files in that folder.
If you overwrite an existing portrait, that portrait will be replaced with your new version in your game, without you having to start over in your playthrough. If you want to reset this portrait to the original later, you can simply delete the portrait files from the Custom Portraits folder, and it will be restored by the game next time you launch it.

All portraits included with Expeditions: Viking are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License. In simple terms, you are allowed to remix, tweak, and build upon our work non-commercially, but you must credit Logic Artists or Expeditions: Viking and you must license your new creations under identical terms (no making money off of our work, please!)

If you find that your Custom Portraits folder is empty, it's because something on your computer is denying write access to Expeditions: Viking. In 1.0.6 this was breaking the portraits entirely, which is what was created to address. As per the game will fall back to the internal portraits contained in the data files, but that still means you won't get any portraits written to your custom portraits folder. You can still add new portraits there which will then show up in the game, but if you want to see the original portraits you'll have to find a way to give the game write access to that folder - you can try disabling your firewall and antivirus or just checking your user permissions. If your user account simply doesn't have admin access, you may need to talk to your admin.

Custom localisation and random events
This update also introduces support for loading in custom localisation files and user-created random events. Because of the way the scripting system in Viking works, there is no way for us to let you add new characters with new conversations to the game, but the random events that trigger on the campaign maps and during travel are loaded in dynamically, and now you can add new events yourself or even overwrite existing events.

In other words, you can now write your own damn Aife romance events and stop bothering us about it! :D

We have also released our toolset which includes some example files, all of our conversation work files, and the editor we used to set up all our conversations in the game. It comes with a PDF manual with thorough instructions for how to set up your own localisation files or add your own random events. To install the toolset, click on Library in Steam and select Tools from the drop-down. The entry you're looking for is "Expeditions: Viking Editor".

For the next update, we're working on implementing the Steam Workshop into the game to make it easier for our players to share custom events, localisations, and even portraits. Until then, you can still share your creations the old-fashioned way: by uploading them to mod sites or hosting them yourself. We recommend using ModDB or the Nexus.

Change log
Since this update has had a particularly long gestation period (for our standards), we've decided not to include a full change list this time around. Instead, we're bringing you just the highlights. If you wish to know about any particular bug that's been bothering you, which isn't mentioned here, feel free to ask in the comments on this thread.

New things
  • The "ancient" Roman item set now has unique models
  • Custom localisation support
  • Custom random events support
  • Custom portrait support
  • 4 new beard styles, 4 new male hairstyles, and 7 new female hairstyles
  • A UI scaling option for running the game in high resolutions on small monitors
  • New animations for certain combat actions as well as for ambient characters
  • Taunt now has voice-over
Tweaks and improvements
  • Talon and Dust are now free actions
  • Cure no longer removes Spotted, Illuminated, Exposed, Disarmed, or Condemned
  • Made Taunt resistable with Mental Resistance
  • The difficulty of Guarding your camp now scales with your group size: the larger your party, the better you must guard it
  • Changed the skillpoint display to show the amount of points spent instead of the total
  • Follower selection popup now uses alphabetic sorting instead of being based on injuries
  • Fog of War now takes up way less space in savegames (will only affect new saves)
  • Distract can no longer be used on an adjacent enemy, as originally intended
  • The Focused status effect now increases Crit Chance by 10 points instead of 10%
  • Trip wire traps can no longer be resisted
  • When capturing an occupied campsite, the camera will now switch into the camping view once combat ends
Major fixes
  • Fixed issue with pathfinding when reloading Homestead, causing players to get stuck in the terrain
  • Fixed the AI sometimes switching to unarmed combat for no apparent reason
  • Fixed a bunch of weird things with the Runaway bounty encounter
  • The houses that are burning during the invasions of Perth or York will now remain burned-down after the battles
  • Fixed the skill caps being circumventable during character creation by double-clicking on the icon instead of using the Upgrade button
  • Made it possible to lie to Sandarr about taking Mani as a thrall exactly once and still come back to complete or fail the quest
  • Fixed a quest logic bug in Pack It Up that was prematurely closing the quest if you left the forest after resolving Unwanted Guests and then came back later
  • All characters' items will now be transferred to the item inventory in the unfortunate event of death
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the game to get stuck when returning from the final dream if you triggered it in a specific camp site
  • Fixed the issue where throwing the waterskin on an ally would select it instead
  • Fixed another way it was possible to get stuck in the Unwanted Guests side quest by clicking on things in the wrong order multiple times in a row
  • Made the intro conversation to the pig feud quest just play again if you interrupt it the first time and retrigger it later
  • Fixed a bug whereby the start time for all time-based status effects except Hung Over was not being set, causing them to be immediately removed again
  • Fixed an issue where allied combatants would sometimes not return to being NPCs
  • Fixed characters being able to traverse blocked hexes in two encounters
  • Fixed Torfinn not getting removed as a follower when you leave Skjern Forest before completing his quest, causing him to only spawn every 2nd time you enter the forest
  • Fixed the Swipe ability not dealing damage to enemies around the target if the target was killed
  • Fixed Cure and Restore abilities using reach distance when equipped with a spear
  • Fixed the Escaped Thralls conversation in Perth being able to trigger during any of the battles despite the thralls not being around
  • Fixed the combat character tooltips showing the selected character's crit chance in place of the hovered character's crit chance
  • Fixed a few typos in dialogue
  • Fixed an issue where some status effect icons would sometimes appear white in the camping interface
  • Fixed the error message for having spent the necessary action in the utility item tooltips looking in the wrong localisation file

And many other minor things.

Plans for 1.0.7
In addition to the Steam Workshop support mentioned above, we're planning several new features for 1.0.7.

Iron Man mode is the big one. We would've liked to add that a lot earlier, but we were getting so many crash reports in previous versions of the game that we simply weren't comfortable adding a mode that only allows one savegame. Now that we've addressed all common sources of crashing, we're ready to activate Iron Man mode in the next update. The update will also include a few new tweaks to difficulty including a new slider to improve the equipment used by enemies. Our goal is to make the higher difficulties higher without messing with the lower difficulties.

We're also planning a slew of small quality-of-life tweaks. Probably the most commonly requested change is to give the player some control over the camera tilt, to which we have now acquiesced. We're also adding a combat speed slider and an option to toggle off the automatic camera focus during combat. Finally, we're adding a little more information to some parts of the interface where things were unclear or unexplained.

Please let us know on the forums if you're experiencing any problems with version, or if you have any particular requests for small tweaks or improvements you would like to see in 1.0.7. We don't have as much time for the next update as we did for 1.0.6, so don't expect any major changes or additions, but we're always happy to take your feedback regardless of how practical it is :)
Sid Meier's Pirates!

PC games are full of arcane artifacts spurring on ancient civilizations, Nazis riding dinosaurs, and Ghandi nuking the entire planet. Historical accuracy isn’t always a priority, and even the ones that try to get it right have to take some liberties with the facts modern scholarship hands down to us to be, you know, a fun game. But there is a definite divide between games that offer a mere nod to history (or use some vague, pop culture-informed stereotype of it as a jumping-off point) and those that actually put in enough research time to get at least some of the important facts straight.

It’s hard to measure a variable like “historicity” when it comes to games—and yes, that is a real word. Games that put history first tend to wind up overly complicated rather than fun, so I've highlighted genuinely great PC games that go out of their way to include some historical accuracy. In particular, I chose games that accurately and ably depict a facet of history that is often misrepresented or ignored in other, ostensibly historical games.

In chronological order based on their setting, here are the most historical PC games.

Screenshot via Steam user OriginalNickname

Total War: Attila - Most historical game about the collapse of the Western Roman Empire 

Attila pulled Total War’s tired campaign formula out of its slump and gave us a living map that portrayed the cultural, political, and environmental challenges facing Rome in her twilight years. Rather than playing into the stereotype of angry, marauding barbarians showing up out of nowhere to sew chaos, the map really put you in the middle of why these invasions were happening—the oncoming of climate change making northern regions progressively less supportive of large populations, and the migration of the Huns into Eastern Europe.

It was also the first Total War game to model the fact that not all societies have permanent cities, and how tributary relationships could form between cultures as a pressure valve against open war.

Assassin’s Creed series - Most historical depiction of ancient cities 

There is very little about the plot of any Assassin’s Creed game that could be regarded as staunchly historical (though we do get some cool nods here and there—the Siege of Masyaf in AC1 is a thing that really happened). However, they’ve gone to great lengths to depict, in full scale, what it would be like to walk the streets of Renaissance Florence or medieval Jerusalem. From the crowds, to the architecture, to the small details, there is a lot of history to experience just by wandering the environments. My personal favorite is Revelations’ post-Ottoman-conquest Constantinople, perhaps one of the most interesting cities in world history snapshotted at one of its most interesting ages.

Screenshot via Steam user Mr.Nekator

Crusader Kings 2 - Most historical modeling of medieval Western European politics 

With expansions highlighting Satanic cults and fanciful, “What if?” Aztec invasions, there is plenty of ahistorical nonsense kicking around CK2 these days. But at its core is a system that does an excellent job of modeling how politics worked in Western Europe from about 1000 to 1400 AD. We take for granted the concept of a nation state in our modern world, but if you lived in Auvergne, France in 1150, you were probably loyal to a person, not a flag or a constitution. All of CK2’s titles have holders, and it is they who interact and play the grand game against one another.

A strong realm can crumble under a weak king just as a poor realm can rise to glory under a great king. And while the hierarchical depiction of feudalism it presents is highly disputed in modern scholarship, excellent expansions like Conclave have added more weight to the lateral bonds that many historians argue were the greater driving force among the nobility of the age.

Expeditions: Viking -  Most historical Viking game

I was impressed immediately by how apparent it was that the designers of Expeditions: Viking put stereotypes out of their mind and hit the books. As my primary historical interest area, I have a high standard for games about the Viking Age, and this one really has you doing a lot of the things a viking ruler would have actually found him or herself doing.

There are kinship-based blood feuds to manage. There is the emphasis on the necessity of presenting yourself as both a strong and a just ruler, not taking for granted that people will follow you based on your name. It even models the effects those notorious raids had on Scandinavia—bringing back captives and wealth that would help build infrastructure and birth three of the most influential kingdoms in European history.

Banished - Most historical game about frontier settlement

Banished is a fairly simple game. I might even argue that it’s too simple, but the mechanics it chooses to focus on are very much the sorts of things that say, an English settler in the 17th Century Virginia Colony would have been concerned with. Keeping your people warm, fed, and healthy are your main goals. You have to use the resources in your environment and trade with distant lands to provide for a growing population. A harsh winter or a disease outbreak can be utterly disastrous and end your whole settlement—as they often did for early European settlements in the New World.

Sid Meier’s Pirates! - Most historical pirate game 

While Pirates! does allow itself to indulge in some buccaneer stereotypes, it also models a lot of the genuine realities a privateer captain during the Golden Age of Piracy would have to be concerned with. A crew is a ragtag collection of malcontents picked up from all across the Caribbean who will only stay with you as long as they feel like there’s a monetary reward in it. The political interplay between the Spanish, English, French, and Dutch is an ongoing conundrum, and you’ll usually be working for at least one of them. And of course, its modeling of naval combat with wind direction, hull size, decks, guns, and even shot type really gives you a glimpse of all the skills necessary to be a naval officer in that era.

Screenshot via Steam user [HWK] Turenne

Victoria 2 - Most historical game about the Industrial Revolution 

Vicky 2 is probably the most intimidating and inaccessible game on this list, but it deserves its spot for hanging its top hat on aspects of history that often get ignored. The level of literacy among your population matters. More literate societies will become more productive… but they also gain Consciousness, which can lead them towards social movements like communism and demanding an end to slavery, universal suffrage, and labor rights. You know, pesky commoner stuff. It also models industrialization, war profiteering, and the advantages and disadvantages of free markets versus command economies. If you have the patience to learn it, it's well worth the investment.

The Oregon Trail - Most historical game about the Oregon Trail 

An oldie but a goodie. The various iterations of The Oregon Trail that have been released since 1971's HP 2100 version (how’s that for some history!) have all been lauded for their educational value. And with good reason. If a modern person tries to imagine the struggles faced by an American pioneer making the journey from Independence to the Willamette Valley in the mid-1800s, they probably wouldn’t give much thought to how many spare wagon tongues you’d need to bring. But that was the reality, and The Oregon Trail put us in the middle of it. It probably also made us a little more afraid of dysentery than we have cause to be in an era of modern medicine and sanitation, but no game is perfect.

Ultimate General: Civil War - Most historical game about the Civil War  

I know I’ll take my share of hard tac for failing to call out some hex-based, in-depth wargame that features the weight and height of every soldier who fought at Gettysburg compiled from census records, but Ultimate General is the perfect midpoint between attention to historical detail, accessibility, and fun. Its combat engine realistically models terrain, movement, casualties, and morale in real time. The recently released campaign mode even gets into how generals in this era had to prove themselves to the political leadership if they wanted to be well-supplied and have weight given to their strategic advice.

Screenshot via Steam user Stuart

Steel Division: Normandy 44 - Most historical game about tactical combat in World War 2

A truly impressive feat to a military history nerd, Steel Division’s maps are built from actual aerial reconnaissance photographs taken during the Normandy invasion, down to the village layouts and placement of hedgerows. It also features realistic ranges and damage modeling for all of its vehicles and weapons, and even the relative speed and maneuverability of its air units. It limits heavier units to spawning later in a battle to simulate the simple fact that they would have taken longer to get there after first contact with the enemy.

Possibly most notable of all, though, is that it does an uncommonly good job stressing the importance of ground-based reconnaissance on the battlefields of World War 2, and the idea that engagements could be won or lost based on which side had better information.

Screenshot via Steam user 65y Afrika

IL-2 Sturmovik series - Most historical combat flight simulator 

I think most flight sim enthusiasts remember the first time they tried to do a backflip in IL-2 and saw the screen start to fade out, wondering if there was something wrong with their monitor. Not only are the controls and handling in this classic historically accurate, but it simulates the effects G-forces have on a fighter pilot maneuvering at high speeds. Force too much blood into your head and you’ll experience redout. Force too much into your feet and you’ll experience blackout. In addition, the titular IL-2 was depicted in meticulous, 3D detail and the combat missions presented plausible scenarios.

Screenshot via Steam user XaRoS

Verdun - Most historical World War I shooter 

Move over, Battlefield 1. Verdun sets out to accurately depict trench warfare on the Western Front, and does a pretty good job of it for a multiplayer shooter. Its inaccuracies are forgivable sacrifices to scale, rather than in the details. it would be very difficult to get enough players on a single server to really depict some of the bigger battles of The Great War, and a lot more time was spent waiting around hoping not to get blown up by a shell than was spent taking aim and firing at the enemy—which isn’t really fun if you just have an hour a night to jump in the mud with your buds. Particularly impressive is the detail that goes into the uniforms, with items as small as buttons being painstakingly reproduced from period photographs.

Kerbal Space Program - Most historical game about the space program 

With its science-based modeling of orbital mechanics, propulsion, and aerodynamics, Kerbal Space Program is a great platform to teach about the history of spaceflight. In fact, the developers at Squad agree, and are working on an official Making History expansion. But if you don’t want to wait, the community has already beaten them to the punch. A number of mods, including the Historical Missions Pack, allow you to experience launches spanning from the first German V2 rocket tests all the way up to SpaceX and beyond. 

Deus Ex series - Most historical game about… the future?

So this one is mostly my own speculation based on observation of current trends, rather than anything backed up by in-depth scholarship. But I’ve always been impressed with how well Deus Ex depicts what I see as humanity’s likely next steps. Huge strides are being made in brain-computer interfaces, prosthetics, and artificial intelligence, while advancements in fields like spaceflight and laser swords are becoming increasingly hard to come by. Were I a betting man, I’d put my money on the assumption that we’ll see the world of Adam Jensen come to pass long before the world of Captain Picard.

Expeditions: Viking - Jonas

Hello, and thanks for checking in with us again. Today we've released update 1.0.5 for Expeditions: Viking. In addition to some bug fixes, this version contains several major changes to game balance that I will outline separately before we get to the change log.

New caps on skill ranks
The most significant change we've made is to introduce caps on all skill ranks based on the total amount of skill points you've spent. Ranks 1 and 2 are freely accessible, but in order to upgrade a skill to rank 3 you must have spent a total of 100 SP. To reach rank 4, you must have spent 175, and to max out a skill at rank 5 you must have spent a total of 250 SP. Recall that you begin the game with 50 SP and that there is a total of just over 300 SP in the campaign. The result is that you'll have no skills above rank 3 when you go to Britain, and you won't be able to level up to rank 5 until quite late in the game.

This update trades away some freedom of choice to enforce a better levelling curve. Previously, we let you max out your weapon skills quite early in the game, with the predictable result that you would outpace the enemies before you even reached Britain, and the enemies wouldn't begin to catch up until near the end of the game. Now, you're forced to distribute your points among the different categories, perhaps buying some Utility and Passive skills for a more well-rounded character. This does have the drawback that characters will be a bit less specialised, but the improvement to the game's difficult curve is profound.

Surprise round on enemy initiative
A new feature is the so-called Surprise Round, which occurs when you trigger an encounter where the enemy acts first. Previously the enemy would get a full turn before you had any chance to position your hirdmen. Since there is no formation system in the game, this felt unfair. From version 1.0.5 and onwards, the player always acts first, but in encounters where the enemy would previously begin, the player will not have any attack action, nor a bonus action in the first turn. In other words you can only move or change your weapons in your first turn because your party was caught by surprise. This has also allowed us to change the initiative back to Enemy-first on all the encounters that were previously set to Player-first to avoid unfairness. The result is a slight but significant increase in difficulty in many encounters throughout the game.

Bear in mind that this update is not the final word on difficulty. These are major changes that will fix our difficulty issues, but they are not intended to increase the upper ends of difficulty on the Hard and Insane settings. The next update will contain more tweaks intended to make the Hard and Insane settings live up to their name, as well as the promised Iron Man mode.

And now for the full change list. As with the 1.0.4 update, I have divided it into two sections: one for changes and additions, and one for fixes. Since this update has a far greater variety of changes than previous patches, I've decided to further subdivide each section into categories based on the type of change or fix.

Changes and additions

New stuff
  • As explained above, added new "surprise round" feature to allow player positioning before enemy turn when ambushed
  • Added full Danish localisation
  • Added three new campsite scenes to the Denmark campaign for improved visual variation: Plains 2, Marsh 2, and Deep Forest
  • Added new animations for Taunt and Dust abilities
  • Added a new generic support ability animation for when you're wielding a spear
  • Added an animation for consumable utility items (ie. drinking potions)

Skills and items
  • As described above, skill upgrades are now capped by your total amount of SP spent, so you must spend 150 SP to upgrade a skill to rank 3, 200 for rank 4, and 250 for rank 5
  • Made substantial improvements to the algorithm that assigns skills to enemies by rank and archetype, which will increase the effectiveness of enemies throughout the game
  • Made the Archer archetype use axe and shield instead of dane-axe or spear, and changed the loadouts of all Archer characters in the game accordingly
  • Items crafted with the Artisan skill can no longer get the "Cursed" property
  • Decreased the cost reduction for repairing and the gain % from deconstructing items
  • Discarding a weapon will now yield at least 1 Salvage or Hide even if you have no Repair skill
  • Increased item degradation during combat from 1 point per crit to 10% of max durability per crit
  • Added a 50% chance each round that a character is on fire that they'll get a Burn injury - subsequent rounds of being on fire then has a 25% chance of the injury deteriorating
  • Taunt will now make the target move towards the caster even if they can't entirely reach them - they'll just move as far as they can
  • Changed the Aimed Shot ability to have a 40% damage penalty instead of a 5 percent-point crit chance bonus, and changed Sharpshooter to reduce that penalty from 40% to 20%
  • Sharpshooter now requires Bow on rank 3, Steady Hands no longer has a skill requirement, and Backstabber now costs 4 SP instead of 8
  • Accuracy for ranged attacks now falls off by 6 points per hex instead of 5
  • Walk Your Shots now reduces the per-hex distance fall-off for ranged attacks back to 5 instead of simply adding 5 points every time you take a shot
  • Parrying no longer cancels all damage from the parried attack - the parrying character takes damage as normal, but with the doubled base DR from Parrying
  • Changed Opportunist so that attacks of opportunity now apply Stunned to the target if you have the skill, instead of just giving you an extra AoO every round - also raised its cost from 3 SP to 6
  • Increased the damage of Hailstorm from 50% normal attack damage to 75% normal attack damage and reduced its charges from 2 to 1
  • Changed Stone Fists from a 10 point bonus to Melee Damage to a 10 point bonus to Armour Piercing damage
  • Raised the cost of Powerful Kick from 6 SP to 9
  • Revive is now restricted to 2 charges
  • Gave pit traps a massive damage buff
  • Increased all Tinkering material costs
  • Reach weapons no longer inflict non-lethal damage at close range, since this was not explained anywhere

  • Changed quite a few of the encounters in the game to have the enemies start, which is no longer frustrating now that we have the surprise round feature
  • Nerfed the damage of all wolf types except the Wolf Mothers, whose damage is now doubled
  • Added a couple of guards in Perth's treasury and set all the loot in the main area to Owned - when you visit during the betrayal, the guards have been killed and the loot is no longer Owned
  • Buffed all occupied campsite fights in Britain and tweaked the cover in some of the scenes
  • Buffed the assassins in Ribe
  • Buffed the fight against the youngsters in the Ravine Cave
  • All the bounty fights have received a significant buff
  • Added reinforcements to both of the wall fights during the invasion of York
  • Doubled the number of enemies in the prisoner room fight in York's dungeon
  • Made Leofric and Steinn brown-haired and made Steinn waaa-hay-haaay more badass
  • The monks and nuns in Lindisfarne Church and the Scarborough Convent will now run into corners and cower in fear when you attack (the Cower animation is new)
  • Made the female guard outside the Skerninge passage grave drop a damaged, cursed chain mail upon her death

Other changes
  • Added icon tooltips to the Tinkering menu
  • Injuries now deteriorate in combat with a probability based on how long the character has been incapacitated - characters can never die outright in combat, however
  • Injuries now deteriorate during camping as well, and we've added some UI logic for this to work - fatally injured characters can die when you make camp if left untreated
  • Increased injury penalties
  • Tweaked injury settings to allow groin and chest punctures and eye trauma
  • Reduced the Armour-smithing level of every blacksmith in the game by 1
  • Made the faction reputation number show up even when your faction reputation is Neutral
  • Added a menu option for disabling reflection probes so you don't have to mess with the config
  • Made the farmer in Skerninge and his wife lie on the ground to match the description text
  • Added thrall deco characters to the homestead depending on how many Slaves you have (up to about a dozen)
  • Added a Medium reputation increase if you complete the Rats quest peacefully
  • Reflection probes will now automatically be disabled the first time you launch the game on an Intel videocard, and you'll get a pop-up about it - you can manually re-enable them afterwards if you'll risk it
  • Tweaked the morale changes in the initial conversation with Maban so they're more intuitive

Bug fixes

Stability and performance
  • Fixed one more set of crashes related to loading characters into the scene
  • Fixed the unreproducible issue some players had reported where the game would crash at the end of camping and potentially at the end of a fight
  • Added check so corrupted fog of war files do not prevent loading scenes
  • Made some optimisation in the level loading

Quest logic
  • Fixed the Ab Urbe Condita side quest hanging around in your quest log even if you choose an outcome for Chester that causes Fabian Quintus to leave, so you can't complete it anymore
  • Fixed a bug whereby Myrddin would not spawn in the stone circle if you entered his cave instead of bringing Cillian directly to him after the rescue
  • Fixed a spot where you could get stuck after the battle for Yngilwood
  • Fixed a bug where you could start the Snakes Among the Trees or Lost Hunting Party side quests during the Battle of Yngilwood if you hadn't started them previously
  • Fixed the fight at the entrance to Jelling potentially repeating with no enemies if you leave the town through the hidden tunnel and then attempt to re-enter it from outside
  • Fixed an issue where Grainne would sometimes appear inside Caustantin's hall after the wedding when she wasn't supposed to
  • Fixed a bug whereby you could no longer free the Yngilwood Scout's loved one in the York Dungeon if you chose not to do so the first time you were given the option
  • Added a fade-out if you sentence Geirmundr in Orkney to the blood eagle, during which he'll be despawned
  • Fixed the non-interactive parts of Geirmundr's "camp" in Orkney also highlighting along with the interactive parts
  • Skallagrimr and the other thegns will now disappear from Steinn's house once you complete the first of the Viking ending quests
  • Received and implemented the Russian and French versions of a single branch of conversation with Hulda that had been missed in the original localisations for those two languages
  • Fixed the higher difficulty-related completion achievements not unlocking the lower levels
  • Fixed being able to interact with the haystack behind Erlingr's farm after the fight if you already set fire to it once
  • Fixed the fire in Erlingr's farmhouse persisting forever (it now stops once the quest is closed)
  • Fixed most of the dead characters who were supposed to show up as ghosts in Grimnir's Helheimr dream not showing up
  • Fixed Olbjørn and Grimkell's character spawners creating a very long delay in loading the goodbye scene in Skjern if they were killed on Holmgang Island
  • Fixed Maucolyn not being set as immortal if you encounter him at the village after raiding the monastery, which could result in you speaking to a very clearly dead man
  • Fixed Conall mac Taidg's death variable not being set, causing some narrative inconsistencies
  • Fixed an error when teleporting the player party to waypoints in conversations which showed up if you lost the fight against Maucolyn in front of the village
  • Fixed a bug whereby if you set an ambush for Osred's men in The Mercian Connection and leave any of them alive, the fight in front of the Roman tower wouldn't begin
  • Osred's spy token will now be removed from your inventory when you show it to a scout in Yngilwood
  • Changed the logic in Torfinn's tree conversations a bit to make the quest more robust
  • Reduced the trigger radius on the sewer tunnel conversation in Chester to be what it's supposed to be

Skills and items
  • Fixed a bug that was causing characters to play their incapacitation barks at entirely the wrong times during combat
  • Fixed the highest rank ability of each skill not displaying its action type in its tooltip
  • Fixed several issues with the implementation of Gungnir's special property - the weapon will now damage enemies in the two hexes in front of you, three if you're using Extend
  • Fixed an issue where pre-damaged looted items would be using the current Salvage value to calculate tiers rather than the undamaged one
  • Resistances are now capped at 100% in the UI
  • Fixed Adrenaline Junkie applying its bonus as soon as a character is at less than max health, instead of only when they drop below 20% as described
  • Fixed the missing icon for the British silver cross talisman types
  • Replaced an old hack to prevent non-Vikings from getting the Dane-Axe skill with a more general solution that checks the nationality condition for all skills before assigning them (this will also prevent non-Vikings from buying Galder, which they cannot use anyway)
  • Removed the track quest input from all contexts except Default (which will stop it showing up in the other sections of the input bindings)
  • Fixed the Amulet of Macha not getting its special property correctly (this fix is not retroactive, if you already picked up the Amulet of Macha, it will remain useless - however you can give yourself a new, working amulet with the console command giveitem party Talisman_Macha)
  • Fixed a 10-second pause caused by a timeout if a Parrying character is Stunned and subsequently attacked; all immobilisation now cancels Parrying as well as Hypnotised, Interrupting, Panicked, and Ready
  • You can no longer parry attacks from weapons with reach from 2 or more tiles away
  • Fixed missing sound effects on the Parrying animations
  • You can no longer trigger an execution with any weapon type other than a sword
  • Fixed a pretty unlikely combat timeout that would happen if Condemned characters took fire damage
  • Fixed the Tactical Move button being selectable even if no attack action was possible
  • Fixed Stunned animation not being reset if a character is defeated while that animation is playing
  • Fixed the wolf mothers' Nuzzle ability placing the wolf inside the incapacitated wolf's tile instead of adjacent to it
  • Fixed wrong health displayed in the UI when using Nuzzle or Revive
  • Fixed the Sacrament ability tripling ally resistances instead of doubling it as intended

Other fixes
  • Fixed certain music tracks being controlled by the main volume slider instead of the music slider
  • Fixed the input system overwriting user settings with the defaults in some situations
  • Removed Crouch Control from the input settings
  • Fixed non-lethal attacks being able to proc critical hits
  • Fixed certain blacksmiths being set up with a higher armour-smithing rating than is actually possible, which broke the UI
  • Fixed bug where an occupied campsite would be marked as captured when entering the campsite but then reloading the previous saved file without even playing through the fight
  • Fixed an issue where tinkering items in camping might not be loaded properly by the save system
  • Fixed a missing line of subtitles in the intro cinematic in English and English (Norse Names)
  • Fixed the player's ship reverting to the default sail colours in Orkney
  • A loading screen will now be displayed while loading the main menu after the credits
  • Fixed dead follower pop-up appearing during loading screens if you made a save after a follower had died in the scene and then loaded that save
  • Fixed a typo "a dirty flash" (should have been flask) in Røskva's first romance conversation
  • Fixed a typo in the to-do list reminder for unassigned shifts
  • Nefja and Ketill can no longer die from injuries in Denmark
  • Fixed switch weapon button being greyed out after an attack of opportunity on the selected character
  • Fixed the localisation ID for homestead upgrades not being retrieved correctly for upgrades that only have 1 branch
  • Removed an erroneously placed trash pile in Skerninge which was unlootable and would disappear when you looted another trash pile next to it
  • Removed a lootable barrel from inside a house in Perth
  • Added ability icons for the wolf abilities so they don't show up as white squares when you look at wolves with the character info panel, and added explanatory tooltips for them as well
  • Fixed a weird-looking tree in the Britain forest menhir campsite
Expeditions: Viking - Atomic

Patch 1.0.4 is now public. The main purpose of this patch was to fix the last of the crashes - a particularly tricky crash that turned out to be caused by Unity's reflection probes when our day/night cycle asks them to re-render. The crash mostly happened on Intel cards and certain AMD cards.

Disabling reflection probes
For now, we've added an option for disabling the reflection probes. If you're still getting the occasional loading screen crash or if the game is crashing during the camping timelapse, try enabling this option - especially if you're running the game on an Intel or AMD card:

  1. 1. Open your config file - it's in your Documents folder by default that's
    C:\Users\Logic Artists\Documents\My Games\Expeditions Viking\Config
  2. Locate the [VideoSettings] section, and add the following line at the bottom: ReflectionProbes=False
That's it - that should stop the crashes. Without reflection probes, the lighting in the scene will not look quite as natural as it does with the probes enabled, but it's better than crashes.

Of course we've also managed to make a number of other fixes and improvements while we were at it. We've even managed to add a wee bit more content.

Additional Content and Balancing
  • Finished two new Grimnir dream sequences and added them to the random events list
  • Gave Aife a new ability that's unique to her: Snaring
  • Added colour correction blending to the timelapse in camping
  • Made it more likely to get injuries when incapacitated in combat
  • Made non-fatal injuries more likely to deteriorate
  • Changed the accuracy penalty for Quick Shot from a modifier to a multiplier (ie. from 30 points to 30%)
  • Inspire is now limited to 3 charges
  • Changed Fatigued, Hungry, and Starving so they complement each other better: Fatigued now reduces Strength, Finesse, and Perception while Hungry and Starving reduces Endurance and Sense
  • Increased the duration on Well Fed to take into account the time spent camping
  • Added hotkeys for activating abilities in the hotbar
  • Made the game heal all injuries and reset fatigue and hunger after Hrodgærda's attack on Skjern
  • Tactical Move can no longer be activated if you would have no moves left afterwards, to prevent you from cheating yourself
  • Grimulfr will no longer show up in Skjern during summer until you've completed the main objective in Scarborough
  • Made it so you get the Gain Power goal instead of the Speak To Skallagrimr goal if you side with Aiblinn in Dun Phris before you've done Lindisfarne
  • Characters no longer drop Salvage
  • Added a wave of reinforcements to the entrance guards in Jelling and did a general polish pass on the scene
  • Added a bunch of deco characters fighting in the background in Jelling, and a few civilians that will flee if you approach them - also made a couple of houses burn
  • All Northumbrian and Pict quests will now be failed when you side with Aiblinn in Dun Phris, to avoid narrative inconsistency
  • Disabled some of the York entrance one-liners in the event you've invaded Northumbria, and made it so the guards are replaced by either Picts or Vikings depending on your choices

Bug fixes
  • Improved stability.
  • Fixed Fog of War not being reset correctly when starting a new game
  • Fixed a gamebreaking quest logic bug whereby Myrddin would be noninteractive if you fought the villagers without him and Cillian died (because a goal was set as optional when it should have been mandatory)
  • Fixed the treasure in the passage grave becoming uninteractive if you lose the fight against the Underground Ones and subsequently choose not to pick up the treasure first time you interact with it
  • Fixed an issue where you wouldn't be able to complete Parsley Sage Rosemary Thyme if you let Morcant go after raiding the monastery
  • Fixed the Red Wedding quest never being closed if you enter the house during the night without making use of the option to wait outside (it wasn't breaking anything, but it was annoying)
  • Fixed the Meet Maucolyn goal not getting correctly closed in Parsley Sage Rosemary Thyme if you decided to attack
  • Fixed Wearh in the Woods not being closed properly if you attacked the village after having found the pelts
  • Fix an issue in camping that would result in incorrect amount of resources being reserved
  • Crafting schematics are now removed while crafting as intended
  • Fixed items with special properties that raise HP not raising the actual HP but only the maximums - now you'll actually have the extra HP as you should
  • Added new color tags for stat mods in inventory and character stats for the other languages
  • Disabled save game inside Passage grave
  • Fixed Fog of War issues in some of the camp scenes
  • Fixed Seeking Sanctuary not getting closed correctly if you had a change of heart and killed the Persecutors before meeting the Refugees
  • Fixed sinking into the ground on the hex map around the bridge in Chester
  • Fixed the check whether you had been inside the walls in Chester already not being correctly set
  • Fixed the chest in the Chester Sewers being lootable twice
  • Changed the color correction in the Chester Sewers
  • Fixed being able to take the runaway guard's body in Scoundrel's Flight if you had already gone into the tomb
  • Fixed being able to use the runaway guard and his girlfriend's bodies for the sacrifice when they weren't dead
  • Fixed Cillian not despawning correctly when Myrddin buries him
  • Made sure Cillian's pyre is put out at appropriate times and made Talorc and Dubglas move to better positions when they set Cillian free
  • Fixed being able to collect something for the Wisdom of the Ancients quest before you had gotten it
  • Fixed not being able to cross the river by York on the campaign map
  • Switched the numbers for schematics in armour crafting to be consistent with how the numbers are displayed in the Tinkering menu
  • Fixed the tutorial window we added in 1.0.3 not updating step text correctly
  • Confirmation boxes originating from conversation can't be dismissed anymore (which means you can no longer avoid travel ambushes by pressing Escape...)
  • Fixed the food selection in camping prioritising Rations rather than Meat
  • Tyr's Favour can now only be used by Viking enemies as intended - it's a bit of a hack for now, as the AI skill selection will still assign Galder to non-Vikings, but we'll deal with that later
  • Cleaned up and polished the ambient audio in Jelling
  • Fixed Wreckers in Scarborough not staying gone if you had gotten rid of them peacefully
  • Fixed the looters in Donncoirce Homestead coming back if you had convinced them to leave
  • Changed the trigger conditions for the intro to the swamp meeting so it's more robust, even though we haven't managed to figure out how some players have entered the scene before they got the quest
  • Fixed damage reduction not being clamped correctly so high-level enemies affected by Tyr's Favour could exceed 100%, which made attacks heal them for the duration of the status effect
  • Fixed sparing Cailtram at Domnall's farm not being properly closed if you just left after getting the proof
  • Fixed the farmer inside Domnall's farmhouse not correctly responding if you hadn't fought the people outside
  • Fixed the player gaining String instead of losing it when pulling out a rotten tooth
  • Fixed the Armourer and Craftsmen Homestead upgrades giving you the opposite resource of what they should give
  • Fixed an issue where crafted armours and helmets might not have the right models
  • Fixed being able to repeat geting the reward for rescuing Mani from Sandarr
  • Fixed not being able to find the missing wrecker in Scarborough if you had searched his corpse before getting the quest
  • Added headlines to the skill rank tooltips in Crafting so it's a bit more clear what they mean
  • Fixed a localisation issue on discard prompt
  • Fixed CNodeLogicWaitForAIGroupToSpawn node not working properly, which caused problems in the cave fight in the ravine if you were skipping too quickly through the dialogue
  • Made the family from the Troll Tree not show up later if either of the parents were killed
  • Fixed Æthelred's war camp not disappearing from Yngilwood if you fail the Northumbria questline early, and disabled some of the entrance one-liners related to the camp once it's gone
  • Made some control labels a little clearer, fixed two small spelling mistakes in the English tutorials
  • Fixed the generic clansmen and Kveldulfr not acknowledging Asleifr's death correctly because the conversations were checking an obsolete variable
  • Fixed French localization parsing for the patterns that change a word based on whether the word after it starts with a vowel or a consonant (eg. de or d')
  • Fixed a wrong ending of a dynamic gender text token that was causing the unparsed token to show up in the text
  • Tweaked the colliders in the roadside camp to make it easier to pick up the stuff in the tent
  • Fixed null ref when initializing prop items and fixed the GOG SDK not recognizing the DLC when not connected to Galaxy
  • Fixed two one-liners playing over each other in Seahenge, and set up better party spawn positions
  • Increased amount of cairns needed to unlock the Wayfarer achievement (it was looking for 7 but there are actually 9) and fixed the cairn in Lindisfarne not being counted towards the 14 cairns for the Pathfinder achievement
  • Made the game logic that triggers Osred's conversation with Æthelred after his defeat a bit more robust to ensure that it won't get stuck
  • Added a config option for disabling reflection probes to solve the loading screen crashes that happen in certain scenes on certain video cards (thanks Unity)

As always, we'd like to thank you all for your help in identifying these issues. Now that the worst bugs are ironed out, we're going to start digging into the nice-to-have list. The next update will take a bit longer, but it'll also contain a bunch of new stuff. Stay tuned for more information :)
Expeditions: Viking - Atomic

It's a big one this time as you will see below. Please let us know on your support threads if the patch has resolved your issue.

We've finally got to the point where we can start looking at usability improvements and small new features. You'll find a few such alterations and additions in this patch. Thanks to everyone who has already, please continue to post your suggestions in the Community Suggestions Subforum.

Known Issue: Loading Crash

We've gotten a bit closer to tracking down the loading crash that some players are still experiencing, but we believe the crash still exists in this patch. We think it may be an issue with the version of Unity that we used for the game. Fixing it is our current highest priority.

A small group of users may be experiencing a different error related to video playback at the start of the game. Please read the bottom section of this post for instructions on how to bypass this as we look into a solution.

Change log: General Fixes
  • You can now disable the game's time limit - see below for instructions
  • Fixed fire particle effect crashing the build
  • Fixed the campaign map triggering travel events and vice versa (which was preventing a lot of events from triggering)
  • Fixed a bug that was causing faction reputation checks in conversations to always think you had 0 reputation (note: as long as your reputation with a faction is between -20 and 20, the faction screen will not display any changes, but your reputation is changing - that's just a UI issue that we hope to address in the next patch)
  • Fixed a bug whereby Drugged and Intoxicated would stick around forever if they were applied during a conversation (they now last 3 hours each, so walk it off)
  • Added a player message for when you get status effects through conversations and when they're removed over time
  • Stat numbers are now coloured red if they're being reduced by an injury or status effect and orange if they would be reduced but they actually can't go any lower
  • Status effect icons now show up in the same places as injury icons (most importantly in the character screen and in the follower selection menu)
  • Added a new tutorial pop-up about the timeline
  • Fixed item removal nodes removing the wrong item if the intended item was equipped (specifically, Ketill's personal quest was removing his bow instead of his talisman)
  • Fixed the Toss ability
  • Added adjacency checks to the activation conditions for Heavy Swing and Hook and Slash (the latter already had a within-rush-distance check, but that's not enough)
  • The game will now no longer autosave during sequences where saves are disabled
  • Fixed conversation kills without takedown animations not updating the animation state of the victim (which would cause them to still be standing around and look alive after you killed them)
  • Made some improvements to loading times
  • Fix the issue where the absent characters would be eat in camp
  • Fixed an issue where followers could die in combat in an injury got worse while incapacitated
  • Fixed characters not going to the right positions and playing the right animations during camping
  • Added check for null ref when determining flanking
  • Removed party spawner from character creation
  • Added localisation strings for the Worldmap for the save menu
  • Messed a bit with some of the pre-set characters' morale, including raising all your huscarls (except Asleifr, because he's a douchebag)
  • Fixed the player marker being placed on your previous campaign map position if you sail to Scarborough from somewhere else and leave by foot
  • Fixed the Denmark campaign map thinking you're in Erlingr's farm the first time you leave the Homestead after the prologue
  • Fixed Ribe's description referring to Ragnhildr as a thegn instead of a jarl
  • Fixed the player's ship sails not getting the right colours from the player model anywhere other than in the Homestead
  • Added animation sound effects to the random filler characters in the cities
  • Replaced some of Ribe's characters with filler characters to shave the loading time down a bit and made sure that all filler characters who are sitting down in all three cities have their colliders disabled
  • Made some corrections to the French localisation
  • Status effects are now removed from dead people
  • Reduced the amount of consumables and throwables you find in lootable objects
  • Reduced the amount of salvage you can get from crates, barrels, and baskets
  • Added Hungry and Starving counts to the party information panel on the travel maps
  • Made some tweaks in initialization to prevent crashes when loading Ribe
  • Fixed not all keybinding options being shown at all times
  • Fixed a background not tiling in the pause menu
  • Improved the colour correction in Orkneyjar
  • Improved colour correction for Caustantin's Hall and the dungeon in Legacæstir
  • Improved the colour correction in the dream sequences
  • Removed birds from the 2nd dream since they weren't animating
  • Fixed the movement value localisation not being correct
  • Fixed a tooltip not being localized in the camping todo list
  • Fixed issue with abilities not getting deselected when a character was immobilised
  • Added an animation for characters sleeping in beds (for Eyfura and Bjørgdis)
  • Tile objects (ice, campfires, brambles, etc.) now trigger when combat starts (e.g. you are instantly set on fire if you stand on a campfire); however, characters no longer start on a tile with a hazard (these may appear to contradict each other but the result is that things will run as they should but your characters should be smart enough to not step on hazards on their initial turn)
  • Illumination does not get removed at the end of the turn anymore
  • Characters standing inside a campfire will now be illuminated in addition to burned
  • Optimised the reflection probes in all campsites, hoping that'll fix or reduce the crashes some players have reported during the timelapse
  • Made the AdvanceTime debug command only accept positive numbers

Change log: Quests
  • Made it so you can trigger the Althing and end the game if you have 100 Prosperity even if you haven't completed any other questline
  • Fixed a bunch of Play Once Only-related issues in various conversations
  • Fixed Valerius never showing up on Orkneyjar unless you got the quest to kill him from Iovita before turning on her
  • Disabled saving during Hrodgærda's attack on Skjern
  • Fixed Hrodgærda's reinforcements breaking if you've built palisades before the final attack on Skjern
  • Disabled saving game inside the passage grave in Skerninge
  • Fixed the goal to talk to Bildr in the feud quest re-appearing in your quest log if you get it from another character after completing it already
  • Fixed not being able to complete the Seeking Sanctuary quest if you had killed the refugees before talking to Æthelfled
  • Fixed being able to recruit the persecuters in Legacæstir if you had already killed the cult
  • Fixed not being able to make the persecutors in Legacæstir leave you alone under certain conditions
  • Fixed the cult in Legacæstir not leaving the ruins if you had convinced them to join you at Orkneyjar
  • Fixed cult members in Legacæstir not running away if you had turned the cult hostile
  • Fixed the Ab Urbe Condita fight being able to re-trigger if you had already fought it but not handed in the quest
  • Fixed not being able to hand in the Seeking Sanctuary quest to the persecuters if you had turned the cult hostile
  • Fixed triggering an empty fight if you had already dealt with the refugees before turning the cult in Legacæstir hostile
  • Fixed Iovita attacking you if you approached her after having given her the Aquila
  • Fixed the fight in the Legacæstir dungeon triggering even though you had already fought it
  • Fixed getting stuck by the bridge in Legacæstir if you had already fought the persecutors (ah, that quest really is the gift that keeps on giving)
  • Fixed the conversation with Finnguala upon your return with Donncoirce not playing if you'd clicked on her before it was active
  • Disabled the option to tell Ragnhildr you killed the Rats if you didn't kill the Rats
  • Made the Red Wedding party not spawn if the Wait goal is Inactive, instead of if Wait is Not Completed and Not Failed
  • Moved the goal marker for the first Red Wedding goal from the groom's father onto the house door so it doesn't go to a campaign map marker when the wedding party despawns
  • Fixed the Red Wedding party spawning in during the night if they had previously spawned in during the day
  • Fixed the scared man in the Barghest quest spawning in during the day if he had previously spawned in during the night, but at the same time accidentally inverted his spawn conditions so he now spawns only during the day - will fix that in the next patch, as it doesn't break anything
  • Fixed Rurik not disappearing from your longhouse after day 150 as he should
  • Disabled the dialogue option to sacrifice a mercenary in Skerninge because it wasn't working
  • Fixed Hulda only appearing the first time you load Skjern after the prologue
  • Fixed the option to have Kveldulfr craft for you never appearing during the summer if you didn't ask him about the smithy during the winter
  • Went over a bunch of conversations and added more reputation changes and increased some of the existing ones
  • Gave the Eoforwic blacksmith a check to bypass her introduction text on subsequent visits
  • Added morale decreases for your love interest if you get caught cheating
  • Disabled the option to side with Aiblinn in Dun Phris if you don't control Orkneyjar at that point
  • Fixed Leofric showing up in Osred's hall even if you fight him before going there
  • Fixed Grainne talking about Conall as if he's dead even if you brought him in alive (in English and German - we're awaiting translations for the other languages)
  • Fixed a weirdly inconsistent bug where Grainne would sometimes not spawn in Caustantin's hall after Mac Taidg Must Die until you left and re-entered the hall a few times
  • Fixed not getting the proper ID for a randomly selected character in the stray boat event
  • Fixed being able to talk to Maban before you catch the thieving child, thereby never being able to complete that goal; also fixed being able to enter the houses before you get the relevant quests
  • Removed the extra coin pile in the merchant's house in Eoforwic and fixed the level transition goal marker in that scene and the shire gerefa's house showing up at 0.0.0 instead of the door
  • Made it so you can pick up the knife in the wall in one of the entrable homes in Eoforwic and set the loot to owned
  • Set everything to owned in the 2nd Eoforwic house and made the lord of the house lie in his bed
  • Changed the Viking attack in Yngilwood so the player starts, and tweaked the cover in the hex map
  • Fixed the injured man in the swamp sticking around if you had treated him
  • Fixed the robbers on the ridge in the swamp not reacting if you had gone there once before
  • Fixed an NPC Speech node in the TravelInfection random event that should have been a Stored NPC Speech node
  • Fixed a potential problem with the feud quest in Ribe not triggering; unfortunately we couldn't reproduce it, so we're not sure if the fix works
  • Small tweaks to the eating and drinking contest in Ribe
  • Fixed a typo "somethng" in the conversation with Ingimarr in his house
  • Tweaked the trader hex map in Skerninge
  • Fixed a misspelled character reference in the toothache camping event
  • Fixed the Forbidden Tribute quest in Eoforwic trying to spawn the wrong character when you had defeated the lynch mob
  • Made a rock that was throwing warnings in the treasure cave not batching static, and rebuilt lighting as a result
  • Fixed Vrangr sticking around in the Marsh if you came back to it after you had let him go
  • Fixed a hex map issue in Yngilwood that could cause players to get stuck on a hill
  • Fixed the huscarls still showing up in Skjern over the summer if they had spawned in once, even if they had since left the hird
  • Fixed being able to hand in the Debt Collector quest multiple times
  • ixed being able to get the Debt Collector quest again if you had already handed it in under certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where you could get the Debt Collector quest again if you had failed to get the payment from Gaius Aelius
  • Fixed an issue where the Debt Collector quest would not get closed if you had gotten the payment before ever talking with them
  • Added a missing check to the conversation with Grainne if you defeat her, to check if Aife was part of the fight
  • Fixed the Old Man in the Marsh not entering dialogue if you had freed Mani
  • Fixed a rogue hex in the bandit camp and not being able walk between the barricades
  • Added the missing "Blacksmith" area map marker localization for Orkney to all localizations

Disabling the Time Limit
By popular demand we've implemented a way for you to disable the game-over that you'll normally get if you run out of time in either campaign. Time will still pass as normal and the timeline will appear to progress, but once it reaches the end, nothing will happen.

To activate this:

  1. First find your config file. It should be in \Documents\My Games\Expeditions Viking\Config.
  2. Open Config.ini with your text editor of choice (Notepad will do nicely).
  3. Locate the [PlayerSettings] section and add the following line TimeGameOver=False at the end of it, for example:
    [PlayerSettings] GameLanguage=English GoalMarkerBehaviour=ShowAll Dismemberment=True Tutorial=False DisplayHexes=False DisplayHelmets=True EdgePanning=True ControlStyle=CRPG TimeGameOver=False
  4. Save the file and open the game.
  5. To verify that the time limit is disabled, hover over your marker or the icon at the end of the timeline. It should say, in a red font: "Running out of time is currently disabled." Note that this will only show up in the English or English (Norse Names) localisations so far, because we haven't had the new strings localised yet.

Disabling the time limit will also disable all difficulty-related achievements for finishing the game.

As mentioned somewhere in the changelist above, to complement this new feature we have also changed the "advancetime" cheat so it no longer accepts negative numbers.

Of course there are things that stop making sense when you disable the timeline. We assume that if you do this, you don't particularly care about the narrative consistency of the game,do not be suprised if the game suddenly skips almost a year into the future, and a title card proclaims the year to be 789 AD when your in-game clock says 790 or something like that.

Video crash bypass instructions
If your game has been crashing immediately after character creation or immediately upon opening, try adding the following anywhere in your config file:

[VideoPlaybackSettings] DoPlayVideos=False

The side effect is that you will not get any videos. This is mainly a problem for the end of the game, since the denoument will not play. We're still working on a "proper" fix for a later update.
May 4, 2017
Expeditions: Viking - Atomic

A huge thank you to all the users who reported their issues to us this week!

This 1.0.2 patch has been running on the beta branch now for a couple of days without introducing any new issues so we're ready to roll it out to the public.

We're extremely grateful for everyone willing to help us test this build to make sure it hasn't caused any new issues. Thank you so much for your support and your emails, the info has been invaluable in rooting out the sources of these issues.

If you don't see your issue marked in the changelog, it is possible that your issue was caused by one of those reported as fixed so before updating us on your status, please take a moment to test out the new build. And if your issue persists please notify us in your report thread on the Support Sub-Forum. If you have not written a report yet and would like to report an issue please take a moment to use the steam forum search function to search for an exisiting thread before posting your own and follow the guidelines for reporting bugs or issues.

  • Improved stability further
  • Fixed the resolution not being set correctly in the options
  • Player now has a fixed morale to Heroic (+10)
  • Fixed a bug where the person assigned to cleaning would always lose 1 morale; now there's 5% chance of that happening;
    also added additional details in the player message log
  • Due to the player character now having a fixed morale,
    they can no longer be set to clean the camp
  • Fixed a bug where killing Caustantin, Osred, or Æthelred after winning the fight with them would lead to the player dying instead (oh God I wish I didn't have to put this in the patch notes I am so unspeakably ashamed of myself for making this mistake)
  • Fixed a bug where the bounty Ealdorman could get killed if you attacked the thieves, so he would be missing once you got his own quest later
  • Fixed one of the groups of the thralls who had escaped from the slave trader in Orkney being unresponsive if you had passed through their area before they spawned
  • Fixed a stupid oversight in Uallach's (the witch in Perth) conversation that was preventing you from asking about Ketill or Nefja's personal quests if you had already completed her own side quest
  • Fixed the campfire in Yngilwood where you lay an ambush for the tanner - it was set to only play once, so if you clicked no to the pop-up initially you could never open it again
  • Likewise set Grimnir's last conversation in the dream to not trigger once, which prevents the player from "exhausting" it before it's active
  • Fixed being able to trigger the hole in the wall in Dun Phris multiple times
  • Changed the initiative in Ingimar's Longhouse so the player starts
  • Fixed a bug where enemies that were set to immortal could still die from Burn injuries
  • Fixed several issues with Execute and its Condemned status effect: the ability was painting a path when no movement would occur, it was erroneously disallowing activation when the target was outside movement range, and most importantly Condemned was disappearing one round too early, making the ability very difficult to use
  • Fixed an issue caused by using Charge with a reach weapon
  • Fixed Crippled not working
  • Fixed One-Two being able to damage allies
  • Fixed Disarm Trap not working
  • Fixed an exception in the Point Blank skill which could freeze AI in combat, and decreased the chance of this happening in other skills as well
  • Fixed an exception when using water skins
  • Changed animation for Anticipate Opening so it doesn't look like the character is attacking an invisible character
  • Nerfed Backstabber from a 50% damage bonus to 20%
  • Fixed the camera position in camp scenes
  • Added loot to some enemies in Perth that didn't have any
  • Fixed loot ownership in Ingimar's longhouse only being disabled if he was incapacitated (it's currently reset if you save and load in the scene, but we're working on that)
  • Fixed loot ownership not being disabled when Perth or York was being attacked
  • Moved some tutorials that were blocking the timeline
  • Fixed enemy and player AP being switched around in enemy tooltips
  • Fixed the Talon tooltip which wasn't being parsed correctly
  • Fixed the Sling tooltip calling it one-handed instead of two-handed
  • Fixed a tooltip in the treatment panel not showing up
  • Added more info about the timeline in the timeline tooltips

Video crash bypass instructions
If your game has been crashing immediately after character creation or immediately upon opening, try adding the following anywhere in your config file:

[VideoPlaybackSettings] DoPlayVideos=False

The side effect is that you will not get any videos. This is mainly a problem for the end of the game, since the denoument will not play. We're still working on a "proper" fix for a later update.
Expeditions: Viking - Atomic

It's been en exciting opening weekend, a great big thanks to everyone who joined us on the support forum to report bugs and share their files. We've worked day and night and hope that the new update will provide players relief in most of the areas they've found issues in the release build.

It's called rather than 1.0.2 because it doesn't solve all the crashes we've been investigating, but the game is more stable now. Those who have been nice enough to pre-test it for us have said that they could load their previously broken savegames from the hotfix in

Fixes in
  • Fixed an issue with our character streaming system that was causing random crashes all throughout the game on some computers
  • Removed some dlls related to a third-party decal system that wasn't actually used in the game anyway, which was being picked up as a false positive in some anti-virus software
  • Fixed a gamebreaking bug if you complete the Tomb Raider quest as the last of the Preparations quest and complete it specifically by fighting
  • Oddkell outside the grave
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't talk to the leader of the persecutors in
  • Chester after completing the quest, so you couldn't ditch them, so you would get stuck in the scene
  • Fixed a small glitch where combat with the Praetorians would
  • automatically start if you loaded a savegame after allying with the
  • Persecutors
  • Fixed Rurik's conversation in the longhouse never playing when it's supposed to if you ever clicked on him when his conversation isn't active
  • Fixed a dialogue options "I won't enter your church" in
  • MorcantConfrontation that was appearing erroneously and would cause the dialogue to get stuck because it led nowhere
  • Ranged characters should now properly target tileobjects (no path markers, range visualisation etc.)
  • Set some audio not to loop (company intro + intro intro)
  • Fixed the infinite XP exploit in Unwanted Guests
  • Fixed a bug where some AI would not advance if there was a hazard on the projected path, or if the player used Ready
  • Fixed Maucolyn's intro conversation under certain circumstances being retriggerable even when he wasn't there anymore
  • Added missing goal markers for the Clear Caves and Clear Milecastle goals, and fixed the Cave River fight not triggering correctly in that storyline
  • Fixed the EliminateRemusCult goal getting stuck if you kill them before you deal with Valerius
  • Fixed certain party members not leaving the party when they should, if they aren't present in the scene at the time
  • Fixed a bug where stat adjustments from abilities would not get applied unless the character moved
  • Fixed Æthelred disappearing from Yngilwood if you leave the scene again after entering it when you're about to hand in the Mercian Connection quest
  • Made Finnguala leave the party and join the picts if you have her with you in Dun Phris and attack Magnus' group
  • Made Finnguala leave the party if you begin the ConquerBritain quest
  • Made Skallagrimr's conversation after the mountain cave or Hadrian's Wall close all Pict, Gael, or Northumbria side quests, made it enable all the menhir scenes in case you missed them, and made Caustantin's post-Dun Phris conversation enable Chester, Yngilwood, and the Swamp
  • Set up a script to disable the longship after the Althing, and removed the errant fire hexes from the Hrodgærda no-palisades attack map
  • Fixed the characters in Lindisfarne still sort of hanging around after the quest is already completed
  • Added the Clear All (key bindings) translation in French and Polish
  • Fixed an issue where characters would sink through the hexes in the Chester sewer fight
  • Fixed an issue where if you left Orkney before fighting Steinn, you wouldn't be able to progress the Viking storyline
  • Fixed a wrong localisation reference on the beach camp cooking spit in Scarborough
  • Fixed an error that was happening when a barricade got destroyed and the AI tried to switch weapons afterwards
  • Fixed a bug where the abducted brother in Chester would not correctly trigger his dialogue
  • Fixed an issue where the abducted brother in Chester would not leave the scene when freed
  • Fixed an area in the Homestead Forest where you could get stuck
  • Fixed Rebuke not knocking down the target as intended if the user has Powerful Kick skill
  • Fixed stats in combat not getting updated correctly
  • Added "DoPlayVideos" flag in config to help users who are getting crashes from the intro and outro videos (see below for instructions)
  • Made some more characters sit down at the Althing and the Mountain
  • Cave and made Ragnhildr sit down in her longhouse
  • Now Hrossbjørn and Vifridr will leave the village if you lose against Gunnarr after winning the first two fights
  • Fixed corrupted save files not appearing in the save/load menus
  • Fixed the language setting being English (Norse Names) by default instead of English
  • Fixed two occurrences of the typo "whince" in the English text
  • Fixed a chest that was open by default in the convent scene when it was supposed to be closed and lootable
  • Made the final conversation trigger in the first dream a bit more robust to address an issue where it sometimes wouldn't enable the conversation, making you stuck in the scene
  • Added explanations for the timeline in the tooltips, but it's only in the English and English (Norse Names) versions for now as we need to send it out for localisation
  • Added some party-wide morale increases for major storyline progress

Video crash bypass instructions
If your game has been crashing immediately after character creation or immediately upon opening, try adding the following anywhere in your config file:


The side effect is that you will not get any videos. This is mainly a problem for the end of the game, since the denoument will not play. We're working on a "proper" fix for a later update.

What's next?
We still have some stability issues to work through. The most common crash now appears to happen when leaving the Homestead Longhouse in the beginning of the game, but sadly this is almost certainly due to the game being played on video cards that do not meet our minimum system requirements, and we cannot do anything about this. There are other crashes that we will be looking into, however, and of course we won't be satisfied until everyone (whose machine meets the minimum requirements) can play the game without any crashes.

Once the last major gamebreaking quest bugs are out of the way, we can look at the second-tier ones that may still be important - we're aware of issues with several abilities in the game, such as Toss, Talon and Execute. In fact the Execute ability has already been fixed, but it didn't make it into

Once we're through the second-tier bugs as well, we'll be able to start doing some UI tweaks and improvements for issues that have become apparent after release. For example, we plan to improve the way status effects are displayed outside of combat, we plan to add some tutorial pop-ups and warnings about the timeline, and we have some improvements and fixes lined up for the camping system. However, all of that has to wait until we're happy with the state of the game again.

How did this happen?
A valid question. You probably don't want excuses, but you did keep reading after the headline "How did this happen?" so excuses are what you're going to get. Essentially, we had three periods of closed beta testing before release, and we thought they could catch all the bugs. They did catch most of the bugs, but 1000 volunteer beta testers are no match for tens of thousands of new players suddenly getting their hands on the game. Even if there's only one gamebreaking bug secreted away in some dark corner of a questline, it may affect a thousand people.

We're determined to work through the new bug reports we've been receiving, and we want to sincerely thank all of you who are sticking with us despite these early issues.

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