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This build adds first pass localization for the following languages:
  • Chinese (simplified)
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Spanish

  • HUD scaling for smaller screens has been improved.
  • The F1 help screen is now localized.
  • Loading screens now properly respond to the aspect ratio of the screen.

More bug fixes and improvements.

  • Remote clients unable to loot - A bug in the inventory code was preventing players connected to someone else's game from looting. This has been fixed.
  • Startup sounds not playing - A bug in player startup code was preventing startup sounds from playing. This has been fixed.

  • Ambient audio - Additional ambient sounds have been placed in the game.

  • In-game map - A legend has been added to the in-game map.
  • Help screen - Pressing F1 will now display the game's default keyboard layout as long as you hold down the key.

  • Z-fighting - More fixes to z-fighting in the roads have been implemented.
  • LOD tweaks - More instanced object LODs have been adjusted to improve the overall look of the game.
TRAPPED - Forthright Entertainment

We have several visual and gameplay improvements and bug fixes for you in this update.

  • Capture point status - The status of capture points was not being displayed to players with radios in the All In! scenario. This has been fixed.

  • Goo rise rate - The rate at which the goo rises has now been tied to the number of players in the game. Solo players will find they have much more time to get to the capture points.
  • Capture point loot - The loot boxes in capture points now yield random loot, including Antitoxin.
  • Antitoxin - This consumable can be used to gain immunity to damage from the goo for 10 minutes. You can find it on soldiers and at capture points.

  • Night lighting - This has been significantly improved. Moonlight is now correctly aligned to the moon's position and casts proper shadows. Ambient night time lighting is somewhat darker now. Make sure you listen carefully for marauding mutants.
  • Goo aura effects - The vignetting and bloom for this effect have been slightly reduced to make night fighting a little easier.
  • Road z-fighting - Snow was breaking through roads in several places. These have been fixed. We will continue to fix them as we find them.
  • White birch LODs - The lowest resolution LOD for white birches has been pushed much farther out to reduce popping.
TRAPPED - Forthright Entertainment
Beta 1.2 is now live on the default branch. This version includes several improvements to the look of the game as well as some important bug fixes.

  • Environment LODs - Several environment objects had their LODs set far too aggressively which was causing severe popping. This was especially noticeable with some types of trees. Also, distant terrain mesh reduction was causing visible anomalies (trees floating in the air, etc.). These have been fixed with no measurable loss in performance.
  • Invisible characters in multiplayer - The fix for the duplicate Jake characters at spawn time caused players with high ping times to the host to have their 3rd person model get stuck in an invisible state. This should now be fixed.
  • Goo damage desync - Non host players in multiplayer reported situations where they would be taking damage from the goo but, on their screen, they were standing on safe ground. The host would see them positioned correctly. This should now be fixed.
  • Goo height - The goo surface height was not being correctly limited and players could end up under the surface all over the map. This has been fixed.
  • Fog effects - Exponential height fog has been replaced with atmospheric fog.
  • HUD element positioning - Some minor tweaks have been made to the positioning of the health/stamina bars and the damage indicators.
  • Stability - Several improvements have been made to overall stability of the game.

  • Achievements - 12 normal and 10 hidden achievements have been added to the game.
  • Goo aura - Players will now experience a visual effect when they are close to the goo. This serves both to heighten the goo's overall importance in the game and to serve as a warning system.
  • Ping meter - A ping time meter has been added to the HUD. This will never appear on the host player's HUD since their ping time will always be zero.

TRAPPED - GamerDad
Greetings TRAPPED friends!

We are pleased to announce that TRAPPED now has 20+ achievements for you to complete, including a few hidden achievements! We know this is something that many of you have been desiring to see, and so we gladly deliver these for you!

Our next update will be coming very soon and will include some bug fixes as well as quality of life improvements.

Thank you all for continuing to support the game as we move closer to a completed product!

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TRAPPED - Forthright Entertainment
We've received some reports that the the shader fix in Beta 1.1 is causing intermittent crashes on systems with Nvidia graphics cards. We have narrowed the problem down to an interaction between the shader and per-pixel fog effects. This appears to be either an Unreal or a driver issue.

This hotfix temporarily disables fog until we can find a workaround or implement a proper fix.

Thanks for your patience and your support!

- Nocto / dev lead
TRAPPED - Forthright Entertainment
We kept at it over the weekend after releasing the Trapped Beta. There are several tweaks and bug fixes for y'all in this update.

  • Multiple Jakes - In multiplayer, if someone selected Jake and then stayed near his spawn, they would see other players spawning in as Jake and then disappearing. This was due to the partially initialized player character object being allowed to render when it wasn't supposed to. This should now be fixed.
  • NPCs vs goo - These should now be correctly damaged when they make contact.
  • Goo rising endlessly - The termination condition for the rising of the goo was being evaluated incorrectly. This should now be fixed.
  • Friendly Fire - Friendly fire was broken and is now working as intended. Note that robots and turrets CAN damage you. It's not intentional. They're just not that up to speed on gun safety.
  • Objective lockouts - In multiplayer, personal objectives were not being properly locked out for other players as players made their selections. This is now fixed.
  • Single player mode - This was always intended to be a 'hardcore' mode in that death ended the game for that character. To reflect this, single player mode is now labeled 'hardcore' in the game settings menu.
  • Ranged AI - Movement of ranged AIs has been somewhat improved. Still more work to do but ranged AIs are definitely more dangerous now.
  • Fog / goo visual artifacts - The goo surface was rendering incorrectly at certain view angles because of a shader interaction with the fog. This has been fixed.

  • Capture objective thumbnails - The images presented in the personal objective screen are now updated to reflect changes to the map.
  • Weapon audio - The pistol shot cue has been replaced with one that has a more distinctive sound. The MP7A1 shot cue has been replaced with one that sounds much better and attenuates properly over distance. All shot cues have had their audible distance extended to make it easier to hear fights in progress.
  • Loading screen backgrounds - These have been replaced with higher resolution images.

TRAPPED - Forthright Entertainment

At last, the Beta release of Trapped is here. There’s much more to come, but this is the new vision of the game that we’ve been working toward for so long.

  • Duplicate player character objects - On respawn, players’ BP_PlayerCharacter objects were being disconnected from the player controllers, but not destroyed. Because the respawn code creates a fresh character for every respawn, this meant there were sometimes several copies of various player characters floating around in the game. While they weren’t connected to a controller they were still being processed by the main game loop which cause a huge range of bugs.
  • Sudden drops in both in-game and network performance - This was happening because all of the dead character objects were still being replicated. With enough respawns, this would eventually cause the network code to be overwhelmed leading to frame rate drops and even disconnects.
  • Player inventory bugs - This could manifest as missing items, items that acted as something other than what was shown in the inventory screen, disappearing items (or sometimes magically reappearing items).
  • Respawn bugs - Players would sometimes spawn in the wrong location or get stuck in a loop continuously respawning. Sometimes the host player would move suddenly during another player’s respawn sequence.
  • Degraded performance - The buildup of extra characters caused a large (and constantly growing) drain on CPU resources.
  • Enemy AI - Military AI would sometimes lose awareness of players, causing them to go into search mode, even when a player was right in front of them. This should now be fixed.
  • The Prison - The capture point at the Prison, on the western side of the map now functions as intended.
  • Lighting and atmospherics - Light shafts no longer penetrate distant mountains. A special fog layer has been added to complement the nanosludge. This fog becomes denser as time goes on. Sunlight is now set the correct color temperature.
  • Environment - Literally hundreds of small issues in the map have been corrected. These range from collision bugs to object positioning and terrain mesh cleanup.
  • Enemy damage - Sometimes NPCs would fail to do full damage to their targets. This has been fixed and NPCs are MUCH more lethal now.
  • Enemy accuracy - Enemy accuracy was being incorrectly computed. It’s now correct and ranged NPCs are much more dangerous now. Crouching and running will help considerably.
  • Air drops - Some capture point objectives would fail to generate an air drop. This should now work correctly.
  • Turrets and Robots - In PvP, turrets and robots would sometimes attack their owners. They should now correctly recognize their human overlords.
  • NPC goo damage - Goo was not correctly damaging NPCs. This should now work correctly.
  • NPC ranges - NPC ranges have been shortened for some classes. Turrets are still the longest range weapons in the game.
  • MP7A1 audio - This weapon has a new sound and now correctly attenuates with distance.
  • PvP damage - Players were not correctly damaging each other in PvP. This is now fixed.
  • Sound settings - Many sounds in the game were being ignored by the sound settings. This is now fixed.

  • Supply Crates - A large number of new lootable supply crates have been added to the map.
  • Enemy spawns - Several new enemy spawns have been added to the map to improve overall game flow.
  • Audio - Many fixes, tweaks and additions have been made to the soundscape.

  • Nanosludge - All bodies of water have now been replaced with a rising tide of toxic sludge that applies a DOT on contact. The damage caused by the debuff is modest and it’s possible to wade through the sludge for a few seconds. This will become increasingly important later in the game since the rising sludge will eventually cause parts of the map to be unreachable on dry ground. Monsters are immune to the sludge. Players, animals and military are not.
  • New control points - There are two new control points on the map, the Mine in the far southeast and the Motel in the far north. Two new player objectives have been added as well.
  • New ambient audio - Improved music and ambient audio have been added to many parts of the game.

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TRAPPED - GamerDad

As many of you know, Steam accidentally released Trapped with a free commercial license a few days ago. This sparked a huge surge of downloads and led to a peak of over 61,000 simultaneous players. If we had felt that the game was ready for a general release we might have been excited about this. After all, Trapped made it to #4 on Steam DB. But from our perspective this was a very unfortunate situation. The last thing we wanted to do was bomb a couple of hundred thousand unsuspecting gamers with an unfinished title.

We have been working behind the scenes for months now to improve the game. This build contains a large number of fixes and some expansions to existing features. But think of it as an interim build. Under the circumstances, we wanted to get some of these fixes to our users, but there are many more changes coming and we intend to push as hard as we can to get those to all of you as quickly as we can.

Thanks to all of you who have been so patient. To those of you who got the last build, bare with us. We have promised to finish this and we are!

  • Moved the Airport
  • Added new suburbs
  • Optimized tree performance
  • Added new small scale hotel are
  • TONS of bug fixes
  • Many other new areas

  • New Scenarios
  • Fix Enemy AI
  • Fix Performance Near Town Center
  • Apply new world lighting
TRAPPED - GamerDad
Greetings everyone!

We know it has been a while since an update has been released for TRAPPED, but we are actively working on the project and wanted to let everyone know where things currently are. In the coming weeks, we will be releasing new content on the map, lots of new locations and even moving around some of the original locations to new places on the map. New game modes will follow shortly after the major map update

Thanks again for everyone's feedback, patience, and communication!


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