World of Tanks Blitz - Amber
Winter has set in, kicking off another busy season of battles for ratings! We know it's not just about the desire to get to the top of the leaderboard. The prizes, including bonuses for scoring a victory, a rare camouflage, avatars, and gold, are good enough to give inspiration, too! Right, Commander?
  • From December 5 through 31, play in Tier VII-X vehicles.
  • Fight ten calibration battles. Based on the results, you will be placed into one of five Leagues: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond.
  • Earn rating points and progress up the leaderboard, while moving from one League to another.
Remember: the better you perform in battle, the more rating points you will receive.
  • Traditionally, the top ten tankers of each region will receive a reward:

Camouflage and avatars
  • After ending the month in the Diamond League (at least 5,000 rating points):
  • After ending the month in the Platinum League (at least 4,000 rating points):
  • After ending the month in the Gold League (at least 3,000 rating points):
Camouflage for the Diamond League is regularly updated. When a new warpaint is introduced into the Diamond League, the old one becomes available for the Platinum League.

How and where to install camouflage.
  • You can install the camouflage on the Tier VII–X vehicles that you drove most often when fighting this series of Rating Battles. You can get up to four warpaints for a corresponding League: one for each eligible vehicle tier, as long as you have fought at least 50 battles in vehicles of that tier.
  • If the camouflage cannot be installed on a vehicle or if it is already installed, you will receive 250,000 credits as compensation.
This month, bonuses for victories will still apply
Bonus to credits:
  • Gold League: 0–32%
  • Platinum League: 33–65%
  • Diamond League: 66% or higher
Bonus to Combat XP:
  • +10% to XP for Tier VII vehicles
  • +15% to XP for Tier VIII vehicles
  • +20% to XP for Tier IX vehicles
  • +25% to XP for Tier X vehicles
Please note that this is a fixed bonus for winning a battle, not an increase in the total amount of XP and credits earned.
World of Tanks Blitz - ubelz
Commanders! Two new DLC Bundles are available in Steam. Get the ultrapowerful Premium Tier VIII FCM 50t in a stylish camo and some useful resources including gold, credits, days of Premium Account, and boosters!
World of Tanks Blitz - april-fx
Black Friday is that crazy time when bonuses, discounts, and lucrative offers in the game are more numerous than snowflakes on the Faust map. But we've taken it a step further!

During this Black Friday, purchase special bundles at huge discounts and enjoy the opportunity to choose additional prizes, including the M4/FL10 tank with the autoreloading system, Premium Account time, certificates for vehicle research, boosters, and lots of other things. Time to let loose and relish the bargains!

Bundles and offers with Coupons
Over the course of Black Friday, special bundles offering additional bargain can be purchased in the Store. What makes them so good? First of all, they come with up to an 80% discount! Besides, they contain Coupons—a special bonus currency you can use to choose additional prizes for yourself!

In the Bundles tab

Cromwell B and 30 Days of Prem
This bundle can only be purchased once.
Cromwell B
Garage slot
30 days of Premium Account
2 Coupons.

1,000 Gold and 7 Days of Prem
This bundle can only be purchased once.
1,000 Gold
7 days of Premium Account
1 Coupon.

750 Gold
This bundle can only be purchased once.
750 Gold
1 Coupon.

In the Offers tab

Churchill Mk. VI
7 Coupons

T28 Concept
13 Coupons

13 Coupons

20 Coupons

20 Coupons

20 Coupons

Т-54 first prototype
20 Coupons
How to get prizes for Coupons?
To receive rewards, go to the Black Friday screen and complete the event stages using Coupons.

You can unlock rewards in any order. Collect Coupons and choose the prize you want most!

Black Friday Event Schedule
Asia — from November 22, 13:00 (UTC +8) to December 2, 13:00 (UTC +8)
Europe — from November 22, 6:00 (CET) to December 2, 6:00 (CET)
North America — from November 21, 21:00 (PT) / November 22, 0:00 (ET) to December 1, 21:00 (PT) / December 2, 0:00 (ET)
CIS— from November 22, 8:00 (MSK) to December 2, 8:00 (MSK)

After the end of the Black Friday event, the leftover Coupons will be deducted from your account without compensation.
Take advantage of Black Friday discounts and seize the moment!
World of Tanks Blitz - Amber
We've gone a little crazy here by deciding to launch the longest and most massive Black Friday campaign in the history of World of Tanks Blitz. There were so many offers that we had to split the event into three stages. You'll find impressive discounts on Premium vehicles and equipment, Garage slots, bonuses to experience, and much much more.

It's time to stock up!

November 22–25
  • Four times more experience for the first victory.
  • Discounts on Premium vehicles:
    • 50% on Tier V vehicles
    • 35% on Tier VI–VII vehicles
    • 25% on Tier VIII vehicles
  • 20% bonus when converting Combat Experience to Free Experience: 1 gold = 30 free exp instead of 25.
  • 50% discount on temporary enrichment for Tier V-X vehicles.
November 25–28
  • Discounts on researchable vehicles:
    • 50% on Tier II–V vehicles
    • 30% on Tier VI–VIII vehicles
    • 20% on Tier IX – X vehicles
  • 30% discount on unlocking equipment slots.
  • Discount on Garage slots:
    • 20% on 5 slots: 800 gold instead of 1,000
    • 30% on 10 slots: 1,260 gold instead of 1,800
  • 50% discount on the instant upgrade of vehicles.
November 28 – December 2
  • Three times more experience for the first victory.
  • Up to a 25% discount on Premium Account:
    • 7 days: 1,000 gold instead of 1,250
    • 30 days: 2,000 gold instead of 2,500
    • 180 days: 8,000 gold instead of 10,000
    • 360 days: 12,000 gold instead of 16,000
  • 20% discount on the resupply of consumables and provisions.
  • 25% discount on unlocking all types of camouflages.
  • 30% discount on unlocking attachments.
  • 40% discount on the permanent enrichment for Tier V-VIII vehicles.
Nov 19
World of Tanks Blitz - pidlik
This is it! The update that will save Horrorstadt from the midnight spells and change everything (well... almost everything) back. In this update, we reworked the interface, added new camouflages and avatars, and improved the characteristics of Premium vehicles. Also, someone played with the brightness, contrast, and saturation sliders, and a certain day of the week became much darker.

Watch the update video review and download the new version from November 20!
New Garage Interface
The design of numerous screens was updated, animations were added, and access to important functions became easier. The key changes include:
  • The main menu is now always open and is displayed as icons on the left side of the screen. It became easier to enter the needed section and notice any updates thanks to red indicators. In the left side menu, you can find: profile, news and notifications, Tech Tree, missions, storage, clans, platoon game, tournaments, communities, and settings.
  • The player's current rating and the corresponding league are now displayed under the avatar in the upper left corner.
  • In the vehicle panel, vehicles are now sorted from the highest tier to the lowest, and the button with filters is on the right.
  • The menu with tank filters was improved. The filters of Elite and Non-Elite vehicles are now separated from the vehicle type (researchable, Premium, Collector). A counter of filtered vehicles was introduced.
  • The Upgrades and Crew tabs were added to the vehicle enhancement screen. Now, info about the level of enhancements of the selected vehicle, as well as all possible actions with this vehicle, are available in one place.
  • Clan search, nickname change, replays, and the list of received rewards can now be found in the Profile screen.
  • Notifications in the upper part of the screen became more compact and no longer fully cover this part of the screen.
In fact, the improvements are much more numerous. But, as it's said, it's better to see them once than to hear about them a thousand times. The screens and interface elements that remained untouched will be changed in future updates.

Balance Changes
  • WZ-113, WZ-121, and M4A1 Revalorisé: increased damage.
  • WZ-120: reduced reload and aiming time.
  • Chieftain/T95: enhanced armor and increased penetration.
  • T95E2 and Churchill Mk. VI: enhanced armor.
  • The profitability of researchable Tier III tanks was changed.
  • The cost in credits of researchable Tier IV vehicles was increased.
  • The cost to unlock equipment for Tier I–V vehicles was significantly reduced.
Read more

Appearance and Avatars
  • A Legendary camouflage called Roaring was added for the E 50 Ausf. M. Cost: 2,550 gold.
  • Rare camouflages called Elemental Breath and On the Edge, winners of the camo contest, were added. Cost: 42,000–600,000 credits depending on the vehicle tier. Can be resupplied for free.
  • A Rare camouflage called Ancient Relic was added. Also, the Iron Will warpaint became available for purchase again. Cost: 65–750 gold depending on the vehicle tier. Can be resupplied for free.
  • The following warpaints were removed from sale: Spooky Web, Pumpkin Mayhem, Hardy, Missile Salvo, Missile Arsenal, Thunder and Lightning.

More screenshots

Iron your handkerchief, make chamomile tea, and start to squeeze a stress-relief toy. An emotional set of avatars is available now!

Temporary versions of the new avatars can be found in bonus containers in the Store. Permanent ones can be received from the Basic Week's Supply container awarded for completing missions, and later also from Avatar Containers in the Store.

Improvements and Fixed Bugs
  • Weather effects were optimized on the Himmelsdorf, Winter Malinovka, and Canal maps. Now they don't affect the FPS that much.
  • The "Damage with your assistance" ribbon was added. It is awarded when your ally causes damage to an enemy vehicle that you spotted or immobilized by destroying their track.
  • Common: total damage is less than 30% of your tank's HP.
  • Rare: total damage is 31–50% of your tank's HP.
  • Epic: total damage is 51–70% of your tank's HP.
  • Legendary: total damage is 71% of your tank's HP or more.
  • The highlighting of penetration zones in Sniper Mode now considers the decreased penetration of HE shells from the Defense System + equipment.
  • The Jack-in-the-box effect is implemented for all turret vehicles, except for tank destroyers, Gravedigger, Matilda, and Cruiser Mk. III.
  • The bug where the marker of damage received in battle could be displayed with an incorrect direction was fixed.
  • The bug where it was impossible to enter the battle after dismissing the platoon in situations where the platoon commander selected rating battles was fixed.
  • A Swedish flag is now displayed under the Stridsvagn 74A2 icon.
  • The indicator of loaded shells was fixed for the Helsing. Now, two green shells are displayed instead of one red.
  • The short name of the M4 tank was extended to M4 Sherman.
  • Depression/elevation angles were changed for the B1's stock turret so that the gun no longer goes through the hull.
  • The notification about completing the mission to destroy a track is now received during a battle.
  • The bug where vehicle durability could be displayed incorrectly in replays was fixed.
  • The Full-Screen Mode option was added to the PC version's settings.
  • Various screens, notifications, and descriptions were improved.
  • General bugs and client crashes were fixed.
World of Tanks Blitz - ubelz
Twister Season 2019 is about to finish. That means it's time to act quickly! From November 5 through November 12, complete missions, participate in Quick Tournaments, and earn Season Coins you can exchange for rewards. The grand prize is the Premium Tier VIII FCM 50 t!

Stages with 60,000 credits or 100 pieces of gold can be completed up to 5 times each. A stage with 1 day of Premium Account can be completed up to 3 times
The Ultrapowerful FCM 50 t
A good amount of HP, excellent mobility, and a penetrating gun. These are the features that characterize the FCM 50 t (see characteristics). The 1,000-horsepower engine hidden beneath its armor will quickly deliver you to strategic positions. And when it comes to a firefight, its fast-firing gun does its part, wreaking havoc and destruction on enemies!

When you can complete missions and participate in Quick Tournaments:
  • CIS: from November 5, 08:00 (MSK) through November 12, 08:00 (MSK)
  • Europe: from November 5, 13:00 (CET) through November 12, 13:00 (CET)
  • North America: from November 5, 5:00 (PT) / 8:00 (ET) through November 12, 5:00 (PT) / 8:00 (ET)
  • Asia: from November 5, 14:00 (UTC+8) through November 12, 14:00 (UTC+8)
Quick Tournament days:
  • Clan Quick Tournaments — November 6 and November 10
  • Non-clan Quick Tournaments — November 8 and November 11
You can learn more about the Twister 2019 Operation Main Phase in the game or on our portal.
World of Tanks Blitz - april-fx
Master invisibility, illusions, time jumps, and lightning strikes to enemy tanks. These mystical abilities that break the laws of the universe are available now in the new Uprising battle type.

Harness them and make your combat capabilities almost unlimited!

There are 16 abilities featured in Uprising. They can be divided into two types:
  • Active abilities that you can enable yourself when you see fit by tapping the Abilities button in battle
  • Passive abilities that work permanently from the moment you join the battle.
In Uprising, every tank possesses one active ability depending on the vehicle class. Generally speaking, light and medium tanks feature Shadow or Time Jump, heavies use Play Dead or Dust Devil, while tank destroyers have Hunter's Mark or Blood Trail.

Elixir earned in battle can get you ten more passive abilities. You can select them from three random options as you wait to return to battle:

The acquired passive abilities work permanently during battle even after the vehicle has been destroyed and returned to battle.

Some passive abilities are available in two variants: standard (Grade I) and a more expensive and enhanced one (Grade II).

The more Elixir you accumulate, the more abilities you can get.

The stock of Elixir is being constantly accumulated during battle. To earn more Elixir, you need to perform useful actions in battle. For example, deal damage, destroy enemy vehicles, or perform the scout role.

Effects from different abilities can add up and complement one another. For example, adding the Doubleshot ability to Chain Lightning will enable you to attack three opponents at once and with double the speed. Create your own strikingly powerful combination of abilities and unleash them upon your enemies!

Active Abilities
Time Jump

Takes your tank 4 seconds into the past to the same position on the map and with the same amount of HP it had.
This ability does not take effect if your tank is destroyed.
Cooldown time: 30 seconds

Play Dead

To enemies, the tank takes on the illusion of a destroyed one: its appearance changes, HP is not displayed, and when spotted, it's not marked as an enemy vehicle.
In this state, the vehicle can drive, rotate the turret, and shoot. The effect ends when the tank gets damaged. While the ability is in effect, the enemy tank's first shot doesn't do any damage.
Duration: 15 seconds
Cooldown time: 35 seconds


The tank becomes invisible and moves at an increased speed. The effect ends when the tank takes a shot or receives damage.
+300% to engine power.
+30 km/h to maximum speed.
Duration: 10 seconds
Cooldown time: 35 seconds

Hunter's Mark

Enables allies to deal increased damage to the enemy vehicle that Hunter's Mark was aimed at.
+60% to damage by all allies to the target vehicle bearing the Hunter's Mark.
Duration: 10 seconds
Cooldown time: 30 seconds

Blood Trail

Enemy vehicle marked by the Blood Trail loses HP while moving.
−10% from the maximum HP every 10 m.
Duration: 10 seconds
Cooldown time: 45 seconds

Dust Devil

Instantly spins the enemy tank in a random direction.
Cooldown time: 50 seconds

Passive Abilities


Enables your vehicle to fire 2 shells per shot.
Results in increased gun dispersion and aiming time.
+140% to gun dispersion.
+80% to aiming time.
Cost: 400 of Elixir

Chain Lightning (Grade I and II)
Enables you to deal damage not only to the target vehicle, but also to its two closest allies, all with one shot. Inflicts increased damage to all affected vehicles and takes effect only upon penetrating enemy armor.

Grade I
Effect Radius: 60 meters
Bonus to damage: +25%/+15%/+10% to single-shot damage of your vehicle.
Cooldown time: 6 seconds
Cost: 200 of Elixir

Grade II
Effect Radius: 70 meters
Bonus to damage: +45%/+35%/+25% to single-shot damage of your vehicle.
Cooldown time: 6 seconds
Cost: 400 of Elixir

Last Gasp

Upon receiving fatal damage, the vehicle is not destroyed but it continues playing with 1 HP left.
The ability does not take effect in the event of an ammo rack explosion.
Cost: 100 of Elixir

Supernatural Power (Grade I and II)
Boosts the vehicle's speed and mobility during a battle.

Grade I
+110% to engine power.
+10 km/h to maximum speed.
Cost: 100 of Elixir

Grade II
+210% to engine power.
+20 km/h to maximum speed.
Cost: 200 of Elixir

Sixth Sense

Allows you to see the reload bar above enemy vehicles.
Cost: 100 of Elixir


When fired at any target or object on the map, the shell explodes and causes splash damage to all enemies within a 25 m radius.
+30% of your tank's maximum HP to damage.
Cooldown time: 30 seconds
Cost: 400 of Elixir

Jagged Shells (Grade I and II)
Increases damage from a shot.

Grade I
+20% to damage from one shot.
Cost: 100 of Elixir

Grade II
+40% to damage from one shot.
Cost: 200 of Elixir

Rapid Fire (Grade I and II)
Increases firing speed.

Grade I
−20% from the gun reload time.
Cost: 100 of Elixir

Grade II
−35% from the gun reload time.
Cost: 200 of Elixir

Wolf Strike (grade I and II)
Increases the efficiency of ramming attacks.

Grade I
+60% to damage caused to an enemy vehicle by ramming.
−35% from damage by enemy ramming.
Cost: 100 of Elixir

Grade II
+110% to damage caused to an enemy vehicle by ramming.
−65% from damage by enemy ramming.
Cost: 200 of Elixir


When leaving the spotting range, the tank becomes invisible. The light bulb appears immediately.
Cost: 100 of Elixir

Harness these mystical abilities and crush anyone who stands in your way!
World of Tanks Blitz - april-fx

As the Hunter's moon rises in the sky, the wind sings its mournful song. In times like this, the line between life and death becomes thinner and the laws of the universe begin to crack. But the battle must go on!

Test your skill in the new Uprising battle type. Unleash your tanks' mystical abilities upon the enemy and continue the fight even after being destroyed!
In Uprising, the destruction of a tank does not mean the end of the battle. On the contrary, combat is in full swing! During each battle, your tank can respawn twice, becoming even stronger and more dangerous than before. But don't get too comfortable. If your tank is destroyed a third time, you're out.

After each respawn, your tank becomes invisible and receives a major speed boost for ten seconds. Go full speed towards the spot of your destruction and wreak vengeance on the opponent who tried to send you to the Garage!

Please note that respawns and abilities available in the new battle type will enable you to cause more damage, which will pay off in increased credit earnings. However, the cost of repairs will also increase because in each battle, your tank can be destroyed several times.

In Uprising, special mystical abilities that change the laws of the universe will be at your disposal. Harness them to make your combat potential almost unlimited!

Caught in a trap and received damage? Just rewind time.

Spotted an enemy tank? Turn invisible and strike from behind.

Found yourself surrounded? Rush off at inconceivable speed!

In Uprising battles, each tank features one permanent ability depending on your vehicle's type. Ten more abilities can be purchased in battle using the accumulated Elixir.

More details about all abilities used in the Uprising battle type can be found here.

Elixir is gradually accumulated throughout the whole battle. Your effective actions in battle, such as causing damage or spotting enemy vehicles, will earn you even more Elixir, which will allow you to purchase more abilities.

The Uprising battle type will be available:
  • CIS: from October 18, 08:00 (MSK) through November 2, 08:00 (MSK)
  • Europe: from October 18, 14:00 (CEST) through November 2, 13:00 (CET)
  • North America: from October 18, 6:00 (PT) / 9:00 (ET) through November 2, 6:00 (PT) / 9:00 (ET)
  • Asia: from October 18, 14:00 (UTC+8) through November 2, 14:00 (UTC+8)

To play an Uprising battle, select it in the menu next to the "Battle!" button.

Battles are fought in Tier V–X vehicles.

The Mode and Maps
Battles are fought only in Encounter Battle mode on all maps, except for Normandy and Falls Creek.

Uprising Avatars
For your victories in Uprising battles, you will be rewarded with a permanent avatar.
There are 7 avatar grades in total from Common to Legendary. The more you win, the higher the avatar grade you get!

Harness these mystical abilities and turn them to your advantage!
World of Tanks Blitz - ubelz

What have I done?! No, no... How could that happen?!

Just yesterday, these piles of debris around me were tanks. Safe, sound, and brimming with energy. But now, even their creators wouldn't recognize them. They're turned inside out, bleeding fuel and oil, their tracks in tatters, pieces of wires sticking out from blown off turrets. I did it. For I am the vehicle Lycan And you better run away from me as fast as you can!
My curse — or gift, you might say — I am beholden to the Folio. This magic book contains many secrets, one of which is the secret of my creation. Complete missions, use special boosters, and earn Glyphs. They will help you decipher the Folio's pages and upgrade its level. Reach level 45 and you will become the master of the Lycan. I will fiercely fight under your command and earn you countless victories!
The Knight Legendary Camouflage

At level 60, the Folio will grant you an ancient armor created specifically for the Lycan. From the moment I don this red leather plate armor with metal containing enchanted inscriptions, I receive Lycan Knight as my battle name. At the mere sight of me, enemies will die in horror a thousand times over even before I start firing and ripping them to shreds!

Curse Gift of the Folio
I see that you firmly believe you can subdue me. But first, you have to fully understand the kind of power you are dealing with... Just look at my characteristics.

I've been blessed with steel fangs and solid armor that easily bounces off shells, and my sides are covered with paw-screens. My turret is a wolf's face with a thick screen on its very front. My tenacious clawed tracks tear into the ground and armor of the poor devils on my way with the same ease. My engine of a heart fills me with inexhaustible energy. My gun sows doom and destruction.

I'm also very tenacious. My internal modules and the gun are almost completely invulnerable to being knocked out or even damaged in the slightest. I can be destroyed, but I won't let the enemy out of my death grip until my last dying breath!

I wasn't always like that. In a past life, I was a “John Doe tank”. I was one of those whose name and appearance you would forget within five minutes of encountering. Then everything changed when night fell on Alpenstadt.

At the very start of the battle, I was slow and fell behind my team. Only a moment ago, the dark streets were overflowing with tanks, but now I'm alone. And I was scared. Something was hammering the cobblestones. I thought it could be the horrible Tankenstein creeping up to get me. Or it could have been the Gravedigger who saw me as its next client. A quick shadow darted past the alley. Was it the Dracula circling me?

In a panic, I took off running without looking back, stopping only once I found myself in a dense forest. There was a book shrouded in an unearthly light, waiting for me among the trees. And a whisper, speaking inside my turret almost inaudibly: "You'll never be just another tank. You'll never feel scared again. They will all fear you, and everyone will beg for mercy. Take my gift!"

And I agreed.

It felt like a thousand shells struck my armor in a flash, the edges of my optics colored by a reddish haze. I did obtain incredible power, but... control belonged to someone else! An invisible commander took the maximum from my engine and sent me back into battle. I could only watch my performance in disbelief. I was achieving numbers I had only ever dreamed about!

Infused with magic, the engine accelerated me to 20 km/h within a mere 2-3 seconds, and within 5-6 seconds to 30 km/h, and in 8-10 seconds, I was already pushing my limit at 35 km/h. I rammed into a light tank at full speed. The poor fellow almost flipped head over tracks while I didn't lose a single hit point. It tried to run circles around me, but my turret quickly turned and caught the enemy in its sights. What a shot! The enemy’s turret flew high into the air!

While I was busy with the little guy, more serious opponent showed up. The IS and Tiger's shells hit my front, but the sloped 100 mm of "pike nose" armor withstood everything they could throw at me! I was ordered to move closer. My new gun was clearly intended for close-range combat. The retaliatory 400 HP shot forced the enemies back into cover.

Heeding my new master's will, I rolled behind the hillside. It proved a smart decision. The vulnerable lower armor plate was now well-protected. It was unbelievable! And with my 10-degree gun depression angle, I could use the turret to block damage. It's small, easily deflects shells, and has very few weak spots. Almost the whole of the turret front is shielded with an 80 mm screen . Good luck to those who try to pierce it!

At the same time, I have no problem penetrating armor. 175 mm is not the highest value, but it's just enough to easily bite through the skin of any enemy on my tier! Look who's emerged from cover. Nice of you to join the party, heavies. Fire! One down! And while 15 seconds of reloading tick by, my tracks bite into the cobblestone ground, shortening the distance between me and my second opponent. One more final point-blank shot and the second heavy became scrap metal. No one survived the city. Except for me, the Lycan...

The initial shock of what happened faded away, and with time, I recalled more details of these events. I had been turned into a ferocious machine of destruction by the Folio, compelling me to mercilessly destroy everyone in my way. I didn't mind. I liked my new appearance. Only a fool would refuse such power.

Once again, the sun's going down, and my senses become more acute. I hear other tanks' engines roaring from many kilometers away. To me their tracks are like an open book. I'll do everything in my power to save them from myself. I’ll lock myself in the Garage and throw away the key. I'll dump my fuel, remove the tracks, and unload the ammunition. But the Lycan will go hunting anyway. The poor buggers will have to run for the hills wishing for the night to end before I overtake them!
World of Tanks Blitz - ubelz

The hunter's moon Folio is a forbidden book with its own will. Complete missions and earn ancient Glyphs to decipher the Folio’s pages and unlock its new levels.

From October 8 to November 2, participate in the Hunter's Moon event! Decipher the Folio's pages to unlock its levels using ancient Glyphs. On each level, there will be unique rewards including:
Folio Cipher
A palaeography master solved the ancient Glyphs and created the Folio Cipher, the key to the great power. The one who gets the Folio Cipher will:
  • Immediately unlock 30 levels of the Folio
  • Receive access to 2 additional missions each day until November 2
  • Be able to unlock new levels of the Folio using gold until November 3
The Folio Cipher will be available in the Store from October 18 to November 3. The faster you get the Folio Cipher, the more rewards you'll be able to receive!
The Dreadful Nightmare

The Nightmare used to be a simple StuG III that ferociously fought against the sinister Folio's creations until it was overwhelmed by its dark influence. The hunter's moon power changed the tank destroyer: it received a gun of insuperable power and strong side screens. As for its appearance... The presence of the Nightmare on the battlefield puts terror into the hearts of enemies and makes them run away in fear!

The Fierce Lycan

Just like the Nightmare, the Lycan used to be a regular battle vehicle before it was affected by the ancient Folio and transformed into a fierce predator. Its appearance took on wolf-like features, its armor became stronger, the gun gained more power, and its internal modules are now close to invulnerable. Each Hunter's moon, the Lycan goes after its victims, ready to relentlessly destroy anyone in its way!
When you can unlock levels of the Folio using Glyphs:
  • CIS: from October 18, 08:00 (MSK) through November 2, 08:00 (MSK)
  • Europe: from October 18, 14:00 (CEST) through November 2, 13:00 (CET)
  • North America: from October 18, 6:00 (PT) / 9:00 (ET) through November 2, 6:00 (PT) / 9:00 (ET)
  • Asia: from October 18, 14:00 (UTC+8) through November 2, 14:00 (UTC+8)
Everyone who has the Folio Cipher will be able to unlock levels of the Folio using gold until November 3.
Learn more about the Hunter's Moon event in the game or on our portal.

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