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Techwars Online 1 is back on the store one year after the ban of the first game on Steam and as a result of complicated negotiations with Valve company . Here on the link you can go to the game page:
Techwars Online - GoldenMik
Techwars Online - GoldenMik
Release of Techwars Online 2 is delayed until 23 March!
Techwars Online - GoldenMik
Techwars Online - GoldenMik
Techwars Online 35% Discount!
Offer ends 31 May.
Mar 24, 2016
Techwars Online - GoldenMik
New language added - Portuguese-Brazilian
New fuel exchange button added
Fixed fuel balance
Fixed some bugs
Techwars Online - GoldenMik
Main principles of battle mech customization.

You can customize or configure your battle mech in the game using an innovative mechanics that has never been used before in games about mechs.

Imagine that you've been given the opportunity to equip and prepare a fifth-generation fighter jet for battle. What options for armament would you have? Three types of missiles with specific tactical functions and an anti-missile defense system. And that's all. But which types of missiles you take into battle, and how many of them, will define your behavior and efficacy on the battlefield. On top of that, you can't take missiles instead of armor and vice versa, right?

In TechWars Online, the customization principle is as scientifically grounded and as realistic as possible. A battle mech cannot carry more than a specified maximum amount of ammunition, both in terms of its overall armament and in terms of each individual weapon. The total amount of charges for all types of weapons cannot exceed 12. At the same time, the maximum amount of charges is 8 for long-range missiles, 8 for medium-range missiles, but 5 or 8 for the cannon depending on the corporation and 3 or 5 for the anti-missile system depending on the corporation.
The maximum amount of armor on each part of the mech is identical for each corporation. The total number of armor plates on all parts of the mech cannot exceed 11. You know, of course, that in real life, armor plates are used to protect heavy vehicles. The mechs in TechWars Online do battle on our planet and in the modern day, and although the corporations surpass some government armies in terms of weapons technology and army training, the current generation of battle mechs is protected in the same way: with armor plates.

Battle mech specialization. Types of configuration.
We won't describe all possible configurations and their usages here – there are too many, with several thousand options.
We'll stick with the main, most often used configurations.
If the mission is to achieve victory in an open area, then we know we can use the direct-aim weapon, or cannon. Of course, our opponent knows this too ;) Usually, even on the open space of the training ground, there are unshelled areas of the field. And if the opponent hides behind them and shoots you with missiles while almost all your charges are spent on the cannon, your mech will suffer a torturous defeat. It is particularly disappointing when your mech's arm is shot off along with your unused cannon ammo. Nonetheless, the configuration emphasizing the use of the cannon is very popular among advanced newcomers. So here it is:
For Dominion:
1 Long-Range Missile
0 Medium-Range Missiles
8 Cannon
1 Left Arm
3 Body
7 Right Arm

It's important to remember that the left arm has a close-range laser attached, and it has no limit on ammunition and number of shots.
Important! The mech's movement vector on the battlefield must be with its right side aimed at the opponent. Otherwise, you will not be able to comfortably use the cannon, or the enemy will quickly figure out your mech's specialization and you'll have problems.
Customizing the KATO mech is done in the same way, but the KATO mech's maximum cannon charges are limited to 5, so we add 1 more long-range missile and 2 medium-range missiles. We reduce armor on the right arm to 5 and move the 2 spare to the left arm.

To be continued.

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