Sep 20, 2018
Fragmented - J.C. Smith
You can pick up a copy of Fragmented for just $1.49 (85% off) this week as part of our latest Steam Sale.
May 17, 2018
Fragmented - J.C. Smith
Fragmented is available at an 82% discount ($1.79) this week.
Mar 15, 2018
Fragmented - J.C. Smith
Fragmented will be available at 81% for the next week, it's largest discount ever. You can pick it up for under $2.
Feb 15, 2018
Fragmented - J.C. Smith
Fragmented is available at a 75% discount for the next four days as part of Steam's Lunar New Year Sales event.
Fragmented - Joshua Halls
Hello, after some careful consideration of costs and revenues for 2018 we have decided to close down the US West Server (this will leave the US East and EU servers open to play). If you are playing on other servers or single player there will be no impact from this update, but if you are playing online on any of the 3 servers we host you will be impacted. We will also be removing the hardcore servers on both US East and EU as they were not receiving much use.

We also decided to go ahead and do a full wipe of the servers at this time as they have accumulated a lot of usage since the Early Access launch. This is mostly to keep them running well in the future and to clear out any existing issues from well over a year+ of running. This will be a full wipe, all player and structure data will be cleared out. PvP servers will still have the level boost when they come up, but all PvE servers will require the players to start back at level 1.

We hope these changes allow us to maintain and run the online servers for the remainder of the year so we decided to take these actions. As mentioned, if you are playing offline or on other servers not hosted by us you will not be impacted by this change.
Fragmented - J.C. Smith
Fragmented is currently on it's largest discount ever, at 80% off for the next week.
Dec 31, 2017
Fragmented - J.C. Smith
On the behalf of our staff we'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!
Dec 24, 2017
Fragmented - J.C. Smith
We'd like to extend a Merry Christmas wish to all of our players.

Have a great holiday.
Nov 23, 2017
Fragmented - J.C. Smith
We'd like to wish all of our American players a Happy Thanksgiving. Fragmented will be running on a 70% discount from now until November 28th.

Happy Holidays.
Aug 15, 2017
Fragmented - J.C. Smith
Today we have moved Fragmented into a released state after 16 months and more than 30 patches in Early Access. As part of that transition there will be a 40% off launch sale for the next week.

We wanted to look back at some of the noteworthy improvements that occurred during the Early Access period:

  • Introduced a batch crafting system, along with a tiered crafting station system which makes that possible.
  • Rewrote most of the housing system to support more modularized pieces, snapping, abandon code, demolition system, location adjustments, rotation changes, and many other improvements. We also introduced many new types of props and structures during the EA period.
  • An Engagement/Public Quest system was added.
  • Complete gamepad support was added.
  • Rebalanced the leveling and progression systems, moved around many of the skill trees, and altered the content of the game world wide to make for a more natural leveling system. During this process the level cap was raised to 75 and the skill cap to 15.
  • Added localization support, as well as support for Russian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, German, and Spanish languages.
  • Respecialization, Artifact, and Hieroglyph systems were both added.
  • Many performance and Graphical/Animation improvements including better hit reactions, animation blending, foliage settings, and optional camera shakes.
  • The achievement system received a large scale revamp and many new achievements were added.
  • The User Interface received a large number of changes to make it easier to use, and to include additional information which players had requested.
  • The pet system saw many improvements including a new progression system, better functionality, utility, and additional pet types.
  • Armored Vehicles were added. They were just a small part of the vehicle improvements over the EA period including the addition of things like Crowbars, Mechanic’s Kits and many other tweaks and fixes.
  • A registration system was added to make it easier to find player hosted servers.
  • Optionally password protected servers, along with numerous other server related configuration improvements such as being able to tweak corpse times, starting level, or resource yields.
  • Much of the games audio and music saw improvements during Early Access.
  • Added a tombstone and map marker system.
  • The Guild System saw a big revamp in the early patches which improved it’s performance and functionality.
    Introduced the Helltyr Cave.
  • Chain Guns, Firestrand Armor, Structure Repair Kits, and many changes to the container system highlight some of the item additions.
  • Introduced several new species and sub-species including Jabberbulls.
  • Many more smaller changes such as weather affecting temperature.

We want to stress that this does not mean the end of updates for Fragmented. We will continue to make tweaks and bug fixes, so please continue to provide us with feedback and bug reports where you think it is necessary. We want to thank everyone that helped support us and the game since its Early Access Launch and hope you continue to enjoy playing Fragmented.

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