Silver Creek Falls - Chapter 3 - Silvertail

Hey everyone!

We’re proud to announce that "The Walsingham Files: Chapter One” is now available for free on steam! We did it in the end!

I know we said before, during the announcement of “The Ghosts of Hackney Mills” that we were choosing not to move forward with "The Walsingham Files” project anymore, but thanks to a boom in the consulting wing of our business we were able to obtain the resources for us to be able to work on this project!

Check it out in the link below:

This probably comes as a little surprise for you all as we haven’t really done much marketing or PR for this project and haven’t released any games in a year. We’ve really been very busy and essentially working on this in our free time between other projects we’re consulting for. Still, we were really excited about this project and kept working at it to be able to get it out for you all to enjoy!

“The Walsingham Files” will be an episodic mystery-adventure trilogy, much like Silver Creek Falls, and is actually a direct sequel to the Silver Creek Falls series. We implemented a lot of the new puzzle mechanics that we were discussing in the forums for “Ghosts of Hackney Mills” and we really feel that this is our most polished game to date. So please check it out and have a play and leave a review for us so we know how we did!

Keep being awesome!

The Sapphire Dragon Productions Team
Silver Creek Falls - Chapter 3 - Silvertail
Hi Everyone!

It’s done! “The Ghosts of Hackney Mills” is now out on Steam! We know it’s been a while since we released a mystery-adventure game but we’ve done it. Just in time for Thanksgiving too!

Now this title is a bit more experimental and bold than the “Silver Creek Falls” series and takes a few risks in how did things and how we set up the puzzles. It’s a trickier game than “Silver Creek Falls” but we know you will work it out!

So please pick up a copy for you to enjoy in the upcoming holidays and keep being awesome!

The Sapphire Dragon Productions Team
Silver Creek Falls - Chapter 3 - Silvertail
Hi Everyone!

As some of you may have noticed, we have had a “Coming Soon” page up for a game that looks a little like Silver Creek Falls.

So we’d like to announce that sometime in early to mid November (we’re aiming for November 9th) we’ll be launching a mystery adventure game in the style of Silver Creek Falls. Some of you may remember that earlier this year we had a failed Kickstarter for “The Walsingham Files”, a spinoff of Silver Creek Falls. At the time we wanted to finish that game but have instead opted to have a new title that is a lot less related to Silver Creek Falls and introduces a new location and new characters.

The game is a stand-alone game and currently there are no plans for it to be a series though if it does prove to be quite popular then we can definitely consider making sequels for it. It’s a little bit more “experimental” than our previous mystery adventure games and has taken some inspiration from atmospheric games like “Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture” and “Firewatch”.

So we’re still tidying it up and running some tests but we’re very confident it should be out soon and we really hope you get a chance to pick it up and give it a play through!

Here is a link in case you haven't seen it yet:

Keep being awesome!

The Sapphire Dragon Productions Team
Silver Creek Falls - Chapter 3 - CarloAntonio
Hi Everyone,

As many of you may know we launched a Kickstarter campaign a month ago to raise funds for our upcoming mystery adventure game; “The Walsingham Files.” This game was to be the direct spinoff to the “Silver Creek Falls” trilogy and was aimed to begin answering a lot of the questions that unfurled about the “bigger” conspiracy going down during “Silver Creek Falls.” We launched the Kickstarter for it in an attempt to drum up some support from fans and a bit of financing to hopefully afford some animation and other art costs to help make the game more complete.

The Kickstarter campaign ended yesterday, and unfortunately, we were not able to raise anywhere near the amount we aimed for.

So what does this mean for the future of “The Walsingham Files”?

Well, the Kickstarter was also used as a sort of litmus test to see how interested people were in the spinoff and it seems as though the general interest was a bit limited. We really did not get much feedback from fans, and we got very few backers on the Kickstarter campaign.

Now does this mean that we will be cancelling this title?

Not at all! A lot of work has already been put in. The story is completely written, the maps all done and a lot of the character art is also complete. This game will push through, we at Sapphire Dragon Productions are proud of the fact that we reliably finish promised games and this title will be no exception.

Nonetheless, the failure of the Kickstarter campaign will affect the game. It now means that we cannot confidently invest in the amount of animation that we initially wanted and it also means that it’s been set back in the production line as we will probably have to push forward some of the other games we’re working on as they are clearly now more “bankable” projects. Amongst them will be “The Agency: Chapter 2” which did have a successful Kickstarter Campaign. Our initial estimate for the release of “The Walsingham Files” was around Winter 2017. We may still keep this ETA, but due to the failure of the Kickstarter, it is now more likely to come out in Spring 2018.

No matter what we’d like to thank all of you for your support and feedback, especially those of you that did pledge towards this game.

Thank you and keep being awesome!

The Sapphire Dragon Productions Team
Silver Creek Falls - Chapter 3 - CarloAntonio
Hi SCF Fans,

Wanted to appeal to everyone to please help us make "The Walsingham Files" all it can be and on continue on schedule for 2017.

The campaign is not looking good. Please put some dollars down. We would love to know who is waiting for these future adventures.

Thanks and keep being awesome

SDP Team
Silver Creek Falls - Chapter 3 - CarloAntonio

We hope you have had a chance to check out the Kickstarter for "The Walsingham Files".

We just wanted to remind you there are only 24 hours left to enjoy some great discounts on reward tiers

Join Early now!

SDP Team

Silver Creek Falls - Chapter 3 - CarloAntonio
Hi Everyone!

Good news!

Just as we promised last year there will be a spinoff produced for Silver Creek Falls. The new trilogy will be called “The Walsingham Files” and has been in production for the past few months. We’re hoping to publish it by September 2017 but would definitely appreciate everyone’s help to get this one done. We’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund certain elements we need to complete production and your aid would be greatly appreciated. The details are all included in the campaign page and there are some sneak peaks at some of the character and world art so go ahead and check that out in the link below:

We really want to get this done and the “Silver Creek Falls” community has been so awesome in supporting us. We want to make a game that’s even better than ‘Silver Creek Falls” and are just asking for a bit of help so we can fund the extra elements that really will bring out the best in the story.

Thank you so much for supporting us and let’s get this done!

The Sapphire Dragon Productions Team
Silver Creek Falls - Chapter 3 - CarloAntonio
Hi everyone!

Just a small update for those of you interested concerning the future of Sapphire Dragon Productions and our future list of titles we have coming out…

First of all a big thank you to those of you that have bought Silver Creek Falls: Chapter 3 and have completed the saga! We really appreciate you being with us for the whole adventure and for playing through all three titles. Now if you haven’t finished playing Chapter 3 yet you may want to do that before reading any further as there are spoilers ahead.

Ok, so it’s just those of you that have finished still reading right?

Here goes…

So many of you must be wondering if there is a chapter 4 in the works given the (usual) cliffhanger we left everything on. The answer to that is that: no, there will not be a chapter 4; the “Silver Creek Falls” saga is done. That being said the story does continue on with Mark Walsingham (Phil) being the new protagonist in a new series that we’re planning on releasing in 2017. We will be doing the same format, as before where we will release chapter 1 as free-to-play then future chapters will cost money. Now I’m sure a lot of you will be wondering why not just call it “Silver Creek Falls: Chapter 4” since it involves the same characters and plotline? First of all it won’t be set in Silver Creek Falls at all (much like chapter 3 haha!) and secondly because we want to introduce more people to this storyline and a new franchise would be the best way of doing that (as opposed to producing a chapter 4 which will turn away anyone who has not played the first 3 chapters). People that have already played Silver Creek Falls will have a small advantage playing this new game as they will already know a thing or two about the characters but essentially we will make it so that most players can step in and enjoy the adventure as it is then they can choose to go back to Silver Creek Falls if they want more detailed knowledge of what happened right before.

So will we be working on this new series from now till a mysterious date in 2017? Well… No. The new spin-off featuring Mark is going to be a lot more ambitious than “Silver Creek Falls” so we won’t be working on it right away. There are a few techniques and technologies we want to polish first so we’re planning on releasing a couple of titles before working on this new series. We actually have a standalone historical mystery adventure title in the pipeworks called “The Batavian Prince” scheduled to come out July/August 2016 please do look out for it as we’re sure it will be a fun experience for those of you who are fans of mystery adventure games and your support is always appreciated as it really allows us to continue producing titles for you!

Awesomeness to all.

Sapphire Dragon Productions

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