May 23, 2018
Poly Towns - Red Phoenix Studios
Hi all!

I'm happy to announce Poly Towns has now been updated to version 3.0. You can find the changes below, as well as a special bundle that Poly Towns is currently participating in.

If you would like to buy this game in a bundle, it is currently on sale in the IndieGala Galactic Strike Bundle, which will run for 21 days, ending on Tuesday the 12th of June.

- Support for Mac OS X
- Support for Linux
- Support for DX12
- Support for 64-bit architecture
- Game settings are now accessible in the main menu
- Selecting a skybox color is now shown in the main menu
- Resolution options
- New villager model/animations
- Added a couple of goals which can act as a win scenario
- Added animated water and waterfalls
- Added VSync toggle

- Updated engine to Unity 2018.2.0b2
- Changed Color Space to Linear
- Improved Fog
- Updated Steamworks integration
- Improved user interface visuals
- Added tooltips to main game buttons
- Improved camera controls
- Game files size has been lowered
- Updated color palette for models
- Updated details on some building models
- Removed aurora particle effect
- Removed snow weather
- Removed monument, served no purpose
- Updated tutorial
- Updated fire particles
- Updated lightning effects
- Stopping building fires now requires 500 coins
- Building fires now less frequent
- Adding more starting coins
- Market building now gives you a share of coin

- Improved villager AI performance
- Code related to weather has been optimised
- Optimised user interface
- Scripting backend is now IL2CPP for Windows

- Fixed villagers with jobs skipping the journey to their assigned job
- Camera smooth speed no longer effected by game speed
- Shadows no longer disabled by default
- Shadow strength now correct on new day
- Main menu music volume now matches saved volume level
- Lights at night now turn off at sunrise
- Fixed market not showing it's income
- Building ghost material now showing correct color depending on whether you can build or not in that location

Thank you!
Red Phoenix Studios
Poly Towns - Red Phoenix Studios

Update 3.0 will be arriving on the 23rd of May this month, at around 12:00pm GMT+1.
Full patch notes will be posted at the time.

Best regards,
Red Phoenix Studios
Poly Towns - Red Phoenix Studios

Yes, I'm still developing stuff! Here's a quick rundown of what's happened and what's happening next...

I have been working on a new project since December, which will be revealed in the coming months on my new website. In summary it is a top-down shooter, it has been fun to make but I am now in the last few hurdles of development.

I felt Poly Towns needed a bit more love, after being available for just over 2 years now! I'm currently working on an update that improves a number of things like... improved visuals, improved UI, better villagers, support for DX12, fixes and performance improvements. Poly Towns will also be available on Mac OS X and Linux Operating Systems when the new update hits.

Thank you, everyone, for the support.
Red Phoenix Studios
Poly Towns - Red Phoenix Studios
Hi everyone!

Poly Towns has now updated to 2.0 with big changes to visuals and various bug fixes. See below for the full patch notes:

- 10 Steam Achievements
- Building fires (and repair button in upgrade window)
- Lightning weather effect

- Improved 3D models
- Improved Post-Processing Effects
- Improved lighting
- UI improvements
- Updated Steam integration
- Improved starting resource balance
- Improved night lights

- Town name now correctly saves and loads
- Save/Load issues
- Various tweaks and fixes

Red Phoenix Studios
Sep 8, 2016
Poly Towns - Red Phoenix Studios
Hi all,

I know I have been quiet recently. I have been working on a new project, but I have now gone back to improving Poly Towns. Below is the latest update notes:

- Building: Monument (An end goal)

- Lighting issues
- Settings not saving
- Only mines can now be placed on rocks
- The sun sometimes stopped when setting, I believe this is now resolved

- Some 3D models now have LODs, which lowers the triangle count and improves performance on the CPU
- Removed the lightning weather effect which caused some lag spikes

Best Regards,
Matthew Vale
Apr 25, 2016
Poly Towns - Red Phoenix Studios
Check out what I have planned for Poly Towns here:
Upcoming/New Content Forum

I welcome any suggestions. I cannot add them all, but I will be adding more content very soon in line with your feedback!

Please write any ideas you have on the forum (using the link above), NOT this post.

All the best,
- Matthew, RPS
Apr 24, 2016
Poly Towns - Red Phoenix Studios
- Resources increasing non-stop when there are many buildings and game is sped up.

- UI functionality.
- Minor lighting tweaks.

- Mining rocks. You can now only place mines on these locations.
- Night lights on houses.

- Settings not saving on restart/new game.

- 3D model improvements

All the best,
-Matthew, RPS
Apr 23, 2016
Poly Towns - Red Phoenix Studios
- Day night cycle stopping
- Night time brightness increases
- Typo "batter" > "better"
- Typo "5 seconds" > "10 seconds"
- Lightning audio changed

- UI button functionality
- Minor lighting changes
- Camera movement

- Improved/fixed 3D models
- Audio improvements

If you spot any other bugs, please let me know!

All the best,
- Matthew, RPS
Poly Towns - Red Phoenix Studios
Hi all,

First I will thank you for the support and the structured critisism of my game, this is exactly what I need to help make it better!

I have read the reviews and have took note of the bugs you have found. I take this very seriously and I will be working on sending out an update with as many fixes as possible very soon! I also saw a comment regarding pricing... the price will stay as it is, forever (except sales). I believe this is a fair price for the game and this will not change, even if I add more content.

This is my first PC game, I am not a professional, but I can assure you I will work hard and take your comments seriously. It's my aim to create a fun game to play for you all!

All the best,
-Matthew, RPS

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