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We have just released VRChat 2018.2.2 on Steam! Make sure you restart Steam to get the latest version as quickly as possible. If you are on the right version, you should see Build 570 in the bottom left of your quick menu.

Check out our release notes here!

Make sure you grab the latest SDK, available at the VRChat webpage here. Here's some highlights:

  • We now support the use of the VRC_SyncVideoStream component for playing Twitch and YouTube Live streams!
  • There is now a mouse sensitivity slider for Desktop users! Find it in the System menu
  • The particle limiter has been re-implemented, but it is now an optional, beta system that a user must enable. Settings for this system are tweakable per-user. You can enable the system and change these settings for yourself in a file saved in the same directory that the output logs are saved. See a guide and a video on the recommended limits and how to set your own limits in our docs. To reiterate, this system is not enabled by default and must be enabled by creating the configuration file.

  • VRChat will now display the file size of worlds on the World's icon in the top left
  • If VRChat detects that you are using an AMD card with drivers installed known to have issues with some community-created shaders, it will inform you that you need to update

  • You now have access to the VRChat Home Kit! This kit includes the Home world, which will allow you to create your own version of the Home! Check out our video and view more documentation about the Home Kit at our docs page: https://docs.vrchat.com
  • Added the VRC_SyncVideoStream component
  • Added the VRC_VideoScreen component for use with VRC_SyncVideoStream component
  • Added the VRC_VideoSpeaker component for use with VRC_SyncVideoStream component

With this release, we are also releasing the VRChat Home Kit! Want to use the Home assets to build your own custom world? Grab the Home Kit asset package here! If you've never made a world before, no worries. Rocktopus has you covered with a comprehensive video on how to customize your own Home world, available at the Home Kits documentation page.
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  • Many safety and security fixes have been implemented
  • Favorite Worlds: There's now a limit of 32 worlds for Favorite Worlds, up from 20

Detailed documentation for these new features is pending.

  • The SDK now has a Splash Screen that details the latest changes, added features, and notes that opens when you open a Unity Project with the SDK imported (this can be disabled)
  • Improved Drag and Drop support in Trigger Reference fields
  • New Triggers/Actions added:
  • Particle Collision trigger - Used to detect collisions between particles and objects
  • PlayHaptics - Used to play haptics in a Touch or Vive controller. Must be used with VRC_Pickup
  • SetUIText - Used to set the text of a UIText component
  • SetAngularVelocity - Used with a rigidbody to set it's angular velocity
  • AddVelocity - Used with a rigidbody to add to its velocity
  • SetVelocity - Used with a rigidbody to set its velocity
  • AddForce - Used with a rigidbody to add force
  • OnOwnershipTransfer - Used to detect when the ownership of an ObjectSync object ha changed
  • OnDisable (like OnEnable) - Fires when a game object is disabled
  • New Midi Device Triggers
  • VRC_MidiNoteIn - Play a virtual piano with a real piano keyboard! Fires when a Note message is received on a MIDI device. You can select NoteOn or NoteOff and which Channel.
  • VRC_OscButtonIn - Control your world with a phone or tablet! Fires when an OSC message is received at a specific address. You can specify whether to trigger on Button On (1) or Off (0)

VRChat attempts to connect to all available MIDI devices.
VRChat attempts to receive OSC messages on port 9000.

  • All trigger actions' target object field now defaults to the local gameobject

  • BufferOne support added to several actions: SetLayer, SetWebpanelVolume, AddHealth, AddDamage, SetComponentActive, SetMaterial, ActivateCustomTrigger
  • Fixed SetKinematic, SetGravity trigger actions

VRChat 2018.2.1p1

  • Fixed a regression that broke AddDamage and AddHealth action on players
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- Recent Worlds: You'll find a new row in your Worlds tab called Recent Worlds. It lists the worlds you've been in recently! The history goes back a month, and will not list private worlds.
- You can also use the most recent world in your Recent Worlds list to easily access your current world. From there, you can see the author, favorite the world, or make it your new Home!
- Favorite Worlds: You can now Favorite up to 20 Worlds, which will show up as a new row in your Worlds tab. Find the Favorite button next to the "Make Home" button for a World.
- Invert Mouse option: For all those flightsim enthusiasts
- Various security fixes

- Fixed VRC_SyncVideoPlayer freeze when loading in with too many video urls being parsed at once
- Fixed an issue with VRC_SyncVideoPlayer pausing if you're alone in a room
- Fix to Clear RPC for VRC_SyncVideoPlayer
- Fix to AddURL RPC for VRC_SyncVideoPlayer

- Added OnVideoStart, OnVideoEnd, OnVideoPlay and OnVideoPause triggers for use with VRC_SyncVideoPlayer
VRChat - Tupper
Hello, and welcome to VRChat 2018.1.2!


  • Cameras v2
    • The camera and lens now have new models! The lens is much more camera-like now, and it is easier to recognize when you are in the spotlight. The buttons now have icons, and also let you see if the camera is oriented correctly. There’s been a lot of changes, so let’s cover the whole feature set once again
    • Filters - There are now a ton of filters available for both the Photo and Stream Camera
      • Old Timey - Doesn’t look like anything to me
      • Pixelate - VRChat now for the PS1
      • Glitch - Glitch, download!
      • Code - You get used to it, I don’t even see the code
      • Sparkles - Mahou shoujo Unity-chan
      • Hypno - When I snap my fingers, you’ll atlas your textures
      • Trippy - You ever seen the back of a 20 dollar bill… on VRChat?
      • Green Screen - Since you can’t buy a big green bed sheet for VR. Useful for videos and streaming!
      • Alpha Transparent - For photoshopping yourself into the group photos. Also good for streaming!
      • Blueprint - This is just a draft
      • Drawing - VRChat Coloring Book
    • Lens Movement Space - You can now set the lens to operate in one of three “movement spaces”
      • Normal - The lens is attached to the camera
        • Player Space - The lens moves with relation to the player. Useful for a secondary view in your stream
      • World Space - The lens locks to a position in the world
    • Lens Movement Behavior - You can change how the lens behaves regarding movement and rotation
      • Normal - The lens is stationary and remains where you place it
      • Steady Cam - The lens attempts to smooth out movement
      • Look at Me - The lens is always oriented toward your head
    • Pins - You can save up to three configurations for either the Photo or Stream Camera using Pins. These configurations save Filter, Lens Movement Space, and Lens Movement Behavior. These settings save until you restart VRChat
    • Timer - Sets a five-second timer with sound feedback, then takes an image (works with either camera)
    • Extender Stick - Extends the grab range of the camera from 1 meter to 2 meters. Don’t try to grab it directly, point toward the camera!
    • Photo Camera - Pulling the trigger on your controller while holding the camera takes a picture and saves it to your Pictures directory in Windows, under a folder called VRChat
    • Stream Camera - Mirrors what is in your camera’s view to your Desktop monitor for easy stream/recording capture. Using the Green Screen or Alpha Transparency filters with recording software allows for easy “facecam” or “Picture in Picture” on your video. Pulling the trigger on your controller while holding the camera toggles between the Pin you are on, and the last Pin you were using.

  • Menu-on-top - Your menus now render on top of everything else, and the menu has priority for selection when obstructed by objects or players in the world
  • Mute Avatar Sounds - If you mute a user, the sounds on their avatar will also be muted

  • 2018.1.1 enabled a feature to convert shaders on non-friends to Standard with Ctrl-F. This feature is not complete or ready for release, so it has been removed
  • Fixes to avatar clones so that mirrors and cameras display your avatar properly
  • Nameplates over cameras are now disabled if you have player nameplates disabled
  • Blocking and muting now work as expected
  • Voice System has had a few bugs worked out, still in progress
  • Teleporting or loading into a world will no longer preserve your previous rotation vector and will instead match the spawn location transform rotation as intended
  • Stations on avatars have been disabled. This was a planned feature released mistakenly. It will return, but the feature requires some more work and design to avoid abuse and improve user control. See Developer Update for more info
  • Buttonless Gaze option removed from System Menu
  • Performance issues related to cameras fixed
  • General performance improvements
  • General security improvements

  • If you leave your Lens in World Space mode and change worlds, your Lens will still be at the same world coordinates, which may not make sense in the new world
  • If a user blocks and/or mutes a user in a room and then unblocks/unmutes them in that same room, upon moving to another room with that user they are still blocked/muted and need to be unblocked/unmuted again. In other words, don’t mute or block someone unless you actually want to block or mute them
  • Camera Extender Stick is still pretty hard to grab (point your hand towards the camera to grab more easily)
  • Buttons on the camera can be difficult to select. Hold the camera with one hand, and choose buttons with the other
VRChat - Tupper
Hello and welcome to VRChat 2018.1.1! The latest build is Build 553, which you can check on the bottom left of your quick menu.


  • Cameras
    • Photo Camera (VR Only) - Access in the “Camera” menu. Take pictures with a handheld camera! Detach the lens for easy group shots, use a timer for easy setup, and use an arm extension for easy selfies! Images are saved in UserProfile/Pictures/VRChat.
      • Timer - Sets a five second timer to count down before taking an image.
      • Detach Lens - Lets the lens float in space, which allows you to move around while the camera remains stationary
      • Extender - Extends the grab/hold range of the camera to two meters
    • Stream Camera (VR Only) - Access in the “Camera” menu. While using a VR headset, use the Stream Camera to mirror the camera’s view to your desktop. Ideal for recording or streaming in third person!
    • See Active Cameras - You can see all active cameras around you by opening your Quick Menu. All cameras by any user will be highlighted with a bright red column of light, and their viewpoint will be indicated by a red triangle.
  • Home
    • VRChat Home - You will now spawn in the new VRChat Home when you launch. Explore the Help videos, some nice music, the latest Developer Update, and a few other fun toys. You can invite your friends to your Home!
    • Set Home - You can set a custom Home world by accessing the World entry for a world, and selecting “Make Home”. Reset it back to the VRChat Home by selecting “Reset Home”
    • Go Home - You now have a “Go Home” button on your quick menu which transports you to your set home world (default is VRChat Home)
  • Vive Movement Toggle - You can now swap between the Advanced and Classic Vive movement system by choosing “Advanced Vive Movement” in the System menu. You will default to the Classic system on first login.
  • High-Resolution Screenshot - Press Ctrl-F12 in Desktop mode to take a 4K screenshot. It will be saved to UserProfile/Pictures/VRChat. This may cause a little bit of lag, so be careful!
  • You can now toggle the HUD and nameplates in your quick menu
  • New audio slider in settings for audio sources on avatars
  • General security improvements
  • General server stability improvements
  • Fixed issue where logging out and then in again in-app resulted in infinite loop
  • “Fist” gesture now releases in an analogue-like manner
  • Particle systems are limited to reasonable levels
  • Personal avatars are now shown above default avatars
  • Buttons on the camera can be difficult to select (hold the camera while you select buttons)
  • Camera extender is difficult to grab (point your hand towards the camera to grab more easily)
  • Nameplates above cameras are not toggleable
  • If you have a camera held in your hand and disable the camera, it will prevent you from grabbing things with that hand. Disable the camera while it is not being held.
  • If you have your "Mic Defaults On" setting unchecked, your microphone will be muted when you enter a new world.
The new SDK is available on our site!

  • Enable VRC_Pickup.Drop() to the SendRPC event type
  • New VRC_IKFollower component for use with world space particles on avatars
  • WorldID is removed from VRC_PipelineManager when the world is deleted from ContentManager
  • Added Actions to the VRC_Trigger for making easier logic with Animators:
    AnimationIntAdd - Add a value to an Animator int parameter,
    AnimationIntDivide - Divide an Animator int parameter by value,
    AnimationIntMultiply - Multiply an Animator int parameter by value,
    AnimationIntSubtract - Subtract a value from an Animator int parameter
  • Removed pre-attached world ids from example scenes
  • AddDamage and AddHealth event types now work with players when VRC_CombatManager component is present in a world
  • Removed popup when toggling privacy status on avatars in SDK
VRChat - Tupper
Hi! Welcome to VRChat 0.12.0p16. The current build number is 532. This is a small patch intended to fix one single issue. To easily ensure you get the patch, restart Steam.


  • Fixed an issue where a world listed in Community Spotlight or Avatar rows in the Worlds tab would not show up in search
VRChat - Tupper
VRCHAT 0.12.0p15 - February 28, 2018


  • Vive Movement Tweaks
    • Pressing the trackpad down a second (or subsequent times) will no longer stop your movement. Lift your thumb from the pad to stop movement.
    • Center deadzone is slightly larger to help with fist gesture
  • New World Row
    • When a world is graduated up to either the Avatar or Community Spotlight row it should no longer appear in the new world row.
  • Issues with failing to login with a “SendHMDAnalytics” or “TooManyRequests” message have been fixed
  • Fixed Panic Mode hotkey on Xbox controllers, keyboard
  • Avatars should no longer “squish” down into their seats over time when seated
  • Various security and stability fixes

If you are having issues as if your account is missing, please contact support@vrchat.com with your VRChat username from the email address you registered your account under.
VRChat - Tupper
Hi! Welcome to VRChat 0.12.0p14. This is a quick, small patch to fix some outstanding bugs.

Restart Steam to force the download of the latest client. The current build number is Build 523.



- Desktop override buttons will no longer trigger all other avatar's overrides locally.
- Fixed login issues
VRChat - Tupper
Hi! Welcome to VRChat 0.12.0p13. Here, have some release notes.

Restart Steam to force the download of the latest client. The current build number is Build 522.



  • Avatar Pedestals save between sessions - Any avatar selected from a pedestal will now stay as your current avatar until you select another one from the menu or another pedestal. Even if you exit VRChat and come back. This will be true as long as the creator of that avatar keeps that content public.
  • Panic Button - In the event that unwanted audio or visual spam occurs or that frame rate tanks you can now engage a “Panic Mode”. This mode will visually mute any avatars and audio mute any users who are not your friends.
    • Desktop: both Shift keys AND ESC key
    • Rift: both triggers OR both grips, AND both menu buttons (B/Y)
    • Vive: both triggers OR both grips, AND both menu buttons
    • Windows Mixed Reality and other VR controllers: both triggers OR both grips, AND both menu buttons
    • XBox Controller: both triggers AND back AND menu buttons
    • Once you enable Panic mode, you must disable it by unchecking options in the System menu:
    • Mute Users by Default - All users except for your friends will be mic-muted until you friend them
    • Block Avatars by Default - All users except for your friends will have their avatars blocked until you friend them
  • Avatar Public/Private Flag
    • In the SDK, you can now set an avatar as public or private
    • You can set this on upload, or toggle it on existing avatars
    • Public is meant for use when you want to put your avatar on a pedestal
    • Private will prevent other users from wearing that avatar (will show a lock when shown on pedestals)
  • New Rows in the Worlds menu
    • In response to the community stating that high quality/fun worlds were being lost in the constant stream of new worlds, we have introduced two new rows in the Worlds menu:
    • Community Spotlight - Worlds of high quality, interesting content, or fun games
    • Avatar - Avatar worlds with lots of pedestals to choose from
  • Avatar Audio - Avatar sound effects are now affected by the “SFX” slider in the System menu. In upcoming releases this will be getting its own audio slider in the menu.
  • Vive Movement/Gesture Changes
    • The HTC Vive Wands now have a new movement system that allow you to walk and hold gestures while moving
    • Select your gestures as normal, however they will only hold as long as you hold your thumb on the touchpad. Center will give you the “closed hand” gesture.
    • Pulling and holding Trigger will “save” that gesture to the trigger, allowing you to move while gesturing.
    • Finally, you don’t need to hold down the touchpad button to move! Just tap it once to start moving, and tap it again to stop (or just lift your thumb from the pad)
    • Any motion input, movement, turn or jump, requires you to release the pad and touch it again to trigger gestures. There is a slight delay the first time you touch the pad to give you time to click it for motion, to avoid accidentally triggering a gesture.
  • Keyboard Gesture Overrides
    • You can now trigger gestures with keyboard!
    • Hold down Left Shift and F1-F8 for left hand gestures.
    • Hold down Right Shift and F1-F8 for right hand gestures.
    • F1=open fist (relaxed), F2=closed fist
    • F3-F8 are: LetGo, Point, Peace, RocknRoll, Gun, Thumbup
    • Your arm is not animated by default, so these are mainly useful for animation overrides.
  • General Gesture Changes
    • There is no longer an “Empty” gesture, this is the Fist at full open. This should allow the full range of motion of the analog value.

  • Issues with audio spatialization failing when users with audio clips on their avatar load/play audio have been resolved.
  • Hip tracking using a single Vive Tracker has been fixed
  • Offline friends will now appear when you expand that section
  • Issues with friends “disappearing” off friends lists have been resolved
  • VRChat cache size has been limited to 10GB
  • Local Avatar override (change to default emergency button) was changed to Ctrl-\



When upgrading, make sure you exit Unity, delete the VRCSDK folder from your Assets in your project, relaunch Unity, and then reimport the new VRCSDK package. Do not import the new SDK over your old copy!!

  • When you upload an avatar, you can now mark it as Private or Public (see Client section above)
  • You can toggle the private/public status of an avatar in the Manage Uploaded Content window
  • Changed the default interact distance of various prefabs/components from 100 to 2 meters
  • Security improvements
VRChat - Ruuubick
Welcome to VRChat 0.12.0p12! We’ve got a few changes and fixes.

Before we get started, just so you know, VRChat released on Steam one year ago as of yesterday! Insert cake and confetti emoji here

On to the patch! Here’s a summary.

Invite and Invite+ Instances

We talked about this in an announcement a few days ago. This is how Invite instances will now function:

Invite : These are very private. The owner can accept invite requests and send out invites. Occupants can get notifications that people want in.

Example: Tupper owns an Invite instance, and Ron is in the instance with him. VRPill wants to join the instance, and sends an invite request to Ron. Ron gets a notification without any ability to invite, and must tell Tupper that VRPill wants an invite. Tupper can send VRPill an invite, and VRPill can join.

Invite+ : Somewhat private. The owner and any occupant can accept invite requests to let people join.

Example: Tupper owns a Invite+ instance, and Ron is in the instance with him. VRPill wants to join the instance, and sends an invite request to Ron. Ron can click "Accept", and VRPill will be invited into the instance.

  • Friends list is now sorted alphabetically.
  • User lists on the social page are now expandable.
  • The small Red Arrows that allow expanding of rows in menus have been replaced with Expand and Collapse buttons to make that functionality more clear. Try it out in worlds, social or avatar menus.
  • You can now join off friends in Friend instances if the owner is also your friend.
Technical Changes/Fixes
  • Object owner disagreement between clients has been fixed. This was causing pickups to fly around worlds.
  • Fixed notifications showing up blank in some cases.
  • The forced audio source falloff curve in the SDK has been fixed.
Please keep in mind that our systems may be changed and improved in future patches.

Close VRChat and restart Steam to get the latest update! Look for Build 507 at the bottom of your Quick Menu to ensure you’re on the right version. Also, make sure you update your SDK! https://vrchat.com/home

As always, we thank you for your patience and continued support!

The VRChat Team

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