PIXELMAN - Kindermann Corp
As you know, right now we're celebrating the Lunar New Year with a big sale, and we want to have another contest!

You can play as any character!

Like before, you´ll need to make a good score to win a free PIXELMAN key. This time it's going to be a little different, you need to make enough points to get into the Top 15 in Arcade Mode.

Big Ben's Score in the one to beat!

Currently to get in you need to make more than 53,300 points. Every time someone gets into the Top 15 it's going to make it harder for the rest, so act fast, you don't need to stay there, just get in, take a screenshot and send it to us!

You can give this key to anyone you want, no restrictions!

Here's the rules:

1) Make enough points to get into the Arcade Mode's Top 15 leaderboard (Tip: Keep your rescue combo going no matter what!).
2) Post a screenshot of your score in PIXELMAN's community boards.
3) Add this account (KindermannCorp) to your friends list (So we can send you the key).
4) Only 1 key per account during the Lunar New Year Sale.
5) The offer ends on February 11th 4PM PST.

That's it! Score high, get a free key, and give the gift of PIXELMAN!

Good luck, and may the rescue combo be with you!

PIXELMAN - Kindermann Corp
Hey everyone!

We're so happy with the reception PIXELMAN has been getting with this latest discount (it costs less than 60 cents!). We're selling more copies than at launch!

With all these new players, we're starting to see some incredible High Scores in all the boards! Especially a lot of movement in the Arcade Mode Leaderboards.

Revenger23, kamikaze62, Xeno Anomos and Marian0o0 are the heroes Pixville needs!

So we decided to have a little fun with this. Right now we have only 4 players with over 100k points in the Arcade Mode Leaderboards. If you can get a High Score of over 100k points, and post a picture of it in our community, we're going to give you a free PIXELMAN key so you can give it to anyone you want!

You can play as any character!

Here's the rules:

  • 1) Make a High-Score of over 100,000 points in the Arcade Mode leaderboard (Tip: Keep your rescue combo going no matter what!).
  • 2) Post a screenshot of your score in PIXELMAN's community boards.
  • 3) Add this account (KindermannCorp) to your friends list (So we can send you the key).
  • 4) Only 1 key per account that scores over 100k points.
  • 5) The offer ends on January 21st 10AM PST.

That's it! Score high, get a free key, and give the gift of PIXELMAN!

Good luck, and may the rescue combo be with you!
PIXELMAN - Kindermann Corp
Maybe you've read the news that Google has censored PIXELMAN from Google Play. They simply removed it because it features a cleavage.

That's it, that line of pixels is the only reason why Google censored us...

So we decided to not re-submit the game to Google Play and to discount it here instead. In all it's cleavaged glory!

If you care about reading the whole story, you can read it here in GamaSutra.

Here's PIXELMAN's Steam store page. Thank you for supporting us!

The city of Pixville needs you!

PIXELMAN - Kindermann Corp

You heard it right! PIXELMAN is 50% OFF!!!

Tell your friends! Your family! Your bus driver! Your barista! The person next to you in the elevator! Your dog! The weird guy at the grocery store! The cashier! that girl/guy you like and you never know how to start a conversation with! Your lawyer! Your parole officer! Your cell mate! The Queen! The people at the International Space Station! Random people on the street! The press! Everyone in your phone's contact list! All your MySpace friends! All your ICQ friends! Your mIRC buddies! Every single one of your pen pals! Your parasitic twin! Tell Guybrush Threepwood! Your plants! Scream it out your window!
The important thing is... Please tell someone! We're starving!

Buy it before the sale ends on May 14th!

ːpmfistː Be the hero Pixville deserves! ːpmvictoryː
Apr 11, 2018
PIXELMAN - Kindermann Corp

The Arcade Mode online leaderboards are on fire! ːpmbombː Kamikaze62 is trying to beat Xeno Atomos, just 690 points short! : O

When we launched PIXELMAN we though 80k was a super high score! We now wonder how high it can go...

There can be only one with the golden trophy at a time, who's that going to be?

Thank you for playing, and keep making awesome high-scores! ːpmhornsː

PIXELMAN - Kindermann Corp
This update brings something we think is really cool, the Next High Score button!

Check that beautiful button out!

With it activated you can -while you're playing- see how many points you need to make to reach the next player in the global leaderboards, it also lets you know when you destroy their scores!

I have a long way to go...*SHAKES FIST AT RICKYEL*

You need to have played at least once a level for it to kick in, so don't worry if you don't see it at first (it needs to have a prior high score for it to work).

AND if you don't care for it, you can deactivate it on the select your hero screen : )

Who would want to deactivate this awesome feature?

Also, now if you're in the top 3 on any of the leaderboards, you're going to get a shiny beautiful cup next to you on the podium!
If someone takes your place the cup is gone, so keep improving your scores because some players are getting really good at rescuing people!

I got the silver cup!

We also have some cool new stuff like tips when you beat one of the bosses (they also show up when you pause the game) and some other things behind the curtains.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

Thank you for playing! ːpmokːːpmsmileːːpmvictoryː

PIXELMAN - Kindermann Corp
Howdy heroes of Pixville!

You've got to see this beauty in motion!

You might have noticed we updated PIXELMAN a few times since the full launch. We found a few bugs that needed to be squashed, and also after watching a few Youtuber videos we realized the Easy setting was too similar to Medium, so we tweaked the difficulty levels a little bit (it's still challenging like we originally intended, but now we hope more people will get to see the later levels!).

Since we were updating the game, we also decided to include a little feature we always talked about but never found the time to implement. You can now grab the cowboy hats from the crowd and wear them!

Thousands of hours of render time were not used in the making of this hat.

To do it simply fly over a citizen that's wearing a hat, or catch it in mid-air when they throw them. And you will have a cool hat!
But beware, if you get hit by ANYTHING it'll fly away...

A big AAA developer would charge people 10 dollars for the Cowboy Hat DLC, and we're doing it for free, because we love you! ːpmvictoryːːpmsmileːːpmvictoryː

Thank you for being the hero Pixville needs!

Feb 28, 2018
PIXELMAN - Kindermann Corp

Direct link to the launch trailer.

After over 7 years of hard work, PIXELMAN is finally out!

Grab it now with a 40% launch discount! ːpmhornsːːpmsmileːːpmhornsː!

Here's what's new in the Full Edition:
  • Arcade Mode, this mode has an ending and bosses to fight after every stage!
  • PixelNinja, another playable character! He's very mysterious and powerful, you're going to need to unlock him though. Good luck!
  • Now you need to unlock Pixelgirl, but don't worry about it, just rescue 20 girls in any mode and you'll be able to play as the most awesome woman in Pixville!
  • Even more achievements! Who doesn't love a good challenge?
  • New tutorial, the old one is still there, but the first time you play PIXELMAN you'll see the new one. There's even some hidden stuff in there if you look around ; ) You can relaunch the tutorial at any time in Arcade mode when you're selecting your character (it's only available with Pixelman).
  • Spanish localization, si, si! Juega al Pixelmano!
  • Tons of little adjustments and fixes.
If you're interested in reading PIXELMAN's full development story, go here and check it out! It's long but worth it!

Why PIXELMAN took over 7 years to make

Thank you all for playing and for bearing with us during this super long development process! Now we need to go get drunk...

The citizens of Pixville are counting on you! ːpmvictoryː
PIXELMAN - Kindermann Corp
We know it's been a long time, but we're finally ready to release the full version of PIXELMAN in a few short weeks!

We're putting the final touches in Arcade Mode and also adding a lot of cool details all over the game.

If you hated PIXELMAN in Early Access now you're going to like it.

If you already liked it you're going to love it.

If you loved it now you're going to want to marry it! ːpmhornsː ːpmsmileː ːpmhornsː

Here's a trailer we made to celebrate the occasion!

Thank you for being patient, we love every single person who supported us all these years.

We can't wait for you to play the final version of PIXELMAN!

02/28/2018 is the day.

-The Kindermann Corp. team.
PIXELMAN - Kindermann Corp
And right in time for the sale!

You can now buy PIXELMAN with a 50% discount and also play the 3rd and final endless level, in outerspace!

Baron Von Pixel has gotten his grubby hands on some alien tech and decided to terrorize space with it, you need to save the humans, aliens, kids, animals, everyone!

Watch out for the asteroids, space mines and of course with Baron Von Pixel's ship! Trust us, this will be hard!

What's coming next you say? ARCADE MODE!
Yes! All 3 levels will be combined into one, you´ll have lives and you''ll need to defeat end of level bosses, so that mode won't be endless like the others. It's going to be awesome, you´ll see!

Again, thank you all for playing and let us know what you think of ENDLESS OUTERSPACE-ACE-Ace-ace-ce-e-e... (you need to read it like an old-school movie announcer, and add echo at the end).


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